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 Ghislain Eberhart (Done)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ghislain Eberhart (Done)   Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:40 pm

Family Matters

Eberhart Family: This family traces it's origins far back enough that they are the nobles of nobles. Their blood couldn't be much purer from the aspect of people, the family is odd for it's power having most of them be known for owning land in other Providences. most of the land the Eberhart have a claim too is currently under the claim of the Shadow Fall Organization. Or rather the countries are as they have gained a massive fortune. However the Eberhart family practices a strange tradition and sends off one child to the Vandenreich per family. Ghislain fell into that category and was sent into Jhwach's military force during the war with the Shinigami. He did well during it but wasn't as prominent as the B at the time Hulderic Hylham. However Ghislain did his family proud and brought them honor with his strength. He is known by his family as the Peace Bringer, he was able to secure an area and settle the population down rather easily. Ghislain's place is the current leader of the Eberhart family. His skill attracts many of the hopefuls and to some extent marriage proposals. The family practices strange fighting styles and among other things exercise control over elements people couldn't hope to understand. Every Eberhart born is gifted with a power that isn't easy to understand. Each of the Eberhart are given an epithet describing their power in some form. Two were given to Ghislain, the Dark Eberhart was the first given his power over the Dark Matter. The last name came from German myth, they called him Taiwaz which meant the Germanic God of War. Due to his fierce and perhaps almost inhuman desire. Ghislain wants to see a home for the Quincy, not away from others but on main street. They are people and he believes that right is paid for on birth, his family has mixed feelings about his view. But the Emperor isn't one to shy from confrontation when it beckons him. Ghislain and the Eberhart's are ready for anything.

Quincy Dossier

Name: Ghislain Eberhart
Alias: The Emperor of Dark Matter, The Dark Eberhart, Taiwaz, Ghi.
Race: Pureblood Quincy
Age: One Thousand Years Old
Height: Six Feet and Zero Inches
Weight: One Hundred and Ninety Pounds
Physical Appearance: Ghislain was born a blonde and bright boy with lovely eyes and features. Often wearing a warm smile that seems out of place as he looks much younger then his age would give one to believe. Ghislain's baby face and features that make him appear much younger then he is allow for a very strange reaction. His physical body seems to be in excellent shape, allowing for most to assume and notice he's good at physical combat. On his arm he has a tattoo he wears as a symbol from the war, it's meaning is very old. It in short speaks of the number of people he saved as a number in Germany's more forgotten language. Ghislain wears a very simple outfit often dressing casually, trying to avoid the fact he's the Emperor of Quincy now. Ghislain doesn't like to be lofty or do things that are extremely flashy it's simply not who he is. Ghislain is a simple and very down to earth person who finds the whole My Lord thing a bit exaggerated and ridiculous to expect of anyone. Ghislain's clothing and outfits do change sometimes, he will wear a German dress suit and shoes, making sure everything fits the image. He always has a sort of sad smile on his face but it's evident the long haired blonde is a catch for most. He's physically attractive and has had seven marriages arranged by his family. He however declined each and every one that came his way, saying he isn't going to look for such things. Ghislain's body upon closer inspection has scars in a couple places. One across his back, another going across his chest in the center. Often hidden is the one he got on his shoulder from combat with a shinigami.


Charismatic Ghislain is a very good leader, capable of making people see how important they are. Ghislain is a natural born leader able to get people to follow him on simple actions. He was a natural born A, born to be the next Emperor but he was hidden in the Shadow of the man known as Hulderic. However it didn't dampen the man's spirit, Ghislain was able to develop a great charisma. Perhaps because he had to strive to keep up with something out of his reach, Ghislain was able to develop a very good charisma. Able to lead when Hulderic and Yhwach couldn't do so. It allowed him to become something of his own person and develop freely. His charisma is a rare type that encompasses all, he can be quiet and for some reason people flock to him. Ghislain is someone who grew into the role over time, without a choice of his own.

Highly Intelligent: From a young Age Ghislain strove for excellence, to be the best and do everything he could. Nothing was to short for the young Quincy as he got older and wiser. His intelligence only grew and perhaps this is why he was left with the title he was. His intelligence allowed him to make moves without getting involved too far. He's created reform and been extremely intelligent in his term as Emperor so far. He didn't make speeches or try and do things, he was simply given this role. Because he got results and saw what needed to be done. Ghislain didn't waste time or use his intellectual prowess poorly. He's normally able to see through most moves by the time people move. Ghislain is known for being an avid Chess player, with skill at the game. His intelligent nature allows him to learn and process things quickly. Capable of making quick calculations like a computer within his head, his brilliance only continued to grow as he got older thankfully.

Witty Sense of Humor: Ghislain has a rather witty sense of humor, liking to make small jokes about things. A great example was when he heard Hulderic got the Quincy Antarctica he merely puzzled and asked. Why did you get use a land of frozen wasteland, is this some genocide joke? Ghislain isn't against making jokes to lighten the mood. But he is smart enough to know when it's okay to drop one. Some moments actions speak louder and change the direction of the world. Other times a good sense of humor can get people through a rainy day. Ghislain believes in his people and has faith they are far from being done growing. That other have the right idea, but one step at a time. His sense of humor is rather charming going along with his charisma well. He doesn't make comments he believes cross the line or are overly offensive. He does known how to conduct himself, but this witty humor does exist. A few close people to him have heard him crack a joke or two.

Gentleman: Whatever the case Ghislain is a gentlemen and conducts himself as such. He opens doors for ladies and pulls their chairs out, he gives Veterans of military conflicts handshakes and buys their meals. In someways it's hard to see him past this, he's an extremely strange fell by some stand points. Because he'll even buy the enemy food because they served and did well. He's not the type to hold a grudge and conducts himself as a gentlemen at almost all times. Manners maketh man is the saying that some may forget that old adage. But Ghislain holds to it as he believes they are a truth. He doesn't show them often on the battlefield, claiming that being a gentlemen isn't such a thing. It has no place on the field of battle, that is where honor belongs. Honor is something some warriors have and others simply don't. Being a gentlemen is about the image you present and bringing yourself to be a proper man. You should treat woman with respect at all times unless such right is extinguished.

Honorable: A trait most Quincy have in abundance with one other, he has both of these in spades. Ghislain represents what it is to be a Quincy very well, showing his honor on the battlefield to those who have earned it. Honor is something the strong may show along with mercy. Ghislain believes he has this simple right to be an honorable warrior, he can afford to be honorable. Some simply can't and he understands that well enough, fighting method has little to do with it. Ghislain has never struck an enemy from behind in all his duels, they were always done from the front. His nature which shows on the battlefield sometimes is often seen with a grain of salt by his friends. Ghislain is known to have a nature that his colleagues didn't within the Vandenreich back in the older days. He wasn't consumed by blood lust and remained a normal person. Honor didn't allow him to do less, however his enemies weren't deserving of honorable intentions back in those hellish days.

Prideful: Ghislain has pride in himself no matter what he does, he finds that it helps him be confident as a leader. But confidence and pride are two different animals sometimes, pride can lead a leader to do reckless things. Ghislain is well grounded but does have pride in himself and the things he does. He believes in the organization the Vandenreich and that they will secure a place for the Quincy in the world. Pride is something of a sin that the Quincy most of the time have and Ghislain knows his pride well. It makes him almost make choices that are harmful, arrogance and pride can kill a person. He's learned this the hard way as the war progressed between the Quincy and the Soul Society. They were blind in believing they could triumph over such a foe. They weren't willing to let go of the honor and become monsters like their enemy, while some were strong enough to battle. Pride is an emotion that Ghislain knows all too well as a person.

Calm: He keeps his calm and takes a very calculated approach to most things. Putting the needs of the many before the one in himself. He's prone to do things that his guards consider reckless. But that's why they exist with him to defend Ghislain from himself. But more often then not he keeps a calm and very composed nature. He's able to handle almost any situation as a calm politician from the German homeland. Keeping his calm allows him to remain in control and issue things around. Ghislain knows which version of him is more productive as a leader. Thus he strives at all times to keep his cool when fighting, his temper used to be something that got him in trouble when he was younger. But as he grew older and wiser he allowed past hates to go. Focusing instead on the future that the Quincy had ahead of them, he believed within his calm mind. That anything could be achieved with hard work and effort. Ghislain is a calm and very focused man a majority of the time keeping himself contained.

Laid Back: Somewhere beneath it all does exist someone who is rather relaxed and able to do so. He doesn't need to be busy for the sake of being busy. While it's not a personality trait everyone will see, Ghislain certain is far more laid back then the others. His compatriots don't compare to his slow and steady pace. But it's because he would rather be precise and doesn't see sense in rushing. Being laid back plays into his calm mind set often allowing him to evaluate the situation and think carefully about things. He often see's things as straight forward no need for extra stress. Ghislain isn't the most laid back person in the world and often only shows to friends, family, or his guards. Where he keeps a relaxed face even in the face of death itself. Perhaps from staring at it so many times he finally became numb. Or just stopped caring, it was a growing experience learning to just go with the flow. See where the wind would take him on each journey.

Kind: he is a kind man and shows it often, willing to help out in soup kitchens among other things. Despite being an Emperor, he shows kindness to all races normally it's something that came. He is kind to not just people but animals and nature as well. Some believe he's a gentle man, but it's simple kindness. Ghislain has always been kind, however that kindness upon betrayal disappears. He doesn't believe in it at all, his belief and system are very different from most. Ghislain is able to listen and perhaps most amazingly be a friend to almost anyone. He's very easy to reach, unlike some people who feel so distant as a ruler. Ghislain does this intentionally and it works most of the time. But he believes that being kind to one's subjects is a natural answer. Kindness can be a weakness only if you allow it to be.

Generous: Perhaps the strangest part about him is he gives often, not worried as he does generously give to organizations. He believes in helping people recover and does what he can for the people. It's why he's loved by most Quincy, as they believe he was a commoner who became Emperor. But it's very close to the truth, Ghislain was a mere Executive Captain at the end of the conflict, he didn't get much promotion due to them losing. However he remained generous, giving to his people till it hurt. Giving them land and medicine when they needed it and even traveling to tend to wounded. He really did go the extra mile for them. Being a good person down his being. Ghislain believes Hulderic and Yhwach treated their position too much like being a God. They were but met among a people leading them, perhaps that is where they lost their way. Leading them down the correct path in life, it was understandable though. Hulderic and Yhwach had a rough time period both of them, Hulderic got after Yhwach. And Yhwach got stuck with the period of War, though he brought it on himself.

Responsible: he is someone that can be trusted, Ghislain when he promised has never gone back on his word. His vow is perhaps stronger than anything else in this world, he will keep it. No matter what the condition is he will make sure it's complete, this is the man trusted with everything. Ghislain has proved he can be trusted with everything and handles it very well. Being a responsible man takes time and one must even own up to being wrong. Something Ghislain doesn't enjoy but will do, if he messes up he understands. He merely accepts it and moves on, that is how life is. We make mistakes and recognizes it as a person very easily. Ghislain is perhaps one of the strangest leaders the Quincy had, perhaps for the best in its own way. Being a responsible man allows his people to trust him more, with their trust he can do more. Faith is reward with him with great results and hard work. It's something drilled into him since he was but a child.

Strong:[Some people project an air of strength and that can be said about Ghislain. He has that air around him of a strong person, his will and being just showcase it. Perhaps it's something all leaders have that they simply must be strong. Within every regard they must be educated and strong. Mental strength as well as physical, not to mention will in itself. A leader is the will of his power and the strength that he represents is theirs. Ghislain embraces that he is the Quincy's strength and tries to be that as often as possible. To show himself in good form and be that leader. While wanting people to feel close to him, he also does have that air Hulderic and Yhwach did. He had that strength that made people look at him in a sense of awe. The strong personality that only perhaps those meant to lead are born with.

Musical:He plays the violin and rather enjoys humming little songs, it allows for him to be very enjoyable to be around. He has an excellent singing voice but also has a great sense for the musical arts. He believes that music as a form helps him stay grounded, the violin is a lovely instrument and as is the piano another he enjoys. Chopin is a favorite of his to listen to or play. His music sense is good enough that most people enjoy hearing him sing, it's something of a sound that not many have. He's got a good raspy sound to his voice and has excellent control. He spent most his time singing when he wasn't working on something in the old days. Merely practice made perfect, but it's more then that he simply has the gift. He can pick up almost any instrument and learn it over night. Skills that come from his talent are rare, but perhaps this is one of them. Ghislain didn't plan on going into music for a reason he states often. Ghislain the Musician isn't that catchy is normally his response.

Eccentric:To say that Ghislain is without eccentricities would be a wrong statement. He has his moments like most, but they stand out more due to the position of power. Ghislain is known to simply go for walks into places or sometimes he plays something completely random. Ghislain believes life without a little eccentric behavior would be odd. He does have a habit from the battlefields and things that most call eccentric. He cracks his index finger out of habit and merely continues to do so. Sometimes he'll talk about something just before someone asks as well. Making him seem all the more eccentric to them, however most of this is shown when he lacks sleep. Ghislain is very good at hiding some eccentricities. He doesn't strive to be perfect not because he already is. But because perfection isn't what a Leader should reach for, they should reach for whatever is best. The best they can do for the people who are under them should be the constant focus. This may drive him to do funny things at time, but his eccentric behavior is a welcome price.

Whimsical: Sometimes a bit of whimsy is needed in any leadership, you need to mix things up. If you spend your whole week doing one thing, just one day do the exact opposite of it. Sometimes Ghislain does that exactly, deciding to do the opposite of what he would on that day. Making sure he is changing it up, the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing everyday without change. So in an effort to change it up, he does different things. Will wear funny outfits now and then. Try to get his people laughing and happy, some believe it's the Emperor making a fool of himself. But he's strong enough that no matter the outfit it simply works for him. However the whimsical nature lets him inspire others to try new things. Being different and trying out new things are a good habit. Being whimsical can be a good thing if it's done correctly, though it seems like he plans it out. In truth he merely rolls with what the world provides him everyday.

Ruthless: It's rare, perhaps extremely rare where Ghislain will show ruthless aggression. But within him it exists he showed it during the war, leaving his enemy nothing not an inch. He ruthlessly took everything they could try from them, leaving nothing for them in the end. It was a domination of sorts that he displayed, though he rarely does it now. It's perhaps somewhere still inside of Ghislain hiding beneath it all. The shackles around it waiting for that key, waiting for the moment that cold calculating Quincy is needed again. But while he doesn't use it day to day, he keeps most his ruthlessness hidden away. The Quincy deserve a kind leader, but their enemies whom ever they be. Deserve only the ruthless cold aggression he keeps bottled within. Ghislain knows everything has it's moment and place, now isn't the time for ruthless blood lust. It's the time of peace and staying true to his people's core. That is all that matters at this point and time as he has begun to grow into a fine leader.


Music:He enjoys music in it's purest form and has a large like for the sound that each instrument can bring forward from its core. Everything about music is appealing to him as he enjoys it to the fullest extent. Everything from the sounds and what creative things can be used as instruments makes him smile. It's a strange hobby of his but not the only one he enjoys. His like for true music in it's raw form allows him to have a general dislike for some of it. But the sound of the piano and violin when they are played well. It simply brings a smile to his face or someone who can sing well. These little things allow him to enjoy his life more fully then simply being an Emperor. Ghislain isn't sure what the future holds for anyone, but so long as he can enjoy good music along the way he's happy. Able to grow and become a more skilled musician along the way. However, that dream isn't what it once was when he thought about becoming a musician for a living.

Reading: Nothing as relaxing as pulling up a good book and reading some nice literature. That is perhaps one of the more quiet ways he enjoys passing the time. He's learned many things from reading and enjoys simple books for what they are. They pass the time and when one is a one thousand years old it is almost required. While he is older then most the Quincy he believes that a balance is required. Enjoying the little things allow him to make good choices in the long run. Learning lessons from the non-fictional literature he reads very often. His favorite books often are Musashi's rings. Reading as though starving for a good story and the knowledge of the world around him. The books he adores most are the ones around his heroes within the music. This goes along with the massive reform that the Vandenreich are undergoing, however he knows that somethings never change. Ghislain enjoys reading about the successes and failures of other leaders. Claiming they are key to being a good leader as well.

Learning: He loves to learn new things, believing if you stop learning you cease to exist. Ghislain loves knowledge and studies everything with an interest that goes beyond the normal. He can speak most languages known to the world even a couple dead ones. His favorite language is German, perhaps simply because it's more comfortable for him. But he does through in German phrases in with each word as he continues in speech. But he loves learning new combat moves or perhaps politic policies. He loves studying everything that is able to be studied. Martial arts, music, landscaping, and so on. Every subject is interesting to him, he finds that all of them are fascinating. The saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks is perhaps the worst phrase created when speaking of Ghislain. He studies nature and how to better live with it, studying ways to farm and live off the land safely. Not taking away from the natural beauty of the Earth they call home.

Restoration:Ghislain enjoys restoring ruins and other such things to pristine conditions. He's done so with several already proving his skill as an archeologist he funded an operation where they rebuilt and refurbished some ruins. They are now a museum which funds some of his operations for other such projects. Ghislain has restored and wrote several books on the practice of doing it, now he's become a big name for it. Teaching people how best to be a productive archeologist is something that he strongly feels is important. People should be able to view ruins safely and learn about their past. It's why he believes Quincy ruins exist and has been searching for some. He's restored several normal human ones among other things. But he's yet to locate what he believes exists, the strange part about it. While he could tap into his massive power to do these things. Ghislain chooses to do this along with everything else like a normal person. So he can enjoy it to the fullest extent that it was meant to be.

Cooking: Perhaps one of the more strange Emperors that ended up in charge. Ghislain enjoys very human activities, finding cooking to be fun and exciting. Even when you fail it's a lesson that can teach you to be better. Cooking recipes can also be an educational thing in it's own way. How every nation and country has different delicacies that others find disgusting. It's such a strange and fascinating thing that always excites him about the prospect. He often wonders what did the Quincy before it all eat, what type of food did they go too. This sort of thing always excites Ghislain as he thinks about the old world and wishing to bring the light upon it. Food and anything else that could be found about them excite and bring his interest up. Ghislain is interested in everything to do with that, but cooking became an interest all it's own. When he was fighting in the war he discovered he enjoyed it as well, taking it to it very naturally.

Ancient Quincy: He is fascinating by the people who once were, they were a kingdom of their own. Ghislain hides it very well but he found the Ancient culture of his people fascinating. They were such a strange people with a rich history, but all of it was lost in that conflict. Just because their Emperor at the time couldn't compromise. So much history and knowledge was lost on them, they grew and did evolve into stronger beings. But it was all perhaps something that Yhwach didn't want to let go of. Those who can't learn or adapt will be lost to the sands of time. Revenge is a poor dish something best left to those who can find that answer can live another day. But so much knowledge and rich culture was lost, so he looks to return it to them. It's always better to give back to your people then take away from them. Ghislain believes this with his entire heart, he's enjoyed every moment he spends looking for them. Did his people have songs or did they have special writing, all these things are on his mind.

Writing: Writing comes with it all, reading and writing are perhaps something he enjoys as well. Writing out things in different languages and studying authors who catch his eye. Everything he does allows him to grow and become a more well-rounded person. Studying the way of the world by drinking in the essence of everything around him. Writing and taking notes all of it is enjoyable, for someone who has been alive for a long time. Your interests become very easily figured out when given the time. Becoming Emperor did put a delay on the books he wrote but it did also let him use his talents. Doing more for people that need it then most organizations have ever done. The Vandenreich of old was a place of war, he didn't really know how else to handle matters in those days. Being a low-rank person you weren't given many choices. However with all things that came, he got to develop skills that really helped him grow.

Honest People:An honest person is always more enjoyable, liars are such disappointing people. Ghislain has had to deal with both kinds and does find he likes those who tell the truth. He's able to sense a lie out very easily, making him an extremely effective politician. Being able to tell when a person is honest and when they are lying is something few people can do. But he senses them almost as they are, honest people are very easy to get along with. Because they are being honest in dislike or like of you. He doesn't mind it so long as they are honest, he knows some people don't care for him being the one. They don't care for him as Emperor because of how strange he is. But they are honest in the opinion of such and it makes his life easier as a whole. If everyone told the truth and were honest the world would be an easier place. But sadly people cannot all be honest, dishonesty does exist.

Exploring:Nothing in the world like exploring and finding something new. Or something sleeping long within the depths waiting to be discovered, it takes a brave sort of person. But Ghislain has always enjoyed exploring and discovering lost civilizations among other things. Specially looking for hints or clues about the Ancient Quincy who once lived. Before the war their were said to be many of them around, they had to of left markings or a trial. But Ghislain hasn't found much in his exploration. Everything points to many things that are left wondering in the exploration, creatures said to exist in myth. So many discoveries through simply exploring a place, doing it as a normal person. Their isn't a sense of excitement from doing everything as a Quincy, everyday humans made a living by doing things the old fashioned way. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it didn't. But that is the joy of doing it that way. Exploring has become a hobby, while his guards don't enjoy it he very much enjoys the exploration itself.

Being Human: While he has aged a long time and become perhaps an immortal by many standards. He enjoys doing things the human way, walking instead of rushing for things. while he was an effective warrior it's well known that Ghislain. Always did things this way, it made him late sometimes when others arrived early due to powers. There are things when you look through the eye of a normal person. Pretend to be normal and just see how the life is explore and do things by hand. Don't rely on your powers for every thing that pops up. It can make your life more interesting and perhaps more of an adventure. Unlike some who teleport, he travels normally and uses planes and other means. He really doesn't believe in taking the easy path. That the harder path in life with its trials is worth much more. Ghislain believes this firmly and doesn't force it on his people. But he does often do this sort of thing on his own, it's his way of living life. Being human is sometimes viewed as a weakness but Ghislain see's it as a strength.


Liars: people who lie are scum it's a simple fact, unless their is a very good reason. Ghislain hates lying and finds those that do it deplorable. Lying to a people or even a person is wrong. It's something that shouldn't be done under any circumstances. People that lie or would hide the truth from those who need to hear it. Ghislain really can't stand that sort of person and has a general dislike for them. People who lie would abandon their people and let them suffer. That sort of person deserves no mercy from him in is mind, but he knows that sometimes there are cases where a kind lie saves a tear.

