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 Pirate Time

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Pirate Time    Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:37 pm

» Name Of Character: Ritsuko Nicklovich
» Link To Character:
» Upgrading:
Tier upgrade from 5-5 to 4-1+
Martial Skill to Experienced
» Why:
Before I give my reasoning as to why Ritsuko deserves this upgrade I'd just like too say
something...this has been the first time I've ever put forth actual dedication and effort into a character and I feel very accomplished about the payoff.Not only has this rework given myself a chance to experiment with a new power too see what crazy but unique ways i can add to the table on PH but also get out of my comfort zone. This pirate theme was hardly ever utilized so i wanted to have my take on the idea and make it efficent.

Whatever the case its time to give my reasoning for an upgrade!

Firstly lets start with the reason for the Experienced skill in Martial skills, after feeling the o'l blues of being inefficent and more of a liability rather than an asset Ritsuko was in search for someone who not only could bring her overall confidence back but also recieve rigorous training to lush herself pass the usual limits she puts on herself. And who would this person be one may ask? Well Ritsuko recalled the time she and Toshiko got acquianted with one another in her office after a very heartwarming moment between the two females she was told the story about Sofia her former lover who was taken by the Seal of Eris and became something she despised.

So despite all the warnings about Sofia and how much of a threat she is Ritsuko decided to have a trecherous encounter with Toshiko's old flame to recieve training despite losing her quincy powers, considering the lack of information she had about her far as personality and stuff she felt absolutely anxious to the point of her heart ready to burst out of her chest...the two women finally met face to face and of course she had many questions about her past with Toshiko and what led up to this current prediciment however she had more important matters to attend to.

Even without her Quincy Powers Ritsuko pleaded with Sofia to train her, admittingly she explained that Toshiko's methods of training was lack luster and inefficent. Surprisingly Sofia agreed and explained that they would meet in a underground training area which required a special pass to enter, in her mind this was a chance to finally get out of the comfort zone and experience both the hardships and of combat from the Quincy Prodigy herself.

Despite all this Ritsuko forfeited the battle considering she wasn't anywhere near close to Sofia's level of combat capabilities and speed, surprisingly Sofia shook her hand firmly in order to show the respect she has gained due to her never give up attitude.

» Extra:

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Pirate Time    Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:48 pm

[adm]I personally don't have a problem with approving this. If anyone has a problem with it, talk to me. Otherwise, approved![/adm]
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Pirate Time
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