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 Mifune [Approved 6-0--]

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You Will Be Cut Down.
Human Template

Basic Information

- Name: Mifune Soan
- Titles: "Sword God" (剣神, Kenshin), "Yojimbo"
- Age: 735
- Gender: Male
- Affiliation/Rank: Retired from the Banshee Force

- Appearance Picture:
Mifune [Approved 6-0--] MifuneProfile


- Appearance Description:

Physically, Mifune appears of American decent, and resembles the age of Stefan and Takeshi. He has long, straight hair, and a rather muscular build. Mifune commonly wears a large brown overcoat draped over his shoulders as if it were a cape, fluttering behind him while he is in combat. This cape has visible cuts on it's ends, more than likely as a result of Mifune's opponents damaging it. He is very rarely seen without this coat, and like the twine he usually has in his mouth, only loses/removes it during a very serious fight. He then wears a high colar, Japanese-stlye, button-down white shirt and olive green dress pants. These pairs of pants contain cuts in their fabric at their sleeves, much like the cuts in the fabric of Mifune's overcoat. Finally, he wears a pair of twine sandals, in adition to being commonly seen with a piece of twine in his mouth. He rarely ever takes out the piece of twine unless he gets into a very serious fight that requires every bit of his skill and focus. Mifune is almost never seen without a case of his Infinite Swords, to which he uses to perform his Infinite Sword Style of combat. These cases are filled with Katanas, and are wrapped in Mifune's signature "KEEP OUT" police tape. When Mifune wants to carry these cases, he uses a pair of strips of the police tape to wrap around his chest like a shoulder bag, and can do this with two cases of swords as well as one. Each case usually holds 8 or 10 Katanas, depending on the circumstances.

When standing, he usually has good posture and rarely slouches. He stands straight up with his shoulders in a good position as well, instead of slouching. This helps him appear like an actual warrior, though he doesn't care about his looks at all. Around his waist Mifunr wears a standard black belt with a metal front buckle. Tucked in the belt against his left hip Mifune has placed a single one of his Infinite Sword Style katana, which does not have a sheath and is used when Mifune does not feel like using his Infinite Sword Style or when he deems his opponent too weak to consider use of the style. He also has relatively sharp facial features, such as slightly prominent cheek bones. Mifune's nose is relatively small and slightly upturned, being one of his more noticeable facial features. His eyebrows are thin and sharp, while his eyes tend to be slightly slitted, never open all the way, and when he's calm appear relaxed. Mifune's iris' are a deep crimson, making him appear pretty dangerous just from his eyes alone.



- Personality:

Mifune is the archetypical "Strong but Silent type", not commenting on much or becoming involved in situations that don't involve him directly. Unless he is given direct orders or he is attacked personally by someone, he will usually not get involved in conflicts, even very important conflicts. He usually is seen sitting down with his legs crossed and swords nearby when he is relaxing. This position operates as Mifune's resting state. When he is in this resting state, Mifune tends to tune out the rest of the world and surrounding sounds, though he makes sure to watch out for trouble so people can't get the jump on him.

Mifune is very obedient to his employers and usually carries out all the orders that are given to him. He would get whatever job is assigned to him finished quickly and efficiently with the least amount of trouble possible. However, this doesn't mean that he would abandon his personal morals in order to fulfill a task given to him. If he is ordered to attack a child or someone who looks like a child for no reason, he would sooner disobey the order and commit treason then accomplish what he is ordered to do, even if the consequences are terrible for him, showing he would rather put himself into harm's way than a child.

Mifune has a large spot in his heart for children, and believes that they should never become involved in a fight against adults. However, while this part to Mifune illustrates his inner purity and kindness, it also spells a problem for him when he comes across a hostile child wanting to attack him. If he was forced to fight a child for some reason, Mifune would most likely hold back his strength in battle in order to make sure he doesn't hurt the child too badly, however he is prone to holding back so much to the point where he may accidentally allow himself to lose the fight. In addition to this belief that children should never be involved in fighting, Mifune also likes children in general, to the point where he usually carries around a sweet or two in his pockets to give to them if he were to come across one for some reason. The candy he has been politely giving to frightened or hurt children for years is a salty hard candy known as "Konbu".

He gets very impatient with opponents that strike him as dirty low-lifes, and often does his absolute best to rid the world of them dependant on whether or not they manage to upset him. While Mifune holds the belief that he should refrain from killing unless it is absolutely necessary and the situation demands it, if his opponents are large enough piles of crap or scum he would most likely go out of his way to not only defeat them and best them to a pulp, but would also be more than willing to kill them. Even if they are allies, if he finds them to be filthy low-lifes, he would end their lives without any remorse and without looking back, which shows his true tenacity.