Cheaters:Cheating to get ahead without thinking about those hard working people. Those who cheat really have no morals in his mind, they would cheat their own mother. He's heard people say such a thing as cheating in battle exists. But in Ghislain's mind no such thing exists that battle is a fight between those who use strategy to win. Strategy and cheating have often been compared, some people even believe that it harms honor. But in his mind cheating is something that is terrible in any case. Relationships and everything else that come with it, cheating is something that makes a mess out of everything. Cheating at anything from a quiz to a lover is something wrong. Ghislain never understood why so many people feel such a thing is needed. It's an awful practice that tears a person apart and makes them less. Anyone who does it intentionally over and over will sooner or later pay. They simply won't be able to match up to someone who made it by sheer effort.

Swindlers: To take advantage of someone and take from them while they are weak. That is the ultimate sin, taking from someone instead of giving back. Those who would do such things are worse then Cheaters or Liars. They took from people in a way that some never recover, it's a sin that has not been forgiven by any means. While he doesn't enjoy conflict, he won't let someone take advantage of his people. Or anyone for that matter, words coated with honey to simply get what you want in the end. Using people merely to toss them away in the end is a cold and heartless practice. Such is not the way he will conduct himself or the Vandenreich. Ghislain has seen two leaders come who did such things, the darkness of such deeds leave's a sour taste in his mouth. Those who swindle and take advantage of the weak and downtrodden are merely the scum of this world. His job as Emperor is to protect them from such dark things. To act as a shield from swindlers and be as honest as he can with the people whom follow him.

Yhwach: This man caused more trouble for the people the Quincy then people know. Now that Ghislain has the knowledge that Hulderic and Yhwach did. He sees's the darkness this man had brought on others. This man had no interest in his people and would have given them all to meet his ends. Such an evil being doesn't deserve Ghislain's respect as he see's it all as a dark reality. Yhwach had no interest in his people he wished to become a God, that was his only goal in life. Which is why no matter how much Ghislain tries he cannot forgive Yhwach. The man who started the war and caused the destruction of the Quincy. It wasn't something the Shinigami provoked like many would believe. Yhwach provoked the Shinigami into the conflict and wanted his people to get slaughtered. Merely so he could reap the benefits, his body trembles with rage when ever he thinks about it. How naive they were to merely follow this man, this evil being his dislike or perhaps even hate will never go away for Yhwach.

Killers: Murderers who take pride in killing are the worst people he's dealt with. The Quincy and First Generation Gotei 13, such evil people who desired only to see blood. For the sake of seeing the color red everywhere. Quincy have changed since those bloodthirsty days, Shinigami have as well. But Ghislain finds killers to be people he cannot trust, senseless slaughter holds no place for him. Quincy were meant to be honorable and prideful warriors. But instead, they caused a slaughter and thus he believes the blood will never come off. Killing people in self-defense isn't wrong by any means. It's killing without reason or remorse, that is the type of behavior he cannot stand. Ghislain believes a life shouldn't be ended without a really good reason. He doesn't carry that sort of fire for killing that others do. He left behind that nature when he left the war alive. It wasn't something that he ever wished to be part of, but the order of the one forced it. It was either his family died or he fought.

Politics: A twisted game that people play now, instead of war. They discuss how to take from their people and how to benefit themselves. They no longer care about the people they serve in some cases. This is perhaps the painful thing about the politics of the world itself in large. This practice and game of double dealing and death effects everything and almost all organizations falls prey to it. The Gotei 13 especially has fallen prey to the wickedness of the game he noticed. The game of death, cheating, lying and swindling people. Such a wicked thing that should never have been created. It shows just how ruthless humanity can be if pushed to do so. Perhaps they did it for the sake of doing it. Ghislain will never understand why people enjoy so much doing such things. For him, this is the worst thing about being a leader having to engage in politics, no matter how good he may be at them. He despises these and often tries to simply let them be avoided. A man's word should be enough to carry his feelings to people.

Politicians: These would be duelist of politics, they are people who can't be trusted. In his experience no matter the area, they are ruthless and cold people. Calculating in ways to take advantage of people. They've forgotten what it means to be a common person and it makes them weak. They've forgotten everything that made them human or close to it. These duelists of the political world are merely scavengers looking to pick the meat from the hard working. Ghislain has hated both the game and people playing it for the enjoyment of it. He doesn't find any pleasure in personal aims being reached or objectifying what you do. Anything when done for you alone and not for the many. That is a crime in itself as a leader, those who do such should lose the right to lead. That is the point of view he holds so clearly and tightly too as he guides the Vandenreich. Making it more of a democratic organization. Letting every voice matter no matter how small it may be. Ghislain is ambitious and perhaps it's the reason he has a dislike for these people.

Arrogant People: People who are full of themselves are not the best to deal with. Aggressive and over inflating their ego as though they need a boost. They don't care about people around them or how their arrogance effects them. As a Quincy, he's seen first hand what a large amount of arrogance can do. It's something of a dark reality that cannot be forgotten by anyone. Pride comes before the fall for those who aren't prepared for it. Quincy especially suffers from a huge ego and arrogance a majority of the time. He's found he doesn't care for those who aren't humble. The activities they try to come up with to try and prove they are the best. Everything involving them is something that bothers him. However being arrogant is an evil sin all together, sometimes pride is called for. But people who are overly arrogant are hard to manage. While he can tolerate them, he doesn't like them that much. Thus, why he's selective when it comes to those who lead the Vandenreich positions.

Hulderic: Hulderic Hylham, this man has gotten an eternal dislike from Ghislain. When he looked at Hulderic he saw the continuation of Yhwach's plans. He disliked that everything was tossed aside by both of them. Merely for the benefit of the people they served, they didn't care about the world around them. Only the benefit brought to them, untold suffering was brought by both men. Ghislain can't stand either person and finds them agitating. Hulderic's actions cost his family greatly and put them at risk with the Organization known as K-World. Hulderic handled every situation in a sloppy manner, not doing things as a Quincy should. He represented the worst of their kind in Ghislain's mind. Someone who followed in the steps of the leader before him. Ghislain has made it a point to go a different direction from either man. His dislike for them made him choose to do this. If it succeeds he will be happy, but his dislike for using the people under them will never disappear.

War:War, it's always a bitter affair. The Quincy when they get drawn into the chaos of the battlefields so much risk is put out. Their people are always at risk of getting completely destroyed by the slightest mistake. It's a wire that almost folds every time they try to simply exist. This has always been the way the Quincy were, war drew them in. They paid the price with blood and tears. No benefit came from the wars the Quincy got involved in, no matter what they did. War is an ugly business and something to be avoided if at all possible. Compromise and do whatever must be done that is the way it should be. But some people put less then the complete effort into each thing, taking time and merely tossing away the important people in their worlds. It leaves them almost nothing to grow from. Ghislain doesn't like war from the days spent fighting Shinigami. He believes that war is wrong morally but will fight if he absolutely has too. It's his absolute last resort at all times, wishing to avoid it at all costs.


Hulderic Hylham: To say this is a strained relationship would be very true. Ever since learning what Hulderic had intended from the beginning, he has held a dislike for Hulderic. For not being strong enough to guide his people properly. They weren't sheep that needed some shepherd to guide them from the world. They needed much more then that to get by as they were in need of guidance to heal their wounded hearts. But instead Hulderic offered battle and obliteration for no one but his own personal gain. Some people truly do want to see the world burn and that was Hulderic's desire. He didn't care about his people as much as he let on and Ghislain found out in a way that no being should. From being given Yhwach and Hulderic's memories, he made the judgement that they were both fools and swindlers. Only out to help themselves not giving a damn about others. This is perhaps what made him dislike Hulderic even more is that he lied about it.

Yhwach:Absolute hate is something that describes the word well. Yhwach wanted his people to die so he could gain power. That was the reason behind the wars, he wished to become a God and destroy all his people just for that. Anything was worth sacrificing and his people found their way to the chopping block. It wasn't a small matter of anger that he felt from the entire situation. He would most likely kill Yhwach on sight for what he did, throwing their entire race into near extinction for a little taste of power. Ghislain now knowing his thoughts were true is even more angry for how easily they followed. It wasn't as though they could merely ignore the power that was. They were ordered to fight and die, no choice was given as Yhwach's word was absolute. As was Hulderics, his hate for that way of thinking. Throwing everyone into the fire for nothing but personal gain. It cannot be forgotten nor forgiven, this is perhaps why he hates Yhwach most of all.

Jugram Haschwalth: While he and Jugram got along better then he did with Yhwach, it was clear that Ghislain didn't know what failure was. He and Jugram had a decent friendship for the most part. Ghislain did respect Jugram since he was casual and spoke calmly, he gave him some advice when he was younger as well. Ghislain wasn't brought into the Vandenreich under the best conditions, but it didn't stop him from joining the organization. He came in and showed a great deal of promises as a warrior. Jugram helped him learn a couple things about fighting. But with his natural skills he learned rather quickly on his own. This, of course, allowed him to grow into a fine Quincy, but he was different from others. What most felt was, of course, a strange outlook for a young Quincy to have. Ghislain tried his best to become the strongest he could not for Jugram. But his relationship with him was a bit of a fifty-fifty at times.

Pernida Parnkgjas: A relationship that was never that good, the creature known as the Soul King's Left Arm or Hand. It didn't really occur to him but this beings arrogance was astounding. Such a cocky and over arrogant creature that seemed to believe it was akin to god. He didn't buy the whole being the Arm thing at any point and time, this of course lead him to be distant towards the C at the time. In his mind it meant very little, he wasn't a member of the Sternritter for that reason. But he had immense power that made him different from the rest. Jugram noticed it and while he and Pernida never got along fully. It was evident that he wouldn't be caught into the same trap as others. He didn't think much of Pernida nor his nature, this creature or thing that pretended to be Quincy. He never would understand why it was such a way. In some ways it was a Quincy in others it was merely a evil being seeking to enjoy the nature of war. It wasn't a being that he would suggest anyone meet.

Askin Nakk Le Vaar: A friend and loyal one at that, many times he and Askin spent talking about things. The two eccentric men hit it off quite famously with little trouble or effort coming from it. Askin and he had a true friendship something very rare in the Vandenreich, people believed all Quincy were evil beings. But that wasn't the case at all he was a laid back easy to get along with fellow. He didn't learn anything from the man really, it was merely easy to get along with someone so laid back. The two often would talk and do things when Yhwach slept, but that perhaps was the only time the Sternritter would speak with someone like him. Though they spent most the day defending the Emperor it was something he never considered when speaking. They were two sides of a similar coin, the difference being that Ghislain was meant to be great someday. Conversation and what he thought was a friendship was simply a matter of opinion. It would always be such a way when people didn't want you too know.

Bambietta Basterbine: A sadistic psychopath who has no remorse for anything in the world. She killed her own people in frustration, almost did him in if not for Askin. Askin borrowed him under false pretenses. Bambietta and he did not get along nor did he care for her. Those who enjoy war are but monsters without a regard for life. That would sum this woman up very well, she was a psycho without honor. This part made him detest her, thus why he was on the other side of the war normally. Avoiding any dealings with her and Sternritter in general when he could. Jugram and Askin were two who went out of their way, but that was all. They weren't special in some regard, Jugram wanted him effective for Yhwach that was all. Askin just talked to him and treated him he guessed like a friend. Bambietta would kill anyone and anything that caused trouble or wasn't useful. It was perhaps all part of how their world worked in the long run.

Äs Nödt: This bastard was someone that Ghislain despised almost as much as Bambietta. They were both psychos who almost had no remorse, they believed in scaring people. Removing the humanity or perhaps the thing that made them more alive. He didn't understand why they were this way, it made them seemed devoid and perhaps more so lost. Fear isn't a tool to inflict on enemies or draw out of them. Fear isn't a weapon true Quincy have ever needed, those who can create awe are far more effective. In his mind it's always been such a way thus why he gets along with almost none of the fellows form this time. As is no different from them, the man who is over confident and has this need to prolong battles pointlessly. Causing undo suffering to the enemy isn't a strategy. Such a fear of being devoured or killed by Yhwach consumed As from what he could tell. Ghislain has no love or friendship with this man nor would he ever. unless the man changed his ways drastically.

Liltotto Lamperd: A very foul mouthed child like girl, with an odd habit. She would eat those that she desired, she wasn't totally ruthless so they got along well as Colleagues. The eating thing did throw him off, but he never got the feeling she was the type too simply turn on her allies without provocation. She would only do so when provoked from what Ghislain could tell, he didn't mind her that much. She often wondered if he tasted good or not things like that, very creepy and strange behavior for a girl like her to make. However being forced into the Vandenreich to protect his family he didn't get to pick who he worked with. Liltotto and he worked together for a time and did do well as a team. He didn't sense intent ill or otherwise for him, he was more often then not paired with Hulderic. Some said it was Hulderic's personal request that he get to use Ghislain. However it's under his own belief that it was more that nobody else was willing to bring him back alive including Liltotto.

Bazzard Black: He doubts Bazzard would ever remember but he saved him from facing down an enemy well out of his league. That war was brutal and without so much as a second thought Bazzard came in and simply took over a fight, he wasn't someone that got much respect from Ghislain. But this act did help him gain a better amount from him. He was a cruel and sadistic bastard like the rest. But Ghislain felt somewhere in Bazzard was a nice guy, he suffered from the traditional arrogance that they were known for. It wasn't as though there was much more involved in the Vandenreich. They had some members who were humble, but it was such a rare trait that it barely deserved to be spoken about. Ghislain remembers seeing it perhaps once that Bazzard did have a kindness and concern for those under him. It didn't matter who they were, he did care about who they were and what events troubled them. But he did it in his own way that was rare in itself.

Cang Du: A man he did respect to some extent, other ways the man was a strange one. Cang was honorable and didn't attack his enemies from behind and had a very fascinating ideal in Ghislain's opinion. Knowing him briefly allowed him to have talks about ideals with Cang on one evening. This perhaps allowed him to fight in a way quite different then what most would ever expect. Cang was loyal and honest above all else, it was something that Ghislain could respect. It was a rare trait that he could respect anyone in this organization at this point. No one existed with the right characteristics almost for him to trust and fully know. His relationship with the Sternritter is a well documented thing as he grew into power that would earn him a place in the future. Cang was one of few who predicted that someday Ghislain would end up in the Sternritter or better. Part of it came from that Cang had seen the power that Ghislain often didn't use for anything.

Quilge Opie: The man he knows little about from all of the factors that were known to him at the time. His opinion of the feared hunting Captain is low perhaps lower then it's been for anyone who served Yhwach. Cruelty and misguided belief that people should of been sharper then they really were. It left him angry and disliking the trap that he'd been placed in as a child. His beliefs were tested several times when dealing with Quilge. However the two's interactions were small to almost none since he had almost no desire to speak to the male. He kept to himself and tried avoiding any contact with him when he could. Hulderic kept him busy, while he disliked both parties. The keeping him away from Sternritter did help him grow and evolve so he is partly thankful. He heard stories among the Solat's about how they were treated and some saw people die from Quilge and other members. Where they simply flat out killed a person simply for a little mistake. Something that they believed they would never of done, it made him hate the place more.

Gerard Valkyrie: Rare as it was this was another being he did get along with mostly. Gerard helped him at one point when he crossed paths with a dangerous being during the war. The Eleventh Division Vice Captain at the time, someone he simply couldn't contend with. Gerard was a man worth helping when he could as he looked out for the people. Compassion existed within this man thus, Ghislain had a very high opinion of him. Gerard said sorry to him for the way he got pulled into the war. Ghislain's recruitment was less then kind as his families lives were put on the block. It was either he help or they died, though at first many doubted his strength. Till he bested several Sodats with little effort and even pushed back a powerful hollow. Gerard did seem to pity the situation in which he was brought in. Compassion was a rare trait in this blood thirsty group seeking revenge and all out war for Yhwach.

Dmitri Eberhart: His beloved father whom spent many evenings with Ghislain, teaching him the Eberhart fighting method. His father and he shared a wonderful bond as father and son. He was taught many things and shown the world by his father, who discussed many of the Quincy lives. His father passed on the interest about the Quincy who lived back before them into his son. Ghislain lived a very good life as he was treated fairly and kindly by his father. His father did teach him right from wrong and those lessons remained with him from his youth. While he was taken away at a rather young age, it wasn't before the boy was taught the lessons needed of a young man who would lead one day.

Helene Eberhart: His loving mother who taught him that sometimes the easy way and right way weren't the same thing. She made him aware of what it meant and the woman was an absolute angel in every aspect. His mother helped those who had less then they did and even showed many people how to handle medicine. While many aspects of his family were fine and natural, the Quincy blood in their veins didn't help them stay alive. Perhaps not as much as it did for him, he was something of a strange case. While his mother and father rest in peace, they both did great things for him. Growing up in the household he did allowed him to become a better man then most would ever expected. A Quincy capable of seeing the faults and troubles of his power. It was well known that he would become the Eberhart head by all who knew him. Specially when his body stopped aging physically at one point. His mother had a profound effect on him that taught him a leader must be kind. They need to put others before themselves to even be remotely effective.

Draco Eberhart: His younger brother, a rival and source of competition at all times. These two raced everywhere and did everything together, inseparable till the day Draco died. Yhwach killed him and took away something precious from the Eberhart family. In hopes to force them to join, he planned to do more till the deal was made with Ghislain. However, the loss of his precious brother hurts him to this day. Wondering if he'd made his power known faster if he'd survived the ordeal. It's not something he has a guilt for, merely a pondering. As someone who's lived for so long, he learned to put the matter behind him. The fond memories of time spent with Draco keep him moving forward as the Eberhart continue to build and grow. A picture of his family where his brother sat in front is in the room. It always stands out as a glowing ideal that never was lost to him. Draco was a good boy with an honest heart who followed it and died for what he believed in. That is what helps Ghislain get to sleep at night.

Genoveva Eberhart: His twin sister, the two share much in common down to their thoughts. It was believed they were going to be the strongest of the family. Genoveva was a powerful and strong woman with an honorable spirit. His sister was something else, the two could hold conversations that went all over the place. But it simply was part of who they were, a connection forged between the two allowed them to do so. The strong bond between Brother and Sister is something, especially when they are twins. He never had a poor thought of his sister. In his life, he has thought of her like a brilliant light which shines for the world to see. This is the image she always brought to mind. His sister had a beautiful heart and mind that guided her and the family far. She brought many things forward for them, with him gone she became the head of the family. Ghislain was proud his sister took the role, but it was decided he would be the head of the family next. Ghislain loved her dearly but sadly had to bury her as well.

Adolf Weisman: The man who taught him to fight, he showed him that a Quincy was more than a bow. He taught him hand to hand and sword fighting moves. He had a high respect for his master, who described the styles as a means to an end. However, Adolf showed him the path to the possibility as he called it. The two shared an immense friendship and often times were together training. It was lessons that fueled his desire to become better. A teacher is something precious, perhaps something that could guide them in the end. Adolf indeed taught him the way of war and how to conduct it. The way a warrior should be and how they should fight, all lessons passed to him by Adolf. It was clear that Ghislain was an eager young boy merely learning to fight. Eager to do it as a child he wanted to be the best. His brother and family needed him to be strong. No greater purpose existed then war. So often Adolf tried to teach him that wasn't the correct mindset. War was the last resort, but that naive boy never did get it. Only when he got older did the lesson sink in properly.

Levi Eberhart: Uncle Levi, the snake bastard who killed Draco and Adolf. Levi solid the family out too Yhwach, it wasn't a deed that was forgiven. Anger still resonates within him over that senseless killing. Uncle Levi was a man who lived life about him and only him. He sold his family and their friend out simply for a couple coins. He didn't care about them or how it effected them. The bastard didn't even care about the death of Draco, it was all about the money. Ghislain never did forgive him, though he never had too either. Since Ghislain killed Levi it made little difference in the long run. That day Ghislain killed his uncle, telling him to spend his coin in hell. This is why the deal was struck that he would go. His family would be left alone, but the cost and amount of blood spilled was high. This was a price that Ghislain had never been willing to pay to begin with. However life is cruel and Uncle Levi was simply a bastard.

Ivan Vasileyvich:His best Friend and perhaps the person who lead him to find his way as a good person fully. Ivan proved to him that the Vandenreich wasn't hopeless that good people did exist in that place. No matter how much he hated it, destroying it wasn't the answer. Their people needed hope and in some form or another. A beacon of peace and perhaps what they could be. Quincy were guardians of humanity at one point. His promise to Ivan remains something very relevant in his mind. No matter what the world throws his way, he has to see the good the Quincy are capable of. It's all very important to him as the hatred he held for that place almost overcame him. Ivan prevented him from becoming lost in the darkness and a mindless killing machine. Because of Ivan in large part Ghislain is who he is today. It helped transform him into a better man with better morals and code of conduct. Ivan is someone Ghislain respects and will always care about, his friend is gone now. But will forever live on in Ghislain's memories.

Elizabeth Vasileyvich: No creature as beautiful as her has existed in his memory. His lovely wife Elizabeth was a beautiful woman. She lived a long and happy life teaching him, she had been his best friend's sister. The two forged a bond through Ivan, the two knew that Ghislain was destined to be great. But perhaps at the time they focused on healing that wounded heart of his. Ghislain loved Elizabeth more then life itself, she was his entire world for many years. The two had a marriage spanning over ninety years before she passed away. While he didn't age and she did, this made their relationship perhaps one simply not meant to be. It was a sad fact but in his life Ghislain had to bury most of those who were dear to him. It was something he couldn't help but hate in a way. However you know a purpose exists, his wife healed his heart and made him learn to be a good person in new ways. Everyday is a gift and it must be treated as such, live life as a human and see just how amazing it is.

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Stipulation: Ghislain can only use 2-4 of these at a time as the rest is simply too much to do.

Dark Matter Constructs: Ghislain has the power to make objects, weapons, or tools out of Dark Matter. His control over the power is very precise allowing him to make many things with the unstable matter. It's known how much control over it he has, but he can make semi-living constructs as well to fight on his behalf. However the size and such determine how long it will take for him to make such things. Making a sword of Dark matter is a simple matter depending on the type desired by him. Dark Matter is a power that he does use often when he must, the power was something that kept him alive in the war. Giving him the strength to carry on when many others were ready to give in. Ghislain's tenacity allows him to fight in ways few others can fathom when he desires. His dark matter constructs working in any facet he desires normally, giving him a large amount of choices to work with. Larger the object the more time it will take to manipulate the dark matter.

