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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Site Newsletter Issue #2

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Site Newsletter Issue #2   Thu May 31, 2018 7:43 pm



I. Topic of the Newsletter

Yooo, new week, new staff meeting, and following it up is of course a new newsletter. Most of the topics we discussed are some quality of life changes to the site mechanics as well as formal decision on subjects brought up in the last newsletter. Though there were a lot things we talked about, the majority of them were brief, so this newsletter will likely be a lot shorter. Largely because the topics will inevitably have their own, brand new threads dedicated to their changes. So, without further ado, let's dive right into it.
II. Site Updates

Platinum Points: That's right, folks--you heard it here first! We're finally transitioning PH into a Pay-to-Play and Pay-To-Win dynamic! Not really, but we did finally come to a decision to be implemented ASAP regarding the revamp on PH's currency. Previously, we had Yen, with Awesome Points as a secondary that in reality acted similarly to a secondary currency with just more focus on IC supplements--mostly upgrades. For the most part, Platinum Points will be following that IC supplement focus more-so than being a global currency.

So how do they work?: Platinum Points operates as a replacement for both Yen and Awesome Points, and beyond that, something similar to an EXP system. The awesome points system code-wise will just be replacing Awesome Points, where they will be manually added, and in turn increase that bar under your avatar and profile information.

How do you earn them?: The easiest method is being awarded PP through activity checks. Since activity checks will become a regular thing, there will always be a stable and cemented method of earning PP. You will be rewarded the points based off the threads you've made and participated in, apps you've created and furthermore finished, events participated in and IC impacts you've made, etc.

Outside of the activity checks, as the primary and sole currency as well as a rewards-based allotment, you can earn points through participating in events (separate from mentioning them in your Activity Checks), completing missions, or even just outright completing a dank thread and submitting it into the Awesome Points board (will be renamed, obv), where staff will go through the threads you've submitted, acknowledge the progressions and character development you've done, and correspondingly award PP.

On top of that, holding positions in organisations is another method, though they won't just be a steady salary like it used to be with Yen. Making missions for your organisation, coordinating plots, and meaningfully acting with that position to create more content and interactions on-site.

What can we use it on?: As the sole currency, Platinum Points can be spent on color changes, buying titles, buying boards--but surprisingly, not equipment. Generally, equipment is obtained either IC, through plots, or having a sensible relation to whatever supplier can offer that equipment to make it reasonable that your characters possess that equipment. Of course, there can be exceptions and certain equipments depending on their scope and application may require Platinum Points, but it'll basically operate off on a case-by-case basis in that instance.

The biggest change will be that submitting power upgrades will also require Platinum Points. When you submit an upgrade thread, normally you include reasons why your character deserves that upgrade, what sort of stuff you're adding onto them, and the threads or proof of basically earning that upgrade. If it gets approved? Then we'll also deduct points from your account equal to the contents of your upgrade. Though it can feel limiting in terms of submitting upgrade applications, one of the reasons is to moderate the amount of upgrade threads going through. This ensures qualitative changes to your character, promotes bulkier upgrades instead of spamming the board with small changes or additions, and most of all emphasize the importance of extensive character development to supplement and justify those upgrades. Especially since those threads are also how you earn Platinum Points to begin with. The work you put in reaps its rewards.

Activity Checks: The discussion we had over activity checks was mostly just coming to formal decisions and better outlining the specifics. Not much has changed from the original plan and information we put out in the last newsletter. You can expect the first mandatory activity check to come out by this weekend, as it'll be the new month by then.

Rewards for the check?: It was already mentioned earlier, but basically the reward comes down to Platinum Points. Since these points also govern over upgrade threads as well, it becomes dramatically easier to offer rewards since the wide variety is all consolidated through one system. Exceptional activity noted in your activity check could potentially garner special rewards outside of PP if a staff member particularly recognises the amount of work you put into the past few months or since the last activity check.

Post Limit for Positions: Those who hold positions need to hold it properly, as sitting in it when another character could potentially hold that position--and the owner of that character expresses interest in utilising that position to do some work with the organisation and really take advantage of its role and fulfill their responsibilities--would be unfair to both them and the organisation as a whole. We're not going to make any excessive demands, but at least some sort of assurance that position holders actually do something with their role.

So basically, we're going to ask that you at least have five posts within those two months with that positioned character, and put it in your activity check post. This first activity check will be exempt from that requirement, and beyond that there will be some exceptions and leniency based on circumstance. Namely, members who hold multiple positions, so maintaining at least five posts with all of them can be difficult and tasking.

