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 Organisation Synopsis

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I. Global Hegemons On Site

The Platinum Hearts Universe politically, economically--and other big words--can be divided in accordance with the ruling bodies governing over these respective territories and ideologies. Of course there's always smaller groups available, termed factions on site, but "organisations" constitute ICly larger bodies with more power, resources, members, so on and so forth. For more information on the distinction between the classifications, feel free to visit the defining thread detailing this info.

Now, in terms of what organisations are available to join on site? Considering the sheer power in several different meanings backing them up, it's rare for the circumstances to allow for change in what's considered an "organisation", but on occasion there'll be some exceptions, usually being a decrease in activity, or increase in interest, thus birthing a new org or removing a pre-existing one from that classification respectively. Currently, there are NINE organisations available to join, all with different creeds, alignments, and methods of operation.


Gotei United: The classic of classics, what kind of Bleach site would we be without the famous Thirteen Divisions? A Bleach: Platinum Hearts kind of site, that's what. Undergoing several changes over the past four centuries, PH's version of the Gotei isn't even divided into thirteen divisions anymore, primarily due to the massive hits its consecutively taken per the will of the collective efforts of them big baddies on the other side of the alignment spectrum. In response, they've downsized considerably and reduced the avenues of resources to consolidate the focuses of power more efficiently.

For more information not covered in this quick rundown, feel free to open the organisation's main thread to cover additional subjects such as occupied territories, allies, enemies, and more.

Gotei | Membership: The Gotei used to be solely occupied by shinigami amongst their ranks, but given the rise of liberal ideals and a need to fill in the ranks in response to the ever-growing threats of Shadow Fall and kindred organisations, the Gotei has seen it fit under the leadership of their new leader to broaden their horizons and recruit other beings. Naturally, there's still an expectation for them to remain shinigami-centric, however they now accept shinigami with a bit of extra umph to their being. Namely, mutts including Vizards, Ziamichi, and Hybrids.

Gotei | Structure: The Gotei is through and through a militant organisation, as has been and continues to be their prime purpose. The restrictions have considerably loosened over the years, but the creed they follow and serve is still managed and carried out through a military-based structure, with rankings, absolute authorities, and so forth. Of the military-based organisations, they're probably the most liberal and free-form, but the base-structure still stands.

Gotei | Purpose: As a military, their prime function is to protect and serve. Specifically, they protect Soul Society, and in addition protect the sanctity of the Soul Cycle, operating as extensions of their Soul King to maintain the proper flow of Souls between the Living World and Soul Society. This inherently puts them at odds with those that may threaten the balance of realms, and as a result they will act in aggression with antagonists of the site.

Gotei | Leadership: The Gotei has undergone some severe changes in rapid succession, one of those changes including the cycling of leadership in all divisions and the entirety of the organisation itself. Currently the Gotei is lead by Ibiki Suika, a long standing captain of the 11th Division (now merged with the 1st division), a Kenpachi that holds true to her title with absolute confidence. She is also the proponent responsible for the loosened restrictions on membership.

The Lux Orior: Colloquially referred to as "The Order", it is a conglomeration of three separate protagonist organisations all based in Karakura: The Vanguard, the Vizard Corps, and the Yayjuu. Due to their closely aligned goals and similar areas of operation--as well as the organisations having already worked together on multiple occasions--in the face of the everpresent and constantly rising threats of massively powerful antagonist organisations such as K-World and Shadow Fall, leaders of the three organisations came together on a summit to propose a union of their organisations. From there, the Lux Orior was born.

Lux Orior | Membership: Lux Orior was formed by the Vanguard, Yayjuu, and Vizard Corps which all ran with the idea of accepting the various individuals of their focus, ziamichis and vizards, as well as help them control their newfound abilities and foster positive, stable growth, Lux Orior similarly aims to maintain these objectives.

Lux Orior | Structure: Lux Orior's structure is for the most part par for the course as the rest of the organisations from a skeletal perspective. It has an executive group, and beneath them four sectors with specialisations. The most similar organisation to Lux Orior's structure is likely the Gotei, which has an executive group (1st division), and underneath it several different divisions whose heads (captains) are of equal rank to one another. The sector heads in Lux Orior follow similar format, in that they are the highest authority over their jurisdiction, but to one another, are generally equal in authority. Of course more authority can be more nuanced depending on someone's influence in the organisation, but structurally and positionally speaking, they are equal in power.

Lux Orior: Purpose: Lux Orior's purposes is four-fold: Defending the territories under their authority, and in general Earth as a whole; maintaining peace and safety on Earth and its inhiabitants beyond even their own territories; being an organisation of acceptance to everyone regardless of race (but not regardless of creed); and aiding its allies, provided it doesn't come at the cost of fulfilling the defense of its territory and peace on Earth.

Lux Orior | Leadership: Leadership within the Lux Orior is strict, especially on who has authority in which areas. The executive, Shadin Yuudeshi, holds the power to make decisions for the organisation as a whole, and in this sense is the strongest influence. The Sector Heads also hold considerable power, however, each having near total control over their respective sections, even more than the executive when it comes to their division.