Dark Matter Mastery: For a long time Ghislain hid his powers from Yhwach and the other Quincy. Able to conceal the great Dark Matter powers he had even in combat against high-level Shinigami. It wasn't till he absolutely had to did he reveal that he was stronger then he let on. Ghislain's control of Dark Matter is something small, he can manipulate and even create the matter out of anything. Breaking down the particles of it and making the element appear. This is where his application of Transmutation comes in, as he is changing particles and elements in some objects to create Dark Matter. However this is merely a small portion of his Mastery, Ghislain can create an entire area of Dark Matter if pushed. However, his strength in the control of Dark Matter is shown by his mastery of creating attacks and different weapons. Ghislain's Dark Matter isn't something others can seize control over without his say as he made it as alive as the next thing.

Particle Construction:He is able to create particles to use his powers, allowing him to make these allows him to have an understanding and see what goes into the Vectors for gravity he uses. However, his knowledge of constructing particles is limited to those of Dark Matter alone. He can create the Electromagnetism particles as well fairly decently, but nowhere near as easy as Dark Matter. This power allows him simply the knowledge required to do things like this. Creating dark matter or opening portals with this is rather simple for him. Creating the particles needed to do so are very simple and yet advanced. Few people in the world would understand making a particle and giving it life being just a simple power. Sadly Ghislain isn't one who is a god. So such powers of creating new life or perhaps new elements are beyond him. At most he can evolve his dark matter into new forms and create new powers for it in the middle of combat.

Transmutation: Ghislain understands how to convert matter and other energy into Dark Matter. He isn't able to turn it into anything else only that, it's part of his flaw. However their are limits to what he can transform into dark matter, he must be capable of doing so being equal tier or higher. He's able to convert physical or energy based objects. By tapping into the energy at it's height he's able to convert the energy, by transmuting it into Dark Matter. With a physical thing such as a sword or something of that nature. He has to rewrite the physical structure of the code and transmute it into Dark Matter. The simply require meant for a physical object is contact for two posts. This will allow him to convert the object into Dark Matter, with energy the process is easier. Since he's simply changing the energy type through his understanding of it all. This ties into Ghislain's strength as a warrior, as almost anything can be turned into it. Ghislain is skilled at converting energy especially.

Gravity Manipulation: He's able to control and manipulate the gravity around him, giving him many tools. Ghislain's power over this comes from two elements, he is able to alert the levels of gravity from his Vector Manipulation powers. However he's also able to do more through his Dark Matter. He's capable of creating area's where gravity will crush a person and with most things. Size demands more time from the Quincy to create such large scale attacks. However this is only the beginning of what he can do, he can alter the effect Gravity has on objects. For example if Ghislain wanted too a building could have zero gravity, which would send it air born. Then all of sudden it's full gravity giving it a heaviness it just lost. His manipulation over this does take a bit more time and energy. In order to alter a person's gravity or object he needs to be in contact so he can rewrite the gravity levels for a moment. However for energy, he has an attack which allows him to interact with it. The power given to him by Yhwach served it's purpose for that battle and the war that went on.

Radiation Immunity: Ghislain has an extremely high radiation immunity, it comes in part from his body having cells of the Dark Matter in them. This allows him to easily interact with things that normally would harm or wound him. He's able to stand before extremely high levels of radiation without being phased. Ghislain was a born fighter from the day he awoke with his amazing strength, Yhwach wanted it in part for this. Ghislain was to be a weapon a successor and much more with this immunity. Ghislain's immunity extended further from the power within that he has towards it. Ghislain has been hit by a nuke before and completely unharmed by the radiation portion of the attack.

Energy Manipulation: Another element which lets him bend energy even more so then a normal Quincy would be able too do. This power goes outside mere Reishi manipulation, that is a parlor trick. This is the power to manipulate all forms of energy in general. Chaos Energy or whatever else have you, if it has energy within it of any kind. He's capable of manipulating it into the other aspects. This allows him to shape and play with energy as most would expect, he needs to be higher tier or equal to perform this task. Manipulating the energy so he can then transmute it into Dark Matter is normally how the process goes, this effect combines with the other to allow him the freedom to do so. Ghislain is very accurate and precise when controlling energy. Controlling another person's energy requires him to lock in on it a bit. However as a Quincy he's extremely gifted at sensing energy to begin with. Making this task easier to perform as a whole. Ghislain learned to become much more then your everyday Quincy on his own, developing more control reaching for particles in other energies on his own. IT ONLY CAN BE TURNED INTO DARK MATTER NOTHING ELSE

Immense Spiritual Pressure: When he was fighting against a person during the war, it was said his power was like the Ocean at the time. It was vast and deep something about it seemed almost endless. His pressure easily equaled out to a Captain at the time, making him a valuable asset in some ways. His spiritual pressure alone is so huge that at times it looks like his body is on fire when he releases it. Engulfing him and when fully out in the open the entire area, it takes a tremendous amount of skill and effort to contain it. Normally he will use a device to help him keep his power under wraps. The cloak he wears eats some of his power, when removed he can fight freely and fully. The device works similar to Zaraki's from the Gotei's allowing the massive amount of spiritual energy to be devoured. His body puts out more then most Quincy and it becomes very clear just how much he has when he lets it out. Ghislain isn't proud that he has to let his energy be consumed to enjoy a normal life, but them's the breaks.

Excellent Physical Condition: Ghislain is in peak physical condition perhaps past the bounds humans can make. Ghislain has gone past the human limits in terms of training, using trials to push his body to it's limits. He's found methods to train physical which allow him to surpass the human limitations that most would suffer under. Looking at the body Ghislain it's clear he trains physically as much as mentally. Warrior is only as good as the tool he has and Ghislain believes every tool must be effective. Keeping in line with this train of thought he manages to keep his form and practice up through out the years. The training method he often uses now is creating particle weights heavy enough to equal out to several thousand pounds. Making a rule he needs to wear them while walking around. While it's true hard work helped him get a strong physical presence, so too did taking care of his body. That played a major role in him getting to where he is.

Skilled Unarmed Combatant: Fighting without weapons is something that Ghislain is very skilled at. Part of his training was how to kill with his bare hands, using forms that look similar to human fighting styles. But most of them are from a Quincy martial art that isn't taught by anyone these days. The form was lost in the war, it's a style that Ghislain practices and may be the only survivor of the style. Quincy were around for a long time, thinking they were only good with a bow or arrow would be a naive train of thought. Ghislain learned this form of killing from his teacher Adolf. The styles his people fought with were designed specially for killing evil beings. However somehow it changed down the line to a form for killing Shinigami like beings. It didn't matter much to those who knew it at the time. Ghislain's skill is evident since he took four vice captains down bare handed without using his powers in any way.

Expert Swordsman:Ghislain's skill with a blade is extremely precise, showing signs of skills that few others have. He's much more skilled then anyone would dream a Quincy to be with a sword. It comes from the Quincy Sword Style he was taught as a boy. The form evolves with time to fit it's user more and more. The same is true of the hand to hand form that Ghislain learned. Quincy were far more then simple archers, they were warriors like Spartans. They had practices and traditions that most people don't even remember these days. Ghislain is perhaps one of the few survivors of the old ways. His sword skills were sharp enough to duel several captain class shinigami without issue. Ghislain and the style he was taught are extremely exceptional tools to the man's already vast skills. Swordplay is but a single tool in the belt that Ghislain has, while very skilled at it. He does have other tools he can use just as skilled and expertly if need be. However, it's good to know your way around a blade if one is pointed at you often.

Deadly Marksman: It's never been found out just how good a shot Ghislain is, his long range kill total makes it seem he's accurate. How large a shot or how to power his blasts are simply unknown details. The only that can be summarized from it is that like most of his race he is an excellent shot. Capable of putting down enemies from a great distance. Ghislain's skill with long ranged weapons is exceptional despite the lack of data on this subject. Ghislain's prowess and skills are most likely on the higher end of most of his people. The way he grew up and studied all the Quincy things that were around before disappearing. This leaves him a very strong presence in everything he does. Ghislain's only known feat as a Marksmen is that he is considered a sniper class shooter. What people take from it normally is that the male is quite accurate and deadly from a distance. In terms of a bow and arrow, the factors are smaller.

Blut Master:Something well known about Ghislain is mastery of the blues power. It's to a point where he can externally use the power outside of his skin. However, that's not what he's known for at least on the high end of it's power. Ghislain is known more for combining Blut with his sword skills and creating moves around that process and principal. While it is very effective and handy for him in those melee fights. Ghislain finds that the battles between himself and others allowed Blut to become a greater strength for him. Creating moves both for offensive Blut and Defensive blut, taking some from that man before he left the world for good. As a wielder of this power, he's inherited the prowess of the other two along with his great skill already. While using either form he's extremely gifted and shouldn't be underestimated. He like most of his kind can only use one at a time, making him weaker by some peoples thought process. However, the way he uses them is completely different from Hulderic or Yhwach.

Hirenkyaku Master: Ghislain's teacher wouldn't allow him to be anything less then perfect sometimes. And one of the lessons beaten into Ghislain's head was to have great footwork. This requirement alone made him practice Hirenkyaku till the end of time trying to find his way with it. As a child he wasn't very good at the stepping and such involved with this move. However as he got older and in War more often it became something he did without even thinking. Ghislain's Hirenkyaku is very impressive and capable of covering vast distances. However he's made moves for his step allowing him to create and do different things from the others. Many believed this Quincy move was used only for covering distances, they never knew it was useful for other things. That changing or doing something different from it's normal method would result in a change. However Ghislain did find some neat tricks within the stepping method.

Dark Matter

How It's Made:Dark Matter isn't a magic trick that just happens before your eyes instantly. It takes knowledge of the elements that Ghislain knows to simply manifest it. But to create it from scratch requires something even more. Combining the knowledge of the powers he has he can construct the dark matter himself without use of some magic. To create Dark Matter alone the powers needed wouldn't be any less then what Ghislain has in his tools. However Ghislain's power over Dark Matter and to create it aren't simple tricks that one can duplicate easily. Ghislain put time and effort into making his Dark Matter power stable, studying and practicing everything he had at his disposal at the time. This allows him to do things that others simply can't comprehend without some aid. Every puzzle piece has a place it belongs that will let it fit perfectly into the spot. It simply takes one willing to move each piece of the passive puzzle into place.

Dark Matter Sword: Creating a sword of Dark Matter over the Quincy's Reishi weapons is something of a personal choice. He can create several types of the blade, but he enjoys a regular katana most of the time. This gives him the most choices, with his skills he is able to make it look like a normal sword. Giving him an advantage that few others have within themselves. Transmuting the Dark Matter Sword's image so it appears like a regular Katana, however once this visage is dropped. The blade appears to be pulsing with energy and seems alive as anything else. The blade is capable of firing blasts of Dark Matter at enemies along with other projectiles, however it's main purpose is to act as a weapon. The Dark Matter itself is strong as a Zanpakutō blade, making the weapon effective for clashing with such. The blade's length and size are completely up to him as he can change them instantly. This is but one power that exists within his kit of destruction.

Dark Matter Knight: This being is constructed purely of Dark Matter, when attacked the first obvious thing is no one exists within the armor. The armor is created to stand up to many attacks and fight fiercely. These are capable combatant's able to fight on his behalf and protect him as a last line of defense if the Protective Echelon should fail. Ghislain is able to make up two of these living constructs at a time. They can explode with Dark Matter like a bomb, capable of doing quite a lot of damage. Or fight with the best of them, their weapons and such are created by Ghislain when summoned. Giving him freedom to set them to fight in a fashion that benefits him. Ghislain's knights come in different powers allowing them to be effective for him as defenders. If 0 tier they are 2-1, if 1 tier they are 3-1. He will not be able to summon them below the 1 tier level. Making them an object he cannot use in any way or form. These knights are not a energy cost on him after summoning, for they are living and have their own energy supply.

Dark Matter Armor: He's able to create individual pieces of Dark matter in the form of armor around his body. Creating a defense when fighting or offense, often times this is used when he uses his offensive blut. Creating no gap in his defense so he can fight with greater offensive prowess. This can be used different ways, but he summons a single piece of armor to block the blow to a part of his body. He can summon multiple if need be, they are able to survive a blow from fairly strong people. The armor can take hits from any form of attack, it will break sooner or later if the strength is too much. However it's not limited to a single form, the armor cannot be decayed but can be destroyed. Meaning direct impacts need to be used, the reason decay doesn't work is because he can simply reconstruct the matter and transmute away the decay. Making it a rather pointless endeavor

Dark Matter Blast: A blast of energy based Dark Matter, it's raw form is extremely potent. This blast can take out several blocks or be small as a single laser blast concentrated on an area. However that's not the only benefit to this blade, it can be fired from any construct he creates. This includes weapons or armor making it very dangerous, the creatures he creates may also use a weaker version. When the blast is coming from him it's far more powerful and deadly. This allows him to be a great Emperor in some ways that others haven't grasped yet. The blast can be controlled in size and destructive force, something that he studied long and hard to do. Ghislain doesn't enjoy innocent people being pulled into the fights of others. That a warrior shouldn't drag others into his mistake ever. A battle is a mistake in Ghislain's eyes specially when innocent bystanders get caught in the mix. The blast allows him to fight from almost any range making him more dangerous. It goes as far as he wants it to go then stops their is no set range, it goes as far as the weapon can project it.

Dark Matter Arrow: Unlike his fellow Quincy Ghislain uses Dark Matter to make arrows, creating them and shooting the arrows at high speeds. The arrows can be changed or made different ways. Allowing him a multitude of ways to use them or send them out. He can make the arrow divide in half at the last moment or change direction, he never loses control of the arrow itself. Not till the end of the shot itself, this is something Ghislain prides himself on. Is control and use of his Dark Matter in a wise setting. The arrow itself is like his sword and can be summoned and shot freely as desired. These may be shot with any bow he uses, but are stronger when used by a bow constructed of Dark Matter. However it's able to be used under whatever circumstances you have. These arrows can be changed into other objects of Dark Matter in a few seconds time. This allows creativity and other things to take place that most Quincy don't have with regular weapons. Ghislain's prowess when it comes to Dark Matter is perhaps second to none.

Dark Matter Shell: Ghislain values protecting his people and thus created something to do just that. The shell is impressive and capable of surrounding and protecting a town from harm when desired. He doesn't wish to see harm come to things and thus this was crafted. The Dark Matter is stable in this form and much tougher then the armor is to break through. Ghislain's power using the shell is extremely effective, however he only uses it when multiple people are in danger. Attacks cannot enter the shell easily, they will have to damage it while he fixes it up creating a time paradox of sorts. Whoever does their job first, Ghislain with the repair or the enemy with the breaking will win here. Attacks can leave the shell out at the enemy, making it a one direction protector. This makes the shell a fairly useful tool when allowing his people to fight effectively. The shell is very helpful for the defensive attributes it displays as a whole.

Dark Matter Bomb: Compressing Dark Matter into a explosive package for release that will implode on the enemies. It's danger and power are easily controlled. At it's strongest it's similar to a Hydrogen bomb going off, perhaps slightly stronger. This allows the weapon to be effective, however Ghislain isn't in a habit of using this power at all. The bomb was last used during the war, due to his beliefs on the subject of the bomb is extreme dislike. He can use the move when push comes to shove, however he will be certain no innocents get caught in the cross fire. This is perhaps one of the few moves that despite his excellent control it's harder to contain. By creating a bomb he's able to do many things that others simply cannot do. The Dark Matter bomb isn't a move that he needs to hold and then throw, a timer can be added for when the move can go off. The time limit and size are up to his personal choice, however the larger the explosion will take some time. It has a two post cooldown before he can use it again, he also uses a large amount of energy.

Dark Matter Wall:A wall made of solid or not so solid dark matter. Allowing it to bend with a blow but not move, it will absorb the blow and repel it backwards into enemies who shoot large blasts. This move is again based on what he is looking for at the time, this allows him to create the wall from Dark Matter. It's structure depends on what he plans to do with it, the wall can be used to fire blasts and act as an offensive defense. It's very productive in terms of fighting style, giving him many choices. The wall is alive in some ways and can be spread or lowered depending on situation. He can make more then one if desired to crush an enemy between the walls, making his fighting style a very strange one. By using the wall he can shoot constructs at people from it and other means. The wall is capable of taking sizable blows and like with most, he can repair it as needed to keep enemies from breaching it. This move allows him to create openings and buy time.

Dark Matter Clone: He can create a full functional and life like version of himself made of complete Dark Matter. This being functions as a decoy but can be used to fight enemies while he studies, it can copy most of his Dark Matter moves. Making it extremely identical to him in many ways and forms. The creature acts as a decoy and replacement, it's so much like him. That it's extremely hard to detect a difference between he and it when it's made. However the clone serves a purpose, it can be used as a Dark Matter Bomb. Making it very dangerous as setting it off is a very simple fact. The explosion from this would be large enough to level out five miles with little trouble. The clone is something he can craft before hand or while distracting his enemies. The transmutation of the clone's physical features allows him to make a copy of his outfit and appearance at the time. Everything comes together when it begins using his fighting styles.The Clone will last six posts and then explode with half a megaton of force.

Dark Matter Mist: This serves a rather special purpose, it's done by condensing the matter and thinning it out, he creates a mist of matter. Sending out the particles of this allows him to create a purple mist that fills the area. The entire mist could be used as a weapon but that's generally not it's purpose. The mist will interfere with scanners and disrupt energy detection for those within it. The mist is used as an escape tool, releasing it's a fairly simple bluff as well. He creates a sphere within his hands and releases the mist into the air. By changing these elements through transmutation and other processes he is able to create a Fog like mist. This allows him to create openings and hide himself or his people from combat. Ghislain's dislike for fighting created this move, allowing him to make up this little trick. Most people will assume some poisoning can happen through inhaling the Mist, this isn't true due to the way it's structured. That element is gone so it may appear as a purple fog/mist for the time being.

Dark Matter Pistols: Two pistols made of Dark Matter he forms for a long range fight, one of his tools for fighting enemies. This fires a highly compressed blast of Dark Matter Blasts, allowing it to be similar to a arrow in condensed form. He can fire up to a thousand a minute from one pistol at a time . Making them a very effective and deadly weapon. They can shoot other sources of energy when desired to surprise enemies. However it's more common for him to them to shoot the Dark Matter Blasts. He can fire them actively and change or effect the size of them. Constructs are a specialty of his allowing him a great deal of control over them. The pistols can be changed or made with blade's on the pistol barrel at any time he desires. This fighting form allows him to fight at a close range or distance. Depending on his desire and how he wishes to come at a battle before him. By shooting quickly and effectively, this weapon is useful for that end.

Dark Matter Rifle: This weapon is something he doesn't use for just anyone, the power behind the rifle is such that the shot itself can be controlled. However the mass and size of it would blow the minds of most. Though the gun is big enough for him to wield and similar to a sniper rifle. The Rifle fires an extremely powerful round off of such high amount that it can take out half a city on it's highest setting. However the round takes two turns to full create and generally the kick from the rifle makes him dislike it.The gun itself will suffer damage on this setting often disentgrating from the force Not to mention his desire to low civilian casualties has made him dislike using this weapon. However it's something he used during the war to teach a Shinigami he couldn't block everything. However in his older age the rifle is still a choice he can use. Due to the fire and amount of damage the rifle has a four turn cool down and will not be usable during that. If used again the Rifle will simply explode and break.

Dark Matter Knives: He's able to craft knives and use them as effectively as he does the other tools. The Knives are compressed Dark Matter, making them useful for throwing and fighting at a close range. They can much like the sword use blasts and shape manipulation to effect the fight. With these weapons he is able to fight at unimaginable speeds, giving him a very effective fighting style that has few openings. The fighting with the dagger lets him fight deceptively and more than a couple times this has won him a battle. He's able to combine the dagger with his sword fighting and hand to hand skills. Allowing two viable options making him a very effective and deadly warrior. The dagger like the others can be shifted into a different weapon, this is a matter of preference and allows him to fight differently as desired. Ghislain has mastered using multiple weapons making him a effective fighter no matter what spot he ends up in. Ghislain believes a warrior is ever changing and growing, making them a complex breed.

Dark Matter Bow: A strange bow with bladed edges meant for both a melee fight and distance battle. He's able to fight effectively close range with his bow or long range, the amount of shots he can fire with his bow is a mute point. He uses his bow very rarely considering the weapon rather destructive with bad memories. He killed many Shinigami with this weapon and has found a distaste for using it. However when his Bow is brought forward it's clear someone is in danger of losing their lives. He's able to shoot large or small shots and can change the number and direction at any moment. Ghislain's effective shooting makes him a challenging enemy, as he can fire without drawing the bow string back. Only when he desires to increase the power behind the bow's shooting will he do that. The bow shoot's Dark Matter blasts that come in different sizes and structures that make them difficult to judge. The size of a blast can be changed with his bow as well as the direction.

Dark Matter Skin: A thin layer of Dark Matter acting as a unseen armor over top his skin, it's woven and condensed around his skin. Transmuted to look just like his regular skin, making it appear as though he's unprotected. This small skin layer allows him to absorb impacts that most people wouldn't be able to do. The skin is able to absorb insane amounts of punishment, the repair of takes a while but once the skin is down. The skin is able to take the force of a singular nuke. However he still will take some damage from it though minor. He's able to focus his efforts on offense when desired, bullets and such attacks have little effect. This however depends on the bullet largely and the size and force of it. Without his blut active this can absorb an explosion without taking much damage. Punches and kicks unless with a great deal of strength won't scratch this effectively. Ghislain believes firmly in a good defense and has made it his mission to make people work to kill him. Ghislain develops moves and such that are designed for the soul purpose defense. It allows him to attack and fight much more aggressively then one would expect.

Nuclear Dark Matter: Something he is able to create through a rather special means, he's able to slightly shift the Dark Matter into a nuclear state. Making them extremely dangerous and explosive, the Dark Matter's strength is increased drastically when this done. Allowing the strength of the Dark Matter to include Nuclear fallout among other things. Radiation is possible for those who enter into a conflict when he breaks this out. This style of Dark Matter can replace the others in use, aside from Skin. Due to his high resistance to the effects of radiation he's ideally a strange warrior. The effect of Nuclear Dark Matter is much more explosive and dangerous for those who aren't prepared for the change in it. Nuclear Dark Matter can be used in every other Dark Matter move he has in his kit. The full power of course of this is to drop a nuclear Dark Matter explosion on something through Bomb. His dislike for this power is also evident due to a desire not to kill people. Ghislain uses his energy twice the amount when using this, that is it's only draw back.

