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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yuki-onna    Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:25 pm

• Name: Yuki-onna
• True Age: 500
• Appearance Age: 15- 17
• Gender: , Female
• Orientation: will try for espata.

• Appearance: Yukis body has undergone a lot of changes. Her hair that was once silver is now a dark shade of blue that almost looks black at times. Yuki’s skin tone being a more natural rosy pink and incredibly soft to the touch. Her outfit now being a white and blue china dress with matching arm and leg garments. Yuki also has regained a lot of her lost dragon aspects. Like her wings and tell. Both being blue in color as she is an ice dragon.

• Bone Appearance: Yuki has got her dragon horns back from her old form.
• Hollow Hole: yuki's hole has not moved. Its still on her lower stomach.

• Reiatsu Colour:light pink and dark blue mix


Yuki onna's Old Personality: she is rather playfull. She enjoys games a lot andtries to make most things fun. She is known for playing with her food. Though she is a hollow she doesn't not put off an evil feeling aura at all. The reason for these is she doesn't not see what she is doing as wrong. It is normal to an animal to eat after all humans are just food. From dieing at a young age she still thinks of herself as a kid never growing up or maturing. Though she eats human souls it is in her childlike nature to play with other kids so she rarely eats children. She wary of other hollows having a fear of being eaten. But she dos still talk to them and interact with them. She is a loyal person if she calls you a friend then she will do her beast to make and keep you happy no matter the cost even if it be death. Rather lazy whin it comes to work and sneaks off to play a lot.

Yuki onna's New Personality: Yuki has not changed much as at her core she still is her self. But she has come to terms with being a Arrancar and fully embracing that fact. Yuki has no more wishes to live or even to be friends with humans. she has come to hate them as a whole. She only sees them a food now. nothing more than something to play with then eat.

• History:

{In her life }
She was happy living with a loving mom and dad she had a close group of friends she was rather popular in school to spite being a odd ball. she would help any one in need. She was a bit of a Otaku( overboard lover of anime and games) only her mom and dad knows this. Enjoy game arcades she really likes to play agents people on fighting games. She has Erotophobia so she is uncomfortable with issues related to sex in anyway. (General) sexual aversion versus or sexual feeling WILL Scare her.

{How she died}
She was killed in the"Nero Arc" it was a hard time whit constant fighting and many did die. She was one of the unlucky. Seeing her family and friend killed in front of her eyes before her own death watching them get eaten in a bloody mess. The hollow torchering her by making her watch. After he was done with her family and friends it turned it eye's on her, Stabbing her thru the shoulder's laughing all the wile. Slowly cutting her body and removing pieces of skin and meat from her arms and legs. It was enjoying this. she crying out for help multiple times but no one would come for her. The hollow after hours got bored of her by these time the pain had sent her in to shock and was quiet. She lade in his hands like a doll unmoving barely breathing. Her mine was a blank. than the hollow crushes her body in his hand killing her finally.

{sadly death was not the end}
The hollow fully enjoying her. he takes her soul as it leaves the now nothing more than a mangled corpse. He forced her into hueco mundo. he throws her spirit on the the desert floor. he than spent a long time that felt like a life time turning her. she repressed the memory's of this after becoming a Adjuchas but the fear of being eaten is steel their . a hundred years past she be come strong and the memory of her life returns. she than kill her hollow master for all the things he had done and started the proses of mack removal.

{ A new start ... or a nightmare?} Yuki after attacking a boy name Len in Karakura Forest managed to befriend him even though he was a human and she a hollow. This kind hearted boy took her into his home and showed her many things she had never seen. some things she missed from the time she was alive. She got to see lights shine as if from the heavens at a club. She got to fly on a bike across the night sky. Yuki was happy and She thought things could stay like this forever, But things turned out horribly wrong. yuki not wanting to only live off Len's kindness went out to find a job. she was gone for over 2 weeks looking for one in the massive city. She never found a job as a lot of people could not see her and others yelled at her for being a hollow. it was upsetting that she had failed to find one, but what was most upsetting was how a lot of people treated her like a monster.

When Yuki Finley got back home to the small apartment. Nothing. There was nothing left at all. The walls were bare. The furnisher was gone. More importantly the boy was not there. Yuki closed herself up in the back bedroom and waited for him to come back home. Over 7 months she waited for him to return. With each passing day she questioned herself as her will slowly slipped away taking her sanity along with it. "Did I do something wrong? What could it be...? We was friends right? Maybe he really did not want me around anymore? Maybe he does not want me near his human friend? Yes that must be what happened. I am a hollow after all." Looking back on all the people she told what she was and their reaction when job searching she become sure if it. The ice would start to glow a light blue as the tears started to flow from her eyes. "Humans and hollow can't live to gather." this was the big turning point for yuki. what will happen now? who knows.

• Sealed Zanpakutô: yuki's Zanpakutô is now part of her hand garments.Taking on the form of metal knuckles and arm plates.

• Racial Abilities:

Enhanced Cero: As a energy blast, it consists of firing a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. Yuki putting more power in to her cero has made it 1.5 x time’s that of a normal cero from someone her level

Enhanced Bala: As all Arrancar already have the ability to fire consecutive Bala blasts at the enemy. However Yuki's has more hardened spiritual energy than most her level. Makeing her pack a biger punches.

Descorrer: a technique used by Espada-level Arrancar and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo.

Pesquisa : An Arrancar ability to measure and locate spiritual pressure Pesquisa functions similarly to sonar, through a radiating pulse sent outwards from the user which reacts to sources of reiatsu within a certain proximity, allowing them to determine the location of any sensed individuals and granting them an indication of how powerful they actually are. Yuki’s Pesquisa is more of a passive ability as she can feel energies of all the things around her.

Flight: is capable of flying supernaturally or with the use of her wings.

Sonído : The Arrancar equivalent to a Shinigami's Shunpo. While somewhat similar to Hohō in regards to function and speed, Sonído appears to be more instinctual, seemingly requiring no previous knowledge to perform.

Grand ray cero: Is a Cero that only Espada are capable of using. It is performed by mixing an Espada's own blood with the Cero. The result is a Cero with a much greater attack power and speed as well as a change of color unique to the Espada. It is also many times more powerful than a normal Cero, capable of disturbing the fabric of space, it also seems to spin like a razor upon release as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power. It is stated by Ulquiorra that using a Gran Rey Cero is one of two things that are forbidden while inside Las Noches, as it is so overwhelming that it could destroy the fortress

Hierro An Arrancar's outer skin with high spiritual hardness that serves as armor. yukis though is less of armor and more like dragon hide

• Unique Abilities:
Poisonous. The poison enters the body affecting the nervous system making it hard to breathe and move or over a long amounts of time death. 3 post the infected will be weekend the body reflexes will be slower and breathing will be harder. after the 7th post the poison would have spread all over making any body movement difficult and any physical attack only at 50%. also shortness of breath will incomber them. 12th post fully succumb by it unable to move. at the time they will die if she does not give a antidote sends the it's a neural toxin. If given the antidote it completely removes the poison. their for not giveing your body enough time to build resistance to it in the future.

info on it.

(skill info)

Form spike: She can also make spike form out from her body. this spike have the same strength as her controlling their size and general shape
she can use them as a weapon nicely. such as blade like mainly.

SuperDragon strength, Yuki all be it a smaller framed arrancar has the supernatural strength of a dragon, she can pick up a bus if needed to chuck at her opponent, This can make her quit a hand full if she becomes upset,

Condensed soul: IF yuki does to eat a soul"non player" she will make said soul bite size. this makes the soul look like nothing more than a piece of candy in her hand.

Enhanced Durability/Pain: Yuki is highly durable, able to withstand being kicked bruised and beaten a lot without giving up, Go ahead smash her in to the street she will just get back up and return the favor. It is at this time that Yuki almost seems to love fighting as she won't stop tell the last minute..

• Resereccion Name: yuki Ryū
• Resereccion Release Phrase: make snow fall a pawn the lands

• Release Actions: putting her hands together. Rather in the form of cupping them or punching.

• Resereccion Appearance:

• Resereccion Abilities:

(ice abilities:)control water and ice in Almost all forms of Manipulation involve moving and shaping a body of water/ice can easily serve as weapon's, either by shaping into gigantic whips, swung repeatedly at a target as a snake-like body, formed into a razor-sharp edge that can cut through even metal,

Yuki's ice/ water: As her ice and water is controlled by her ability it is unable to be controlled by other people's abilities. This means other people cant take control over her ice or water as it only reacts to yuki's will. This is not to say others peoples powers cant effect it. They just cant control. example being another ice Manipulation user could not make yukis ice change at all against her will. Yuki's water/ice has no impurities in it as well making it look crystal clear.

ice Dragons bala: Yuki bala in her Resereccion has mixed her own ice powers in to it. the bala taking the shape of a dragons head. this can be seen done in her pix above. this form of bala can do two different things.
{1} being like a normal bala it can take on a explosive aspect not much unlike a normal bala in its use, but with added power and on impact with something spikes of ice will form to stab her target,
{2} the is way of using it that on impact with something it will become coated in her ice. IF the ice become chipped or cracked it will explode with the power of her bala. she can also make it blow up remotely at her own will.

ice Dragons Cero: This cero is nothing short of monstrous being able to be used in many ways.
{1} this way of her cero is simply her shooting a straight beam of energy at something. completely like a normal cero.
{2}this way of using it the cero looks more a ice/show being shot at something at the same speed of a cero beam. this ice will freeze on to whatever it touches and will explode on yuki's will. this is considered to be a lot weaker than a normal cero as all the ice rearly hits/stays on the target. But as it is an explosive being around this ice as it blows up will do some damage as well.
{3} this way is done by placing her hands up to her mouth and blowing a cero into a ice ball. this hand held ice ball haveing the full force of her cero in it. with its concentrated state of being its is five times that of her normal cero. the cero now being a small ball of her ice makes it have many ways to use it like throwing it setting it some where as a trap, or even packing it over to your target.

