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 Seeking Truth

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Seeking Truth   Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:53 am

Advent Of Fury

Ulv Auber

Getting herself up off the ground and brushing herself off, she nodded at his idea not to use Mirja's pose and posture, or running style.
"That, is a very good idea, my friendly Crater Enthusiast. Mirja's running style relied heavily on the fact that she had the durability of several mountains. Try to copy it, and a torn ligament will be getting off lightly. I'm not exactly a slouch in the solid body department-" She gave Tatsuya a visit to her gunshow to show off "-But Mirja was a whole 'nother world when it came to being solid as a rock"

Smiling to herself, she could remember a few times Mirja had broken shins simply by taking the kicks on her body and not telling them she was as she was. It was amusing. But then there was that one time that an Atlas kicked her and dam near broke her neck because of that.
"As for what I am thinking, same thing everyone who thinks it's a great idea to jump out of a moving train onto a platform is thinking. 'Sure, I can make that. Screw science, what has it ever done for me. Inertia is a myth, the earth is flat'. Kind of thing. What else would a muscular homonculus be thinking off when using a running technique that wasn't her own?"

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The Dragon Rising

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや