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 Xavier [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Xavier [WIP]   Mon May 28, 2018 3:36 pm

Coding In Template By:


Ziamichi Profile

Table of Contents

Skill Sheets
Spirit's Info
Racial Abilities
Death Energy

I. The Host's Basic Information

» Name: Xavier
» Titles: The Machiavellian, The Cursed, The Exiled, The Wrathful, The Nephalem, The Nephalem of Judgement
» Race: Iramasha
» Age: Who the fuck knows? After so many years one simply stops counting. The best approximation would be 20,000 years old; despite his age he still appears to be in his twenties.
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: At the moment Xavier does not have a solid affiliation with any particular organization, though he does seem to share many sentiments that Mana has presented. He is seen as an antagonistic person, often being associated with Shadow Fall. The main reason that he is not a part of Shadow Fall is the simple fact that he cannot force himself to be deemed inferior to another. He is unable to bow his head to a master.

Angel Iramasha: "The whole 'Holier than Thou' attitude is something that I simply do not understand. It was YOU who attempted to commit genocide among your own race. It is YOU who will disown those who do not adapt to whatever antiquated customs you believe in. It was YOU who who should repent. YOU must accept your own sins before you claim to be the superior race. YOU must learn the error of your ways."

Devil Iramasha: "While I am, frankly, disgusted by the actions of my own race there is something I must say; the war was something that was caused by your kind. It was YOU who began the war. While I do not believe any faction to be proper in their decisions at this time, I must admit it was due to YOUR actions that it all occurred. You people simply do not care. Why is that?"

Nature Iramasha: "Frankly, I am not sure what I should believe. I have not had the opportunity to interact with many of your type. I suppose I should make an effort to expand on that. Perhaps we could have a favorable relationship. Well, only time can tell."

Hollows: "These beings, what is the point? It is something that has bothered me for quite some time. Why must they continue to exist? They failed in their human life and now are unable to simply accept this failure? They seem to be a sad excuse for an existence. Please, do not waste my time with whatever useless babble you have. Unless it will help me in some way, I simply do not care; why should I?"

Arrancar: "You people are, generally, not all that interesting. Sure, you were able to hang onto a bit more of your humanity, for what little that counts, and even able to remove those grotesque masks. For this, I will admit that you show some potential. Perhaps the upper echelon of your species would prove to be useful."

Vizard: "You people are, in the most generic of terms, power hungry. You are, at least from the very concept of your creation, not to be trusted. Turning to your enemy for additional power. I am not sure as to how I feel about this. While I will admit that you have gained more power, it has come with its own risks, has it not? I do think that, just as the Arrancar, you hold the potential to be of great use."

Shinigami: "The shinigami... Where shall I begin? You are the sort who want to serve a greater good, the type that will attempt some grandiose mission and then complain when it doesn't end well. There are some in your ranks, however, that do interest me. Perhaps I will have to re-examine your usefulness."

Quincy: "This clan has become so dilapidated that I was unsure as to whether I should even worry much about them. Though, seeing as they have not completely died out as of yet, I suppose I should look into this sect. Perhaps I could find some use for them."

Sugiurans: "You are a sneaky bunch. Spreading lies, all in order to to ensure your survival and to ensure your way of life. I can respect this. Do what one must to survive; however, I do hope we can get along. Your kind seems to hold the ability to utilize many sorts of powers."

Humans: "You people are just as bad as the Iramasha, if not worse. You choose to slay each other over the most trivial of things; there is no sense of unity among your species. Why is this? Shouldn't you want to survive and thrive? What is the point in simply murdering your own kind. War, for what? Genocide, for what? Why must you people ravage the land and simply do as you please. Perhaps you have not seen the light yet."

Demons: "Demons, where to begin? This species is capable of many things, some of which are quite amazing. It is, however, all for naught when considering how they act. Uncouth. Animals. There seems to be no sort of structure to these people. Chaos. This is something enjoy, though it is not what I strive to achieve."

» Appearance Written:
Eyes: Xavier's eyes are a light blue; the best comparison would what a person see's when they look out into the ocean. This light blue is representative of what little innocence he has left; his vision for this world is one in which a person will not have to endure the same treatment as he had.

Hair: Xavier's hair is a best called a steel red; it is something that best represents his spirit and what it is that he is willing to endure. Just like steel he is able to handle a large amount of pressure to achieve what it is he wants.

Height: Xavier stands at a magnificent 6'0.

Casual Attire: Xavier is a person who will usually dress in a very casual manner; this is something that allows him to not stand out much and still feel comfortable in society. A plain white shirt, with a scarlet R sown onto it's pocket; this R is something that is meant to stand for Renegade, though that is something Xavier has never told another. To compliment this he will usually wear an orange shirt and jeans.

» Appearance Picture:

II. The Host's Personality

» Personality:

Psychological Instability: This is something that was present since Xavier's birth, though it was never much of an issue. While at birth he did not have any psychological problems, he was simply much more prone to having them. This was not a problem for Xavier for many years; while the isolation of having been shunned had caused him to develop a mild case of schizophrenia, which has mostly become dormant, he was rather lucky. This all changed, however, once he had decided to take in Alexander. After having taken his soul in Xavier's mind has slowly began to show its weakness to mental instability. It was only after he began developing the Hive Mind that this began to manifest itself; this was mainly depicted through the fact that he became much more cautious, especially around those who he had trusted. This was the mark that his schizophrenia had began to slowly creep back into his mind; the instability of having a mixed heritage has taken its toll on his mind and there is not much that he could do to stop it at the moment. Although he wishes to correct this error of his, he is unable to do so himself and as such cannot trust others to do it.

Xavier's schizophrenic tendencies are mostly manifested through a voice in his mind that often causes him to cast doubt on those around him, even leading him to question his own competence. Although he was unsure of his own actions for quite some time he slowly learned to deal with this voice in his mind, over time he realized it was nothing more than some delusion that he had created for himself. It was with this realization that he began to try and ignore its existence. By doing this the voice only began to grow louder and louder until it grew heavy on his mind. In the current day and age these schizophrenic tendencies have become less prominent, though they still make an appearance whenever his mind is pushed to its limit.

Masked Figure: Although Xavier does enjoy performing grandiose stunts, though he is only likely to perform them to further his goals, he does not enjoy having his name or face tied to any events. This is something that has allowed him to live a rather quiet life; when a person does not show their face at the event then he does not have to suffer from the questioning of the authorities, nor does he have to have any sort of trail associated with himself; this is assuming the person was not a moron in the set up.

In a public setting this means that he is likely to avoid any sort of actions that would make him stand out among a crowd; this is likely due to the repeated abuse and verbal assault that he had face in his early childhood. After having been told he was nothing more than an abomination, a mistake that was never meant to have occurred, a person begins to believe these claims. It is due to this constant neglect that he will often try to avoid the spotlight; although he will often say that it is so that other are unable to identify him it is a much more subconscious response; he feels undeserving of the spotlight. His existence is something that should not cause a fuss.

Realist: Although he may find himself dissociated from reality on occasion this does not change the fact that his goal is very much grounded in reality. Xavier finds that those who attempt to fantasize about futures, which are totally implausible, as simply being annoying. What was the point in living in this world if you were not going to ground yourself?

Although he is not a person who will entertain fantastical ideas, he is a person who is not scared to stretch his goals to what may seem to be wits end. As long as he is able to see a domino effect of events, that could plausibly occur, he is willing to invest a portion of his time and effort into it. What was the point in trying to escape this reality when all that was waiting was the unforgiving truth?

Manipulative: Xavier is the sort of person who does not mind utilizing the powers, skills and connections of others in order to achieve his goal. While manipulating others could be seen as a rather negative trait it is something that he believes all others do time and time again; the only difference is that he believes that he has every right to manipulate these people. By manipulating these people he will be able to create a new society; a society in which he believes there will be no oppression. No debate on who is superior. Beings will simply live.

While he is a person who will completely abuse a persons power, connections and skills in order to achieve what he believes to be the greater good, he is unwilling to be manipulated. This is has progressed to a point where he is unwilling to trust many, simply because he knows what he would do in order to achieve a goal and does not wish the same things to be done to him. This is something which has caused him to question pretty much every relationship that he has been presented with. Who could trust another after having manipulated so many and seeing the amazing benefits it could have.

Silver Tongue: Being able to talk very smoothly, and introduce a compelling argument, is a key component to Xavier's personality. By talking with confidence, having studied the area he is attempting to sell, and being able to read the audience Xavier is able to speak in such a way as to seem more knowledgeable than he is; this allows for him to become much more agreeable.

Although he is able to talk smoothly and confidently, this was not always the case. In the beginning Xavier was a person who was very timid and stuttered when he spoke. Having lacked any confidence in himself he was a person who would not speak unless spoken to. This all changed, however, during his rebirth.

Self-Loathing: Xavier is a person who, although he has come to accept what he is still does not feel comfortable with the way in which things must be done. While he is willing to continue down this path, one which could lead to the deaths of many, he will feel personally responsible for whatever deaths occur because of this revolution. While he is able to acknowledge the fact that if there are deaths then they were necessary, and have died for a certain reason, but that does not mean that he is able to simply shake them off.

Iron Willed: Xavier is willing to do almost anything that he believes is necessary in order to achieve his goals. Whether it be going to a person who he finds to be lower than himself, or even those who he blames for the situation he finds himself in. While he is willing to slightly adjust his plans, assuming they are more optimal, it will take quite a bit of effort simply because he believes he has the best possible route in mind and if he continues down this road he will find the future he wishes to see.

Fluid Personality: Xavier's personality is one that is rather fluid in the fact that it will often change in order to meet the expectations of the crowd, or to better suit his needs. During one interaction he may be rash, rude and simply egotistical while in another he may be rather shy, soft spoken and self-doubting. It is with this that he is often able to manipulate the way others perceive him; by doing this he is often able to create false expectations of himself that he will be able to utilize in the long run. Although this is not something which he may always do it is something that allows him to cater to his audience.