Iramasha Union: One of the oldest organisations on-site due to the sheer longevity of the Iramasha Clan and their unity, the Iramasha Union was formed through many tribulations. Between the war between Devil Iramasha and Angel Iramasha, the uprising of the Nature Iramasha and introduction of hybrids, and the consistency of animosity between the multiple sub-races in even recent times, the species found stability. Though they are still racially divided within the ranks, at least as a whole they uphold their place as a force to be reckoned.

Iramasha | Membership: The Iramasha Union is united as a whole, but the many subdivisions drawn between bloodline and race holds prevalent, though like any other organisation, personal strength is held in the highest regard when it comes to your position. Their peoples typically stick to their race, and individual hierarchies are established in the Nature, Angel, and Devil clans respectively, but they've all come to respect the boundaries between, and the aid of a council where wisdom reigns supreme maintains that they don't fall into negative relations with one another.

Iramasha | Structure: As aforementioned the Iramasha Union within is to some degree divided, and unlike the Gotei, the Union is formed as a society for the entire race as opposed to a militant body. That said, the divisions and positions aren't delegated in the same way, and more than anything the ranks are decided in more political format--at least, more-so than some other governing bodies.

Iramasha | Purpose: Considerably more passive, the aim of the Iramasha Union as a whole--aside from being a governing body for their respective race and realm--is to maintain a balance, not in the same sense as the Gotei who preside primarily over the soul cycle, more-so as to hold the multiverse together and prevent absolute chaos from breaking out. In a sense, this predominantly places them as a protagonist organisation, and they will actively combat forces contributing to senseless destruction in general. That said, they feel no obligation to actively serve and protect anything outside their union, though it is the tendency for Angel Iramasha to take philanthropic action.

Iramasha | Leadership: The Iramasha as an entire governing body don't hold a singular, executive person, and instead are divided into many branches that handle their responsibilities and authorities individually, keeping each other in check to ensure the majority of their peoples are appropriately represented, protected, and united as whole. That said, each race will have a person primarily represent them; they are considered to hold the most individual power within the organisation.


Shadowfall: The Unholy Union: The organisation which easily holds supreme amongst everyone else--the king of hegemons. Shadowfall is easily the most reckoned force in all of Platinum Hearts, the individual powerhouses and sheer enormity of their numbers serving to hold them virtually unchallenged in their respective territories. With more land than any other organisation, more resources, and most power in a united body, most global conflicts find Shadowfall as the centrepiece and the primary antagonist.

Shadowfall | Membership: Shadowfall is most notably a union of the Arrancar/Hollow and Demon race, though they aren't exclusive. Especially after their establishment on Earth, the organisation is willing to accept most races into their ranks, but without a doubt they are run by demons, proven by their dominance in the upper echelons, and the fact that their Thrones--the leaders of the organisation--are mostly occupied by demons.

Shadowfall | Structure: Shadowfall is structured as a Triarchy, with three thrones at the very top, and similarly follows European nobility system, with Archdukes forming the leads of several circles that represent the different divisions of authority. Though these divisions are occupied primarily by demons, there is a subset ranking system exclusive to hollows and arrancars, and while the highest ranks hold some degree of influence, it's notably lesser than the primary demon ranking system. Given that Shadowfall caters to beings tied to negative energy, rank is often determined through more primal means; power is held above all else, and moving up the ranks--even without a notable lineage--relies on individual strength more than anything else.

Shadowfall | Purpose: At the moment, the primary goal of Shadowfall after establishing their overwhelming hegemony is to maintain their strength and stature. Stabilising their position at the top allows them to pursue other goals, including servitude to their literal demon god, Deveta. That inherently pushes them to wreak absolute havoc around the many realms, and to guarantee their strength, Shadowfall is very comfortable with being the initiator and advent of chaos, frequenting large scale wars on the protagonist orgs. In recent years, they've launched crippling attacks on both Gotei and Vanguard, though the two have managed to recover since.

Shadowfall | Leadership: Shadowfall is lead by three thrones as the absolute powers, but the majority of influence and power is most definitely found in their Middle Throne, Mana Asthavon. The Left Throne, Rose Mischevang, holds much influence, but her focuses tend to be on the Arrancar/Hollow side of the organisation. The Right Throne, Ravan Vespara, is similarly more concerned with maintaining the layers of Hell, where his domain presides.

The Kokuryuteshi Empire: A daunting empire that has closed its mouth in more recent years, but you'll find that once it opens, their fangs are as sharp as ever. Once an antag org just as fearsome as Shadowfall, their lack of activity on the public stage that is The Living Realm has lowered their threat level in regards to the protag orgs. That said, the territories they've reigned over aren't lightly touched; during their reappearance in the Pacific a few years ago, it was made apparent that K-World is nothing short of a sleeping beast, and waking them will never be worth it.

K-World | Membership: K-World is in a sense a counterpart to the Vanguard, in that their memberbase is built by those willing to join from all walks of life. Though the initial rise of K-World under Kin Iramasha may not have been so attractive and joining wasn't always a matter of willingness, that is how it currently stands. Anybody can join so long as they're willing to serve in the empire, and in return for their loyalty, Kin promises to provide his peoples their greatest desires.