Dark Matter Vector: Due to his understanding of many things that involve this element, he's able to control the levels and change vectors for Dark Matter. However due to it's nature Dark Matter's Vectors are strange as is, changing the levels has a risk of causing the element to fall apart. So he normally limits his Vector changes to those of gravity within the Dark Matter. However should levels be tampered with or something require a quick fix this is an option. He's able to perform it on all things Dark Matter. His only other power as an A is the power to manipulate the Vectors for Gravity. Thus he is able to slightly if only handle the Dark Matter Vectors, the rest of the vectors this world has are closed to him. They will always be in such a way for he knows his strength and won't cast it aside for anything. Learning and perfecting himself was a goal when he was younger.

Dark Matter Avatar: A casing for the Blut Avatar he uses, he cases it in Dark Matter. This is used to make sure his blut's sheer power doesn't kill someone. However he does his best to make sure everything is restrained well enough. Inheriting Yhwach and Hulderic's blut skills made him a very effective fighter in melee range. However the full extent of the Invisible Avatar would be hard to judge. It's prowess would likely only be able to be judged based on the events of combat going on. However he can use it when desired, the giant creature mimics his moves making a giant hand crash on a person. Or something similar to that effect in most moves. This includes weapons and blasts, making the power a rather strong one. The avatar can be used both offensively and defensively. It's size and structure are all depending on Ghislain's needs at the time, However he prefers to keep it very human like without any monster like features to it's structure. This is perhaps one of the more simple moves to create through his powers.

Dark Matter Sun:A creation he hopes he'll never have to use again, he's able to create a fourth or fifth of a sun in Dark Matter. The construct is alive and extremely hot capable of melting concrete from the heat very well. However the destruction from creating such an attack has dangerous repercussions. The destruction and scale of the attack are massive making it his most deadly move in Dark Matter. It's also very tiring to use it, summoning this amount of energy is a one go thing. He won't be able to use this again the problem with the sun is it's stable. Creating a destruction that is something most people haven't ever dreamed of seeing. The sun is black with heat spots all over the body of it. These magma heated pools are extremely dangerous, if the heat doesn't kill you everything else will likely. The sun's body boils the ground and is close to a tenth of the sun's heat. The last danger to move is a gravitational pull is on it dragging things and people towards it. This only delivers Six Megatons of force on his enemies with the side effects being very nice when it goes off.


Destruction Monk's Blade: lost to the pages of time is a style that combines elements of the monk into a dangerous fighting style. The style is fast and very strong, capable of inflicting blows from different ranges that more powerful than they appear. However, this style is honorable and much like dance in its form. However, this style was something very few Quincy knew about and even fewer could use in combat. Ghislain was taught it as a boy and the flexible style allows him to combine elements of the Dance's that come with his blade into form with his already high skills that he hides away with most days. The style uses a reishi coating method making it form certain ways for different moves.

Autumn Rain: The method of performing this move is very precise control over the reishi around the blade. Or the weapon created it allows them to make a downward current when they slice, making the enemy get dragged down by the force of the cut. It's not mere power or anything like that, influencing the built up reishi in the air. They are creating a downward current that cuts and drags the enemy towards the ground. Ghislain's favorite sword move by far is this one as it can be done and save a life. This move is the first step often in the sword style, which much like all things is merely a dance. Autumn Rain is a profound move which leaves the enemy exposed even those strong. As their weapon is pulled down wards along with them, creating openings. The easiest way to resist the pull is simply to avoid the move, a regular sword slash making it fairly easy to predict.

Winters Grasp:He has a great deal of dislike for Winters Grasp, the move is performed by creating a reishi flow again around the blade. The changes and alterations in the reishi flow around your weapon allow you to do many things. For Winters Grasp your creating a reishi flow that pulls them towards the blade. The move is a thrust sending the point of the sword towards them. If struck by the blade, the enemy will be pulled deeper upon the blade. Making the wound go deeper, however the injury is far worse then a mere thrust of a blade. The reishi allows the injury to be deeper and wider then it should be. Making an invisible edge and length to the weapon, avoiding it is tricky but possible for those experienced enough. Ghislain himself finds this move to be the tool of a killer. Ghislain has tried to distance himself from using such moves where he cannot spare life. However this is a tool and sometimes they must be used.

Summers Glory: One of the more interesting moves, the power behind this one is rather special. It's a Reishi sound wave generation that will harmlessly knock out those who hear or lock at the light. The effect from the Reishi's light triggers through the optic nerve or the hearing by the ringing sound it emits. These can be avoided if the person is strong enough, those unlucky enough to be struck will merely pass out. Those who remain standing will have some trouble seeing and hearing with a slight bit of disorientation. It would be similar to being completely drunk. Summers Glory is Ghislain's favorite move due to how it functions. Many lives can be saved if they are merely knocked out. The fact no harm physically is done to the people makes it appealing to him. Life should be spared when possible, this move can be executed in any situation or position. Allowing him to execute it from any of the other attacks, making it an effective tool. The reishi used on Summers Glory is a bit complicated but is easy to teach.

Springs Awakening: This is a blast type move sending out a huge Reishi blade that can have the effects of the other moves. Making it a very effective sword move for those interested in learning. The blast can be controlled and sent out similar to a kido blast or Quincy arrow. The size and mass depends on the user, how much effort they put into the attack. Ghislain finds this move useful defensively, as he can read the energy of a foe's attack. And parry it off with the exact amount needed. Or he can over power it if he believes he is capable of such. In Ghislain's eyes a fight is never a goal, it's simply a distraction from the true goal. Sometimes it's best countered with a larger distraction. Like most things this move has it's place in Ghislain's tools. However he does view it as excessive and will make sure no innocents are in danger when using it. Ghislain is very aware that Spring's Awakening is destructive when used poorly or for the wrong reasons. This is an effective final move taught to him by his teacher, one he uses very sparingly.

August Slumber: This is Ghislain's personal move, it's something of a favorite of his. He coats his blade in a reishi based energy similar to his Morning Glory. By doing this he is able to flick the blade and send out a reishi based frequency. That will knock out weak enemies with the sound itself. This is an extremely effective move and one he likes to use at a start of a fight. Those not effected will notice some motor skills acting up as though they are asleep still. However they will wake promptly upon moving around the area and getting active. The tranquil reishi energy allows him to send out this sound wave around a mile radius. Anything with ears can be effected, Ghislain is a pacifist and this move like many of his is devoted to saving lives. Ghislain developed most of his own moves to the Ancient ways to further their people. An eye for an eye will someday simply leave the whole world blind.

Hand to Hand

First Step Harvest Moon: This move is very interesting as the reishi is formed in the shape of a circle around the hand coating it along with the palm. Harvest Moon has three or four uses, the energy can be used as a blast sending out a massive amount to deflect projectiles. It can be used as a close range destroyer doing damage to the organs and body of those who get hit by it. The burst inside of the person is considerably dangerous and can send most to the floor. Finally the way it was meant to be, Harvest Moon sends a shock through the body making those struck vomit blood among other things. This is through the shock to their body, the Reishi is injected into the body in a odd form. The energy goes into the system shocking the nervous system and doing a silent amount of damage. Harvest Moon is capable of rendering some enemies unconscious with a single blow, the severe damage can be avoid. The person must simply dodge or block with their energy field up.

Second Step Winter Moon: Winter Moon is a fairly strange move however it's very effective in the fact it is a finger jab move now. Striking the body with a sharp reishi like knives on their fingers. Pressure points and heart jabbing are the points of benefit that this move provides. Ghislain isn't a fan, this move is called in some places heart piercing. Its primary use is to create a small reishi blade from your index and middle fingers. There is a method that Ghislain invented making this move different. Blunting the edge of the reishi along his finger, he's able to stop the person's heart for a moment. It will resume beating two seconds after. However most pass out or stop moving due to the impact. In some cases, however, they do avoid this and he does damage to their nerves and other body parts. Winter Moon is the colder style that his master taught him, however, Ghislain does believe if has its place.

Third Step Eclipse: A defense for three hundred and sixty degrees, creating a reishi defense. This allows them to defense from attacks of all kinds from all directions now that it's been better created by Ghislain. Eclipse acts as a sphere of influence, creating a defense around one's self. Those who enter trigger the defense and attacks of those who enter in. It acts like a radar system for close distance, letting you know exactly where your enemy is. At the same time, it's useful for projectiles of a smaller nature most wouldn't see. Eclipse is perhaps Ghislain's favorite move. Defense is a key to living, protecting those dear to you is important. The area around the Eclipse sphere is small making it impossible to defend others with it. Unless you stand in front of them, keeping them outside of the sphere's location. Ghislain calls this move the move which was made to save a life. His master even knew it was his favorite, thus why Ghislain goes to this one first normally.

Fourth Step Twilight: This move is by far one of the hardest to perform, those who perfect it however will notice a change. Their arms are subtle like whips and capable of performing strikes that come from any and perhaps all angles. This move seals and disconnects the joints in several locations by sending immense pressure. Manipulating their spiritual pressure upon contact to spasm around the joint, it's sent out of the socket it. As the subtle and whip-like motions are rapid and fast, the direction of energy and curve of it are all controlled with expert precise control. This power is about control and grace, sending blows that cannot be fully understood. It's said those who master Twilight and Dawn are capable of using the hand to hand in any form they desire. Twilight is freedom from the chains that bind a hand to hand fighters understanding. Most find after mastering it a new sense of enlightenment.

Fifth Step Dawn:This is a move that's strange as it allows the user to awaken Quincy to the truth of Reishi control. It lets them create and teach others how to master the artform. The number who knew it during his younger years were staggeringly low at the time. Only ten Quincy existed capable of performing the dawn for it's harder nature. Unlocking this will free the reishi or energy in someone so they can learn. It's in a way unlocking their potential, the extremely precise control needed to do it require this much. Some Quincy can naturally learn, but shaping and manipulating it require a awakening like the Dawn. It's exceptionally rare when a Quincy learning how to use the old style doesn't require this. Most fight like barbarians now and cannot even fathom using their energy in this way. The way of molding and manipulating energy is a Quincy specialty but going beyond what you know to new heights is also something they can do. The activation of someone's points is done by opening the control points. Their head and center chest to manipulating and seeing energy for more then mere arrows.

Sixth Step Dusk: A move invented specially for fighting Shinigami, it was something he developed during the war. He would target his enemies Saketsu and Hakusui, eliminating their power permanently without killing them. By doing this he pierces the targets soul chain and soul sleeve. This takes away their spiritual pressure and makes them nothing more then a being like any other. However he did learn that he could undo the process after a while, but it was a move born of the war against Shinigami. Fighting for his beliefs and life without a chance to breath or survive. It all came down to his skills as a fighter. Ghislain had to develop and grow, while it wasn't always a one hundred percent promise he'd succeed. This attack only need be dodged and now that it can be repaired fairly easily. The move has lost it's purpose largely, however it can be used on other spiritual things to temporally disable the power to use energy or moves. If done correctly and all five spiritual pressure points are hit, it will be five posts without any access to their energy. The energy is shaped like a small need on the very edge of the finger tips making it an effective move in itself.

Seventh Step Morning Glory: The hand is entirely coated in a subtle energy and each blow sends and overloading energy burst into the target's body. This move is used for knocking enemies out harmlessly, it's Ghislain's favorite and a move he developed himself. By sending huge amounts of tranquil reishi or other energy into his target's body through pressure points. It creates an extremely tranquil burst through the enemies body sending waves turning off nerves and making the body tireder with each blow. The waves are sent in an odd frequency, that Ghislain realized comes from desire and mental training. By sending the Reishi in this state into his enemies in ten hits he can normally knock out a strong fighter. He has met some this doesn't work on, though by using this open palm style he is able to do more.


External Blut: Ghislain can manifest his blut outside of his body to create fields and barriers. But that isn't all he is capable of producing with the external blut. He can produce weapons or large fists of his blut to attack people. The external blut is something he learned by absorbing the memories of Yhwach, this allowed him to realize he could perform such a feat rather easily. His external blut isn't like Yhwach's which decayed things that would come into contact with it. Ghislain's blut is capable of producing Dark Matter from within it, due to another power that makes itself known. His external blut is capable of producing a majority of the Dark Matter moves, Ghislain most used the practice of this move is against energy spells. It's effective against kido 70 and higher, it's effectiveness in defense against physical attacks is very low. This is more of a protect your allies and you move that Ghislain learned for that very purpose.

Dark Matter Blut: Within his blut he can summon by transmuting some of the cells into Dark Matter. This allows him to do things others cannot fathom with the blut. By manipulating it this way he's able to create a distinctive difference with his own. Some only saw the offensive and defensive possibilities with it. By creating the Dark Matter in his own body and manifesting it when required, he's able to defend or attack far stronger than one would expect. By learning that he could do this, Ghislain has also developed moves few others would have expected from the Blut power. Some of which defy the idea of it, but by learning what Yhwach could do and by transmuting his cells for the blut. He's able to use some Dark Matter moves from his own blood, making it an effective and deadly tool. He's able to manipulate and completely control the blood inside and outside of his body. This allows him to control the Blut more effectively and create new forms of defense or something more.

Regenerative Blut: This isn't instant regeneration by any means, by manipulating his Blut and controlling the cells through several elements, he's able to create a couple Dark Matter cells to rebuild and construct his body again. This allows him to heal injuries and break down metal or foreign objects in his body. The Blut then begins to reappear the damaged body parts or lost limbs. He's able to reattach his limbs now matter how long they've been apart or build a new one from scratch. Ghislain is capable of doing this largely due to the studies of the body he did. His blut control is precise and allows him to regenerate in such a way. This isn't immortality merely a knowledge of how to use his blut to recover from some injuries. The more serious the injury the longer it can take, severe injuries can take a day. While less serious wounds take hours at most to heal from. Blut can be used in this fashion by simply using his knowledge of transmutation through Dark Matter. Using multiple means of manipulating the Dark Matter he has under his control has allowed this breakthrough.

Blut Blade:By forming his Blut into a blade he creates an extremely condensed blade of destruction. Using this power, he was able to completely shatter a person's Zanpakutō from the condensed pressure of his blut. The blut's condensed nature makes it expel and try to press down against whatever it comes into contact with. This doesn't become visible till contact is made with the weapon itself. Blut Blade is capable of fighting Zanpakutō and other strong level weapons, making his prowess with the sword ever more clear. Ghislain only uses this when he doesn't desire to reveal his skill with Dark Matter. Ghislain is a person who knows how to hide his hand exceptionally well and has done so from great people. Hulderic and Yhwach never suspected his full power to be anything like it was. Ghislain, however, did hide his prowess extremely well, showing only a portion of his blut skills as well.

Blut Bullet: By extending his Index finger he can fire out a single bullet of condensed blut, making it extremely deadly. The blut bullet has enough destructive force to break almost any shield it comes into contact with. Some rare cases where it only cracks the shield has been encountered. The bullet is created inside his bode and released with extreme speed and force towards the target. Moving just below the speed of sound, the bullet makes contact with a target. People have been known to avoid the Blut Bullet from time to time, however, it's not unexpected as he knows not many stands still. Blut Bullet can be prepared and fired from any time, he could be fighting but he does release from making a gun with his hand. The size of the bullet is able to be controlled via his Blut. However the purpose behind it is mainly offense, he can use it for a defensive purpose. Allowing him to fight in multiple ways with this single attack. Ghislain doesn't use this attack often even then.

True Blut His inheritance from Hulderic came in the form of a far stronger blut. He was already very strong, this simply enhanced it to further bounds. Making him well beyond what one would expect, with his blut strength he is able to take hits from several bankais and merely have his clothes dirtied. This is of course a mere parlor trick as he has taken a Nuke to the face and remained without being fatally wounded, though visibly injured. This comes from the fact that Ghislain's inheritance has built upon his already massive power and strength. Giving him a great toll set at his disposal. With true blut his Blut is at master if Advanced, making him extremely hard to read. Perhaps Hulderic's greatest trick he ever pulled was figuring out how strong Ghislain was. Ghislain has now become much more then he dreamed due to a man he detests. Ghislain's skin and body are enhanced with this body the regular Quincy, making the very blood pumping in his veins several times stronger.

Blut Fist: By combining External and Internal Blut he's created a fist of great strength, capable of doing massive damage from the External and Internal being combined to form an extremely powerful weapon. The blut is invisible for the most part on the outside, making it hard to notice the subtle move. However the destructive force is far stronger then a man of his size often can produce. This makes him capable of enhancing his already fierce attacks far more, but it also serves as a defense. By combining the two elements of Blut, he's able to do far more with this then merely release his power upon an enemy. By controlling the Blut with such precision he is able to go through shields and other such things with little trouble. Blut is a form of offense and defense, but it only requires a bit of the two to make a warrior truly strong. The size of the fist externally created is up to him, however it's unwise to create some massive fist. As this is done partly through his own blood.

Hirenkyaku Mass Platform: Ghislain is capable of creating several platforms for his fellow Quincy to stand upon. This gives them all a place to stand, he's able to adjust size and everything not to mention due it in all realms. Ghislain has enough skill and mastery over the Hirenkyaku skills that he is able to perform this with little trouble. He can create up to fifty of them at max, for people to stand on. Though the platforms do have a use in combat making them far stronger then what anyone would realize. They can be used defensively and offensively making them an effective method for covering some distance quite quickly by air. He's shown great mastery of this since a young age. Believing speed overcame power by far, Ghislain decided to mastery elements that a Martial Artist could use with little trouble. At the end of it all these platforms main purpose is to be stood on by a Quincy.

Hirenkyaku Decoy: He is able to move extremely high speeds allowing him to create a replacement if he knows an attack is coming. Utsusemi is similar in the fashion this move works, the reason he developed it was due to the Shinigami War. He learned by watching people perform the move once and a while, Ghislain figured out a way of doing it with his Hirenkyaku which impressed people around him. Ghislain was known for his great technical skills but lacked power. This was largely due to his skill from the martial arts stand point. Ghislain is capable of doing this move in almost any position, it's very simple move to teach though learning it is complicated. Teaching was always easier then learning, Ghislain has taught no one how to use the Decoy. As he believes no rightful successor has come along to understand the sins of the Quincy. The Shinigami have blood on their hands as do the Quincy, but it doesn't end without one picking up and learning from it all.

Hirenkyaku Clones:Created by sheer speed, physical clones are made from the movement of the practitioner. Ghislain can create up to twenty when at peak condition though this is only due to extremely hard studying he put in and work. The footwork he spent his life developing and growing used to. This allowed him to create a larger sum, however for those who learn to do so. Beginners may only create five, Adepts are able to create ten of them, Advanced can make fifteen of them. Master is a very rare group as for those who would know the move. It's likely only Ghislain learned how to perform it from watching in the war. Ghislain is one of few who saw Hirenkyaku as more than running away in combat. He saw it's application as a combat move, making it far more effective then what anyone believed. This perhaps came from the desire to save as many people as he could. Ghislain has practiced and developed his moves with precision and great care. Making them each his own in several ways and creating new moves within them.

Hirenkyaku Monk Step: Their was a way in the old days that the Martial Artists of Quincy would move their feet differently. It allowed for far faster Hirenkyaku steps, making them extremely quick. This movement could be called the Monk Step, making them far faster than normal. While Hirenkyaku is exceptionally fast already, it's clear that the large sum of their powers come from this element. Movement and greater stepping motion by using this form of Hirenkyaku are found, by increasing the output of steps. They are capable of doing much more with the move, Hirenkyaku becomes a tool similar to those of the Sonido and Shinigami steps. Except for one difference, of it being slightly better at travel.

Hirenkyaku Feint: By using his excellent footwork he is able to make it appear he went one direction. By doing this he creates something different from a clone, making a hostile decoy like being appear. It allows him in a way to make his enemies believe he went one direction. By combining this into his regular footwork and fighting, he's developed a very different and special fighting style. This syncs very well with his martial arts allowing him to make moves without really making them. The Feints he can use by precise footwork and extremely fast steps allow him to create this move. Ghislain hasn't shown anyone this since the war, making the move something only forgotten by the pages of time. Ghislain is known for using this as an escape means to get away. This move serves multiple purposes and creates several possible outcomes, but at the end of the day. Feints are only useful when used correctly and in the way they were intended.

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Stolen Bankai Dossier

Former Owner: Squad 4 Third Seat
Alias: The Healing Spring
Inner World Appearance: The Inner Domain of Suijin takes on the appearance of a hot spring like those in Japanese culture today. The springs have small attendants which handle most problems and seem to be in control of many aspects of the spirits will. The world is tranquil and quite almost as though it was a place made for the peace of those around it. The spring is dripping with healing water capable of healing any injury you could imagine. A dip in these waters will repair the damages done to the body or soul. The inner world is much the same, showing this fierce yet tranquil water. There is a certain pride to the element that can be felt as Suijin basks in its inner world. For those who wield this bankai they get access to the healing prowess of the sword.
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance Appearance: Taking the appearance of a woman with a shrine maiden outfit. She appears almost like a shinigami, showing a tenderness that cannot be compared to anything else. Suijin seems almost uncommonly kind and gently in a way that cannot be fully comprehended, her figure is lovely and yet something about her seems powerful. Long black hair and dark eyes are the female's most well-noticed feature. Those eyes that seem to pierce through the veil of a soul. She seems capable of tenderness from a simple glance, able to understand a person through that. Suijin is a kind and perhaps almost supremely kind being. Her outfit is exceptionally well kept making the female appear as though she belongs. The small spirits that serve her are wearing tribal masks with Japanese Kanji on them. This makes each one special for a person while her human form is often times seen by Ghislain. She is perhaps one of the big factors that allowed him to change more.

Stolen Bankai Passives

Soul Mending: The spring upon release as shown the power to mend souls and the injuries done to them. However, such a wound takes a long time to mend, even for such a powerful weapon. The mending is activated by the Spring's vapors making it one of the very few non-combat based zanpakutos. It's extremely effective for healing especially, however, this effect is able to be placed or stored inside the body of the person currently activating the bankai. Allowing him to create or unleash the spring's vapors upon those who need it. Mending a soul is a dirty business and takes a long time, he's mended his share since getting this weapon. But it's not a simple task, figuring out where the injuries to the soul are located. The Soul is a complicated and extremely powerful object, to help along its recovery the vapors and waters feed it elements of what constructs it. Nothing more, it cannot create a soul and the recovery will depend on how far gone somethings are.

Limitation:[/u][/i] The entire Bankai must be used to heal a single soul, it is not something easily performed making it a trial for him. But the mending does heal the soul and body regardless of it's condition.