In addition to this it also gives Xavier the ability to hide his true personality rather well; he believes that others do not need to know how he truly acts, that is unless he has the utmost faith in them. Finding a person who he can trust with his true personality is a rather tough endeavor for Xavier as he finds it much easier to keep people at an arms length; there was no chance of them hurting you if you never gave them the chance. It is with this attitude that Xavier has been able to survive through the millennia.

Chaotic Around Devils: Although Xavier is able to keep a rather sound mind he often loses himself to the chaos in which his Devil Iramasha bring. It is when he is in the company of these devils that he will often become more antagonistic in his approaches; perhaps it is because of the demonic being which pulls his affinity more toward that of a devil than an angel. Whatever the case may be it seems that due to this Xavier will often try to avoid going to places in which devil Iramasha are extremely prevalent; despite this, however, he will not let this get in the way of his goals. If he must he would venture into whatever place holds the key to the future he wishes to fulfill; whether he loses himself for a brief moment is of no consequence. He is confident that he would be able to regain his composure given time to adjust. The amount of time that is necessary, however, is unknown to himself.

III. The Host's History

» History:

Xavier's very conception was something that had confused his cohorts for quite some time. Being born a hybrid of an Angel Iramasha and a Devil Iramasha, although this would have been an act that would not have been forgiven, would have made more sense. Xavier was not born through reproductive means, the only solace he found in this is the fact that his existence wouldn't become a burden on those who were meant to be his parents. He had been created by two beings who were, from what he could tell, simply curious as to the extent that they would be able to merge their energies; although the two were of different sub-types it did not stop them from fraternizing and conducting a variety of experiments together. It was with this experiment that Xavier would form; having taken a measly twenty hours to form they did not expect very much; the hypothesis they had entered the situation with was that there would be a more dominant form of energy, though they were unsure of which. While this assumption was rather crude, and demeaning to the Iramasha as a race in general, it was something which had revolutionized the way in which the Iramasha were able to understand their own existence. His creation, however, was not made public. It was during this time that the Iramasha were at wits end; the Devil Iramasha did not care for what they did, or who they did it to. Ravaging the land, proclaiming their superiority, the Devils had continued to push the races patience. It was with this that war was on the horizon, and the existence of Xavier became known. Although the existence of Hybrids was known at this point, their abilities staggering those who saw it first hand, there was not one as vilified as Xavier. Being the hybrid between these two races, the two which seemed to want to start a war over something as trivial as dominance, was not taken with open arms.

Having been kept in constant isolation, not being able to leave the confines of what would amount to a bunker, Xavier was rather naive on the ways of the world. It had been no more than a hundred years since his creation that he finally took his first steps into the world; having no markers for navigation and lacking any sort of experience he simply began to wander around the mountains. It seemed that the pair had been utilizing an abandoned bunker in the Hybrid Association. It was with this that his powers began to manifest themselves, as did the problems which were associated with them.

Silence. Silence was what he had expected when he began his journey to find civilization, though that was not what he received. As Xavier continued his journey he noticed just how his presence was effecting the very nature of the area around him. What was a relatively barren hill had began to change, the terrain taking on a light green hue. While his presence allowed for the sprouting of small ferns, it also immediately crushed any chance they had of surviving. The green hue did not last for much more than a few minutes. It was as he observed these effects that he began to hear a voice call out to him. It was a voice that gave Xavier a sense of familiarity, it was as though it was someone who he had known for his entire life. It was with this that Xavier began to run, running toward what he knew did not exist. The voice was something that spoke in his mind, though he wanted so badly for it to exist in the real world; he began to hope that one day the voice would be heard on the outside. For just once a person to call his name and not "it." This voice, which felt very warm and friendly, was simply a guise; it was nothing more than an voice that snickered at his very existence, it laughed at his attempt to reach society. It questioned his motives as to why he wanted to find another, what the point was when he had already known that there was no escape from this existence.

He had continued on this path, wandering through the untouched landscape until he had reached the edge of what could be called the Hybrid association. The voice continued it's never-ending torment; it degraded the way he had been created. Was there any worth in his existence? Why bother trying to find another? Simply end it all. There was no need for someone as disgusting as him to exist. He wandered in this trance for quite a few weeks, simply moving to move. There was no reason to his existence and the voice continued to provoke him, offering multiple ways that he could simply end it all. It seemed hell bent to destroy what little pride he had in himself.

By this time Xavier had realized that he should have found some sort of society by now, he knew that there must be a reason why he had not found a town yet; the answer, at least to the voice in his head, was very simple. He did not truly want to find other; he was walking himself in circles, simply living to be a failure. It was as he was on the edge of breaking, the voice overwhelming his mind, that he could hear a voice calling out to him; the feminine voice, on which seemed to house concern and a gentle warmth, overtook his ears; it was with this that he turned and met her, Aris.

Aris was an Angel Iramasha who seemed to have a rather open mind; she did not care much for the persons sub type so long as they were a good person. She took Xavier in, allowing him to stay in a spare room, and began to heal what mental problems he had. Sure, she was not very skilled in healing but it was the fact that she would try that truly reached Xavier. It was the fact that she saw him as a person, not as a hybrid. Perhaps if there were more people like Aris in the world what was to happen could have been avoided.

It had taken no more than a week before word had spread that Aris was harboring Xavier; an unidentified male. In the Sotiria nation this would not have been a problem, the people there did not care much so long as it did not effect their daily lives; in the Angel Society, however, that was something which was not to be tolerated. As the days passed, though there were not may, Xavier was able to notice the change in the towns reaction to Aris; this was the curse that he had brought with him. It seemed that if he was present she would not be able to live a peaceful life; no matter how many times he had said this she simply waved him off. She would say that she did not care for what they had to say, though he was not sure of this.

It took everything he had in him to simply not abandon the place; if she was so adamant on trying to adapt to the new way in which the people treated her then he would be as well; he would not be a coward and run. It was during this short week that the voice in his head began to recede. Perhaps this was a place that he could actually call home. It was with this hopeful outlook that the seventh day had passed. Xavier was out, still attempting to make a good impression on the townsfolk, and Aris had decided to get some chores done at the house; perhaps if their roles were reversed then the whole incident could have been avoided; no, if he had simply left the house when he felt it was right this could have been avoided.

He had only been out of the house for a few hours, though it had felt like an eternity; Xavier began to think that there was no chance in hell that the town would come to accept him as one of their own; well, this would have to be addressed at some point. Returning home Xavier had noticed a difference from when he had left; the curtains were drawn and the front gate closed. Looking toward the door he had seen all he had to; a red 'x' painted on the upper right hand corner. It did not take a person very long to find out what this meant, and even then rumors spread like wildfire. The Angel Iramasha, just as savage as the Devils. There was no familial ties in the Angelic community; if a person were to go against whatever unwritten laws they were exiled, or killed. Even in the short week that he had been here he was able to witness the "judgement" that had been passed on other Iramasha. The same marking could be found on the door.

Although he had only known her for a week there had never been a person as kind to him as her. It was with this that Xavier was filled with rage and the voice returned. It prompted him to simply kill all those that he could; go down fighting. While thoughts of murder, true judgement, filled his mind a brief vision of Aris filled his mind. Although she knew the consequences she did not run, she did not speak out, she simply accepted her fate as it were. It was with this that the anger subsided, but the voice only grew louder.

It was with this that he realized he did not have a proper control over himself. What they said about him was true; he was a monster, a being who could not control his powers. As tears rolled down his cheeks the ground began to be overgrown with dead ferns; Aris' death, Xavier's inability to control himself. These were the necessary components for Xavier to realize that he had to start training himself; his powers, while being something that were given to him by two unknown individuals, were in need of refining. Perhaps if he were to find these people they could help him refine these powers; help him to learn to control this energy. It was with this that he had, for the first time, a goal.

While he was unsure of whether they would be willing to help him in this journey, he felt that they owed him at least this much; the creator must have some sort of love for their creation, must they not? It's not as though they had asked to be created; this life was something that was forced on Xavier. Of the two he would approach the Angel first; while he did not have a name, he did have the mans face as well as an area in which he could search. This was the beginning of what would, ultimately, lead to Xavier's demise.

The wild was a place that he was very acquainted with. Having spent such a long time simply walking circles he was able to learn what skills were necessary in order to survive, as well as what it was that could be done. Having left the town with nothing but the clothes on his back he had to survive on his own once more. While those seven days were no more than a speck on the plate of an Iramasha's timeline he swore he wouldn't forget what it was that she offered him; shelter and unconditional acceptance. That is what the world should be; this was what the world would be shaped into. It was with what few memories that he had of Aris that he would continue his journey.

Although the Angel Society was not the largest plot of land in the Iramasha's realm, he was sure that this was going to take him some time; he had heard the two speak of a few towns in which they would often frequent; this small list was what he would use to help narrow his search. Wandering from town to town, spending hundreds of years simply searching for the male, he would eventually find the man. Winston, as he was called, was an Angel who was known in town as the Angel of Peace. He was able to calm many situations, as well as help resolve any sort of disputes; from what he could tell the that had created him should not have been friendly by any means; they were the exact opposite of each other. Perhaps opposites did attract in some sense.

It was with this discovery that he had approached the male; while he doubted that it would be a very nice reunion he did hope that the man could impart some form of wisdom on him; perhaps he could even help him calm the voices in his mind. As Xavier approached Winston, just as he had left his cabin, the man let out a small smile. "Well, I'll be damned." Winston spoke, approaching Xavier and giving the man a hug as though they were old friends.

With a smile Xavier returned the hug, though he felt rather awkward about doing so; it seemed he was unable to get mad at the male. His mere presence was something which had calmed his anger; it repressed the voice in his head. He felt as though he had known the man for quite some time and as such he had lowered his guard. Although he had appreciated the way in which Winston had approached him, and even the fact that he was so open with Xavier, it did not change the fact that he had abandoned him so long ago.

After having exchanged pleasantries Xavier began to ask what it was that he had come here; he wanted training in order to utilize his powers properly, as well as information on where he could find the other man. Perhaps it was due to the fact that Winston knew he had done wrong by this man, or perhaps it was the sense of duty that he felt, but he promptly agreed to these two requests. While he was willing to help he would not do so in town, and as such, had led Xavier out towards a different, albeit similar, cabin out of town. For the next few hundred, perhaps thousands, of years Xavier began to realize just what this mans power was, how to utilize it to the fullest as well as who the other man was. Damien, or so he was called, was the other man involved in his creation. He had already memorized the name and continued his training.