K-World | Structure: Kin Iramasha is King of the Kokuryuteshi Empire, and while he reigns supreme, the bulk of K-World is likely the most modernised organisation in the entire Multiverse. His authority is absolute, but outside of the army, the advancements and focus on economy is where you can find most of the positions, where their corporate sector is essentially unmatched throughout Platinum Hearts. Aside from a fighting force split between frontal confrontation, assassination, and an elite force, K-World is largely supported by Unitech which focuses on technological development for the military, in-state management, medicine, and even media. Meanwhile, Exigent focuses more on the geographic development and infrastructure of the empire.

K-World | Purpose: K-World's primary goal, driven strongly by Kin's own aims, is the control of the Living Realm, reformation of what he perceives to be a strongly flawed Gotei, and by personal ambition, the subjugation of the Iramasha Union. For those purposes, Kin has developed K-World into one of the hegemons that it is today. Although K-World has taken a considerably more passive stance in modern matters and involvement in the events of today, that remains the light at the end of the tunnel, and in exchange for pledging loyalty and allegiance to his empire to achieve his utopia, he promises to fulfill the wishes of his people.

K-World | Leadership: As aforementioned, K-World is headed by Kin Iramasha as its absolute king with unmatched and uncontested authority. As king, his family, namely his two daughters, are princesses wielding their own authority, though it should be noted that Sing Iramasha especially has more than earned her status as the second-in-command and the only other member of the Sovereign Circle, a Sovereign in her own right at that.


While the Earth Territories detail who has what, this is a more structured and narrow list to ease into seeing which Orginization has which territory, rather than having to scan the Territories thread.


Albania (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Andorra (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Armenia (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Austria (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Azerbaijan (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Belarus (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Belgium (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Botswana (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Bulgaria (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Croatia (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Cyprus (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Czech Republic (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Denmark (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Estonia (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Finland (Mana/Shadow Fall)
France (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Greece (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Georgia (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Holy See (Vatican City State) (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Hungary (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Iceland (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Ireland (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Italy (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Latvia (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Liechtenstein (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Lithuania (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Luxembourg (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Macedonia(Mana/Shadow Fall)
Malta (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Moldova (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Montenegro (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Netherlands (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Norway (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Portugal (Mana/Shadow Fall)
San Marino (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Serbia (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Slovakia (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Slovenia (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Spain (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Sweden (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Switzerland (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Ukraine (Mana/Shadow Fall)
United Kingdom (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Malaysia (Mana/Shadow Fall)
Tibet (Shadow Fall)[/center]

South Africa (K-World)
Tanzania (K-World)
China (Kin/K-World)
North Korea (K-World)
South Korea (K-World)
Saudi Arabia (K-World)
Singapore (K-World)
Turkey (K-World)
Germany (K-World)
Guatemala (K-World)

Lux Orior:

Barbados (Lux Orior/Yuudeshi Clan)
Cape Verde (Lux Orior/Yuudeshi Clan)
Dominica (Lux Orior/Yuudeshi Clan)
Dominican Republic (Lux Orior/Yuudeshi Clan)
Fiji (Lux Orior/Yuudeshi Clan)
Madagascar (Lux Orior)
New Zealand (Lux Orior/Yuudeshi Clan)
Philippines (Lux Orior/Yuudeshi Clan)
Greenland (Lux Orior)
Canada (Lux Orior)
Hawaii (Lux Orior/Yuudeshi Clan)
Alaska (Lux Orior)
Bangladesh (Lux Orior)
Mozambique (Lux Orior)
Togo (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Tunisia (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Uganda (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Zambia (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Zimbabwe (Lux Orior/Hayden)
South Sudan (Lux Orior )
Namibia (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Niger (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Nigeria (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Rwanda (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Sao Tome and Principe (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Seychelles (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Somalia (Lux Orior )
Mauritius (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Monaco (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Morocco (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Libya (Lux Orior )
Malawi (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Mali (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Algeria (Lux Orior )
Angola (Lux Orior )
Benin (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Burkina Faso (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Burundi (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Cameroon (Lux Orior)
Central African Republic (Lux Orior)
Chad (Lux Orior )
Comoros (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Congo (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Cote d'Ivoire (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Djibouti (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Ethiopia (Lux Orior )
Equatorial Guinea (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Eritrea (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Gabon (Lux Orior/Hayden)
The Gambia (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Ghana (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Guinea (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Guinea-Bissau (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Kenya (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Lesotho (Lux Orior/Hayden)
Liberia (Lux Orior/Hayden)

Iramasha Union:

Mauritania (Iramasha Union)
Sudan (Iramasha Union)
Israel (The Yuudeshi Clan/Iramasha Union)
Jordan (Iramasha Union)
Palestinian territories(Gaza Strip and West Bank) (Iramasha Union)
Syria (Iramasha Union)

Thailand (Gotei United/Unabara Clan)

Antarctica (Vandenreich)




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Organisation Synopsis
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