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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Here We Are Again [Private/Ask To Join Only]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Here We Are Again [Private/Ask To Join Only]   Tue May 22, 2018 9:27 am


Song: N/A - Artist: N/A - Words: N/A

Silence fell on the underground maze once more as the combat faded away, allowing for a small period of downtime, able to ponder and process everything that had just happened, as Ulv lead the male through the corridors, a hand occasionally brushing against the walls, leaving a small marking as a way to backtrace, if needed.

Therefore, it gave him enough time to ease and bring himself to a state where he could think clearly and respond to Ulv's statements accordingly.

"Some things just don't follow logic at all, in any angle or sense."

As he went to place another marking, he saw a light from around the corner, following Ulv as she led him into the tomb, with Henrex's interest immediately being taken and drawn to the various weapons, tools, treasures, and everything else that adorned the tomb. Silently walking over and examining them, Henrex was quick to summon his Tulpa again.

The purple arms reaching out to them and scooping up the weapons and dropping them into a Kage Chokyo-shi portal that led right to his quarters in the Soul Society. Whatever these were, he would be looking at them later. Soon after this, Henrex's Tulpa dissipated and he approached Ulv, looking at the massive robotic construct, before kneeling and picking up one of the books and flipping through it.

"Bjorn? World Serpent? Moonlight...Dancer? Star-Plucking...what? What are you talking about? What even is this place?"


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Advent Of Fury

Ulv Auber

Ulv was busy looking at her books and didn't see Henrex stealing all the shit for himself. She was more flipping through her book and a few other books to make sense of the place. It seemed, like Jormun had taken Bjorn's place in this tomb. But why...did they make a better one for him, or was there something undocumented going on that led to this? Still, she looked up at the robot and smiled. It might not be the star-plucker, but if they could salvage a quarter of what went into it, that would be fantastic.

Then Henrex came up behind her very confused, which in turn confused Ulv.
"How do you not know what I am....ohh, right, yea. You never really looked into Wulin beyond 'more powers, lol'. Pick up a book some time, would you? Ci literally wants your babies and you are still this ignorant of the people that came before us?" Ulv shook her head in despair, and put the books down, turning to the rest of the treasure, only to see it was devoid of weaponry. Looking to Henrex, the only other person would could have moved it all in a short space of time, she let out a sigh.

"Sure, steal the weapons, ya fudging magpie...not that they are any good to anyone now" Ulv had a disapproving tone as she said that, putting her book back into the box and then closing the lid and picking it up. "Do try not to touch the Dancer, you've already got enough explaining to do to Ci without telling her you broke one of the most fantastical relics ever to be made in Wulin" strolling out of the Tomb and back to the Bazzar, Ulv's words seemed to imply that Henrex had done something a lot worse than simply just taking all the shiny bits...

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Here We Are Again [Private/Ask To Join Only]
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