Although he was not nearly as well versed in the ability as Winston, he had took enough of the mans lifetime and simply thanked him for the training and left the man be; perhaps if he had seen Damien first he would have slayed the man; as he was told Damien was a rather rambunctious person. He did not care for the lives of others, though when presented with a more peaceful aura was a rather calm man. Perhaps this training would allow for the man to remain calm, though he had some serious doubts.

It was as he left town that he had learned of the warp gates; these things would have shaved years off of his travel, though he did not mind the late discovery. All that mattered was that he had finally discovered it. With a light smile he simply walked through the gate. What awaited him next was something he had never expected. Perhaps this was going to be more difficult than he had expected.

As he appeared on the other side of the warp gate all that had filled vision was chaos; while the buildings were intact, and there was not any direct forms of chaos being committed, at least from what he could see, he was able to feel the chaos of this society. It was with this that the voice in his mind, which had been dormant for the past thousand years, was now shouting in his head; in the past it was at a bearable level it was now filling his mind with nothing but it's demands. The training which he had performed for the last thousand years was of no use when faced with this reality. It was with this that he began to lose a sense of who he was and found himself losing his consciousness; it was after some unknown amount of time that he regained his consciousness. Awakening on the edge of the Devil Society he looked up, and it seemed that he had already accomplished what it was he was trying to do. Damien, the man he was searching for, stood before him.

After having exchanged his pleasantries with the man, though it seemed to be rather one sided, he confronted him the same way he did Winston. It was rather odd, but the man took some time to answer; unexpectedly the man agreed and they began immediately. His training took part in the center of the Devil Society; from what he was told the training took a total of a thousand years, just as it had with Winston. He remembered it all, though he knew he was not the one in control; it was while he was in the Devil Society that the voice had overtaken his mind and he was simply a doll to it. It had control over his actions and he simply accepted it. This new found control, however, lead to the voice becoming much more quiet than it was in the past. Perhaps he was on the right path. After having given his thanks, just as he had with Winston, he left the society. There was only one place left for him; he wasn't accepted in the angel society and he could not live as himself in the devil society. The Hybrid society was all that was left for him. Perhaps this would be the best place for him to explore his abilities, and this odd feeling which had began to overtake him. It was with this that he realized that his two halves need not be separate, but could become intermingled. It was with this that he also began to experiment with his Aether Armament.

Training himself to be able to utilize his Aether Armaments, as well as having formed his own moves out of the combination of the two which had been given to him, Xavier was ready to begin shaping the world into one that was more understanding, accepting all those who were to come into conception. It was this ideology that he found himself in the middle of what would be known to be the outbreak of war. Perhaps he had come here simply to quench the small voice in the back of his head, or perhaps it was in order to see what it was the Devil Iramasha were doing that was angering so many. War was on the horizon and this was apparent to both sides. There was no real reason for war to be avoided, aside from what had been requested of them so long ago.

It was as he walked through the town, Devil's pillaging the place and doing as they wish, that the sky turned a bright white and then everything had turned cold. Death. This cold embrace, one which was unending and was likely to continue coddling him, was nothing else but death. How easily a life can be ended, and just how easily others would take it. The angels, who proclaimed their superiority, had destroyed the town without care for who was there. Perhaps this was what had allowed for Xavier to see the error in what he was doing. He was too lax in his approach; there was no sense of haste to it. It was with this that he would awaken in what could only be described as a type of hell. Not knowing exactly what it was that he should be doing now, after all who knew what to do after they had died? It was after some time that he had met a man who would change his world, Alexander. What this man offered him was a chance to hit the reset switch, to escape this literal hell hole and begin once more. What was he to say? No? It had taken no more than a few days to seal Alexander within himself, the one caveat to this deal. Perhaps it was because the two of them had some sort of similarity between the two, both wanting to change the world to what they believe, that he was sealed so easily. It was with this that he felt his essence changing; he was not sure of what exactly was occurring, but knew he was no longer the same. It was with this that he could feel his body being drawn to the over world; the death, all of which people felt were justified, had been enough to call for him once more. It was with this that he would enter the world, standing in the middle of a battlefield. Things were to change.

After having fled from the battlefield he spent a large portion of his time alone; simply training these new powers and learning how to manifest them once more. This was tedious, but was necessary in order to allow for them to progress to the next stage of their plan. It was time to gain power.

IV. Host's Abilities

» Unique Traits:

Seal Corruption: Seal corruption is a trait that was not, originally, a part of Xavier's being. After having died, and having been brought back to life , the seals for his aether classes were altered in a way that altered the abilities which they give him; the demonic energy favored a Life and Death over Chaos and Peace approach. This is something which is a one shot, and as such has only occurred once to Xavier; though, this does not mean that it would be impossible for such a thing to occur again in the future, though the required circumstances is unknown.

Genius Level Intellect: This is something that was gained by Xavier due to the increased mental capacity that he has gained, as well as the constant use of his mind in his daily life. Being able to process such a grandiose amount of information over such an extended amount of time has allowed him to performs these tasks regularly.

Multiple Aether Armaments: This is something that was rather unique to Xavier, simply due to the fact that he was able to utilize three Aether Classes. Although he was not able to, very easily, access more than the first it was something that did come with time and practice. Through his practice he came to realize exactly what his own limits were; how far he was able to stretch the definition of Chaos, Peace and finally Control. These concepts, each fundamentally different, were able to grant him amazing gifts that were the very embodiment of what each word stood for. It was through his constant training that each of these armaments were able to be realized and brought into this world.

Divination: This is something which Xavier was passed onto him due to his angelic half. This is an ability which allows for him to be able to perform the art of Divination. Unlike those that practice this, and exploit its good name for money, Xavier is able to utilize this for his own benefit. Although this is not something which allows him to see very far it is something that can offer a very large advantage. While in it's most basic of forms, that is before Xavier reaches Tier 0, he is only able to utilize this when he is in a peaceful setting. He must be able to sit down and focus. While executing this Xavier is able to feel a warmth overtake his body as his mind begins to clear of all the corporeal pollution. Being able to clearly see the future, though no more than ten minutes into the future, he is able to make decisions that can better not only himself, but those which he associates.

This base form can only be used once per thread. In addition to this it is something which is only capable of seeing the future through his own eyes. This is to say that the future he see's is always centered upon himself. He cannot read the future of another.

After having reach Tier 0 Xavier is able to perform these abilities while in combat, though it is not something that is very simple. Seeing as he is no longer focusing on it, specifically, it takes two posts for him to receive the divination. In addition to this he is only able to do this once per thread. Although he is able to see the future, that does not mean that everything is avoidable. There is still the limit of hist body. Whether or not he has what it takes to respond to this new information is a whole different issue.

*Please do note that this is not a concrete reading; it is merely the most probable future.

Divine Favor: This is something which is very odd, and something that even Xavier does not know he has. This is something which cannot be activated, but is something that passively happens to Xavier; in fact, it has occurred throughout the entirety of his existence.

Divine Favor is exactly as it sounds. Although he may not be loved, or accepted, by either the Devil or Angel Iramasha he does divine favor; simply by having the angelic blood. This favor is something that has allowed for luck to be on his side. This simply means that he has a slight advantage in things that would require luck. The flip of a coin is more likely to land in his favor. He would be more likely to win some sort of raffle. These all seem stupid, but this also means that there is a high chance that a gun will jam when aimed at him.

Although some could say that having been exiled from their home, and cast to the side, is not a very lucky event.... THEY'D BE WRONG! It is due to the fact that Xavier was not accepted by what should have been his family that he was able to grow into the man he was today. The luck of having to fend for ones self; of having to create his own set of beliefs, rather than simply falling in line with what the clan had believed. These were both great advantages as they allowed him to truly discover himself; to discover what it was that he held dear.

Regeneration: This ability is something which relies on Xavier's ability to utilize the fact that he is a hybrid. By being able to control each part of his heritage he has been able to create his own sort of element, which is discussed later in the Aether Class area, and it is with this that he is able to control his bodies recover rates. This regeneration, however, is only usable once per thread. While it is possible to regenerate limbs, neurons, really any damage that one could think of, it becomes more and more taxing on Xavier. The toll it takes on Xavier is mostly a strain on his energy.

When repairing a limb which has been broken it will require approximately five percent of his total energy. Repairing the neurons in a limb, that is to say restoring function to the limb, requires a hefty twenty five percent of his total energy as well as two posts. Restoring a lost limb requires half of his energy. These energy percents are out of his maximum energy, not what he has when utilizing this ability. In addition to this it is limited to being used outside of combat.

Like a majority of his other abilities this process gets upgraded upon reaching Tier 0. After having reached Tier 0, Xavier has gained the ability to utilize this ability in a more passive way; this is to say that damage is healed post by post; the most that can be healed in a single post would be a broken bone, though he would have stilled felt the pain of having the bone broken. In addition to this the amount of energy required becomes negligible for nearly all processes. The only processes which require energy are to regain function of a limb and to reattach, or grow, a new one. The amount of energy, however, is at ten percent and thirty percent respectively. In addition to this these two functions can still only be used when out of combat. The ability to regenerate functionality of limbs is now also able to regain the function of limbs that were sacrificed through magic. With this, however, there is a week cool down on the ability.

Demonic Conquest: This is the ability in which Xavier is able to utilize his Devil's roots to help empower himself. This is something which is very much connected to his Demonic Control ability. This is to say that he is able to utilize his demonic influence in order to strength his own abilities, as well as boost the amount of energy that he has.

This is done through the same mechanic that Demonic control is able to function; by pulling in souls from the area he is able to form a pool of souls that can be consumed. By consuming these souls he is able to absorb the energy which allows for their existence, and by doing so replenishes his own energy while slightly increasing his own strength. This, however, would only be able to increase his strength and energy for two posts and require a three post cool down. By pulling in these souls he increases the likely hood of having a mental breakdown; his schizophrenic tendencies begin to increase.

