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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2419, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Set it all Free {Open// Ulv}

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Set it all Free {Open// Ulv}   Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:51 am

Somewhere in New Orleans, 2 days ago....
A young man looked over to the small piano in the V-room in the French Quarter of New Orleans and could of sworn that the piano player had six fingers. However, a second glance, revealed nothing more than the same pair of five-fingered gloves dancing across the keys as the albino man continued on his current piece of Fires Of Revolution increased at a pace of 3 by 1. In fact, he could have sworn that the piano player winked at him. Not only that, he was sure that the glass of wine sitting above the piano player managed to swirl randomly.

He looked back to his friends as the pianist finished his set and simply took another drink before ordering a single malt, the bartender slid over a glass of the Last Drop and the man looked at it as the bartender said it was from the pianist. The man took a sip and realized the bottle was worth more than he made in three months, blinking.

Ten minutes ago...
"Oh shit." A voice from an albino in a custom suit with a beautiful bowler hat said as he pulled his gloves all the way up his hands and looked towards the airport as he blinked. "How did she even get here?!" He exclaimed to no one in particular as he suddenly sunk into the shadow of the alleyway next to him, vanishing from the never-ending pursuit of his twin.

"La la la la." Jessica sang as she danced around as she hopped from building to building with her enlarged muscles, flying from the airport towards the French Quarter where her Hollows had felt the presence of the monster she had been chasing for the past two years. The two hollow were in her vision, obviously invisible to all others, this was the first time they had even caught a single point of the reiatsu of the person that Jessica had been after for years.

Comedy pointed at a nearby building while her twin, Tragedy was pointing at the general area that he had felt the reiatsu. Jessica followed as she ran from the top of one building to another, her almost three-meter frame slamming from one building to another with an annoyed sound as she scrambled. She was actually skipping, after all she was after the biggest monster of her entire family. The one with real power, that had left her to her own devices, which were nothing compared to the people that messed with her.

Jessica slammed her feet down on an air conditioner from the hilton at the convention center and then changed her viewpoint to look out over New Orleans bay and jumped East towards the old quarter as Tragedy pointed to her, landing on the ground ten stories below her feet as she created a crater. She was happy for once in her life and danced around happily as she sang, chasing the worst monster of them all. The only one her entire strength was designed to smash, and smash again!
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Set it all Free {Open// Ulv}
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