Healing Vapor: Vapor is released before the spring, this may be used to clean and heal any injury. The length of time is extremely short due to how the vapor works, it acts as a cover preventing people from seeing within the vapor like smoke. The water vapors from the spring have specialized healing powers and are capable of treating most wounds on the spot. Ghislain was often mocked for his choice of weapon by fellow Quincy, but by selecting this, he was able to cut down the lives lost by a large amount. This allowed him to become a far more well-structured being. He began to understand how precious a life was, stealing an unhappy bankai. But learning about it and growing somewhat with the power he stole. The Vapors wrap around the wound as they are placed upon it, this allows them to close and clean the injury. They are capable of removing poison thus cleansing and making room for the water.

Limitation:The Healing vapor is used before other powers but can only treat injuries of a certain degree. Cuts and poison are it's specialty everything else it cannot treat.

Healing Waters: The waters bring the cleansing to a new level as they reconstruct damaged tissue, but do so by restoring the energy lost. The water upon contact places a large sum of reishi back into the person. This allows them to begin recovering on their own, however, the water of Suijin reconstructs the dead tissue and cells. Making them heal as they begin to grow back naturally. It in a way induces the effect of a lizard's tail on the limbs of those who are touched by it's pure waters. The water gets inside wounds, cleaning it further after the vapor beginning the process of restoring blood lost through its means. By doing this, it's able to construct more blood cells and begin to repair damaged organs and other important objects. Suijin nurtures the body by cleaning it of all harmful bodies, healing it and restoring the body to the pinnacle of health. This is part of the power that comes from these impressive springs, making them an effective tool for healing.

Limitation: This power is dangerous as staying it in too long will damage the body instead of healing it. This does not have a combat application, it heals for a high amount and people must be taken out of the water before damage is done to them.

Bath Attendants: The user of this bankai can summon attendants to their side, they aren't combat strong. What they will do is lay upon those who are wounded. These beings are constructed of water and vapor, making them a physical body. They respond to the will of the one who wield's the bankai. They are a physical manifestation of the Zanpakutō spirit herself, Suijin creates them within the inner world as well. Through that special vapor and water, they are capable of treating large amounts of people and injuries. Unlike what most would believe, they are capable of interacting with people physically. They are capable of relocating people and moving them from the point and point b with relative easy. This allows for them to provide a service to those who are wounded and help Ghislain out. He finds them rather useful as they help him out with battlefields and managing the wounded parties. These are not capable of mending a soul, the manifestation of the spring is needed for that.

Limitation: He can only summon ten at most but they are only capable of existing within the spring. Outside of it they disappear instantly.

Hot Spring Manifestation: When the Bankai is activated, Ghislain is able to create a how spring that takes over the landscape for several miles, ten of them to be exact. When this is created those within that he desires to be healed are healed. The waters can be brought to a smaller section, allowing him to manifest the power of the weapon in greater strength. Due to this power and one that connects the spirit with the spring, she was able to survive without her master. Despite this being a manifestation of his power, it became her connection and so long as it exists so too does Suijin. However the springs while power also manifests the spirit of them, the Zanpakutō spirit has been using Ghislain's massive energy to remain within this world. Able to take energy and physically manifest as part of her powers, she is capable of a lot of things. The Spring Manifestation allows him to treat large scale extremely serious injuries to the soul.

Zanpkauto Spirit Manifestation: This sword is rare, it's capable of manifesting itself in two ways. Its connection to the spring upon release allows it to manifest through it or the attendants being used. Or it can take energy from its user and physically manifest among regular people. However with Suijin's wielder dead that is a strange task, the energy to manifest never was to be her wielder's alone. Who Suijin can manifest by taking energy for herself to do so, but this is a rare case. But Suijin does not require a shinigami to keep itself alive, part of the reason Ghislain's prowess as a healer is so well known, while he takes no credit for it. Saying he only does what he knows he can with the help of the sword. Ghislain is considered one of if not the greatest healer among the Quincy. Though that title holds little meaning since the medicine men of old have perished due to the war. The spirit of this sword appears and manifests from his shadow, coming out of Ghislain's shadow when called or concerned for his well being.

Pseudo Wielder: Suijin is able to select a new wielder upon the death of it's original one. However given the fact it chose a Quincy to wield it's Bankai only, this shows the situation fairly well. Suijin is able to pick a wielder with complete free will, race plays no part or merit to it. When it's power was stolen it decided upon observing him select him. This allows Suijin to stay alive within Ghislain's Shadow. Its power is something very rare, allowing it to be one of a kind. This manifestation and power allowed it's wielder to previously use it as a combat based Zanpakutō, making it block blows for him. Never once considering it a person or attempting to understand its desire to save lives. Suijin is a rare type of sword that is capable of surviving without a Shinigami, but then can select a new wielder if the current one has perished. This not a common feat, the only reason it was able to pick a Quincy. Was because the bankai was stolen, their personalities meshed well enough for it to occur.

Water and Vapor Defense: This is a power reserved for drastic situations, but Suijin can protect her wielder with water and vapor. Making the healing effects disappear for a bit to defend. However the Zanpakutō dislikes doing it due to it's desire to save lives. This is something done in extremely rare situations, the sword manifests and fights alongside Ghislain. By healing his injuries and acting as a defense, the battle becomes a drastic fight of two verse one. While the sword doesn't enjoy using it's powers in such a manner. The vapor and water in the area responds and does protect Ghislain and those he wishes to protect. This sword is a fairly useful one in terms of the power that he is able to muster from it's defense. Adding to his already impressive defensive skills with the bankai's own skills. Their are no holes in his movements when using this as they compliment each other very well. The vapor and water act as a physical protector, they are capable of protecting seventeen to eighteen people at a time. The way this works is very simple, the water acts on it's own and defends him and those around him as best it can.


How Ghislain Obtained Gravity: Ghislain was given this power by Yhwach and Hulderic, the two decided to make him a special power. However what he showed of his skills using it and manipulating the Vectors controlling and manipulating the gravity. Allowed him to develop a very balanced and accurate fighting style. Ghislain while not often tapping into his regular powers has used Gravity extremely often, not wanting to let on to the power of Dark Matter yet. Ghislain has protected that with his life, using Gravity as his go to power. Dark Matter is an extremely unstable power, most bouts can be settled with the power left behind by Yhwach. Hulderic made certain he would always have Gravity as a power, it allowed him to truly hide his monster like strength from all he encountered. This was of course all part of using his martial arts with the gravity powers in harmony.

Gravity Fist: By coating his hand in a layer of gravity that can do one of three things. He can push a target away knocking them flying several meters as gravity rejects them. Pull them into the fist and take the full brunt of it plus the gravitational blow itself. Or the more complicated, being when he adds two types of gravity causing the crushing force to strike his enemy with the fist. This allows him to send out a punch capable of crushing the body or whatever is struck by it. While he doesn't often use the third form, normally going with merely shove of gravity to knock them away. Pulling them towards him is a possible outcome, by extending his palm it's possible for him to push or pull people towards him. Some are capable of fighting this pull and push very well. He can increase or decrease the strength depending on what is desired. This is merely one way to fight that Ghislain has figured out, making him an effective warrior. Gravity is a tool only as good as it's wielder.

Gravity Constructs: These are created by compressing the area and gravity in a small area, forming it into a construct of his choosing. The construct when created as the power to manipulate and influence Gravity, things that come into contact with the object can be rejected or attracted through the gravitational push or pull. These constructs are easy to make as he is capable of producing a large amount of them of when desired. Unlike his Dark Matter weapons, these constructs can be moved through his control over their gravity. Allowing him to shoot them or send them at targets at an extremely high velocity, allowing him to do large amounts of damage to a person. Ghislain prefers to use the constructs in weapon form, but can create walls and barriers through this. Allowing him to form multiple methods of fighting off an enemy at a time. Each move comes with it's own form and construction, but Ghislain isn't able to create creatures through Gravity as it is not Matter.

Gravity Bullet: By compressing the air around his finger into a small compact projectile, he fires it off with energy and a gravitational push. This allows it to travel at the speed of sound. Making the bullet strike the target with great force, releasing the pressure that has been compressed on impact. Causing a large injury to the target, this bullet is capable of passing through multiple people or objects. The speed depends on his choice and how fast he'd like it to go, Ghislain can control it's speed and course with relative ease. Simple changes to such can make it a non-lethal move. The bullet however when he used it more often was meant to simply eliminate Shinigami during the war. Most had trouble since he could fire this from Five Hundred Meters away. This allowed him a great deal of precise shooting, however as Ghislain has come to hate the move. He only uses it for small scale fighting. Lowering the speed and compression to a non-lethal amount.

Gravity Blast: The bullet is a small scale compression, making this the larger brother of it. He compresses the air around his palm into a larger area, creating a blast when fired. The radius is similar to a mortar shell being fired off from his hand. This travels at a much slower speed then the bullet and allows a person to react better, it's speed is about average for a blast being shot. This allows enemies who come into contact with it to react. It's potent destructive range makes up for it as he can one again control the size and speed. Not able to fire them at the speed of sound like the smaller bullets. He can send them at a fairly decent speed, nothing close to that however. Ghislain never bothered trying to catch a fast person as he had an answer for them all his own. The blast is meant mostly to trade blows with an enemy's energy based attacks or whatever have you. When the air is uncompressed from this blast it does have strength enough to trade shots with an energy blast.

Gravity Bomb: This is the final move he developed during the war with Shinigami, a Gravity based bomb. It takes a while to charge, but has enough power to engulf an island in an explosion of Gravity and compressed air released all at once. The longer he charges and compresses the air, the more damage it will do. Compacting all the gravity and air into a singular explosive ball of power. He starts out with a massive ball that is visible for anyone for a large distance. This allows them to see how he is doing it, as he begins to shrink the ball down. Compressing it into a smaller form, once he can hold it in both hands. The blast is complete, the average size takes him five turns to compress fully. He needs both hands to do so thus unable to protect himself when using this. It is a fairly tiring move to pull out as well, making him dislike it even then. Now with his Pacifist nature is highly unlikely that Ghislain will ever unleash it. The smaller form is akin to that of a baseball while the larger one is the size of a basketball. The larger takes him eight turns to full compress. The bomb and other powers are completely visble due to the air being compressed.

Gravity Controller: Ghislain can openly remove Gravity from objects or people, he's able to also induce more of it on people if desired. Some people require him to make contact with them in order to use this move. This goes both ways however, if contact is made with Ghislain he can influence their gravity levels while they are in contact. He must have the presence of mind to do so when proceeding to do so. Ghislain's prowess at this is extremely easy to see. This is something he developed to prevent the loss of life. Ghislain will often time make his enemies weightless so they float in the air. He add's just enough to keep them from drifting off into the sun or floating away. They can't move normally from the location, he can perform this action with relative easy when desired. Ghislain's pacifist nature makes this a move he likes to use frequently. However he can influence an enemy to feel heavier to the point bones break, such things are possible under the right light.

Gravity Choke: A move that Ghislain doesn't enjoy using, but by grabbing and creating a collar of pushing force on all sides around the target's neck. He can strangle someone with the force of his gravity, it has been shown in the past he can do it to multiple people at a time. By compressing the Gravity and air around the throat, he effectively chokes a person. Stopping them from breathing, he is able to control the pressure to an extremely precise level. Capable of merely incapacitating his target with little trouble sometimes. While at others he can create enough force to sever the head entirely. Breaking the Gravity choke is fairly easy if needed to be done. He needs a still target to do it, Ghislain requires them not to move in order to act. This move alone requires tremendous focus to perform without killing the target especially. Normally he will remove the gravity then perform the choke on the target to incapacitate them when it is completely needed. He needs to make contact with them in order to do it, the contact may done through his energy I.E a Gravity based attack and nothing else.

Gravity Coffin: Similar to the previous move, but something reserved for none almost. Ghislain never was forced to use this move in the war against Shinigami. It was a painful thing to crush someone entire, a box of Gravity forms around the person. It's invisible to the eye, but as the force begins pushing in ward it begins crushing the person from all sides. Compressing them slowly till they break entirely, Ghislain hates this move. To an extent he never used it, no focus or restraint is required in summoning it. The enemy can push backwards if they used enough power. To make sure the coffin doesn't crush them entirely, once this move is done. Till it is broken or changed the gravity will continue to push that way. Meaning you either escape or hold on till it crushes you entirely in the box. Ghislain is likely to never use this move unless he uses the box. Which wouldn't move and likely would trap people inside, pushing them back when they tried to exit. No matter what, when this move is executed it does take energy, however should it fail the compressed Gravity will explode doing a large amount of damage.

Gravity Field: He is able to create a field around an area, making a Gravity Field. That will protect those who enter in from outside attack, Ghislain is very focused about protecting lives. He's able to create small fields or large ones to protect things precious to him. By doing this he is able to create a field as small as his finger to defend himself. Or as large as a city to protect those within, the City one takes him sometime. However even he can make this evil power useful for something, Ghislain's gift from Yhwach doesn't have to be all killing. Their has to be a light somewhere in the darkness of it all. Somewhere within the pure evil that exists from the power left lingering by Yhwach. Ghislain has much more that he can do and give to people. Gravity Field is his personal reminder that he will never kill in cold blood again. That no matter how much it hurts, he can make a different each day living as a human being. It is all about how one brings themselves to step forward. The larger the field the more energy it takes for him to perform the power. The city would half to be a small one for him to cover it comfortably, however once it's up it will not leave. The larger the area the more taxing it is, however it works by pushing or pulling objects in.

Voldstandig Dossier

Name:The Dark King
Alias: Kuroi Haou
Voldstandig Appearance: When activated his Voldstangi plunges the entire sky into darkness for that area he is in. The entire place begins to fill with a dark energy, submerging everything into black. By doing this he's activating his full strength allowing the Dark King to begin it's actions. The darkness begins to shatter like glass, crumbling away allowing vision of his visage to appear finally after several moments. Behind his frame two black wings pulse, feather's dark in color fall capable of being used as weapons themselves of extreme destruction. The feathers are a purple and black color, giving off an ominous glow. Above his head is a halo with thorns coming from all sides. As it rests above his head the crown of thorns above his head shows many symbols. Finally is the weapon that forms from it, a katana with a cross style shape, the points on the guard are extended towards the blade. Giving it a rather special shape, his eyes are glowing with a bright blue color. While it hasn't been used by him on a basis too often, Ghislain did it once to merely allow those trapped by Hulderic's prison. Ghislain's Voldstandig by many is considered a beautiful tragedy, while most if not all have a white color. His is Dark and for some reason a sadness can be felt when he activates it every time. However this like much in his life acts as a reminder, that even in the darkness light must exist. Darkness in itself isn't evil, it's how it is used and brought forth that is important. Ghislain transforms remembering his bride with a true soft spot. This form transcends many things in appearance as he appears. The wings and halo are a method of telling that he's finally transformed, they serve little purpose outside of that. Attacking them will benefit nobody anything, it's a physical look alone, giving his enemies a fair warning.

Voldstandig Passives

Immense Spiritual Pressure: While activating his Voldstandig, his full power is released. Allowing his full Spiritual Pressure to come out for a while, this amount of strength is far greater then when he is in normal form. He's able to deflect with raw energy alone in this form, even able to push people away with just his spiritual pressure. People have passed out before when encountering his strength, it knocking the wind out of them. Ghislain has shown the prowess to ripe through the Void itself in this form with his raw energy, capable of tearing a hole into it. Granting his people freedom with his immense power. Ghislain's spiritual pressure has never been fully described in this form.

Enhanced Blut: His Blut get's covered in energy, allowing him hold much more as he coating his blut in energy, causing his body to be far more durable then what one would initially think possible. His blut seems much stronger and durable, capable of great things with it all. Ghislain is able to make many things happen, able to take blows that normal beings couldn't even imagine taking. These blows do hurt, it's merely a matter of mind over pain above all else. His Blut's enhancing of his attack strength is several times stronger in this form. Making him truly a monster to behold within this state alone. However it goes further, within this form every Blut move and passive he has is kicked up a notch. Making him capable of using more forms of the power within. Ghislain has shown his willingness to try and save his people no matter the suffering he must endure at the hands of others. This makes his physical strength three times stronger then normal, giving him a stronger Blut to rely on.

Enhanced Hirenkyaku: He can move far faster, by enhancing everything with his raw energy. He's capable of moving much quicker and further in this form. His steps seem to allow him to move twice while in released, meaning for a single step he's able to do it twice. Making the Dark King a very hard man to catch as he dances around the battlefield. Ghislain while he'd rather never raise his hand to strike another enemy again. Is like a shadow on the field, taking people before they know what happened. As with before in this form his Hirenkyaku moves are improved and drastically stronger then before. Allowing him to upgrade his power even more. However even Ghislain acknowledges the importance of footwork. While his energy helps him awaken more, Ghislain's enhanced Hirenkyaku is more a fact that his energy is making his feet and physical body move better. In this regard Ghislain is able to replicate steps of the others while release, if he is capable of doing so. It takes double the energy and produces double the results.

Enhanced Gravity: Perhaps in some ways the bastard child of his powers, Ghislain has used this in devious ways before. But upon activating his power he is able to compress and use his moves within this faster. Also with far greater destructive force, making them scale up at least once from their regular damage. Making his strength fairly evident in this form, he's able to make five miles lose it's gravity. Or make objects lose their own for a time being, making him capable of performing tasks others wouldn't want too. Ghislain still dislikes using his Gravity power, but it is enhanced and quite strong among everything. Ghislain's energy touching people in this form is equal to him physically touching them. Making it a very strong upgrade to before when he needed physical contact to take away gravity. Some people will be able to simply fight against this in their own ways. However it's up to the person how they combat the Dark King's power. His raw spiritual pressure is not included in the use of this power.

Enhanced Dark Matter: This is the magnum opus of everything Ghislain is, his Dark Matter powers are far more powerful in this form. He's able to do large scale things with greater speed. His powers drastically improve in this area, making him a dangerous threat to those who encounter him. However something strange happens in this form, he starts to form Dark Matter flowers and life begin spawning around him. His form gives new matter life within a four mile radius, this power is perhaps a mere display of his amazing strength. Flowers and other forms of matter begin to form around him, Ghislain has often claimed even the darker life matters as much as others. When forming this area around himself, it's effect becomes clear. The Dark Matter constructs and beings around him are alive and want nothing more then to help their king. Ghislain while he views these followers of Dark Matter as important. Sometimes he remembers when the Matter spoke to him for the first time.

Voldstandig Powers

Nature of his Voldstandig: Ghislain's Voldstandig is one of a kind perhaps in the aspect it isn't a single release of destructive power. But six of them, ranging from different names till they reach the final one. Each release of power let's him unleash even more of his power. Ghislain has never gone beyond the Initial Release of his Voldstandig when using it, as that phase was all that was required of him. Each phase brings out a new power with it, that lingers asleep within the strength of the Quincy Emperor. While he only has ever gone as far as using the Initial phase he can push further. Ghislain ripped the void asunder to free those within, deciding he'd waited long enough. He had been in it with his wife before she passed living in a stable portion due to Hulderic. His choice to ripe that place apart was natural to free those within the world. Ghislain spent much of his life hiding this Voldstandig from Yhwach and those in the Vandenreich.

Initial Release-Pawn: When releasing Pawn it is an extremely potent release, as it is his first form when using this. Ghislain is able to control his power in forms as he felt it needed to make certain he didn't destroy what was precious. Pawn is known as the limiter release on his spiritual pressure, letting it go finally. In a way it allows him to tap into his full power and control it as desired. The other five releases serve as more keys to use even more dangerous powers. Ghislain has considered each of them to be rather dangerous but needed tool of destruction. He doesn't enjoy releasing any of them if he can help it at all, Pawn is simply the phase where he can keep casualties to a minimum. Pawn is perhaps the least special phase to many, but it is something that allows him to fight unrestrained. Allowing the true King of Dark Matter to wear his Crown of Thorns and bring his enemies to Heel.

Secondary Release-Rook: The next phase enhances his physical body with everything required to use his utmost power in this stage to destroy. His physical strength becomes herculean in nature as it is rather terrifying. Most would say this phase is not so frightening. But it is not merely strength that is drastically increased, but his speed as well. Balancing him out with his martial arts, it allows for him to fight at a whole different level then before. Ghislain himself has always believed a day would come about when he needed Rook. But he hoped never would he have to release the power that lingers deep inside of him. Stamina, Speed, and Strength, these physical attributes are enhanced drastically by Rook. It's more releasing another limiter that this Pacifist put in place. To make sure a life was never taken again, he wished for no pain to come to the enemies he fought. Some called him a dreamer and idealist, but it's because of those he hasn't shattered completely. When releasing this power he gains a five percent increase to his stamina, strength and speed.

Tertiary Release-Bishop: Finally the release that Ghislain has not feared perhaps ever. Was the release of his mind to see everything, burdens that were too much for his mind. Released as he can view the world as it is in this form, seeing parts and pieces of what make this world we live in. Ghislain can see and visually comprehend anything involving Dark Matterl, Bishop acts as a limiter release on his intelligence and comprehending skills to the max. Allowing for him to overcome the Human coil that many suffer from in this form. He's seen the world before and viewed it with awe, it was a beautiful world to live. The Universe as well is something to be respected and feared by all, we are but small pieces in a moment of existence. Ghislain understands this best after having seen it once. This isn't something you can fathom in full till you see it all. Everything in motion, how it can make you feel smaller in the grand scheme of things. Ghislain is one who has seen the God's Plan but nothing more.

Fourth Release-Knight: This is something Ghislain only did once, but upon reaching Knight he is able to create an organism that looks human except it's entirely made of Dark Matter. The creature's power acts as a second version of him, only two tiers lower. This creature takes all the Dark Matter around it to make it alive, Ghislain contests often that Matter is alive. And so too is it's distant black sheep Dark Matter. So this being when created often takes the form of a woman who resembles his bride. Perhaps due to the pain of losing the loved one, he sub-consciously can't help playing God. For a moment he gets her back in this form, while Ghislain does make her strong and capable of using all Dark Matter moves he can. He's rather protective of her treating her as a person. So a lot of times in Knight he hesitates to create the female's form, it's clear he loves who ever the person was very much. His heart cannot bear to see that figure come to harn, yet she will do anything to protect him.

Fifth Release-Queen: The Knight fuses into his being making him become Dark Matter incarnate, he's not able to be controlled or manipulated because of this. Those who control Dark Matter will find that this and the very essence of it flowing in him. Ignores the orders entirely, his eyes are crimson in this form. As the entire area becomes black, he gains an extreme increase in everything. As his spiritual pressure is released once more into a deadly form, the Dark King releases what many believe it's true form. The fusion of the star crossed lovers is perhaps one of the few moments he feels a sense of joy in his soul. Ghislain becoming pure Dark Matter increases his powers to much higher l levels. This form allows him to fight and recover very quickly. He is able to heal injuries that are fatal now with far more skill, the quick recovery and loving embrace of the star crossed lovers help him.