*This does not work on PC's

Abundant Aether Energy: This is something that can be associated with the fact that he is a hybrid composed of two separate Iramasha race. Instead of having the energies from two different races fused into one Xavier has fused together these two Iramasha forces into a single pool. This allows for ease of access to both halves, by accessing one he also has a very quick access to the other.

In addition to this increase in Aether Energy we also see that Xavier's energy pool has a very interesting characteristic that allows for him to have varying amounts of energy within his body, as well as varying types of energy. While most energy "containers", for lack of a better word, are composed of a single compartment that are able to expand as the being grew in power, though it was not able to fluctuate at its own will. The difference between Xavier's and the average is the fact that his "container" is something which is not a solid container. Instead, Xavier's energy container is something which is able to compartmentalize itself in order for effective storage of multiple types of energy, as well as being a safe resort for the separation of any foreign energy from his own.

Overwhelming Control: This is the ability for Xavier to take control of the situation and calmly analyze his surroundings. This is something that he had to pick up in order to survive early on, before he had formed any sort of allies and was forced to live on the run. By being able to focus Xavier is able to regain his composure and simply evaluate the situation through a calmed mind; this is what allows for him to maintain an advantage, even when in particularly dangerous situations.

The Beast: This is something which relies on the fact that a portion of his own being is in alignment with the Devil Iramasha. By utilizing this power Xavier is able to increase is own strength and his sync rate with the Ziamichi is increased. This increased damage is due to the rage that Xavier holds deep within himself being released. This rage, anger at his own race, is something which fuels him. This lasts for a total of Three posts and requires a cool down of four, though it does change upon hitting Tier 0.

In addition to these increases in his own strength Xavier is also now able to have a more stable sync rate with his Ziamichi simply because the devil within him resonates with the demon on a core level. This is, if people could tell, because the Devil has such a strong connection to the demonic that the two can compromise on many things. The souls do not interfere with each other much, in fact, they are amplified. It is with this that the Ziamichi's abilities are also amplified, each becoming more effective. His sync rate is raised by one degree and allows for the traits and skills to be used as such. This ability is limited to a total of three posts, and has a cool down of four posts. This limiter, however, changes with when Xavier reaches Tier 0.

Upon reaching Tier 0 Xavier is able to maintain this form, if so desired, and keep these increased stats. By doing this, however, Xavier loses the ability to access his Angelic and Nephalem abilities. Any spell that utilizes the concepts of Peace or Control are inaccessible as well.

This ability is not a form, so much as it is a state of his own being; this does not access any additional powers, but is simply the process of allowing the demonic half to overtake his angelic portion and take control over it.

While he is able to swap to another form, whether he is Tier 0 or not, this action takes a post; during this post spells cannot be used. If a spell was cast by Xavier then he is not able to change his form. Xavier is also able to cut this short, leaving this state for another, without any side effects occurring; the only noticeable effect is the fact that the cool down does not change even if the state lasts for a shorter amount of time.

The Redeemed: This is a state which is totally reliant upon the Angelic portion of Xavier. By tapping into this power, basically sealing away his demonic half, Xavier is able to increase the potency of his angelic abilities.This form would reduce be detrimental to his relationship with his Ziamichi.

In this state Xavier's abilities to heal are increased by tenfold, though his sync rate with his Ziamichi is reduced by one degree. This form is best taken when Xavier is not in direct combat; when confronted in combat while in this form he is put at a severe disadvantage, this is simply due to the fact that he is not able to access his demonic spells or his Nephalem spells; any spell that utilize chaos or control are not able to be used. These limits are altered upon reaching Tier 0.

Upon reaching Tier 0, Xavier is able to use this form without having to worry about any sort of duration. While this allows Xavier to offer a complete support role it is also something that subjects him to the same sort of effects as when he is not Tier 0. Being unable to take on an offensive role is something which could, ultimately, lead to his downfall in combat.

While he is able to swap to another form, whether he is Tier 0 or not, this action takes a post; during this post spells cannot be used. If a spell was cast by Xavier then he is not able to change his form. Xavier is also able to cut this short, leaving this state for another, without any side effects occurring; the only noticeable effect is the fact that the cool down does not change even if the state lasts for a shorter amount of time.

Increase Competency With Seals: This is something which has allowed for Xavier to create the very unique, and quite awkward, seal for his Ziamichi. Instead of utilizing the variety of basic seals that are available, he has decided to look at each of them and modify them slightly; this would allow for him to gain knowledge of how each part of a particular seal works and helps to remove the limit that his lack of knowledge once held over him. After a few hundred years of simply toying around with seals he found himself at a point where he was able to manipulate the most basic of seals in such a way to allow him to create a variety of outcomes. It is with this that he is able to create seals that, although they seem very counter intuitive, are useful for his situation.

By utilizing these new forms of seals Xavier is now able to create seals that vary in strength, as well as infusing alternate effects into the seals. In regards to his seal with Alexander, his Ziamichi, he has created a seal which allows for him to reverse the seal. This means that Xavier is able to change his position with Alexander; this is almost never utilized, though it is very useful when Xavier is in a mental crisis. By sealing Xavier away, Alexander is able to take over the body and have Xavier work through whatever mental troubles that have occurred.

*This also means he also has an insight into seals it is not a complete mastery as there are MANY sorts of seals.

Aether Mind:

The Aether mind, something which allows for Iramasha to have conversations mentally, was something which served as the building blocks for his Hive mind. It was through these simple mechanics, linking the wavelengths of the mind and using energy to tie them together, that he was able to create the Hive. By utilizing this as the base the Hive Mind's psychological effects are partially negated, though not by very much. This, at the very least, allows for him to speak as though he was a single being. He is not restrained to saying "we."

Hive Mind: This was created by Xavier to keep those who he had made a contract with in check. By utilizing this trait he is able to form a links among those who had created pacts with himself in order to allow for their communication as well as for the grouping of the pacts into certain grades.

By forcing all these links through his own mind he is able to prioritize, and limit, what information goes where. By doing this he is able to limit important knowledge to those that he has the most trust in, as well as keep the newest pacts in a more secluded flow of knowledge. Although all of this is very important to the building of an intricate network, this ability is one which is limited due to his own focus, as well as Xavier's own mental capabilities.

While this ability is one that has the ability to allow for a very large organization to be built up, without any physical interactions, it is very much limited to just how much energy Xavier has available, his focus as well as mental deduction.

Xavier's focu is something which determines the range for this ability.

Beginner: Seeing as how Xavier is not very focused this skill is limited to a mile diameter.
Adept:After some practice, and some alone time Xavier is now more focused and is able to withdraw more of its original powers. This raises the limit to a fifty mile diameter.
Advanced: Xavier's focus is now becoming much more useful, as he is able to release a large portion of the original power, and as such this ability sees a further increase to its potency. This raises the limit to a hundred mile radius.
Master: At this point Xavier's focus is damn near perfect, and as such is able to withdraw a large portion of it's energy, without any real side effects. This raises the limit to a hundred and fifty mile radius.
Grand Master: At this point in his training Xavier is able to focus perfectly and as such he is able to handle a two hundred mile radius.

Alongside these limitations there is the fact that Xavier is only able to handle so much information at a single time, and even with the help of his Ziamichi's mentality can handle as much.

Beginner: This is a point in which Xavier could be, quite literally, the dullest tool in the shed. His mental capabilities are rather low and can barely handle a murder mystery. At this point he could only handle a single person in this hive; if the Ziamichis mental deduction is higher he is able to handle two people in the hive.
Adept: Xavier's mental capabilities are slowly rising, and as such he is learning to be able to process more information at once. This allows for him to have even more people connected to his hive. This raises the limit to five people, though if the Ziamichis mental deduction is higher he is able to handle ten people in the hive.
Advanced: Xavier has finally reached a point in his life where he can say he is able to handle a majority of the puzzles that come his way, and even his ability to process information is rapidly evolving. It is with this that he is able to handle ten people in his Hive; if the Ziamichis mental deduction is higher he is able to handle fifteen people in the hive.

Continued Below

Coding In Template By:

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Ziamichi Profile

Master: Xavier is on par with some of the greatest detectives, at least in terms of information processing and evaluation, and as such has seen a further increase to the amount of information he is able to transmit, and receive. This raises the limit to twenty people in the Hive; if the Ziamichis mental deduction is higher he is able to handle twenty five people in the hive.
Grand Master: This is the peak of mental deduction. It is at this point that Xavier is able to handle any puzzle that is thrown his way, as well as being able to process and evaluate a ridiculously large amount of information. With this the limit on this ability is raised to thirty individuals.

Although his mental deduction plays a huge role in this ability he must be able to maintain the bonds formed between each mind, without causing any problems in the wiring. It involves a decent amount of energy to support this network, and as such his tier plays a role in the number of people that his hive can support, as well as places limits on the exact amount that are possible to support.

Tier 3, 4 and 5: It is at this point, no matter his mental deduction, that he is only able to handle a maximum of five people withing his hive. He simply does not have enough energy to withstand forming any additional bonds,
Tier 2: It is at this point that, no matter his mental deduction, that is is able to handle a maximum of fifteen people.
Tier 1: It is at this point that, no matter his mental deduction, that is is able to handle a maximum of thirty people.
Tier 0: At Tier 0 the limits on this ability change, simply due to the enormous amount of power that it requires to even be considered Tier 0. Upon entering Tier 0 Xavier is able to handle one hundred people. This limit, however, is only available assuming Xavier has reached Grand Master Mental deduction or he and his Ziamichi have Master Mental Deduction.

V. Racial Abilities & Skills

» Aether Magic All those posted below have been pre-approved and will post the links.
Name Of Spell: Mass Pandemonium
Type: Essential Aether Magic
Class: Immaterial
Skill Range: Advanced
Effects: This spell is something that can only be used by Hybrid Iramasha that have some sort of basis in chaos. Due to the effects of this spell it's range is limited to about one hundred meters, though it can be larger or smaller depending on the persons mastery in Aether Magic. The amount of energy that this requires is totally dependent on the target of the spell; if the user is simply attempting to target the NPC's within the area then it simply require approximately five percent of their total energy. This, however, is drastically increased when they aim to effect player controlled characters. In order to successful effect these characters the person's Mental Deduction and Focus must be lower than that of the casters Aether Magic. In addition to this it would require twenty percent of his energy, as well as the exclusion of NPC's from his target; this, however, can be negated if the person has Mastery in Aether Magic.

