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 They Caught Something Troublesome! [Hayden/Morph]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: They Caught Something Troublesome! [Hayden/Morph]   Sun May 27, 2018 4:48 am

Kenyan Coast, Vastime

Any body of water was an invitation to play, explore, and be at ease. So much that losing track of time was practically to be expected, and after several days of literally playing with the fishes? The river slime soon found itself in a most peculiar of situations. The ocean was vast, even by the slime's understanding of what "vast" was. And currently, it was absolutely lost as far as where it was. The only discernible features visible beyond the schools of fish the slime was surrounded by was the large fishing ship floating by. It was incredibly close at this point, enough that only at the last moment, the slime could see the net casted... right over it?!

In a fervent panic, the slime dived underwater in a desperate attempt to avoid the net. Unfortunately, all the fish in the area was under the same conditions and therefore dived alongside it, inadvertently slowing the slime's descent. In the end, the net couldn't be avoided, and through the marine life's panic and the slime's own anxiety rising incalculably, the thought of just passing through the net never came up. Claustrophobia was an overwhelming fear, after all. And the subsequent event didn't help very much.

Still bunched up with the surrounding fishes caught by the casting net, the slime and his new companions were cast into a cooler, sealed off and locked away. And after an indeterminate amount of time--as time was hard to tell in a completely sealed off box devoid of light or room for movement, the fishing ship arrived at the Kenyan port.

As the fishermen prepared to board, the standard inspection of the ship was underwent. During the process, the lock to the sealed box containing the fishes--and unbeknownst to the fishermen, a panicked and frightened river slime--was open; like pandora's box, a hellish scene was unleashed.

In the river slime's emotionally charged state, feelings of anxiety and fear coalescing for one terribly cognitively inhibiting mindset, the second it sensed the lid of the box open and a sliver of freedom present itself, the creature leapt at the opportunity. In a violent explosion of water, the river slime freed itself forcibly, expanding its viscous water-body at a rapid rate--enough to grow to the point of completely consuming the galleon-sized ship in a meme instant.

Of course, an expansion of this rate was most definitely not calm on the surroundings. Debris was flung and boxes, barrels, and several other perishable items from the ship and surrounding items was crushed or sent hurling towards the port. The entire interaction ensured a scene of chaos to ensue, and in mere moments, panic was flourishing throughout the fishing port, word of a sea monster, something terrible, gargantuan and menacing, rising from the ocean and attacking the port.

And while this description wasn't entirely inaccurate, the fears of the river slime were misunderstood, now leading to a less than appreciable series of circumstances.




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They Caught Something Troublesome! [Hayden/Morph]
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