Sixth Release-King: Something he will likely never use, Ghislain creates something so overwhelmingly destructive from it. This form can only be used once per thread and likely will tire out the Emperor beyond reason. It's likely rest will be needed for weeks after doing so. King creates Twenty Megatons and releases it upon the area he is in. The explosion is made of Dark Matter entirely, creating it's destructive force is enough to bring down a large city. Ghislain knows about it sleeping deep within, but desires no part of activating it. For he believes it would make him no better then Hulderic or Yhwach. That upon doing this he will of become nothing, this move is said to create an ending of it all. To end the game entirely with one move that cannot be stopped by many. It's an odd state when the King refuses to access his most devastating move that lays sleeping. Ghislain hasn't revealed that his Voldstandig can go further then that simple first form. He's kept up to Queen hidden with King not even being thought about himself.

Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]

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The Birth of Light

Ghislain was born on October Twenty-Fifth on our calendar a day which didn't exist back in those ages. His family were perhaps the happiest of people which one could meet. It didn't take much to see a genuine love between Helene and Dmitri, as the twins were born into this world. The daughter would be named Genoveva and her brother Ghislain, the names having meanings of their own. When the two were born it was evident to Helene and Dmitri that their son had immense power. Even as a baby he was extremely powerful, his energy had almost harmed his sister. So it was decided that his power would be locked away as a child, this came with a price. He would be sickly and a bit weaker than normal, his true strength wouldn't show it's presence till the parents wanted to release it. This binding was something placed on him for their family's protection and his own. The power Ghislain wielded as a child was considerable, his parents wanted only to make sure he could be happy. He was a wild child from the moment he was born, trying to escape and go explore. He was always on the move, never a moment went by where he stayed still. He was a rambunctious child who was running wild with his parents trying hard to keep him still. It was two years later when Draco came into the picture, he and Draco got into small scuffles all the time. He would throw toys at his brother, but Draco not being one to take it laying down threw it back. They were the purest of rivals even as a toddler, Ghislain and his brother were born rivals. When ever Draco got what Ghislain deemed too much attention he would throw a tantrum. Attempting to get back what he felt was his right, it was a bond born that no parent could break. The strangest part of it was Ghislain would protect Draco at any cost, getting cut on his head by a cat to protect little Draco. They had a bond as rivals that couldn't be summed up in simple terms, this was something special.

But this wasn't the only relationship between the children only one person could calm Ghislain's anger and emotions. Genoveva and he shared a bond that only twins could ever share. She knew his thoughts and his meaning even when he couldn't show them well. She was able to speak for her brother and show her loving touch for everything. She held an strange power herself, she had a heart that it was just something. Their was something about Genoveva that brought out the best in those around her. She could get her brother to do things even when he didn't want too, as toddlers the two weren't able to be divided. Perhaps one of the most telling things about his sister as the two grew. She never did stop Ghislain and Draco's arguments, as though she knew they were needed. Ghislain grew each day more out of control, showing great fighting instinct growing next to his sister and Draco. His fighting skills didn't become really noticed by his father till he was at least three years old.

Ghislain was able to speak full sentences at the age of three, he was advanced and picked up skills very quickly. His father decided to spend time with his eldest child more. Taking him out on long walks and hunts, explaining the nature of good and evil. That with his great power one day he would be a beacon for their people, Ghislain didn't understand what his father meant. And it would be years before those words brought a meaning to him. His father spent much more time, beginning to teach his son the basics of combat. Strategy of hunting things of that nature, he comprehended most of them very well. His mind couldn't put the pieces together, but his father was providing him the pieces and the puzzle. It was his job to solve the mystery of it all. The Eberhart didn't teach their children this early because concepts could be lost on them. Ghislain tried to understand, but it all seemed so odd. He couldn't understand the meaning of restraint, that you didn't need to look for fights.

He considered it a natural thing, that you would go and seek out battles where you could find them. Warriors were supposed to be strong and fight all comers, Ghislain believed as a child that it was his job to defeat before being beaten. Ghislain had a blood lust that made him stand out as a child, it was like a wild beast. Ghislain wasn't born to be a meaningless scribe or someone who hunted animals. His lust for blood and battle had only been controlled by Genoveva at this point. His sister stopped him from doing things, something he never understood. Ghislain was capable of fighting and taking down a bear with his bare hands at three. He was physically imposing, despite that seal on him he managed to live a happy life. However one day it became clear to him his health wasn't good, he couldn't handle the strain of it all for long term. He would end up sick very often, unable to fully do things Draco and Genoveva did. Though Genoveva was young yet she never did leave her brother. Ghislain often would wake to find her sitting beside his bed, watching over him. His fevers often kept him bed ridden for days as he went through the year. It was on his fourth birthday, his father finally decided. To invite a Master of the Martial Arts to their home, at this time point the skill their people used. Was extremely potent and precise control of their energy, it wasn't something that could be shown to others. Ghislain's Uncle Levi encouraged him often to act out and let him enjoy being a kid. Ghislain had a deep love for his Uncle Levi, the man encouraged and didn't scold him often. Ghislain didn't understand what being taught some fighting form could do. He wanted to fight and enjoy the nature of it, as a child his mind simply couldn't comprehend things, he may of walked and spoken well. But he still had the emotional senses of a three year old and it kept him from growing. The normal age for a Quincy to learn was at the age of ten, Ghislain would be learning far sooner then any child of Quincy were expected too.

At the age of four he departed with his Master Adolf, the training would be one that transcended the very nature of time itself. As his master activated his energy control to it's full prowess, Ghislain began to truly realize how different this was. Ghislain began to understand more about fighting, that it had a form and needed it. That formless style he used so much like a brawler was something that wasn't right. Ghislain wasn't sure what Adolf would teach him, only that the training would destroy him if he wasn't careful. Physical training was very easy for Ghislain as he grew into, he would be staying with Adolf for two years. That was the time period that his people gave children to a teacher. Ghislain did well, except he had no restraint and didn't know how to hold back. It was something perhaps he didn't or couldn't do. Ghislain didn't have understanding of it and would often go overboard with his hunts. Killing the target without leaving evidence, only a stain on the forest floor.

Adolf and he began training in terms of mental beliefs, but it didn't seem to go by. It wasn't the most intense training one could imagine, shaping your energy into weapons. When Adolf finally realized just how massive Ghislain's energy was. He claimed that even among the River's and the trees a glistening gem catches the eye. A saying among the masters of the art, a way of saying a prodigy had been found. Ghislain's only trouble was within, he didn't comprehend that this art was for self-defense. Meant to prolong and protect the lives of others, not take them. So rather then that, he made his style more focused on killing. His personality had gotten more childlike, something perhaps they weren't prepared for. A child had been given immense power and was misusing it entirely. Adolf did what he could for his pupil, beginning to teach him what it meant to be a protector. Ghislain and he would have heated discussions about how justice was defeating evil and nothing more. The weak never came into Ghislain's conscious but finally as the two year mark hit. Ghislain went home to a discovery that would change his life. Ghislain and Draco began their Sweeper's gang, they were devoted to the protection of lives. They defeated Gillian class hollows or rather Ghislain did at a young age. Defeating them at the ripe age of five, he showed a more then capable of power equal to or perhaps greater then those Gillian. Life seemed to return to normal as Draco and Ghislain continued their brotherly rivalry with Genoveva playing ref. At five years of age he and his sister were known as the protects of that piece of land. Later it would be known as Berlin, but for now it was their home and a place of great joy. Ghislain and Draco went out for a sweeping, to make sure everyone was okay. It was this day that Ghislain learned what love was, he saw her. A creature so stunning and beautiful that words did not prepare him. It was as though time had ceased for a moment.

For the first time in five years, Ghislain understood something. He wanted to protect her and the man next to her. His senses told him they were important, Ghislain wouldn't walk away scotch free here. He could tell at a glance that the creature before them was beyond Gillian. He did not know their names, but his instincts flared telling the child that this was beyond it. Later he would learn this being was known as an Adjuchas. The battle that began was close, Ghislain earned himself several injuries trying to protect them. Draco had gone to get their parents for help. Ghislain bit off more then he could chew, his anger was growing for the creature kept attacking the girl and boy. He was starting to see what his teacher Adolf had meant, that you must judge your enemies before engaging. Could he defeat it as things were, that was the question going in his mind. His body felt battered, the young child had fought hard to protect these two children.

A voice called to him, was it the girl or something else. It was a woman's voice, a ripple through the darkness of the world. It called out his name, his eyes began to turn black for a moment. Something was calling his name, he couldn't say for sure what it was at the time. But Ghislain's power had leaked through in sheer desperation to protect these two lives. He finally understood what it meant to protect, he summoned a Dark Matter pistol. Killing the hollow in a single blow after a three hour fight. Ghislain had collapsed after the hard battle, accepting death if that was what would come for him. But his power had leaked through, the Dark Matter surged in his body healing and treating the injuries sustained. It was subtle with it's influence as he laid. The last thing he saw was that boy and girl before his vision failed him at last, the picture had become dark. A woman's voice called to him, it held him and kept him still in the darkness. The feeling of drifting through black waters with no escape. But strangely he didn't wish to escape this darkness, it felt comfortable to him. It would take sometime but Ghislain's body healed in two weeks of his injuries fighting the creature. He understood something as well, he only won due to whatever power it was that saved him. He had been protected, it wasn't his victory. Ghislain finally went and met Ivan and Elizabeth Vasileyvich, the brother and sister would not leave his side anymore. They became friends he and Ivan, Ivan and he talked often about things most children didn't think about. While most kids played Ivan and he would discuss Justice and right over wrong. Ghislain truly began to understand and learn from Ivan. What being a hero meant, it meant protecting the weak and defending the ideals that came with them. But he couldn't accept mercy as part of his self. Ghislain didn't see or understand that particular thing. But someday he would understand, someday that would become a driving force.

Around this time Draco was sent to study with Master Adolf and learn the ways of Quincy Martial Arts, this was something decided by Ghislain's mother and father. Genoveva was sent away, being separated from her brother yet again. Ghislain didn't like being away from her, it made him feel hollow and empty so often. He needed her light so he could exist in someways as a shadow. But something far brighter shone and took her place. Despite being two years old then Ghislain, Seven year old Elizabeth sensed it. She felt him withdraw and simply wouldn't allow him. She was a light that would shine brighter then even Genoveva as she would tenderly embrace him. Not letting Ghislain leave, it was a child's love perhaps admiration to her savior. Ghislain had fought that beast by himself and suffered immense consequences in terms of pain and injury. Dislocation on his arm and a couple fractured ribs. The amount of pain put to save her was clear to the girl. Elizabeth wouldn't let him hide or withdraw, she sensed the same thing he did. These two star crossed lovers had found one another in the most dire of circumstances. While Ghislain would never admit it as he was, he only fought that well with the goal to protect her. That was the only thing running through his mind at the time. Genoveva and Draco would be gone for five years leaving Ghislain alone with his new found friends. It wasn't something he took well too, the Sweeper's expanded as Ivan and Elizabeth joined his brother and he's group. Ghislain had become a fine leader of the organization itself. It was run by children protecting the lives of the common folk unable to do so. Ghislain found he could only fight when protecting those unable to do so. More and more he felt a change in his heart around Elizabeth and Ivan, they challenged his beliefs. That strength ruled above all else, that so long as he fought well it was fine. They were able to reach inside that darkness and yank him out.

It was slow but steady as a light was forged by them, a person who would someday become a Legend among his people. As he began fighting more and more hollows, Ghislain learned how they moved and functioned. But finally someday something caught his attention, he was out protecting someone while they worked. Another creature like before when he defended the children appeared, except this time. As he prepared to do battle, something stopped it before it could. A being wearing a black robe and carrying a sword, the creature disappeared differently. Something felt different about the kill as well, he took a stance being careful of who it was. It was too late to act when the side of something hit him in the back of the neck. He fell to the ground, unable to completely react at the time to the blow. He'd managed to avoid a fatal blow from the blade by jumping an inch forward after the pummel hit. The being later left him stunned and lying as he stood up, he had no idea what that was. He'd only caught a glimpse of the black monster. His body felt numb from that energy and blow, cold sweat dripped down his frame as he laid their recovering. That single blow had been enough to nearly knock him out completely. It would have been followed up with a blade strike, his clumsy nature looked around. Trying to find out what had hit him and where it had gone. His looked up to see a portal closing as he breathed heavy breaths for a moment. What had happened was strange to think about, he collapsed laying there. His eyes finally saw something that no child should have seen. The person he was protecting had been killed, cut across the throat and bleeding. He needed to act quickly, Ghislain was so weak from the blow. He moved fast as his mind raced, what did they do this? This person couldn't fight for themselves, they deserved whatever annihilation they got for it. Ghislain struggled endlessly for hours but sadly healing just wasn't in his gifts. He tried everything he could feebly with no success. It wasn't long before the person died leaving the child defeated. In more ways than one, he'd failed today to protect this person. He'd been ill prepared for the black monsters attack. It was all he could do to survive the creature fierce blow. But now to fail to save an innocent person life the Sweeper's leader experienced his first taste of failure. It wouldn't be his last by any means, Ghislain's life was defined by the success by many. But to him, the lives he couldn't save were always a constant on his mind. This served to make the child all the more aware of his charge. Ghislain understood finally from this tragic event that the Sweepers were sorely needed. And for them to contend with the Black Monster next time he would need to be stronger. But for now, he used his hands and began to bury the dead woman. It was his duty to protect her and he had failed it entirely. Ivan and Elizabeth weren't ready for this thing at all. As a cocky child, he could only believe in himself at the time.

The Summer of Love

Slowly as the time moved on the injuries had faded to some. But for him, it never fully faded away. Ghislain couldn't let that person be forgotten. He never countered the people he saved. But the one's he failed to rescue in the end of it all. They were the important number for him in the long run. Nothing else mattered as they were the important people he failed. Ghislain couldn't live with that, but something new began to grow. As he spent more time with Elizabeth and Ivan they grew closer. He began teaching her and Ivan how to truly function as summer came around. They were all growing and enjoying the games children so often do. Ghislain was finding a piece of something that always had been missing. His father and mother began educating him on business and how to further understand things. His parents didn't know what to make of the Black Monster attack and neither did he. Ghislain's childhood had been hampered a while and neither parent was eager to damage their son further. His uncle, on the other hand, would get into heated arguments with his father. The shouting matches could be heard outside by everyone. He is just a boy was his father's final word on the subject. Trying to protect Ghislain's innocence as his uncle kept trying to give him away. However despite the troubled home state with his family Ghislain found love blooming in his heart. He was falling in love with Elizabeth even at this age. He found himself trying to look less like an idiot in front of her. Ghislain had learned much from his first defeat processing it and understanding. That loss had done more for him than anything else. It made him aware of just how far he had to go. Victories teach us nothing was the lesson his teacher had tried to get into his young mind. That he wasn't invincible and shouldn't act like he was. Elizabeth and Ivan made him feel that weight again. They were put in serious danger and for what so he couldn't live up to it? Expectations were that he was the strongest Quincy of his clan. And yet he didn't live up to that hype at all. For Ghislain, this had been a learning experience in futility. But time moved forward and healed that wounded heart slowly. Mending the broken child's dreams, what was to come was a Summer of time. Quincy don't marry at the traditional age in the Homeland. They are groomed for a wedding at a very young age. When the bride is chosen by the parents for a suitable family. They are wed almost immediately to keep purity in the race. Ghislain's bride to be was chosen in the Summer and more time would be spent with Elizabeth. As she was the bride chosen to be his wife for as long as life held her. Ghislain couldn't have been happier about this in his heart. But as a child, he had little concept of what this meant. Elizabeth herself wasn't sure what to make of it. Neither one did understand marriage all that much. Explaining it to them at such a young age was simply a futile thing.

To them they were simply best friends, she was simply the best friend who happened to be a girl. Ghislain was a quite child who only spoke to his family. As far as Husbands go he wasn't the first choice. For Elizabeth, it must have seemed like a sentence rather than a joyous occasion. For her parents to decide he was to be her Husband. Ghislain did argue in her defense saying she had a right to choose. He didn't ask for a bride or any such thing. His father had a rather solemn look about it.They were destined to be wed for longer than either of them knew. Ghislain and Elizabeth were going to be the backbone of the families. However, neither one wanted to accept this arrangement at such a young age. It became clear that it was best to let the issue drop. However, fate has a funny way of intervening on things. As the Summer continued it was only an endless battle after endless battle. Ghislain and Elizabeth both fighting their individual parents. Ivan reminded her often that Ghislain was doing his part to help. Which kept her from growing to hate the boy entirely. Around this time, Genoveva returned into his life bringing a life back in. Ghislain didn't feel so alone when his sister returned. She stepped to his side and began fighting this wedding. It was finally Helena's turn to step into this battle between father and son with a suggestion. A Summer Retreat to the Land now known as Russia. Ghislain and his family packed up and went to Russia. Ghislain and Draco had made contests as they were sparring often. His sister had found she had healing prowess so to some extent he fell behind. His brother and sister both returned with spectacular powers. He'd not been able to best his brother as often anymore. The contests were going in Draco's favor ever since he returned. The Eberhart and Vasileyvich Summer Vacation had just begun. Ghislain felt a certain weight leaving him as he watched them advance forward. He didn't know just far ahead he'd gotten, though. On this vacation, his power would become known.

Ghislain had become a very distant person. Feeling as though Draco was more fit to take over the family. His pride even as a first son was wounded badly. It was as though his life was slipping through his hands. The protection that his brother and sister brought were far greater now. Ghislain's spiritual pressure had yet to fully awaken. As the children played in one of the forests it happened again. A skulled creature several of them appeared. The black beast was there eye again, but this time, he saw it. The man was definitely similar to him as he saw the blade drawn. His eyes lingered for a moment on that sword. The weapon that had done him serious harm last time. His brother came to stand next to him as he saw fear in Ghislain's eyes. Slowly his brother drew a weapon, it was a broad sword. His eyes looked over as his brother prepared to do battle. This wasn't going to be a fight they could win. Ghislain sensed it that thing was too powerful. It defeated several of the creatures here with ease. How could he even begin to harm it or even try? The clash commenced without a single wait occurring. He could summon his katana and try to fight. Ghislain preferred the Eastern Edged weapon over this one. His eyes began learning scanning everything he could about the Monster. It was a person like them but it wanted to kill them. Why was it so eager to spill their blood? What had they done wrong to deserve that hatred? He didn't understand as his confusion lingered. Draco flew past him as Ivan and Elizabeth appeared. His haze began to lift as the creature shot something at her. It was something of a spell as he heard it speak. A regular person's voice came out though it seemed to be. He blinked a couple times an incantation of some sort. Ghislain's mind screamed for him to move. It took a second but the boy stepped strangely appearing in front of it. As he watched the figure's spell come towards him. What had he accomplished getting in front of her, they would both die now. Absolute not, he would not fail twice it was unacceptable.

Ghislain's went to draw his spirit weapon but something happened. A black energy shot out of his body as the power spiked. The being's eyes went wide as he felt strength flooding him. Ghislain's power had emerged to protect her. He would not let anyone hurt Elizabeth. He loved her in a way that words could not define. Letting harm come to her made his stomach turn. He smacked away the red orb with no effort. He thought about a blast something long range. In his surprise, it happened he sliced the being in two. But only one thing came to his mind as that blade shattered. And the creature fell over with a thud. He looked around for his sister as he spoke. He would ask for her to save him as he didn't want this. The creature's eyes were fading quickly as his sister shook her head. His power to take life was far too great. He asked the being why they had to fight, what was the purpose of it all? The being did not answer as it died and faded away his eyes went to the black blade. Its form was so different from the tradition one they wielded. The last word the being uttered was Shinigami little did he know this wasn't a singular case. Ghislain's defeat of the Shinigami was the worse thing that could have happened and the best. Elizabeth cried against his chest as she sensed her life had almost been taken. Ghislain had risen to a new level of power that wasn't to be equaled. The feeling he had before, as the blade vanished he wondered about it. This power sleeping in him just far would he be able to take it. How far could he protect them? The Summer wasn't over yet as love would have time to blossom. However, this would mark a promise to himself. That he wouldn't summon his power again if he could help it. Conversation and diplomacy would rule out. He wouldn't let them suffer a failure like he had last time. Perhaps if he could speak to these people it would change. The child began wondering about alternate means.

As the Summer continued Ghislain evolved or perhaps changed is the better word. He became more interested in books and studying. His hyper intensive education began. He studied multiple things but couldn't understand how to make things better.He didn't know the answers but as the time went on Ghislain would spend much of his time and energy towards this goal of finding the answers. He wanted to become more bring peace. He wanted their people to change and grow into something great. But fighting didn't feel like the way to accomplish that. At least his heart said that as a child. But it wouldn't matter for long as he would begin his trials soon. His father intended to test his son further now. His uncle would be present along with his teacher. Adolf would be there to witness the new found power. But Ghislain's desire to fight had lessened to unimaginable levels. He spent his days reading with Elizabeth instead of fighting. He and Draco would have contests for fun still. But Ghislain had calmed down considerably. Something had interested the boy and he locked in hard. Not wanting to let go of this new found desire in his heart. He wanted to bring something new to their people. Aside from fighting and violence which seemed all they knew. The land was hard to live on at this time. It was hard for a child to know what the answers would be. Experience and wisdom were things he lacked in this world. So finding the needed answer, that puzzle piece. Wasn't something that came easily for him. The books of the time were at best random pieces of knowledge. Scrolls and other dabblings of people some called mad. He'd made a choice to find that answer no matter what. No matter what the cause or trials that went on in this life. He would find a way to make them better.

The end of summer was marked by the trial that came from testing. The trial was a way of manhood for Quincy. It was to test them into becoming men for the first time. His clan practiced it through the figure, Adolf Wiseman. This was, of course, his mentor who came to his home. He and Adolf spent many moons discussing his new ideals. His teacher was impressed with the mental state of Ghislain. Ghislain's power and expertize were well beyond his years. This boy was above and beyond what anyone would expect normally. As he went into the test of the great hunt. Nobody knew what to expect as the hunt was for a powerful hollow. Ghislain killed a creature later known as a Vasto Lorde. He'd found one in the land the battle between he and it was long. The trial by combat and hunt was completely when he defeated it. Ghislain hadn't won alone as the trial dictated he could bring anyone he wanted. He brought his brother, sister, friend, and bride to be. The battle was close many of the children had been wounded by its spiritual pressure. But Ghislain's might overcame it along with his smarts. He outsmarted the creature using bait. He was the bait and his friends were the distraction. Ghislain baited it into thinking the battle was a one on one. His goal had been meant as the conditions were right, figuring out the powers had taken some injuries. Hollows produced a crimson light but this one was blue. That caught him off guard and its power was something to do with Ice. He could detect a change in the air as Ghislain went through plans. He devised up to ten with three being worst case ones. Power is meaningless if you don't think out everything and plan ahead. The friends were precious to him so he put himself in the position of danger. He brought back the creature's bone portions. His teacher examined them leading them to declare Ghislain suitable. He was not a full-fledged warrior of the Quincy.

Tragedy in Germany

Five years had come and gone in the blink of an eye. The day since his trial the eleven-year-old Ghislain proved himself a valued warrior. As a hunter and a practice of combat he'd come a long way. His might and spiritual power were very well known. He'd spent the five years distinguishing himself before those around him. However, other things had happened during the five years. A so-called Emperor of their people had emerged into the world. Yhwach was his name something about the man's name made his blood tremble. But it wasn't for him to figure things out like this. He'd become a man among his clan at the age of Eleven. But still his child like instincts tugged as he played with Draco. The two were at their closest now. He'd become his brother's rival and it went both ways. The two as the Sweepers were even more than before. All of the children had grown exceptionally powerful. Ghislain and Elizabeth were beyond close as the wedding had gone through. The two were officially Husband and Wife, tying together the families. However nothing remained happy forever as the children would learn soon. Rumors had spread that his uncle had been talking to the Vandenreich. Talking about him and his immense spiritual pressure. The prowess to take down Shinigami as they were called. To kill off extremely high level hollows using his intellect. By always thinking and being an intelligent warrior he passed through the fire. As a warrior but his education had only begun. Dark clouds loomed over head as one day it happened. Uncle Levi and Adolf had an arguement a fight about the future. They both held different opinions on Ghislain's place as he could become a key of the Vandenreich. Save their people from the coming battle with the Shinigami. The arguement would escalate and Draco would try to intervene. Levi had already made his deal with the devil, sold out the position of them. Levi killed both Adolf and Draco to prove his loyalty.

It was in Septemeber that his dreams and desires ended. Yhwach the Emperor arrived in time to see it happen. His uncle and he clashed it was in anger and rage. His Uncle begged for mercy but would get none for his brutal killing of Draco and Adolf. Ghislain's cold remorseless expression was haunting. A ruthless aggression had formed as he took everything away. Psychologically battering his uncle before delivering the death blow. The Vanden Reich members emerged quickly and restrained him. But the deed was done he'd destroyed his Uncle's soul never allowing it to continue. The dark deeds that man did wouldn't be forgiven. He was told it was the King's will but he was immune to that. Because he held an A of his own. Ghislain's eyes seemed cold and empty as the Emperor of them chuckled. He told them to bring the boy along. Elizabeth followed close behind a few Vandenreich members objected. But the dark clouds that came for him wouldn't let him go. Shackles were tossed on Ghislain as he was brought along. Jugram made the choice later on the journey that the shackles weren't needed. Shattering the metal with relative ease, though the Quincy knew. That Ghislain could have done so with his own powers. It was later this evening that the Emperor came to him. He was an older man who felt as though his life was immense. A blond haired man followed him close. He wore glasses but looked immense as far as warriors went. The man was muscle upon muscle from what Ghislain could see. It was this moment when a crimson orb was pushed into him. It was blood from the feeling of it, but a power surged in him. Gravity seemed to pour into his being as he felt the pressure. Ghislain's power with this would be fine as he continued to mask the Dark Matter. He knew a bit about what it was as he went to Elizabeth and sat. The two of them were mostly outcasts. A few Quincy and he spoke to one another on occasion. But for the most part, Ghislain didn't communicate with them. His quiet demeanor hinted at someone upset.

Draco's passing hurt a lot more than he let on. It was as though someone had stolen his light. And was trying to push this old man Yhwach as the new one. Ghislain didn't accept it, but his family was in danger. He'd remind himself that his families were in danger. So it was best to do as he was told for the moment. Someday Ghislain Eberhart would be free of them and so too would their people. It was for the first time he got to see how just truly massive this organization was. The Vandenreich was filled with the most he had ever seen before. It was a hard look at the reality of the situation. That the Quincy were a group of people that weren't like other people. This was a dream land for them it was a time when he wondered. Could action bring about results as they traveled to the place wars would be fought? Ghislain couldn't help but fathom it all as a bad dream that couldn't be put off as much else. His wife and he would grow here as it began.

Jugram had taken an interest in Ghislain's intellect as the two spoke often. They got along well aside from Ghislain's dislike of Yhwach. But that was the least of the problem. Jugram began educating him to fight, teaching him how to fight with precise skills. Ghislain wasn't a particularly good swordsman. It was something he was decent at till Jugram got involved. His education took off and here is where Ghislain's prowess came in. In a large majority of the strategy for the Vandenreich. He was used to executing combat strategies despite his young age. He came up with multiple outcomes allowing the Quincy to survive clashes with the enemy. Jugram once called him the Dark Prodigy of the Vandenreich. His intellectually skills matched his Martial ones for a deadly combination. But he hesitated when it came to killing enemies. Jugram and others of the organization spent time teaching him. Trying to get him over his pacifist nature that he had. Ghislain wasn't given a choice in the matter. It was either spill blood or watch his families. Hulderic and others reminded him he had cause for it. So with while he did it begrudgingly. Ghislain became a symbol of death and chaos on the battlefield. On rare occasions, it became known to some his real power. While he normally fought with Gravity powers. Many discovered that his Volstandig was much different from that. It was as though the child had alternate powers. His skills as a close range fighter weren't to be ignored. He broke zanpakutos with his spirit blade he summoned. The Gravity attacks allowed him to control battlefields. Fighting in different ways and defeating many foes. This fighting would go on for years, not just a single loss. The Quincy though remembered for that single defeat that cost them. The battles were back and forth for a long time. They won some and the enemy won some. Ghislain could remember the years as though a nightmare. It wasn't a single year or even a decade that went by as the conflict continued on. Neither side could get an edge it was around here that something was happening. Loyalty was wavering as the Quincy were dying to the powerful Shinigami. Captains and Vice Captains beings came in with destructive resolve to bring about the demise. Ghislain himself clashed with one before taking his Bankai. He'd claimed it as his own and even found ways to communicate with it. Ghislain's legendary intellect had become a feared thing. His strategies were keeping them in the game. Jugram and Yhwach valued the calculating and sharp boy. Age had made him much stronger as he was given a promotion, the sixty-year-old Ghislain appeared in his twenties. His powers had become very known among Shinigami. The last battle he had was against a very power Shinigami said to be their future. The clash lasted for what seemed hours before a huge blast occurred at the battle. He'd warned them to back off if anything seemed off. But the Quincy's Pride did not let them listen to him. He couldn't save them as the many people died.

He sensed their reishi disappearing as the death occurred almost within an instant. Ghislain released his power for a moment killing the shinigami. His strength was equal to that of a Captain when not holding back. Ghislain had hidden his strength as he felt the consuming of Yhwach. It was a cold feeling to feel the so-called Father of Quincy disappearing. Cold blooded murder on the part of Hulderic Hylham. Ghislain wasn't sure what would come next of it all. This battle was over finally, his wife Elizabeth came to collect him. She opened a portal rift as was her power. He held her hand as he sighed softly. She was a year younger than her Husband as she'd aged a bit. Ghislain's parents had died his sister had passed along with them. Sometime during the war, she developed Scarlet Fever but couldn't heal it. Ghislain cursed his luck as he released the Shinigami's face. He'd blown the creature part with his Dark Matter. The surprise factor of his real powers being displayed for the first time did it. Using a hand he warded the area behind him seeing his wife. The War was done and yet he sensed the shift in the air. Quincy began leaving under different means. Some weren't dead and he could tell that much. His wife and he had a couple children by this point. He was hailed by many as the strategist that held things together. His planned had matured along with him. But Ghislain and his wife and their four children would leave. Returning home where he would educate himself further and live a normal life. Normal life was such an interesting concept as he put his sword down. Ghislain still trained himself but his spiritual training meant more. He taught his children their ways as they hit adulthood. He took them on less taxing hunts and trials that wouldn't give them away. Teaching them the Quincy Artform of fighting close range. But also teaching them to think much like Adolf before him. This was a life he could stand far more than anything else.

Ghislain studied hard and became a master Architect of the German country. He'd studied hard and got a good profession. He was skilled and capable as he finally began to notice things. The Ancient Quincy were a myth he'd heard about often. A language was spoken before he was born. He wondered just how far back did the mutation go? Was what they knew all there was to it all? What were Quincy before they were Quincy to begin with? What was it that made them possible to become this creature? Ghislain was determined to answer those questions tragedy struck once more. Twenty years had passed his wife died in her sleep. This destroyed him for a long time, as he sat with tears in his eyes. He didn't eat or do anything remaining in her room. Her passing left him all alone, no one was left from that time. Ghislain had finally lost everything, it wasn't till a dream awoke him that his mind returned. Ghislain spent a week in mourning before jumping into life. He started playing violin and piano as to keep busy. He didn't know how else to respond to it all. He became a composer of music among other things. His desire to live a normal human life showed. But as time went by he began to meditate on something bothering him. He sensed a sleeping beast in his people, Hulderic Hylham had not died. What was more his blood was calling out for Ghislain. Ghislain was able to cloak himself and hide from it. He made a choice now that he would do something to save them. He sensed destruction in the direction Hulderic was taking. Ghislain wasn't sure why but his instincts weren't often wrong. So he began his preparations for the day to come. Ghislain had fought often in the war hiding his powers and using them once and a while. But a time would come when his strength was needed again. Ghislain would spend four hundred years training himself as he detected the change. The first thing he would train was his body to become the perfect vessel for Dark Matter. He wanted his body to embrace it even further than before.

Ghislain made the choice to start using weighted training gear at this point in time. but much more was needed of him. He decided to wear seven hundred kilos of weight on him total. This added up to 1543 lbs for him in total on his body. Training was physical exercises under the most grueling conditions possible. Ghislain would wear this and perfect to the best capability he could. Building his body as a temple capable of destruction. Everything was banking on him making the body perfect for it all. Ghislain had aged and matured well as he spent his time training smartly. It wasn't long before he grew used to the weight and had developed a perfect body. A diet of using fish among other things to craft it. The next step to come was that he would increase his power. Ghislain began training in a closed environment. He put himself into the intense training for one reason alone. To lead their people and bring them to a new place. He studied politics and strategy on a whole new level. Inventions and designs as he perfected the nature of Quincy weapons. Devising ways for them to fight while training himself. His body was at its peak condition now to use that power. The training to have Dark Matter become a part of him. That was the hardest part of the training overall. It was something nightmare like having Dark Matter fuse in your DNA. Studying to understand a simple construct was complicated. Just learning how to infuse his Blut and other elements with the power of Dark Matter. To truly embrace this power after so long was complicated. Challenges though were the things that made us stronger. Ghislain's life would be measured not by success but by his failures. He counted each one and learned from it like learning a lesson of great importance. Training with devices so he could manipulate the constructs without them just exploding. That was the hardest part but like all things in life. With time came a mastery over even than the challenge. Ghislain learned to do far more with the destructive energy than before.

Ghislain's preparations were well spent as the time continued forward. Hulderic found him when he desired to be found. Ghislain offered to join this new Vandenreich. Not for any reason in particular as he was merely trying to lessen the damages. Hulderic's influence and destructive resolve caused nothing but trouble for him. It wasn't clear to him but after seeing Hulderic after four hundred years. He learned the events that unfolded that night. Hulderic had revealed his power of Soul Consumption. Eating the dreaded Emperor when his guard was down wasn't easy. But Ghislain sensed it without being told that Hulderic was unstable. Devouring the Father of Quincy for more power had been a reckless move. Ghislain couldn't fathom where the journey would go from here. Hulderic confessed to locking Quincy in the pocket realm. It was called the Void but Ghislain noticed it as a pocket reality of sort created by Hulderic. Ghislain decided to join those in the pocket realm leaving Hulderic and those outside to do their own thing. Inside of this dark space, he took care of children. Making sure they understood everything. Ghislain was eight hundred years old during this time period but time moved oddly. Inside this space time and space were completely distorted. He could feel Hulderic's presence like a bad dream on the outside. It was a nightmare that merely did not cease or stop. Bad choice after choice from this Emperor. Ghislain had studied to become a beacon for his people. They needed hope, not strength. They needed peace, not war. They weren't in need of these destructive natures. The understanding was needed above the violence that was produced. Ghislain meditated long and hard over the Quincy's demises and the downfalls. The major ones he sensed were brought on by poor choices. The Vandenreich made war with Sing Iramasha. He sensed it on the horizon that K-World would never forgive them unless something was done.

Ghislain could only watch from this pocket realm in ghastly horror at what happened. Turning the children away from such things as some became men. They became loyal to the figure of Ghislain as he taught them. Playing music for them and being the pillar they needed. It was some time later that it finally happened that Ghislain was made the Emperor. He sensed the demise of Hulderic and felt it. A sting of pressure went through his body as he felt the power. It was a strange feeling as he fell into a coma. This coma would last years within the world he was in. Or at least it seemed to amount to that. This restful state was something done for the Emperor. What it ended up doing, in the long run, was allowed him to see everything the previous had been through. It was an educational dream. The dream would guide them towards being a good Emperor. Ghislain had already trained himself to be an Emperor that he believed their people needed. But the journey was taken regardless of the person wishes.

The Cerulean Dream and Obsidian Awakening

The first dream that took the Emperor's mind on the joruney was strange. Yhwach was a child born in a cave far off. The land was unfamiliar to him even the tongue of it's name. Though Yhwach had no information on that he could use as he watched it. Almost like watching a projection of the past before him. Yhwach's life played out and the plan he had. Ghislain's teeth gritted as blood dripped down his lip. His fists clenched till warm liquid ran down them as Yhwach spoke. The plan had been the destruction of the Quincy. As his power allowed him to get stronger for each killed. Ghislain's cerulean eyes may of turned red in this instance. That monster had sent them to the slaughter. Behind the closed doors he'd planned the genocide of their species. Just so he could grow stronger from the fallen Quincy who passed on. Ghislain's eyes watched with disgust as Yhwach's legacy continued to play. Learning the meaning behind the man's power as his body was educated. Ghislain began to learn moves and such from the source himself. This dream like state was an excellent place for fighting. He and Yhwach were sparring but something was wrong with this. Yhwach was dead, he could feel Yhwach's amusement at it all. The blood inside him boiled as he realized that Yhwach was enjoying this. Whatever this imaginary figure was it was amused at his disgust of it. The training concluded in what Yhwach called one hundred years, but outside only a couple hours had passed. Ghislain didn't know what to think of it, but the Emperors seemed connected by something great. He wasn't sure what it was, but he made a silent promise. No one else would go through whatever this was. He would be the last Emperor of his people. For when he was done with his time the position would no longer be needed ever again. Ghislain felt the scene change as the grinning first Emperor vanished.

Hulderic's life played into his vision next. The story was sad but also rather frightening. Hulderic was a monster under every pretext of the notion. He planned to kill Yhwach from the beginning. Ghislain's mind couldn't wrap around that fact. Hulderic intended to do that for more power. Those two were so similar they would throw away everything for power. Ghislain had trained himself hard but not at the expense of others. His children had passed on and his Grandchildren barely knew of his existence. So no one suffered from Ghislain's training but he himself. But Hulderic's choice to get involved in the war of Australia appeared. His eyes watched that display in utter anger. Hulderic acting like a fool, he sensed Yhwach's influence without much trouble in Hulderic. Hulderic had eaten something very bad and was being ripped apart. This all disgusted him how far they went for power. But a question was raised in his mind, how far would he go? What would he do to save those people important?

Would he throw away all sense and become a monster like them? Or had he become one in his quest to save them? Did the Quincy need saving this moment of doubt was when Hulderic spoke. That the Quincy needed someone like Ghislain, that he could fix everything. Ghislain couldn't fathom Hulderic telling him this information as he took it all in. Everything was clear as he and Hulderic began their lesson. He sensed a grim acceptance from Hulderic as it continued. Both figures had taught him the truth behind Blut. It was perhaps the most natural power to a Emperor. Hulderic and Yhwach were two of the greatest users of it. Ghislain was certainly good but not in the same way. Hulderic told him at the end of it that he had surpassed both Yhwach and him. That was the moment Ghislain had awoken and his blood began it's cry to those within. Ghislain sensed the distrust still outside of the world. Hulderic's last action was a mystery, but something was very different. Hulderic had died for certain but the cause was so confusing and unknown. He knew the plan Hulderic had as he awoke from the Dream. The trials and training had been a taxing reminder of it all. The Quincy weren't alone anymore as he would undo the damages for them. Ghislain would lead them out of this troubled times. He didn't like the fact Hulderic took a cowards way out instead of settling things for their people. But it wasn't important anymore. Ghislain would remain here to finalize one single from his training. He wanted to read every record they kept here. He spent his time reading these notes and letters till the time came. Till it was time for the Vandenreich to return to the world. He would guide them in a new direction, to a new fate. Ghislain wasn't sure what would come of it. But his power had been tested and brought to bare on those before him. But this time he would show the Quincy a peaceful solution. Not by force would he rule them, but by kindness. Hulderic had a cruel dictator mentality within him. Ghislain would guide them as the ultimate Emperor.

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Regalia Name:The Grim
Regalia Type: Mythic Noble
Regalia Travel Form Appearance:The Regalia takes the shape of a necklace with his wife's picture in it. The chain and what not are extremely powerful. Capable of enduring blows from very strong warriors. While it isn't able to execute attacks from this form. It does hold an image of Ghislain's wife in its place. This is often times considered Ghislain's symbol of strength for himself. He looks to it when he doubts or worries about choices. The Travel Form has a great meaning for him.
Weapon Form: Upon turning into a weapon his necklace turns into a katana as it shifts forms. The blade is razor sharp and sounds out with a howl of sorts that seems to scare those who will encounter the Grim's Blade. The weapon seems to have a dark ebony color to it. The sharp edge of the Regalia is very much capable of cutting through the thickest materials. While some things will be able to match up too or overpower the weapon. Ghislain's preferred sword of the katana works very well with his aesthetics. As the blade is examed closely it seems alive and aware. The hilt and guard area uses an hourglass style guard. It is wrapped in a black cloth of unknown origin. The blade measures in at a regular Katana's length and size. Nothing is out of the ordinary about the design aside from the color and hilt wrap. On the bottom of the hilt, a chain hangs with a dog's head hanging from it. The black chain seems like it moves and changes expressions. While it is rare Ghislain will stop and comment to the creature now and then.
Regalia Personality: The Grim's personality is extremely strange. It is a female based Regalia and has taken a liking to Ghislain and his wife. Thus why her picture can remain in the locket. Ordinarily, the locket would take the soul of the wielder. But the Black Dog has taken a rather affectionate feeling for Ghislain. Enough so that when he dreams it lets what he believes is his wife visit him. The creature is protective and communicates with Ghislain in different ways. Allowing him to communicate with it through different things. While it is a female Regalia the creature doesn't tend to shy from its qualities. It has been described as a Hellhound and bringer of death. A symbol of death among other things. It carried itself with a nobility and class that others didn't match. The Grim at one point would not allow users to access its powers. As the second Regalia ever made it has pride in its time. The First Regalia was destroyed by its own power making this the first successful one to exist.

Ability 1:The Grim's first power is that it can communicate with all other Regalia. It allows it to communicate and even to a degree summon them to their original forms. However, this isn't done by mind control or anything like that. Regalia simply view the Grim as the oldest one to be around presently. This power doesn't help Ghislain much aside from detecting Regalia and where they remain hidden. The sniffing out the process of sorts makes it very effective. As it is able to even tell what kind of Regalia is around it. The Regalia area being all themselves so detecting others and knowing them by name is its gift. Much like a dog, it can detect them based on a smell that only Regalia have. It cannot detect normal people or find them. This isn't something that it is capable of and it does have a range. The max range is 40 meters, playing a game of hot and cold. The Grim telling him when he's getting warmer on the trail. To most, this power would be useless however Ghislain does find it useful. For detecting where the very hard to locate Regalia may be located. Ghislain may have the oldest existing of the Regalia. But it doesn't make it something he will boast about too often.

Ability 2: It's second power is that it can control it's molecular density. But it goes a bit further than that when it comes to the weapon. Grim is able to completely become intangible as a weapon. It can only do this for four turns at most. Now it does have a drawback in this form that is obvious. It can't block attacks coming at it from an enemy. This obvious flaw is something Ghislain is aware of though it does have it's advantages. Because it can pass through things without using too much force. Ghislain can select when it's density returns to normal. By controlling the Regalia's power at the molecular level he can make it grow into a Nodachi or shrink into a Wakazashi. The Grim as a weapon uses this power frequently and tends to do so with a great amount of prowess.

Ability 3:The Third Ability for the Grim is Magnetization into it's wielder's hand. It also lets Ghislain magnetize things he touches with a strong force. With his gravity-based powers, this is handy in its own ways. However, Ghislain mostly uses this to keep a hold of his weapon. He can control the strength of the magnetizing of his weapon. It can also be turned off and on depending on the situation. While on it takes energy to keep it that way. He can also create the magnetizing depending on what his enemies do. This isn't a perfect power but none of the Regalia were designed to be the greatest combat tool ever. They were made for the purpose of being a companion for those that don't have one. For the Quincy who live as long as Ghislain does.

Ability 4: The Grim can channel all of Ghislain's attacks and powers through it's blade. Anything he can do ordinarily with other weapons can be done with the Grim. It is a harmony between the two that is almost perfect. Ghislain often claims a sense of comfort when wielding the weapon. By using his skills in terms of doing this. The Grim doesn't rely on other tricks or anything. It simply makes it's wielder better by using what they already have. The Grim can accelerate the attacks slightly and make them faster. It does cost energy from Ghislain to do so. But he is able to do it in ways that come from the Grim and its powers as a Regalia. While the weapon itself does have its own move. It does focus more on better the wielder then it does being some fancy trick weapon.