When this spell is cast on a crowd of NPC's they are seen as losing control of their own sense; this is to say that they enter what could only be described as a berserk state; a state where everyone is considered an enemy. It is due to this that they will mindlessly attack the first person that they see. This is the pandemonium that chaos is able to unleash in a crowd. Those that are caught in this also gain an additional ten percent damage output. This lasts for a total of three posts and has a cool down of four posts.

When this spell is targeted at a Players character then it is not an area of effect, but simply a targeting spell. Assuming this spell is completed successfully then they will begin attacking those that they deem allies; this is the same sort of effect as with the crowd. While they can attack the caster, if there are allies near by they will attack those first. Accompanying this is an increase to the damage which they are capable of; while this effect is active the players strength increases by ten percent. This maintains the same duration and cool down as if it were to be cast on a crowd. In order for this to be effective against player characters, however, there must be some form of physical contact between the two.
Name Of Spell: Chaos Warp
Type: Essential Aether Magic
Class: Immaterial
Skill Range: Master
Effects: This spell requires the user to have some sort of affinity to chaos, as well as having a mastery in Aether magic. Upon activation the user begins to warp the very fabric of space; this, however, is not as extreme as to change anything in the chosen space. The extent to this distortion is simply enough to move caster from one point to another, without having to physically pass through the area between these two points. This is something, that if attempted by a person who does not have mastery in Aether Magic, that can simply erase the caster. This is to say that the person would be stuck in the realm of chaos; if this were to happen the being would simply die as the chaos would eat them alive; scattering the atoms to a point where there would not even be a carcass left.

This spell takes approximately a fifth of the casters energy to cast, as well as having a few other limiters. The location that the person wishes to warp to must be able to be seen by the person before casting the spell, and even then it must be within a mile of the caster. These limits, however, are loosened upon hitting Grand Master in Aether Magic.

Upon hitting Grand Master, this spell only requires a tenth of the casters energy, as well as allowing them to expand the range in which they can target. This new expansion allows for them to target within two miles, instead of the base one. All other restrictions still apply.

This cannot be used in battle.
Name Of Spell: The Mark of Reflection
Type: Essential Aether Magic
Class: Immaterial
Skill Range: Any level may cast it, though the results change with skill.
Effects: This spell is one which places a
onto an object. By placing this mark on an object the user is able to create a barrier which reflects other types of supernatural energy. This is done by having the energy that is infused within the mark itself form a barrier to reflect the energy. The amount of supernatural energy that it is able to reflect is totally dependent on the skill the Iramasha has in Aether Magic. It is the this skill level that the mark is able to block up to. The mark lasts for three posts, or until it reflects another source of supernatural energy. This requires a cool down of four posts.

There are, however, limitations on what can be reflected and just how much the mark is able to handle before simply becoming useless. This is able to reflect the supernatural energies of Demons, Other Iramasha, Shinigami, Vizards, and Arrancar. The last three are so similar that the mark is unable to tell them apart, though it is effective on them. In addition to this the efficiency is dependent on the tier of the person who is casting the spell. This is to say that the caster can reflect the supernatural energy of those a tier, or more, under themselves. They are also able to reflect fifty percent of the energy that is used by those of the same tier as the caster and twenty five percent of those who are a tier above the caster. A person higher than a tier has too much energy and simply destroys the mark.

To summarize this spell allows the caster to reflect certain amounts of energy back at the caster, though it is not perfect. If the mark is to be broken, and there is some energy that is not being reflected, the caster will feel that energy hit them.

» Aether Arts Techniques & Abilities

Grip of Death: This is an ability which draws out Xavier’s nether energy in a form which helps to amplify his Damnation class. By drawing the energy toward his hand/fist, Xavier is able to add certain characteristics to his hand. By channeling the energy like this Xavier is able to lace each of his punches with a decaying effect; this is noticeable by the deterioration of clothes that his hand makes contact with, even the death of plants that he touches. By doing this Xavier is able to place a decaying effect on whatever it is that he had made contact with; this decaying effect is able to eat away at the energy in the area of contact. By doing this he is able to weaken powers which manifest themselves through certain points, reduce buff, even damage the flesh. The amount that this effect can harm, however, is related to the level of Nether Channeling.

Grandmaster: Upon reaching Grandmaster Xavier is able to create a very strong decaying effect that will affect the entire beings body. This decaying effect will slowly eat away at any non-organic, and organic, materials that are making contact with their body. In addition to this it will begin to eat away at the person's energy supply, slowly draining them of 1 percent of their energy per post. This drain, however, is only able to affect those who are of the same tier, or lower, than himself. In addition to this the effects are only able to last for a total of five posts. The cool down on this ability is now five posts. This effect, however, can be cured by an Angel Iramasha with Grandmaster in Purification or Healing.
Master: Upon reaching Master Xavier is able to craft a strong decaying effect that will affect the entire extremity of whatever it was that he made contact with. This decaying effect will slowly eat away at any non-organic, and some organic, materials that are making contact with their body. In addition to this it will begin to eat away at the energy supply on that extremity, slowly draining them of 1 percent of their energy per post. This drain, however, is only able to affect those who are of the same tier, or lower, than himself. In addition to this the effects are only able to last for a total of four posts. The cool down on this ability is now four posts. This effect, however, can be cured by an Angel Iramasha with Master in Purification or Healing.
Advanced: Upon reaching Advanced Xavier is able to craft a moderate decaying effect that will twelve inches from the point of contact of whatever it was that he made contact with. This decaying effect will slowly eat away at any non-organic materials that are making contact with their body. In addition to this it will begin to eat away at the energy supply in that area, slowly draining them of 1 percent of their energy per post. This drain, however, is only able to affect those who are of the same tier, or lower, than himself. In addition to this the effects are only able to last for a total of three posts. The cool down on this ability is now three posts. This effect, however, can be cured by an Angel Iramasha with Advanced in Purification or Healing.
Adept: Upon reaching Adept Xavier is able to craft an average decaying effect that will affect the area within six inches of the contact point. This decaying effect will slowly eat away at any non-organic materials that are making contact with their body. In addition to this it will begin to eat away at the energy supply on that extremity, slowly draining them of 1 percent of their energy per post. This drain, however, is only able to affect those who are of the same tier, or lower, than himself. In addition to this the effects are only able to last for a total of three posts. The cool down on this ability is now three posts. This effect, however, can be cured by an Angel Iramasha with adept in Purification or Healing.
Beginner: This ability cannot be utilized at beginner mastery.

This ability is also able to be utilized when Xavier is not in combat. When activating this outside of combat it will is generally a much more concentrated form, seeing as how he is able to focus more heavily on the movement of the energy into his hand/fist. For plot purposes this allows for the disintegration of many, though not all, non-organic materials. This ability is limited in the same way in which it is above, though it's area of effect is altered due to the effect that it will be, primarily, used on beings that are not animate. This could be used for plants, walls, etc.

Grandmaster: This allows for the decaying effect to eat away at twenty meters around the point of contact.
Master: This allows for the decaying effect to eat away at fifteen meters around the point of contact.
Advanced: This allows for the decaying effect to eat away at ten meters around the point of contact.
Adept: This allows for the decaying effect to eat away at seven meters around the point of contact.
Beginner: This allows for the decaying effect to eat away at five meters around the point of contact.

*This is thread permanent.

Hands of the Forgiving:

State of Being:

» Aether Stones:

» Aether Stone Name: Chaos Stone: Explosive
» Aether Stone Type: It is specific to Xavier.

» Used For: This is a stone that is very straightforward and is able to utilize one of Xavier’s Aether subclasses in a rather interesting manner. By infusing part of this aether into a stone, or some other object that he is able to throw, Xavier is able to use them as a makeshift grenade. This allows for him weapons out of most objects, though it is usually used with smaller objects; they require less energy and can be thrown further.

» Effects: This gem is very straightforward as it is something that simply allows for the object in which the energy has been infused to explode. This explosion does allow for the shrapnel, from the object being destroyed or objects in the environment being thrown in the air. This occurs because of the amount of energy which object is holding overwhelms the object. This explosion causes the energy to expel itself from the object, as well as blowing it to parts.

» Aether Stone Name: Chaos Stone: Blade of Destruction
» Aether Stone Type: It is specific to Xavier

» Used For: This is a tool that allows for Xavier to channel what chaos he has access into a very reliable form; by forming a blade he is able to create an object with which he is able to have the chaos effect very specific areas; not only this, but it also allows for Xavier to draw on the skills that Alexander was able to gain during his time as a demon. When the blade makes contact with a person, and yes this is able to effect Xavier, it begins to induce chaotic effects. The blade is approximately one meter long and is double edged. Aside from a dark hue it appears to be a rather ordinary looking blade.

» Effects: The chaos effect is something which will slightly drain the person of energy, making them feel lethargic as time passes. There is a scale for this ability.

If Xavier's Aether Stone is:
Grandmaster: The blade is able to drain a person who is at Xavier's tier of 30% of their energy. Those who are below Xavier's tier are drained of 35% of their energy. Those one tier above Xavier's will only be drained of 25% of their energy. Anyone two tiers above Xavier will not be effected.
Master:The blade is able to drain a person who is at Xavier's tier of 25% of their energy. Those who are below Xavier's tier are drained of 30% of their energy. Those one tier above Xavier's will only be drained of 20% of their energy. Anyone two tiers above Xavier will not be effected.
Advanced:The blade is able to drain a person who is at Xavier's tier of 20% of their energy. Those who are below Xavier's tier are drained of 25% of their energy. Those one tier above Xavier's will only be drained of 15% of their energy. Anyone two tiers above Xavier will not be effected.
Adept:The blade is able to drain a person who is at Xavier's tier of 15% of their energy. Those who are below Xavier's tier are drained of 20% of their energy. Those one tier above Xavier's will only be drained of 10% of their energy. Anyone two tiers above Xavier will not be effected.
Beginner: The blade is able to drain a person who is at Xavier's tier of 10% of their energy. Those who are below Xavier's tier are drained of 15% of their energy. Those one tier above Xavier's will only be drained of 5% of their energy. Anyone two tiers above Xavier will not be effected.

*Energy refers to the persons speed and strength. As a general outline this decreases their overall performance. This, however, is not permanent.

This stone has a cool down of three posts and the effect lasts for a single post.

» Notes: This is not a whole sword as it is just the blade; the hilt is something that must be provided beforehand.

VI. Aether Class

» Aether Class Name: The Devil of Damnation
» Aether Class Power: Death
» Aether Class Abilities:
Death Energy: After having had his seals recreated, albeit improperly, he has now gained access to new energies and as such he has been granted access to the Aether Energy associated with death; this, however, has also granted him access to yet another form of death energy. Due to the new demonic being within him, he has also been granted access to Death Energy. While this is something which is more of a side effect of this ability it is something that is worth mentioning. The real effect of this ability is the fact that Xavier is able to infuse all physical attacks with that of death. By doing this Xavier is able to increase the damage that is done through his strike, as well as effecting the way in which the wound heals. By doing this Xavier is able to slow the healing of any wound; this means that cuts will not close, and broken bones will not begin to mend. This ability can be halted if there is a healer with purification higher than that of his Aether Control. This ability lasts for a total of three posts and takes four posts to cool down.

Upon hitting Grandmaster in Aether control, as well as hitting Tier 0, this ability will simply cause the wounds to not be able to be healed for a total of four posts, without a cool down. This, however, will also become something which can be handled by any person with Purification of Master or higher. Having lost the complexity of the magic and simply aiming for length it is able to be dispelled by those mentioned prior.

» Aether Class Name: The Angel of Life
» Aether Class Power: Life
» Aether Class Abilities:
Life's Blessing: This ability is one which grants Xavier the ability to regenerate dying cells; this is something which will often combat any sort of disease, as well as a rather large portion of damage that he obtains from battle; while this effect is not something which can effect entire organs at once it is able to heal spots of organs. This is something which will passively close many smaller cuts, though to stop any sort of massive damage will require Xavier to activate this ability. After having been activated it will attempt to repair any large amounts of damage that he has received. When active this ability will last for a total of three posts and require a four post cool down. While on cool down this passive ability is something which will not trigger.

» Aether Class Name: The Nephalem of Judgement
» Aether Class Power: State of Being
» Aether Class Abilities:
Judgement of Guilt: This is an ability which Xavier is able to activate and use to target another being; in order for the target to be recognized a green slash, about five meters long, must pass through the person; when targeted, assuming they are successfully hit, the being begins to feel drowsy as well as much weaker than they originally did. By doing this they will only be able to function at half of their full potential; this is only able to target a single being at a time and they must be below Xavier's rank. In addition to this it only lasts for a total of two posts, with the cooldown being four posts.

» Sub-Aether Class Power: Chaos, Peace

» Sub-Aether Class Abilities

Peaceful Aura: This is an aura that is bound to Xavier's body, though it does radiate up to a meter from his body. This is something that helps Xavier with the multiple mental deficiencies that he has acquired due to his demonic half, the fact that he has a Ziamichi within him, as well as the fact that he is the host to a hive network. While this ability is a passive aura it is something that has increased his mental stability; this works by helping manage the amount of energy that is being transfered through his mind. By slowing down the information transfer he is able to process the information, and still maintain a calm mind.

While others are within this aura, which requires a large amount of trust from Xavier seeing as how close one must be to him, they feel a calming aura overflowing their body. This has the ability to calm others down in stressful situations, which in turn allows for more sound and reasonable decisions to be made. This radiance, however, is limited to being able to be used for a total of three posts. After these three posts the aura is drawn back into Xavier's body, only affecting himself. This has a two post cool down.

Chaotic Presence:

VII. Aether Armament

Aether Armament Name: (What is the name of your Iramasha's Aether Armament? Does it even have one?)

Aether Armament Appearance: (What does your Iramasha's Aether Armament appear as?)

Aether Armament Abilities: (What abilities does your Aether Armament grant your Iramasha?

Aether Armament Name:

Aether Armament Appearance:

Aether Armament Abilities:

Aether Armament Name: The Essence of Life

Aether Armament Appearance: This Aether Armament is usually not visible to the average person. This is armament is inside of Xavier’s body and functions as a form of blood. In this sense it takes the appearance of blood. While it is inactive Xavier will appear as he usually does, however, upon activating an ability of the Aether Armament his body, or if it is a specific portion of the body that the ability uses, will take on a light glow.

Aether Armament Abilities:
Essence Formation: Essence formation is an ability which has many uses when attempting to stabilize wounds of either Xavier or another which he is attempting to heal; this, however, does not mean that there are no combat applications for this ability. This ability is something which allows for Xavier to resist almost any and all diseases and illnesses. By creating additional white blood cells, only when necessary, Xavier’s body is able to combat these infections. This, however, is the only thing that this ability can do without being activated by Xavier.

When this ability is activated Xavier’s body begins to produce blood at an accelerated rate. By doing this he is able to replace whatever blood he may be missing due to wounds. This can also be used on another, though the prerequisites are much different. In order to increase the blood production of another Xavier must have infused his own blood into the person as well as be sure the other is capable of handling the activation; this would drain that user of the energy which is required for its generation. This would take the post for the ability to run to completion and requires a two post cooldown. This ability is something which would activate on its own if the user were to lose a fatal amount of blood; by doing this the body forces blood creation in order to preserve the host and would take anywhere from one post to three posts depending on the amount of blood loss. This can only be activated once per thread.

Essence Link: This is an ability that can only be utilized if another person has some of Xavier’s blood running through their veins. This ability allows Xavier to track the person's physical well being. By doing this he is able to know the persons Blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, the persons oxygenation of their blood, as well as the CO2 concentration in their blood. This works as an overall tool which allows for Xavier to keep an eye on the status of others.

Increased Self Healing: Xavier’s body has a natural tendency to heal itself; while all bodies heal them self this is done at a much greater rate than that of an average being; by having the energy of his Aether class infused with his blood he is able to clot cuts at a much faster rate, as well as fight off infections at a much higher rate. These are the most basic properties that his body is able to gain through the infusion of his Life Aether class with his blood.

After activating his armament, this is to say utilizing this active ability, Xavier is able to stop almost all bleeding within a few moments. This will usually take a single post and does not heal any broken bones. In addition to this it allows for Xavier to repair any damage that was done to one of his muscles; if he was to pull a muscle it would be repaired. If he was to have a portion of the muscle destroyed it would begin to heal at an accelerated level; depending on the damage this could take anywhere from one post to three. Activating this ability causes the damaged areas to emit a dim glow. This ability has a cooldown of four posts. This ability will, however, activate automatically in order to save the hosts life if there is a fatal wound dealt. This would allow him the chance to flee, however, the wound is very susceptible to being reopened. If the thread were to continue, and Xavier were to fight, he could only last four posts before it reopened. This can only be used once per thread.

VIII. The Spirit's Basic Information

» The Spirit's Name: Alexander
» The Spirit's Race: Demon
» The Spirit's Gender: Male
» The Spirit's Age: 20000

» The Spirit's Written Appearance: Alexander stands a humbling six feet tall. His body is rather slender; although he has a slender build this does not mean that he is lacking in muscles.

» The Spirit's Pictured Appearance: (If you got an image for your spirit, post it here.)

IX. The Spirit's Personality

» The Spirit's Personality:

Intelligent: Alexander is a person who chooses to use logic whenever he can; while violence is something that he has seen to be a very effective tool he found that logic was something that others were much more likely to submit to. If a person were to display the countless benefits of a deal then they were much more likely to simply accept the deal without much of a fuss.

When facing a situation it is very important to be able to gauge what type of situation you are in; whether you have the advantage or if you are severely at a disadvantage. While this is true for combat, it is something which is also very relevant to negotiations. If a person cannot tell that they are in the worse situation they are also unable to tell that they have lost power in the conversation; this power is something that a business man must be able to identify at all times. It is what allows them to not make a fool of themselves, and also not make a fool of their clients. Perhaps this is one of the biggest tools that Alexanders believes he has. His increased intelligence.

Charismatic: Alexander is a person who knows who he is talking to, and as such, he is able to cater to whoever it is that he is speaking to. This allows him to shape his argument based around what the other finds important, and as such he is able to make a much more convincing argument. By knowing what the other person believes in, and what truly drives them, you can make a convincing argument.

Although it is important for his career to advance he has also found that by being charismatic, and a generally likable person, he is able to talk his way out of a plethora of situations. It is with this thought process that Alexander has made it a priority to make sure that he is able to give off the best impression, assuming that is what he wants; generally this could also be called a rather rounded personality. By having emphasized this to such a high degree Alexander is able to display any emotion he wishes, allowing him to seem to be whatever it is he wishes.

Calm: Being able to handle the stress of any high stakes negotiation is something that Alexander finds to be of extreme importance. Although there are times in which he will display his emotions it is usually done in order to create a certain effect which he can then use to control others actions; when they make assumptions of his character he is able to use this to his advantage. In addition to this it also allows for Alexander to seem like a much more professional and sophisticated person for his clients; being able to handle the stress of a negotiation is something that anyone could respect.

X. The Spirit's History

» The Spirit's History:
Chapter 1: A Demon’s Humble Beginnings

Alexander was a being that thrived off the jealousy and incompetence of others. In the beginning, before there had been any structured form of human society, Alexander tended to stay in Hell; Hell, however, was no picnic and was something which seemed to only get worse as time passed by. The realm was in constant conflict; there was no semblance of hierarchy and as such there were tribes that wanted to make a name for themselves. Amongst these tribes there was the rare individual that would attempt a grab at power, though they never lasted very long; the tribes were never happy with those that thought they could usurp some of their own power. After many deaths, many executions, it seemed that people had learned that there was no reason to attempt and steal power, there was no merit to it; success was basically non-existent and the punishment was worse than a person could imagine. It was due to these hectic times that Alexander saw the opportunity to do something rather unique with himself. What he saw was the ability to gain power in a way which threatened nobodies position, but would grant him access to the a very unique situation; he did not have the physical strength to challenge the ruling tribes, though he had the connections and mindpower to pose a dangerous threat, if need be.

