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 Hero or Martyr? [Yaksha]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hero or Martyr? [Yaksha]   Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:48 pm

The Mechanical Guardian


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There it is again. The alarm sounded off again. This time however, Angel had made sure to tinker with it so that it was not as loud and overbearing as it was originally designed to be. A few weeks prior the Combine’s radar had picked up overwhelming amounts of Hollow activity descending on Shadowfall controlled territory. It was unusual, and it was reported up the chain of command as it was to be expected. The news did not seem as alarming to most people. After all, it seemed clear that the intrusion was not of the most friendly of nature's; perhaps a revolt of some sort. If it went well or it went bad it didn’t seem to matter. Most did not believe Hollows could have a chance against the Demons but if they indeed weakened them, it would be a win on its own regard.

Of course, not everyone had the vision and the intellect the Lead Researcher did; and that was okay. The girl had monitored the activity of the Hollows, but there was little she could analyze from afar aside from the spikes in activity. In an effort to avoid preoccupying Jane, her lab aid, she had tampered with the alarm so that she could be notified of the most recent wave. Angel wanted the chance to go in, and find out for herself what was going on. She knew that Jane would want to go, but it needed to be avoided. There was no telling the power of the Hollows present, and the danger they could pose. From that far away, even her own technology wasn’t enough to accurately define how strong was the being leading them. But it was pretty obvious that at the very least it was around her own power, and she wouldn’t put anyone else at risk.

”This is it.”

With a hand over one of her largest mirror, her hand would glow a riveting blue before the surface of the mirror turned into a liquid like form. Although ironic that someone blind would have so many mirrors when they couldn’t see their own reflection, it all had its purpose. The technology she possessed in her lab allowed her to use her skills to travel almost anywhere within Earth. And, using some of the samples obtained from the Hollow data she had been able to pass through the mirror and to the location of its source. It wasn’t like the energy source was trying to hide his or her presence which was neither good nor bad; it required extreme caution.

”Is this the place? It can’t be, can’t it?”

When she appeared, this time out of a tree in some small park, she was confused to sense the energy coming from a nearby nightclub. Thankfully the energy wasn’t coming directly from the area full of people and very loud noises, but rather from below. At the very least there was a major silver lining. The fact that there was more than enough energy, and more than enough noise meant that she would be able to get great mental images and a fair situational awareness, allowing her to move with efficiency. Without further ado, she would enter the lower levels of the compound through its walls, inching closer to the source of the energy she had latched onto.

Coding By: [THEFROST]


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Hero or Martyr? [Yaksha]
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