[Predatory state]: At times Yuki can loose her human mind and have her dragon side take over. Win in this state she is more of a feral beast than any thing. She does not talk at all unless it is a roar or growl. Likewise she doesn't really put conscious thought into her movements but react on instinct. In this state her eyes shine a cool blue as well as her breath makes what looks to be smoke linking out from it. In truth its not smoke at all but extremely cold air from in side her body, as her core temperature is well blow freezing. Getting too close to her in this frame of mind is not something even an acquaintance would want to do as she does not recognize people to well and will most likely just see them as food. It is also shown that this side of her lacks the almost crippling fear of intimacy that she normally has. When in her average state of mind she gets scared when any one draws attention to her in any manner that can be thought of as sexual, even something as small as calling her cute would frighten her. Some times to the point that all she could think of doing is running away. However This frame of mind has also shown to be reactive at these times she will try to get a way first but if she feels trapped it tends to take control. It's possible this is really a second personality that is a defender type that takes care of things she can't bring her self to do at these times. Going off that if it is another personality one can monitor how close she is to switching if they know the physical traits. Namely how strong her dragon like features are, more so her horns than anything. Normally her horns are small and a light golden color. This is her being perfectly fine and no real chance of changing unless she feels trapped by some one that is making her scared. Its is when the horns grow that the dragons spirit is rising up inside her. Once the horns are fully grown and turned a shade of green she is on the breaking point and only needs a light push to make it trigger. After it takes over her horns change to a much darker color. When the horns are purple the normal sweet girl is replaced by the animal inside her. Once it has control of her the body can start to be come even more dragon like as it tries to revert back to its old form. The result of this is that she gets stuck in between it and her human form.

The dragon in her seems to use her ice abilities by its very nature. Seamlessly working it into its attacks, defense and movements. Once such way it does this is by coating her hands in a hard ice that takes the form of claws, as well as her feet. This ice can form any where on her body and can be really use full in a hunt. One other use is she likes to keep a coating on her tail so when she swings it spikes can fly off, or to use it like a mace and bash anything in range of it.

This can happen at anytime rather she is in her normal state or Resurrección, but it does not seem to possess all the abilities of normal state. the normal abilities she does not have is poison,Condensed soul,Enhanced Cero,Enhanced Bala.

Ice movement: Yuki can travel thru her own ice instantly almost like teleportation. All her ice has trace amounts of her energy in it and is linked to her thereby also linked to each other. When she go's in to the ice her spiritual body travels thru the link from one end to the other at the speed of light. This is only the speed of traveling tho and can't be used to increase the attack speed. And dos not work on all ice as it must be both made from her and large enough for her body to fit inside of. if all large ice is smashed while she is in travel it will send her crashing to the ground somewhere in between where she left and where she was going.

Cold touch: Yuki's body at this time is almost void of heat. with out spirit energy to repel her touch's effect almost anything will freeze. The area where she walks almost always has ice patch's because of this. As well any trees or things she hits normally shatter like glass. It is worth note that she can't swim in this form to spite being a water user. Most things that can freeze will when touching her so the water becomes solid. In this way her power can be used agents her. Trapping her in ice is not impossible if some one else has control of the water that made it or has there own energy flowing thru it. That being said letting her touch skin is also not a good idea. Even a light graze can cause the skin to get frostbite. Or in the case of spiritual weak people( npc) she can brake off body parts with a touch freezing it solid.

Ice breath: In addition to her Resz Abilities she mix is her ice power to use it for more than just ice Dragons Cero. From icy winds to spitting out shards at her pray. One interesting thing she can do is shooting out a hollow ball of ice that contains a highly come pressed air from in her body that when it collides with some thing burst open releasing its arctic chill like a small targeted snow storm. This is less of a new ability but her using her old ones for more utility in ways she her self does not think of. Another example of this is her ice Dragons bala/Cero by breathing them on to her body parts she can use it too be more destructive. Such as adding a cero to cote her hands and making it explode when she hits with her claws .

(Leave the skills alone until the application is approved. You can then go back and add them if you want to)

General Skills

  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength:Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus:=Beginner

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Adept
  • Sonido: Adept
  • Cero/Bala: Beginner
  • Hierro:Advanced

when in Rez
General Skills

  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Adept
  • Sonido: Advanced
  • Cero/Bala: Adept
  • Hierro: Advanced

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