Some other exceptions include but aren't limited to: notifying that you'll be going on a sabbatical or have some sort of IRL reason (like going on vacation, troubles, etc.), having positions that either aren't super highly valued or sought after, or having a position that has a lot of other available sister positions at the same level of authority. Since, if there are vacancies, there's no reason you really have to specifically go for an already filled role if your intent is to just offer some activity or plans of your own for the organisation and pushing a site-wide plot forward, so on and so forth.

Basically, if you feel like there's a good reason why you couldn't or shouldn't have had to maintain those 5 posts minimum in the span of two months, just let us know and we'll hash things out and come to a decision.

Memberbase Meeting: Frost already put out a notice for when we're having it, what we plan to do, etc.. This topic is mostly just being mentioned here since it was a topic of discussion during our staff meeting. There are also a few smaller points that would be nice to let you guys know ahead of time, so when the event actually goes down, you'll know what to expect.

Text-Channel: For a limited time, we'll have a new text-channel up on the discord in preparation for the event, where everyone can input their thoughts, concerns, ideas, pretty much anything with the intent of improving the site, staff team, or community as a whole. To make sure the inevitable sidebar conversations and cluttering messages won't override the main points mentioned in the channel, we'll also pin the decisions or responses offered to the suggestions and concerns in the chat.

Voice-Channel: We'll also be hosting a voice call, though it'll be heavily moderated. At most, only one member will be unmuted at a time to avoid clutter in the voice call and have some clarity and order. Please do try to limit or at least condense the amount of stuff you want to convey through the call, as there may be others waiting to get their voice out on some topics. If you have a lot to say in bulk and all at once, it may just be easier to have that all put out all at once in the text-channel.

Transcribing: Staff members will basically transcribe the contents of the call and put it into the text-channel as we go, simplifying what's said to the main points that address the suggestion, question, or outlines the decisions we've come to and responded with. That way, it'll be figuratively written in stone and available for quick and easy reference for people who missed what's been said, so on so forth.

Discord Roles: Frost has already gone ahead and given a Tenure designation, show-casing a member's experience on PH. We also already have roles for people who are in organisations, and now we're going to be adding some other designations that'll point out some things a member has under their belt.

Roles to be expected: We're planning on adding in roles for members with expertise in certain areas, who are recognised by the community to have that experience with these areas. Namely, members who are better at advising or informing people on things like the specific races, organisational activities, or historical expertise. For example, Henrex would be particularly knowledgeable on the Gotei and Shinigami as a whole; Gin would be real good with Arrancar, Kyle with K-World and Rakshasa. There may also be roles that denote a special position a character of yours holds.

The purpose for these roles?: Besides just flexing on these newbs or even veterans on how you're a subject matter expert or have a lot of influence in certain organisations, more than anything it's for people with questions or suggestions, with roles making it easier to find who specifically would be a respected authority on the subject. That way, they can address it towards the people properly relevant to it, and members with that expertise can appropriately answer the people. As, if you were interested in Vastime, but didn't know who the regent authority on Vastime matters was? Or that stupid fuck Morph changed his name again? If you wanted to know about something to do with Iramasha and Frost is unavailable, but that lazy ass S_E goes ahead and changes her name to something else like she does every other week so you have no idea how to mention them because they show up as offline? Well, you get the point. It also serves as an achievement to offer a sense of pride and accomplishment kappa.

Skill Sheets: Likely one of the biggest updates to the site! Earlier in the year following the Mass Archival, we made an update to the Skill Sheets and increased it from five levels to ten levels. Since then, we've decided that ten levels was excessive, though an increase in general was still a great idea, as considering the progress and expansion PH has made, five now seems insufficient.

SO, we've decided to retain two of the new levels: Untrained, and Elite. Untrained, as there wasn't really something that appropriately defined a character entirely lacking in the respective skill with the original skill sheets, and Elite, as having an in-between for the original Master and Grand Master would do well to fill the overwhelming skill gap and once more re-emphasise how rare and powerful Grand Master is.

Other than that, the original skill sheet levels will retain their same proficiency originally denoted (though we're still going to be revamping some of the skill levels, like how Frost had already revamped the General Skills). The racial skill sheets in particular are split up and assigned to different staff members, so if you'd like to ask questions about those skill sheets, please approach the delegated staff members.

    Arrancar Racials: JJ
    Demon Racials: Frost, Shizuo, Dark
    Human Racials: Chi
    Iramasha Racials: Frost (Nature - JJ)
    Quincy Racials: Shizuo
    Shinigami Racials: Henrex (Vizards - JJ)

    General Skills: Frost
    Will Skills: S_E




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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Site Newsletter Issue #2   Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:36 pm

[mod]archived to consolidate newsletters in one thread.[/mod]



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Site Newsletter Issue #2
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