In the beginning all he had was his name, his rather calm composure and his ability to read others. To begin in a line of work, such as his, a person must appear the part; they have to have a rather clean look and their words must roll off their tongue. With these traits, both of which were rather hard to sharpen in his current environment. The clothing, however, was something that was not necessary; a majority of those who occupied hell at this point were not the type that were bothered by apparel; they simply wanted results. Results were one of the things that were rather easy to achieve, so long as he had stuck to a select few clients; they were rather loyal and had some fairly reasonable demands. It was through these first few deals that he was able to gain some presence; nothing major, just enough for him to be able to stand on his own, if need be. Things all changed, however, when he had learned of the existence of a new species; it seemed that things on Earth had finally began to become somewhat interesting. It seemed that life was finally beginning to take on something that could be considered a society; nomadic tribes were becoming rarer and societies were finally becoming prominent; this was something that Alexander had been waiting for. This was the time to build an empire; it was time to acquire new clients.

Chapter 2: A Demon’s First Encounter With a Human

It was with this new found determination that Xavier began to plot how, exactly, it was that he would go about making an impact on the human world. While he was rather ambitious with how much he had wished to accomplish he already knew that he would have to be rather careful when doing this. Demons, as it were, had given him a bad taste for forming contracts; they always tried to cheat you out of what you had earned, and as such were never to be trusted. If he couldn’t trust his own kin how could he trust this other species? Especially one that was so new to the world. A species that did not have much experience with the supernatural? Hell, it wasn’t even limited to the supernatural. What experience did they have with beings that are able to commit such horrendous acts simply to fulfill a contract. Who was to say that they would not attempt to claim the power for themselves, even try to imprison him? While he was very doubtful that they would be able to perform the feat it would be something that was rather annoying. What would happen if it had hurt his reputation? He could not allow such an act to disgrace the reputation that he had grown over the last hundred years. While he was not someone who was very well known, he did have a few clients who would be rather disappointed by such a disgrace.

It was with this that he had decided to set himself apart from the rest of those who had traveled to the surface. It seemed that they were giving demons a rather unpleasant name; something like that would only cause trouble for him. The first stop, before he even considered traveling to Earth was acquiring a decent set of clothing; unlike demons clothes signified status in the human's world. It appeared that wore clothes which were colorful in nature were those of higher class; it was something as simple as this that he would take advantage of. It was much easier to get a human to agree to an idea when they believe they are talking to a superior; while they may not like the arrangement they will feel an inclination to say yes. This yes was all he needed. It was their willingness to comply to the contract. Hell, this even meant that he was able to make suggestions as to what they should ask. This was a rather simple way to ensure the contract was something that was actually plausible. Not only this, but it would allow for word to spread of his actions. They would come to expect that he was able to performing these deeds and would come to him as though it was second nature.

It was with his confidence, something which seemed to never fail him, that he would approach one of his clients; he had owed Alexander a favor and decided that if he was able to provide the clothes he requested then he would simply wipe the slate clean. It seemed like a good enough deal for the being so he was rather quick to obtain what it was that Alexander had requested. With a slight chuckle he thanked the man and quickly changed. It seemed that he was rather excited to have the opportunity to expand his business; a new area meant new clientele, new, and possibly exotic, merchandise as well as new information.

Chapter 3: A Demon and his Profits

Chapter ?: A Demons Downfall

It had been many a years since Alexander had found much of a reason to return to hell, though it seemed that he was feeling rather nostalgic. On top of this new found feeling he had also heard rumors of there having been a change in power. Well, whatever the case, it seemed that he had made his decision. This decision, however, was one which was rather unfortunate for Alexander. Through many years of business he had made quite a few enemies and it seemed that they had already devised a plan to see to his downfall. After having arrived in Hell he had found himself having been surrounded; they had created the rumors and were simply awaiting his arrival. It was with this that Alexander ran; it was not long after this that he had made his deal with Xavier.

XI. The Spirit's Powers

» Ziamichi Spirit Powers:

Ephemeral Sword Techniques:

Ephemeral Sword Techniques are those that utilize a being's energy, whether it is spiritual or some other form of energy, in order to increase the range that the user is able to strike from; while this is very useful in combat it is only applicable to swords. Alexander was able to utilize this by infusing his Za Koa into a blade he is able to increase the range of his attacks, the potency of the attack, as well alter the area that is struck, whether this be a living being or the environment makes no difference. Although there are a multitude of techniques that can be learned, and the creation of a new technique simply relies on the user creativity and mastery of their energy, each drains the user of a portion of their energy. No only this, but Alexander must be able to focus his energy into the blade, as well as being able to have it maintain consistency as he completes his movement.

Although these techniques, at their very base, are very simple the difficulty of each technique increases if the user was to add some sort of effect to it. This is to say that simply extending the range of strike is very simple and requires nothing more than beginner in the being's energy aspect, though the range will increase with their control of their energy, but adding in something like a flame aspect does increase the difficulty of the technique quite a bit. In order for these effects to be effective, or eve take form, it usually requires at least adept in the energy skill.

After having been sealed within Xavier this technique was one which did not change; at its very core it is a set of techniques that can be utilized with any form of energy and as such was not altered. As long as the being has practiced the technique, and is able to control their own energy, then this is something that anyone can use.

Ephemeral Slash: Generalized skill w/sub-skills. Expand on it.

§ Destruction Slash:

§ Slash of Resonating Life:

§ Slash of Death:

Ephemeral Stab: Generalized skill w/sub-skills. Expand on it.

§ Destructive Tip:

§ Tip of Death:

§ Tip of Resonating Life:

The Art of Negotiation: Generalized skill w/sub-skills. Expand on it.

§ Strong Arming:

§ Feigning Weakness:

§ Mergers:

Demonic Conquest:

Body Manipulation:

This is something that allowed for Alexander to make a substantial amount of progress while attempting to complete contracts, or even form new ones. The ability to change his presentation is something that would allow him to take on the role of another, which could be useful for bypassing security. The ability to get close to a target, one example would be for an assassination, is something that a person could not pass up. The ability to change his gender, the ability to take on the form of another, or a combination of the two is something that is very useful for what he usually had to achieve. A person would be surprised just how useful a pair of breasts were in a negotiation.

While Xavier is not able to utilize this ability to the same degree that Alexander was able to, he is still able to utilize it in such a way that can help him in a plethora of situations. This, in and of itself, is limited, however. In his base form Xavier is only able to change his facial structure, and nothing else. This is very useful for when having to take on the identity of someone who shares the same body structure as himself, though not much else. Where this comes in very handy is when attempting to enter a base which requires a retina scan; this is something that he is able to alter as to allow for him to enter. This ability requires that Xavier have seen the person before, and only lasts for a total of three posts. The cool down on this is two posts.

Upon hitting Tier 0, however, the extent to which Xavier is able to utilize this power is adjusted to be comparable to Alexanders. While it is not as perfect, and still has its own limitations, it is something which can be very useful. It is at this point that Xavier is able to change his gender, and even his entire body. This allows for him to pass voice detection, and even finger print scanners. This is something which allows for him to enter many buildings without much fuss. This ability lasts for a total of five posts and has a cool down of four posts. In addition to this Xavier has the possibility of being harmed by this.

The harm would be mental, seeing as how he is already utilizing the Hive mind. Although when this ability is coupled with the Hive mind it is very effective it also exposes himself to a very large stress. This is simply due to the fact that all the information, names, faces, etc. that flow through his head is something which already effect his personality; he speaks as a hive would, usually. If he should see his reflection while in this altered face Alexander will, having been pre-approved by Xavier, replace himself with Xavier inside the seal. This allows for Xavier to utilize the time to regain his composure. It is during this time that Alexander is the dominant personality and is able to utilize all of his abilities.

Sacrificing Incantation:

Knowledge Of Environment:

Reaitsu Drain:

Black Inferno Blast:

Kage Chōkyō-shi:

XII. Ziamichi Powers

» Unique Traits:
Increased Intelligence:

Increased Willpower:

Increased Mental Deduction:

Increased Agility:

Increased Speed:

Increased Za Koa Capacity: This increase in spiritual capacity is something that was brought about through his many years living as a demon. Seeing as he was not the type of being to accomplish a task with brute strength, he often had to devise more elaborate, and on occasion complicated, ways to perform certain aspects of his job. The most useful tool when performing these tasks is the ability to cast a plethora of spells and to be able to appear to be a very tough and sadistic demon. Despite how he wanted himself to appear, simply to keep his pride, he was able to utilize many different contracts to build up his Za Koa capacity.

By increasing his energy reservoir, up until the day that he was sealed, Alexander was able to gain a massive amount of Za Koa. This, in and of itself, is something that is not particularly spectacular; through training the same thing can be accomplished, possibly to an even greater effect.

After having been sealed by Xavier it was this increased amount of Za Koa that allows for him to grant Xavier a more refined use of his power; instead of having all of his energy suppressed, Xavier has made certain alterations to his seal as to allow for an extra amount of Alexander's Za Koa to leave the seal. This increases the amount of abilities that Xavier is able to access, as well as increases the efficiency that he is able to access them.

Silver Tongue: This is something that played a very integral role in Alexander’s time as a demon. This is something which increased the efficiency in which Alexander spoke. This is to say that it increased his charisma and likability in general. While this may seem like a rather useless tool for a demon it is something which allows for deals to be closed much more easily and allows for them to gain the support of others around them. This support is what allows for them to gather more contracts, and as such more souls.

Although this ability has been slightly dampened by the fact that Alexander does not have complete control over the host it is something which he, willingly, allows Xavier to access. Xavier’s ability to speak in such a charismatic way is what allows him to pull in crowds; it is what allows him to create contracts that favor himself. There are limits, however, to how effective this can be.

The effectiveness of being able to confuse, and or take advantage of another, is something that is limited to those that have a lower Mental Deduction than Xavier has Control over Ziamichi Powers. This due to the fact that Xavier would be able to access more of the natural powers of Alexander. The more believable the speaker the harder it is to see through what they are saying.