Ability 5: The final Ability known in German as Heulen. It creates a sound based attack upon contact with other weapons. It attacks with sound waves that do some damage. Ghislain can trigger and control the directions of these soundwaves. Depending on force and amount of power put into them. Ghislain is able to use his Regalia to frightening effect. The Grim is potent with its power known as Heulen which means Howl. The Howl is something Ghislain can use for a bit of energy. But it's something the Grim is meant to do. The Howl can be a bone-chilling sound that will cause NPCs to lose the will to fight. Others it will simply cause disorientation and some can outright ignore it. However, in these situations, it is possible to make a physical blow with the sound waves that slices the enemy. The louder the howl the more damage, which means the blade needs to make noise in order to produce it.

Origin Form Appearance: When restored to it's Origin Form. The Grim takes the form of a large black dog. Presence once represented hell itself in some ways. The Grim was seen as a Hellhound at its core. Being one of the stronger Regalias. It is able to use its Abilities in the Origin Form that it has. The Grim is very fast and effective as a fighter. Capable of using and directing it's howl at enemies. While also using the power of its claws and teeth. The creature's bite force is moreIt has a bite force of almost 19 hundred Psi. While it doesn't mean that it will get a hold of someone for sure. When it does that bite will do some serious damage unless they defend. It's bite cannot go through energy based things. It's a purely phyiscal based power. Within Ghislain helping it the bite force is basically just a pretty number.

Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]

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Quincy Techniques

Kinetic Energy Absorption: Ghislain has discovered through the fights he's been in so far along with some personal training. That he can absorb the destructive kinetic force to some amount from attacks when they hit him. He can feel the energy and potency of the attack's force. However, needing contact with it is the price he pays to absorb the energy from it. He doesn't absorb all of it as the attack lands a blow against his body. By in taking the energy that is poured into his frame, he is able to make his attacks stronger. Ghislain's understanding of energy has improved from this. Showing skill in absorbing the energy of the earth and becoming more sensitive to it's feeling around him. The type of energy plays a part in this as well. Obviously taking a hit from demon energy or something poison to a Quincy wouldn't go well. He would poison himself before he could take it into his body. What Ghislain's skill here does is take in half of the attack's force into his body. Releasing alongside his own power if he's capable of taking the blow. Taking in the kinetically destructive force as a part of the flow and push and pool of the world. Now there are some limits to what Ghislain's body can handle even to a certain extent different energies. The first condition that must be met is he must be able to physically endure the attack coming. Contact must be made in order for him to use this with the energy. The second is that the kinetic force not is too much for him to absorb. There is a limit to how much he can absorb from an attack. Ghislain can absorb up to fifty percent from an attack's output. Now Ghislain can't instantly fire this back he needs two posts to have his body used to the kinetic energy before sending it back out.

Perfected Crescent Seal: Ghislain has spent time training and perfecting how to use this move. He’s come to the belief it should be used an event only standing. Its power increase is accurate and he can hold it for most the thread he will be in. But for each turn that passes the physical damage and risks of using it rise for the user. The Crescent Seal at first isn’t too taxing to use in terms of an event only move. It’s power to empower everything Ghislain does is considered to be a boon. Gelphinr the string that binds the wolf in legend this is the same. Ghislain can remove the string for a while and allow himself to empower and fight for much greater effects with his personal techniques. This empowers him by x4 towards everything when activated. He has moves that are safer to use but has realized that he needs to go beyond that. To do something more than what Alois did with the string. Alois never realized that this power came with a cost. That using it for long periods as he did would destroy you. But by balancing your energy and sending the energy outwards in Empowered moves the user can thus prevent damage to their body or core. It’s similar to trying to contain a bomb in a glass bottle. The explosive results will destroy a person’s very being and core if they aren’t careful with it. By releasing the bomb outside the bottle and letting the flow go into moves. The user can prevent damage to their body. The downside is this must be used once per event as it takes the time to generate energy. Ghislain has realized that building up energy in Crescent Seal for use depends on time. After use, it will take several days for him to replenish the energy. It should be noted as he gets stronger Ghislain will be able to obtain far higher unlock levels aside from x4.The limit is entirely up to the user what they are willing to give in return.

Eye of Odin: He must first close an eye losing it entirely but he is then able to witness the entire battlefield. Seeing everything going on before him from aa bird's eye view. Able to witness and observe things from any distance he selects. The downside to this is no empowered version exists to the Eye as it allows him only to see things around him on a much greater scale. Noticing every detail and finite thing before him. He’s able to finally observe and locate things around him with a greater sense. On the scale it allows him to see things below him and take in the details of the battlefield or area. Able to scout and see energy readings among other things with this technique. It requires a large amount of focus and can be jarring. Being returned to his own regular point of view. Ghislain doesn’t have much time to use this technique though he does find it useful to observe things. He must be in the area in order to do so but he can pick to view the area from different angles upon closing his eye. He is unable to move or see his current location thus people can sneak up on him while using this easily.

Mjolnir:By using the Gravitons at his disposal he’s able to call down lightning bolts from the heavens. These bolts can be summed to do long range damage and allow for him to fight without moving much. However, this is only one usage as he’s able to summon the sparking lightning to his fists and use them in order to cause a great deal of damage. Striking and using his power to inflict large-scale damage. This can be empowered unlike the eye and is capable of widespread destruction. The blast that is summoned down is massive and can destroy several city blocks even when held back. The downside is such a thing may only be done once every three posts. As it’s taxing to summon that down and the sky doesn’t have the energy to do it every single moment. Such is the way of Mjolnir.

Grasp of Hel: This is an interesting move that has two functions that can be accessed. But only one may be called at a time for him as the two clash with one another. The first is a light glowing hand he can summon up to one hundred of them. These will touch and rest upon his subject and allow him to heal them from a distance of twenty meters. The healing effective is quick as it replenishes stamina and energy over time. The longer they are touched by the hands the longer they can continue. The Black hands summoned of Dark Matter and something foul is capable of much greater horrors. The range on these is shorter as he summons them around himself. They are able to catch and devour energy or beings they come into contact with. The energy that would eat them will run into the issue of nothing happening to them an impasse will be reached. These are capable of ripping and crushing people and are easy to spot or dodge based on the enemies. When Empowered he summons one thousand of either hand and can only do it once a thread.

Claws of Fenrir: The specialty of the Hound of Baskerville is the physical aspects of this move. Ghislain had once left behind using it simply because he believed it was too foul. But by embracing what he was in the beginning he’s returning to his senses. This increases the user's strength by a single level. If they are Master or GM the user gains a 2x increase to the power they have normally. This move can be empowered to deadly results and allows them to gain an x4 increase in strength in GM or Master. Allowing them to become truly frightening and terrors upon the battlefield. However, this move is taxing to a body not prepared and has a five turn cooldown when empowered. While in his regular state he is able to inflict massive damaging blows. Wielding things around like they are small weapons when they are large. It's when empowered that Ghislain can really begin to release tremendous strength capable of damaging people who even block his blows. Ghislain's physical blows are equal to or greater than a Megaton when empowered.

Ymir’s Fortress: This is a reiatsu hardening technique that has been passed down by the Hounds. When used it allows them to become more durable by x2 of what is capable from just a normal reiatsu hardening. The technique can also be empowered to be much stronger when done correctly within their skills. Empowering this will allow them to take a blow that no mortal being should be able to absorb. 4x increase to defense is done with the empowering however time is the limit when using this. The defense doesn’t last forever as it is worn down slowly over time by the enemy's barrage and attacks. This technique is part of the reason why nobody could wound him in battle. At x2 alone his defense is extremely tight capable of taking hits that are equal to bunker buster bombs and brushing them off. His Empowered form allows him to take even further abuse and get up without too much damage.

Thrill Of Ullr's Hunt: Much like the Claw is a slight increase in strength. This allows them to move faster as they smell blood in the air. This increases the user’s speed by one. x2 if Master or GM once again. Allowing them to truly move at a pace that few are capable of. The Hounds are physical monsters created to battle and fight like demons. They aren’t bound by the logic of our world or beliefs. They develop and fight based on the teachings of the previous. By embracing the physical Hunt and Claws they are frighteningly fast and strong. When Empowered like before they gain an x4 increase in Master or GM. However, if their body isn’t used to this speed increase it can lead to lasting damage and effects. His speed in regular form is considerably allowing him to move around with rapid movements normal bodies can't make. At his base form, Ghislain can easily shatter the sound barrier with this speed. When Empowered his speed is truly frightening as people compare it to teleportation almost.

Cry of the Valkyrie: This move allows the user to summon five Valkyrie who can use the moves of the Hound. These beings are a tier under the user and allow them to copy or mimic the user’s moves or powerset. They aren’t set into a general core or belief as each one functions differently. Now, most would believe when Empowering this move the user creates a bunch of them to do things. That is incorrect, the user summons a single Valkyrie capable of massive amounts of destruction. As her Tier is equal with his own in Empowered and she can bring upon those not ready for her wrath and fury. The Valkyrie function off a limited amount of energy they have based on Tier. And will vanish as soon as all of it has been used up.

Specialized Ginto

Dark Ginto Information: Ever since he could walk Ghislain had been unable to wield normal Quincy equipment. For a magnitude of reasons coming from his power was the Anomaly. He did showcase a special series of Ginto he could wield from time to time. But they were far from perfect and in truth did cause him some difficulties. Not being able to use the Ginto of other people caused Ghislain trouble till one day he finally realized it. Sofia was the anchor that caused him to truly awaken. To decide that enough was enough he needed to embrace his gifts. For so long he spent trying to fight as he was without improving. Without truly moving forward and going with the times. So he finally studied and came up with the idea. Of making a material similar to the Ginto that they often used. But fundamentally different so it could handle his power. Ghislain's Dark Energies have always consumed the more light based Ginto technology. By making them and constructing them out of a special Dark Matter. Ghislain is able to prepare and make them without the trouble.

Sadly these Ginto don't work like normal ones and don't allow for the techniques of other things that came before. Ghislain's unable to truly use the Selee and some of the equipment his brethren use to do things. So it's best to adapt and come to your own conclusions. Ghislain learned much from his battle with Sofia. She showed him that he needed to become stronger. To truly press and go further with his limitations. And create something massive. Ghislain always enjoyed Norse Mythology so must of the techniques and the Dark Ginto Spell's he's created below are made from that series. These are contained in different kinds of containers and cause different effects. Ghislain considers himself a puppet master of sorts in some cases. Inventing and devising his own way to fight without going all out. Ghislain truly learned and became a capable warrior. The Dark Ginto Series are the only things that can truly wield his power. While more are likely to come, these are the beginning for him.

Jormungand: The first technique he got the idea of creating something from his childhood. By feeding energy to the serpent he's able to create a massive Sea serpent and partial dragon. It's very breath is poison and can kill very quickly those who are caught in it's breathe. Ghislain's shown an immunity to this poison, this brand is a special brand made of a Dark Matter based poison. Which he can control and spread himself. The creature is massive towering at 70 meters tall when summoned and capable of plunging an entire area into a poison based fog. The main difficulty is escaping the beast when summoned. Some people may be able to blast the poison fog away or even remove it. This will make things difficult for Ghislain as the serpent only does that generally. People fast enough can outrun the poison fog, it should be noted this poison can poison the air and water. The creature is able to apply this and those who are poisoned will find it difficult to face it.

It should be noted again you can blast away the poison and potentially damage Jormungand with enough force. Destroying the massive serpent dragon is hardly impossible. As many will find out when he summons it choosing to release Jormungand from its slumber. The Dark Ginto tube containing it only requires him to open it for the figure to come free of its binding. The creature is purple scaled and had fangs sharper than daggers, those who are sad enough to be struck by the figure's teeth. Will die a painful death unless given an antidote. It should be noted that Ghislain can extract the venom and poison from people freely. As said previously he's able to manipulate and alter as he see's fit during confrontations. People could find the antidote and possible reverse the poison or resist it.

On the first turn, they will notice a shaking in their body, on the second turn the poison will cause hemorrhaging and bleeding to occur from the ears and nose. On the Third Post of being poisoned, it will begin attacking and causing damage to the nervous system and cause hallucinations. The target can cure themselves before the position does extreme damages in ten posts. The target will begin feeling tearing and damages inside their bodies. Healing or some form of removal of the toxic substance is needed at this time.

Fenrir: Much like it's brother the Serpent Fenrir is a contained in a tube that once opened allows for it to move freely. This creature is immensely strong ability to create massive craters with its paws alone. Its jaws are able to rip spells and energy based attacks in two. Fenrir is designed for the purpose of smelling and detecting traps or markings. It is able to remove them but is also extremely faster and powerful. Capable of bringing down ten men in a second if given the chance. Fenrir is known to be the Wolf who killed Odin. This has only brought Ghislain a form of joy in its creation. Unlike the Serpent, this is more of a forward fighting creature. Who takes joy in combat and fighting close range. It is able to remove binding, curses, or markings from its master. With its powerful nose and keen intuition, it's able to detect them rather quickly. Helping Ghislain combat and fight those who may use methods undesirable for him. It can remove things devouring them and gaining energy from doing so. It's able to release its power in a roar or a growl. This Hound is far more dangerous then most would expect with its power base. Fenrir serves as a loyal protector and guards for Ghislain. And also helps him maintain the monetary he was so well known for. The Hound of the Vandenreich, tracking and other things are a specialty of this creature. But it doesn't track in the regular sense, it's able to sense things from a soul essence and even further. Fenrir makes a truly capable and frightening companion for Ghislain. This, of course, is but one of his favored summons since he made it.

Brynhildr:By far the strongest Ginto Ghislain's create in the form of his summoning based Ginto. This technology has allowed him to create some masterful creations indeed. He often saw himself as a man who tried to undo his sins. But the truth was a simpler tale of him wishing he was a hero. One who Brynhildr would accompany into battle from the Heavens. By creating this Ginto based creature he accomplished just that. The buxom maiden appears with her body armored and carrying a glowing spear. This weapon is her tool of combat and she is ready to aid and fight with Ghislain. Her powers mirror his own, but they both are connected. When she takes damage so does he. When he does she does as well and both of them suffer for it. They share energy and are able to use one another's weapon and moves. Ghislain can manipulate and help her fight more fluidly given the beautiful maiden time. Able to shift weapons and allow her to fight at a melee range for him. Ghislain and Brynhildr make a duo that is extremely hard to fight. But this is tiring for Ghislain also as he's sharing his energy with her. They are both in sync and fighting at different paces allowing for combinations and moves.

Gungnir: This is the first Weapon based Ginto he'd made using technology and ideas from the Seele product. The way this spear works, however, isn't normal in the slightest. It's blade isn't bound to a single direction. Often times he can use this to his advantage. As the spear will bounce and move around almost like a living thing. Till it strikes its target with deadly force. This is what makes Gungnir dangerous as it can apply this effect when thrown. Where it bounces around not as one would expect and curves in unnatural ways. Ghislain's spear can be used multiple ways and doesn't require a singular use. Combining this with his runes and other powers. He's able to attack fiercely when using Gungnir. The balance and craftsmanship of his Gungnir are effective and does allow Ghislain to fight effectively. Growth is the only option the male has to become something more. He's begun to understand that not all methods are known.

The path to learning to fight for what he is. It's a long one that will require a long and painful road. Sofia showed him part of the road, now it's his job to prepare himself for the next part of it. Ghislain is ready to emerge and go past the limitations this world has set. To rise beyond the shackles of just being an emperor and move somewhere new. While these are only the first ones of his Ginto Weapons, it's likely that someday in the future he will make more. And develop them as he goes to complete his ultimate goal. Fighting Mana again and this time being a better warrior for it. Facing her not like he did last time as some using a single move. But more he'd prove himself to Sofia as more than what she saw in that encounter. Their previous battle when on for ages without an end in sight. This was, of course, a typical matter when it came down to it. But Gungnir and Ghislain would prepare and be ready for the next time they met. He'd showcase just how much of an Emperor he truly was.

Golden Coat of Chainmail: The first in line of internal based Ginto he’d created. Within the Dark Ginto, he made this has allowed him to prosper and make things a lot more clear. This is activated automatically when he’s struck by energy or physical based offense. This, of course, does have limitations but can take a massive beating. Able to survive several tons of force and even being driven into the ground. Ghislain's special internal Ginto series has other benefits that do aid him in the long run of things. He’s tested this taking severe impacts and force. It is able to endure a massive amount of force and damage. Along with have a regenerative property to its kit. He has shown tremendous skill in crafting this Ginto and letting it remain in his body. It enhances his blut passively but does provide a shield that is brought out when its owner is in danger. This shield doesn’t occur a single time but multiple till he removes it. This provides him with defense and control given his power in activating the area. The Golden coat has other functions but none of them are as important as this one. In legend this was worn by Sigurd upon killing the dragon. Ghislain had slain his own dragon long ago before making this and taking acknowledgement of it.

Dark Ginto Sprites: These are small Ginto based Nanobotic particles living inside of Ghislain. They restore broken tissues and reconstruct him based on his Energy manipulation. Able to rebuild and control his cells regrowth process. This one is constantly active in the line of Dark Ginto. Moving around the factor that he couldn’t use normal ones did help him evolve. These are able to reconstruct and build his body up along with heal other damaged people. By changing there from his body to theirs. Based on his energy he can multiply their construction base. And go even further with that when given the chance. This allows to rebuild arms being torn off or internal injuries based on his Reishi Manipulation skill. The higher he is the faster he can manipulate and control things. If this did happen while it may take time for this to happen. The Sprites will passively heal and rebuild any damages done to him. Ghilsina can rest easy as they manage and take care of any damaged tissues or body parts.

Ginto Hawkeyes:These eye enhancement are lens based Ginto that rest within his Iris. He’s able to slow down enemies and track their movements. This allows him to correctly gauge and figure out the locations his enemies are going. By infusing this with energy he can use them to enhance his sight even further. Able to see types of energy and different things. He can discern harmfulness and how difficult it would be to remove certain things from an area. Depending on how much energy is used, he can truthfully see through a person’s skin to their spiritual aura. This allows him to be effective as a healer in some ways. But also as a fighter, it has a great many potential stimulations that come from it. He is able to scan and see how other Ginto or energy based techniques work. Scanning them and looking for weak points in their construction. These can be seen by him activating his eyes and showing a glowing aura in them. Most people mistake this for him powering up, but this is only his reishi being channeled to his Ginto Eyes.

Ginto Hercules: These are located on his muscles and inside his body yet again. Ghislain realized quickly that a person can have activating these as a core element. By using these internal ones he is able to enhance his strength and speed. This allows for quite the increase to his physical skills. Depending on once again how well he can control it. He’s able to in theory activate and increase his physical speed and strength. Able to move faster and hit harder with everything he does. By empowering his muscles with energy the Ginto passes through and enhances those muscles. Feeding them much more power then they normally obtain. By relying more on Ginto based technology he can finally use. Ghislain is able to produce and quite agily deal with his foes. But he is also able to create massive attacks when doing so. Much like their blut however he must select speed or power when starting out. Ghislain cannot simply be fast and strong at the same time. Sadly it doesn’t work that way in any event it does help his muscles. Giving them extra power where they need it most and when they need it most.

Skin Ginto:This ginto guards his skin from high impacts and blows. It allows him to handle blades and acts similar to a Hierro. Once he channels energy to it or uses it he is able to block energy or otherwise dangerous blows. Ghislain’s defensive uses for it are many and quite capable. Like a Hierro this doesn’t break instantly or fall away, though it can be penetrated. It isn’t an easy thing to break through without some serious effort. Ghislain prides himself on a sturdy and capable defense. Being able to absorb punishment no other man could in theory Ghislain has shown his blut to be above average and capable of taking punishment. This skin is ale to recover if given enough Reishi and acts as previously stated as a Hierro. Ghislain doesn’t make his Dark Internal Ginto known to anyone however. Byu layering the Ginto over his skin he is able to use the protective layers and even block some sword strikes sent at him.

Ginto Converter: Put into his hands he is able to convert energy based attacks into his own. This method is used for mostly converting enemy energy attacks into a usable supply or method of his own. The energy conversion rate is based on the user’s Reishi Manipulation Level. Ghislain at present is able to convert sixty-five percent. This helps him out along with his present skills of converting energy when struck by it. Allowing him to do it at a faster rate and access things more quickly. He is able to redirect or control energy he converts and send some of it away. Or use it for another matter entirely when it comes down to it. Ghislain has shown a tremendous skill at manipulating and controlling energy. This of course makes him difficult to manage as a person for certain enemies. But for others perhaps still an easier one to manage.

Ginto Radar Scanner: This one is located within the brain and gives him free information. Allowing him to sense and detect enemies several times faster. With the sensory based technique available Ghislain is able to drastically enhance his sensory skills. Picking up enemies from a long range of thirty meters. He’s able to detect and sense movements and positions along with energy levels. Giving him a realistic picture of what his enemies are doing or planning. Like all Ginto technology, Ghislain is able to use this effectively with his Reishi skill. Being capable of detecting things beneath the earth’s surface or above him. So long as they are within a dome based range of the thirty meters. Ghislain is able to detect them and react based on the processed information.
Ginto Blut: This Ginto is a liquid based form that flows in the blood stream. And allows him to manipulate and use it with his Blut. By activating his blut along with this. He’s able to prevent high levels of damage from being taken. It’s over all purpose is to enhance what his Blut does. Allowing for him to pick and chose his battlefields he goes on a bit more carefully. This raises the risks of what can happened with his Blut as well since damaging himself is possible. The liquid form is only usable when activating his own blut for defense or such. He cannot activate this at all times like some other powers. By having this passively waiting in his bloodstream to active. Ghislain is able to defense himself more potently and capable of more Blut Feats. By using this within that and combining his energy with that. Once again this adds another Bulwark to the Quincy’s already impressive defensive prowess. Making him a tough nut to crack in the long run. But like all things this isn’t perfect and can be broken through with the proper strength and force.

Ginto Nerves:This is connected to the Nervous System and set up to allow for quick increases in reactions. Allowing for Ghislain to rely more on his physical capabilities instead of simply being normal. As the Anomaly Ghislain can equip these within his body among other things. Making his Ginto usage very different from his counterpart Quincy. Ghislain uses this to perform bursts of movement. Despite it not being perfect in terms of matching other speed users. It does give him a reliable and sometimes needed quick burst of speed. In reactions, it doesn’t affect his movement in distance. But it does comprehensively allow him to move and actively perform feats of movement others may not expect. Ghislain has always considered this a hand use for warriors and Monks alike. Those who take that oath must often pledge themselves to that world and what it means.

Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]


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General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Racial Skills

  • Volstandig: Master
  • Blut: Master
  • Hirenkyaku: Advanced
  • Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation: Grand Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master

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Ghislain Eberhart (Done)
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