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 Remembrance and Nostalgia [Kyu]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Remembrance and Nostalgia [Kyu]   Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:58 am

It still fascinated her, humanity that was. Her creations were complex beyond the understanding of most. Droids were her specialty, and to most, with the exception of Kyu and others, it may have seemed like something that bordered on the unreal and in realms of fantasy. Yet alas, the mystery that was life kept surprising her at every turn. Kyu was completely different from what she had expected, and he was even a far and away a contrast from what she observed and understood upon first meeting him. Why did people act the way they did? Why was selfless a thing? Why did people that would never do such a thing drive themselves to that point? Love, care, dependence? There was so much to see and so much to learn, and at the very end, uncertainty was a miracle that defied understanding.

”I won’t forget, I promise.”

As Kyu produced and directed his nanobots, the Doll was able to get a near perfect picture of him, the likes of which she couldn’t through her senses alone. Although her lips wouldn’t speak exactly what her mind believed, it didn’t make it less true. She possibly didn’t know how to articulate it in a way that felt natural and real to her. Despite getting closer to believing she was once a living being, she still struggled with the idea that she was a machine all along. And even if she wasn’t, there was a certain level of disconnect in regards to how she acted, in how she thought peopled acted and thus how she should act, and what her natural self wanted to express all along. For certain she found his looks to be, special. She supposed he was easy on the eyes, and she liked him, although she wasn’t sure why. She had met plenty of people that fit standards of beauty and even exceeded them. Yet there was something more basic, common, and natural about him that she enjoyed. A quick and subtle smile managed to escape her control, but she certainly liked what she saw, and it extended beyond the physical needs or desires.

“With how you look, I suppose one of the reasons you hide away is to make sure all the girls don’t come bother you, right?”

That wasn’t a question she had ever asked, or even considered as being worth the time, but she did, why? She didn’t sense jealousy in her mind. Yet something deep down wondered if there were other girls that took her time. Perhaps there were other scientist that wanted his time for experiments. Maybe others came over to steal his doritos or be fed some of his nacho. The thoughts of sex didn’t really enter her mind, though the idea that perhaps others enjoyed his time did. Angel didn’t quite get to the point of truly feeling jealous as some would readily displayed, but she couldn’t help but wonder if things would be different if she looked real and human enough to be liked. In any case, she managed to dispel the string of thoughts so soon as he spoke with the invitation to spar.

”Yes! Please,” she said cupping both her hands around one of his before getting up and running out the door, pulling his hand with one of hers.

If Kyu had a phone on him, or any device that could receive messages, he would have gotten one from Ted that read, “Have some fun, and let her have some fun for once. Also don’t come back for at least three hours, I’m calling friends over.

Angel was somewhat in tune with her level of physical strength, but being overly energetic and excited tended to mess with that sum. Luckily Kyu was strong enough for it to be no worse than a sudden tug. Despite her blindness, Angel’s other senses allowed her to navigate the area with great ease. She ran from street to street, and turned where she needed, dragging Kyu behind her as she smiled. It looked like she was trying to get to the outskirts and away, towards the fields that hardly ever went or frequented. Everything seemed to be going perfectly well until they crossed a street past a wall and she stopped on her tracks. Had Kyu not being careful he would have certainly bumped into her.

Her eyes had widened as far as they could go despite still being covered by the blindfold. She turned to Kyu and let go of his hand, taking a step back. Nothing would seem ordinarily wrong with her other than an area on her blindfold, particularly by her left eye seemed to get a far darker hue of black, almost as if it was wet. Mere moments earlier Angel had received what seemed like a foreshadow or a very nightmarish dream. She saw her feet, and only her feet before looking to the side to see Kyu. She saw herself walking with him, holdings hands along with a strangely well mannered Teddy. Right after she had watched Teddy being shred to pieces before the vision changed to her hugging and kissing Kyu. She couldn’t tell if her mind was trying to inject human emotions of lust or dependance or whether something was wrong with her programming, but she’d certainly look into it later.

”Sorry, I got distracted by something,” she added with a quick smile before taking his hand again, breathing deeply and running off with him to their intended location.


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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: Remembrance and Nostalgia [Kyu]   Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:17 am

So she promised that she would not forget. That was all that Kyu wanted to hear, all his ears needed. His lips curved upward into a smile, letting the images move into her mind. What she asked him.. Took him off guard. He was not expecting for her to make such a comment; for Kyu, women were… difficult. ”Huh… nah. I usually stick to my work… even if a girl were to want a piece of me… if she’s not able to keep up with me in my true home, surrounded by equipment and research…” He trailed off for just a moment, giving her hand a small squeeze.

”Then I would depart from their side. So far… I have only had one person I respected like that. Her name… was Crystal. She was the smartest woman I ever knew… And she and I spent a great deal of time with one another..” Kyu explained, not withholding himself from his explanation. At length, he finally shook his head with a chuckling noise. ”I’ll get out more when I’ve got things I’m interested in doing. If you can provide me with that… you’ll see me out and about.”

With that explanation, it seemed that Kyu would be called to demonstrate that claim.She agreed with his intentions for a spar. He let her carry him by his hand, smiling just a bit the entire time. He took special care to stay close enough that she still felt like she was dragging him along, but also that she did not have to work too hard. As he was being dragged away, he underwent a peculiar sensation; his instant messenger going off. Teddy again… Friends? Oh, lovely… Kyu began splitting his attention; part of him focusing on Angel and her forward movement, doing his best not to run into any obstacles. The other part was focused on crafting a reply, sending it out to the bear rather quickly after receiving the first message.

Don’t mind. Don’t destroy house. Don’t want to need more cages. You break it, you fix it. Seems fair to me.

He had no idea where she was planning to go, but she seemed to have somewhere in mind. A specific place that she was taking him to… suddenly, she came to a halt. Kyu’s body pressed up against hers, hands reaching around her waist to steady himself, gripping tight. The grasp lasted for only a moment before it loosened, as if embarrassed. She separated from him, and he did his best to let her get the distance she was comfortable with.

Kyu could not help his observantness. Especially from someone like Angel, who attracted his attention and dominated his focus. He wanted to know more about her. He wanted to understand her. He wanted to see if she was Crystal, somewhere deep inside. This curiosity pushed him forward, driving his eyes to examine her from top to bottom… and locating the strange change within her eyepatch.
I don’t know what that is… my nanobots should have had nothing to do with that. It
must be… coming from inside of her.

That smile was the most uncomfortable part. The way she had stopped… something had clearly been
uncomfortable. ”...I’d like you to tell me what happened, when you’re ready.”
He replied, his hand reaching into hers and letting her drag the two of them forward. All he could tell
was the general area that they were in; it was a place that he and Crystal had come often. There clearly
was some kind of connection between the two of them. Her attention to him, how intimate she
seemed, how eager she was to show him around… it was as if she was trying to reconnect with a part of
her life she had lost. Kyu was beginning to suspect that she truly wished to be reunited with him… or
else, she was trying to use him to fulfill some void in her life with him. Make sense of something.
This general area only ever had one truly disturbing event that Kyu could think of. When Teddy had
been destroyed. When Crystal had lost her cool. Many things had happened to them across this
walkway, but most of them… most of them had just been talking. Most of them had been playing and
entertaining one another with their presence. Just… being together, and thinking and planning for the
future. Maybe that was it; maybe she had thought about something from those days. Maybe she found
it surprising that she was with him. As they began to approach their destination, he leaned closer to
her, letting his message pass into her ear.
”And… outside of that… Are you sure that you only came here to get to know me? Are
you certain… that this is the first time that you and I have met…? The way you treat me is more like an
old friend… and I do not understand why. Can you… explain that yourself?”

His voice was even, calm. His questioning moved straight to the heart of the matter, of what he
wanted to know. Kyu was confident that she was undergoing… something, but he did not quite
know what. More than anything else, he wanted to make sure she knew what she was getting into. He
wanted her to feel comfortable in her own skin. If she truly was Crystal, or… even just a part of

He wanted to make sure his partner was alright in her own head…


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Subject Post 23PostSubject: Re: Remembrance and Nostalgia [Kyu]   Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:20 am

As the two walked the final steps into the wilderness, the Doll couldn’t help but think of some of the things he had shared. After all, it didn’t make sense. Was he stupid? No. He was actually kind of smart for an organic being. But still, Angel would need to talk to him sooner or later. If any woman tried to take a piece of him he ought to strike and slice them down. Cannibalism was a deplorable act not tolerated among respectable Shinigami. Then he said something that got a rouse out of her and got her to speak, likely the best way to remove her from the troubling thoughts she experienced earlier on.

”Crystal, yea, I know her,” she said with a certainty that seemed to indicate some form of closeness, as if she had seen her a day or two prior.

”Ulv told me about her, and I did some research on her name later. It looks like she was a Captain of the R&D, and your girlfriend. I think I would have liked her.”

Part of her felt what a sort of emotion which some would have likened to a sour or bitter taste in her mouth. Whomever this Crystal truly was, Kyu thought highlight of her. Did he think she was smarter? Was the former Captain stronger than her? Perhaps he found the woman’s design more appealing than Angel’s very own. It seemed a bit unsettling that he was thinking of someone else, but at the same time she managed to ground her own thoughts and return to far more normal a mindset. There wasn’t any need to feel any type of way. She was well used to assuming people would have mistrust over the artificial, and likely think less of them because of it...even if they didn’t outright show it or admit it. The next question was something that the Doll understood but couldn’t answer. It was more of a metaphorical or flowery answer she simply could not provide as she dealt with the facts and grounded frameworks.

”I’m afraid I cannot answer that question, but perhaps you can learn a bit more about me through our spar.”

Finally at the location, the woman took a few steps back before a golden energy surrounded her. If Kyu had any knowledge in the matter he would recognize it as pure reishi. It wasn’t at all the way a Shinigami handled energy; it was almost explicitly that of a Quincy’s. It was also unclear whether he had met the current powerhouse of that race, Sofia Montero, though he should have certainly heard the name. If his nanobots focused on the design and fine tuned nature of her energy he would notice it was at a far higher grade than even most advanced users of Reishi, and more comparable to people like that woman. Little did he know Mrs. Montero had been instrumental in adding technology for her creation as well as supplying vast amounts of reishi for her own design.

Beyond that, the unique golden color of her reishi should set her apart from the far more common blue of the Quincy. But even more telling was the feeling of the energy as it surrounded her. Since Kyu was so close to Crystal, he would likely notice that the feel of her energy, its heft, and its nature wasn’t just that of Crystal’s but also that of her zanpakuto. After all, it hadn’t been made clear what happened to it when one became a Shinigami Doll. The body was surrendered but the soul was transplanted. The zanpakuto housing was by all means destroyed, but its power should more or less be tied to the soul, as a part of it. The man certainly wouldn’t get it right away, but as the battle continued he should certainly get hints to it. Parts of the zanpakuto, as well as iconic techniques of her shikai and her bankai were featured in her arsenal. It also provided levels of energy and emotions that reflected that of Angel and her zanpakuto spirit.

”i’m ready if you are,” she called out as a blade materialized into her hands from the reishi, and as her other hand reached up towards her blindfold.


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Remembrance and Nostalgia [Kyu]
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