In addition to this it is only useful on NPC’s that are at least a tier below himself. This, however, is increased if Xavier is attempting to get them to commit some sort of harmful action; at this point it would require Xavier to have a two tier advantage. In order to be able to affect any player characters Xavier must be three tiers higher than the person be targeted, and they must not be in any form of combat. This is best utilized to gather information from others, or to simply get the person to commit some act which would help further his own agenda.

Continued Below

Coding In Template By:

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Ziamichi Profile

Contract With a Devil: This is something that Alexander had obtained after becoming a demon; while this is something many, if not all, demons should be able to do most do not think of it. This is the ability to form a contract, the terms of which have to be negotiated, with another being. Through this contract Alexander would be able to gain almost anything, so long as the other was able to provide it. The most useful thing that he could acquire was the soul of the other being. Although it was one of the better things he could acquire, it was not the only thing he would obtain.

After having taken Xavier as a host this ability had weakened, though it was something which still has many uses. Xavier still has the ability to create contracts with other beings, in fact he is still able to withdraw a person soul after the completion of a contract, though the use of this contract has changed slightly. With his body having the odd dichotomy of being a Nephalem, his contract has taken on a more useful form. Instead of only having the ability to form contracts which are to be completed, one example would be an assassination, he is also able to form pacts. These pacts differ in such a way that it is a more neutral contract. There is no real exchange of services, instead of trading some commodity he is now able to gain the service of the being. This pact is something which grants the being power, as well as making them loyal to him.

This pact is one which is formed only after there has been a mutual trust established between the two and is consented upon by the two. There is no way to create a pact without the other beings knowledge. This pact has a limit in how functional that it is, and how it effects both beings. By entering this pact a being is able to gain additional strength, the resources which Xavier has obtained, as well as the knowledge he has accumulated over the years. This pact, however, cannot be created with creatures that lack a soul. If there is no soul, whether this be due to how the race is created or due to Xavier having collected it through a contract, he cannot form the bond.

The bond that is formed between the two allows for the master, Xavier, to know the whereabouts of the subordinate. This, however, is limited to a five mile radius and can become very distracting when he has obtained many pacts. This bond also allows for the feelings of the two to be shared. This bidirectional sharing of emotions allows for the master to know how the other feels given a situation and vice versa. This allows the subject to act in a way which will benefit, or help, Xavier without having to directly ask him about it. This bond also stops the subject from, consciously, doing anything which would harm Xavier.

In addition to this those who have formed a pact with Xavier are able to gain boosts in each of their stats, simply by drawing energy from Xavier. This, however, has limits as to how much can be drawn and who can actually perform this task. In order to be able to draw energy from Xavier the person must have the skill lower than Xavier's. In addition to this, it drains Xavier of five percent of his Energy per post. This boost in stats only lasts for five posts; even though it seems to be a very basic ability it actually puts a bit of strain on the bond between the two.

There is, however, a limit to the number of pacts that Xavier is able to have formed at once. At Tier 1 Xavier is able to have a total of ten pacts active. At Tier 2 Xavier is able to have a total of seven pacts active. At Tier 3 Xavier is able to have a total of five pacts active. At Tier 4 Xavier is able to have a total of three pacts active. At Tier 5 Xavier is able to have a total of one pact active. This all, however, becomes irrelevant upon reaching Tier 0. At Tier 0 Xavier has not limit on the number of pacts that he may form.

A Soul’s Truth: This is something that Alexander was able to use in order to see the hidden desires of other beings; his eyes were infused with his demonic energy in which he was able to notice the slight differences in a persons reaction to each statement he had made. This would allow him the ability to read the situation without having to risk much. This ability, however, has been significantly weakened for Xavier. Seeing as his body does not have a steady flow of Za Koa flowing through his body he is not able to perform this as successfully as Alexander was once able to.

Seeing as the amount of Za Koa in Xavier's body is limited this ability is also very limited, compared to how Alexander was able to perform the ability. While he is still able to channel Za Koa to his eyes, the length of time that he is able to do so is severely limited. At tier 1 Xavier will be able to have this activated indefinitely, without a cool down. However, until he is able to reach Tier 1 this ability is limited based on what tier he is. Until Tier 1 is reached this ability is only able to stay active for a total of three posts.

While this is active Xavier is able to see the very general changes of a person soul, this is to say their emotions. Although the soul and the emotions of a person are vastly different entities, a persons soul is a reflection of the emotions they are feeling. It is with this that Xavier is able to observe general changes in their emotions.

The precision of this depends not only on his own powers, but also on how well he is synced with this Ziamichi. At Tier 0, assuming he has mastered the syncing between himself and Alexander, he will be able to see just as Alexander was able to; being able to notice minute changes in a persons feelings.

This ability is limited to non combat purposes, and is generally just used to help plot move along in a smoother manner; using this to help him adjust his personality, and even the way in which he continues the conversation, are a few of the ways this can be used.

Mist: This is a skill that Alexander has developed in order to aid him in certain circumstances. By utilizing the Shadow Burst effects and combining it with the air current around himself he is able to sweep up loose debris and use it to cover his movement, as well as partially blind his opponents. While this is not something that was meant to be used very offensively, it allows for quick retreats, as well as allowing for Alexander to re position in order to have some form of advantage in battle. If the conditions are suitable, however, it can be utilized in a combat oriented manner; this is done by using the wind to launch shrapnel at the target.

After having been sealed away, and granting Xavier access to this ability, it has gained the ability to take on new characteristics. By taking on the characteristics of his Aether Class Xavier is able to create an environment which is very much under his control. By infusing the air around himself with one of his Aether classes it is able to take on the characteristics of that class.

If the environment were to take on the "Damnation" class then the area around Xavier would grant any undead a stat boost; in addition to this the area would become foggy; a white cloud like substance would begin to raise from the ground, causing those who are caught in the vicinity to have their vision impaired.

If the environment were to take on the "Life" class then those who were allies, and within the area of effect, would begin to be healed; this is something which would not be able to heal mortal wounds, though it would be able to handle things such as broken bones and the like. These abilities, however, have their own limitations.

In order to be able to utilize these abilities Xavier must have adept or higher Control over Ziamichi's Powers and adept or higher Aether Magic. In addition to this the area in which this ability is able to be used is limited, though the limit depends on which class is being infused. The Area of effect for "Damnation" only has a five foot radius area. The area of effect for "life" only has a three foot radius area. While they have differing sizes they all only able to last for a total of four posts; this has a cool down of five posts.

» Forms:
XIII. Ira, Devil of Wrath

» Ira, Devil of Wrath Incantation

» Ira, Devil of Wrath Appearance

» Ira, Devil of Wrath Abilities

» Personality:
More Demonic

XIV. Raphael, Angel of Humility

» Raphael, Angel of Humility Incantation

» Raphael, Angel of Humility Appearance

» Raphael, Angel of Humility Abilities

» Personality:
More Angelic

XV. Michael, Lord of War

» Michael, Lord of War Incantation
"It seems I need to actually try."

» Michael, Lord of War Appearance

» Michael, Lord of War Abilities
Life and Death: Seeing as this is a state in which Xavier is able to fully utilize, and control, both of his Aether Classes his body has become more attuned to the way in which these two energies interact in the world. This ability allows Xavier to gauge how damaged an opponent, or ally, actually is. By seeing the way in which their life force flows he is able to make pretty accurate assumptions about which part of their body has sustained a large amount amount of damage. Although this is very useful, it is something that require Xavier to have access to his eyes; this is to say that he must be able to utilize his eyes; if he has gone blind he is unable to utilize this ability. In addition to this even in the pitch dark, so long as he is not blind, Xavier is able to see the outlines of others. This cannot be done through walls, but it is useful when in an open field or room.

This ability lasts for a total of three posts, with a four post cooldown. However, after Xavier reaches Tier 1, this is removed and it becomes a passive ability.

A Nephalems Superiority: This ability is one which allows for Xavier to utilize both of his Aether Energies at once. By allowing his two energies to blend together he is able to perform all of his usual attacks in the same way, though they will now deal twice as much damage as they had previously, and increases the length for any lingering effects by one post.

*This will not effect the percentages of Grip of Death and Blade of Destruction.

Fists of the Superior: This is an ability in which Xavier is able to force a large portion of his Death Energy to the area surrounding his fists. At the same time he is able to fill his fists with that of a life energy, allowing for him to continue an onslaught without having to worry about any damage being done to his fists. This ability is one which will create a similar effect to that of the Death of Grip, as it will slowly eat away at whatever it is that Xavier makes contact with. Ability holds the same effects and restrictions as the Grip of Death, though it is able to last for five posts and has a three post cool down.

*This uses the same scale as Grip of Death, but with Breakdown Skill instead.

Divine Intervention: This is an ability which allows for Xavier to heal himself and others at a much higher rate than before. This increases the healing factor of any spell he casts by two times. This is completed due to increased activity of his Angelic half. With more Life energy flowing through him he is able to utilize these spells at a much higher degree. In addition to this it reduces the cool down of the spells by one post.

Nephalems Conquest:

» Personality:
Make this a merger of his Demonic and Angelic sides; so basically make him more mediated. A very clear, middle grounded person.

XVI. Nicholas, The Forgiving

» Nicholas, The Forgiving Incantation

» Nicholas, The Forgiving Appearance

» Nicholas, The Forgiving Abilities

» Personality:
Consider it a merger between Michael and Alexander

» Drawbacks: (Is there any side effects to the usage of these combined powers? If so, put them here.)

» Control: (What kind of control does your character have over your Ziamichi? Ranging from zero to ten. When at Zero, you're character has no control over your Ziamichi. When at ten, you're character has perfect control over it's Ziamichi.)

XVII. Death Energy

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills For Host
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Devil Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Nether Summoning: Beginner
  • Nether Distortion: Adept
  • Nether Possession: Adept
  • Nether Channeling: Advanced

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Advanced
  • Aether Magic: Beginner
  • Aether Arts: Adept
  • Aether Stones: Adept

Angel Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Purification: Adept
  • Healing: Advanced
  • Heaven Summoning: Beginner
  • Blessings: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Adept


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Xavier [WIP]
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