When multiple opponents seem to continuously put him to work within the confides of a single day, Mifune becomes openly irritated, even expressing his annoyance verbally. If he has to defeat multiple opponents one after another, Mifune will openly display his annoyance, and in this state he is less likely to hold back against those who oppose him or his mission. After he defeats multiple opponents and another steps forward to attack and right him, he's usually shown with a tired and irritated expression on his face, displaying how he feels about having to fight more people.

Mifune admires people who follow a warrior's code strictly, even going to far as to smile at them and compliment them as well, something that seems odd considering his other personality traits. This is because he himself follows what he calls 'The Path of the Warrior'. Mifune strives towards peace, earnest will, and justice over unrivaled power and victory over his foes. When and if Mifune loses a battle, he doesn't show disdain or anger and is usually completely fine with what just took place, sometimes going so far as to act as though the fight never happened in the first place. He is also very calm throughout combat, which gives him a clear advantage over opponents who tend to lose their cool when fighting someone. Thanks to following the path of a true warrior, Mifune is a very heroic, serious, laid-back, calm, pure-spirited, caring, trustful, peace-seeking, justice-seeking, merciful, sympathetic, strong, accepting, and content person. These are all very good adjectives to describe Mifune's personality and attitude towards essentially everything. If he discovers someone who has chosen to follow the path of evil, a truly demonic path, Mifune will hunt them down and try to reason with them and convince them to turn to a warrior's ethic instead. If they refuse or ignore him and he fails to convert them, Mifune will do what any true warrior should and set out to defeat them.


Powers and Skills

Mifune is, truth be told, a complete and utter oddity. Yes, he is a strange one in terms of his powers. Compared to most, even humans, he is rather strange for one big reason: he does not possess reishi. Most humans possess at least a small quantity of spiritual particles, however Mifune does not possess even a little bit, and because of this he does not give off any reitsu, spiritual pressure. When he goes all out in a battle, even extremely weak opponents would not be able to feel anything coming off of him, and most certainly wouldn't be weighed down by the reitsu someone as strong as him would radiate. His body seems to possess an immunity to spiritual pressure, not being able to be affected in the slightest by even the largest of spiritual pressures. However, this is a double edged sword. While he can't be affected by a powerful foe's spiritual pressure, or any adverse effects that come along with it, because he is immune to spiritual pressure, he cannot sense other people's reitsus and thus cannot sense where they are by trying to home in on them through sensing their pressure as most people can. However, he can still see, hear, smell, and feel spiritual beings like Hollows and Shinigami without any serious trouble. This means Mifune must utilize his normal senses to their full extent when fighting enemies because he cannot otherwise sense where they are. This also means he cannot use energy attacks on any level and must only use physical means to defeat an opponent, which is one of the primary reasons why he has gotten to good at using his swords and his Infinite Sword Style.

Unnatural Physical Strength
Not being able to rely on any form of spiritual (or otherwise) means to use offensively, defensively, or supplementarily, Mifune's only option left is to build up his body as much as humanly possible in order to stand in fights without immediately dying. Having no way to boost his own physical strength by energy-based means, every single bit of his physical power is completely natural, which makes this seem even more incredible. Mifune is easily stronger than 99.9% of the human populace, possessing a completely unnatural and supernatural physical strength. He can easily send one of his Infinite Sword Style swords flying at absolutely insane speeds, their velocities being enough to pierce through multiple buildings without slowing down. His sword swings are actually rather terrifying as he can put quite a few tones worth of force behind his attacks, enough to the point where even Zanpakutō can be damaged without much trouble from his hits. Another thing that should be noted is that because he doesn't have any forms and he doesn't seal his true power in anything, he is always able to use one hundred percent of his physical power which means opponents that haven't released their power should be careful when fighting him. With strength such as his, Mifune has shown the capability to break through even high level Bakudo Kidō from skilled and proficient users, as well as being strong enough to break through Bankai-level barriers without so much as a sweat drop.

Unnatural Speed
For the same reasons Mifune's physical strength is so outrageously high, his speed is just as high if not even higher. Something that comes natural to the Soan family is their unadulterated, unaltered physical speed. Thanks to his sheer strength Mifune is able to move at pretty incredible speeds through straight running, however his immense speed has a few other purposes to aid him in combat and other potential situations. As he is able to read body movements and sense when something bad is about to happen, instead of the situation where he can see danger coming but his body can't keep up, his body can in fact keep up. Mifune can rather easily dodge standard bullets even without his Linear Dodging technique that might aid him. This is his reactionary speed, meaning how he reacts and when he reacts to attacks, especially those he sees before they happen, is exponentially faster than most other people, giving him the upper hand in close quarters combat. His other form of speed is his attacking form of speed. Mifune can swing his swords, punch, kick, etc, etc, extremely quickly. His sword swings are so fast, his iaido draws are so quick and possess so much momentum, even when he attempts to strike with the dull edge of his blade he still does enough damage to break bones and destroy weapons. Mifune has been known to keep up with Shinigami in Bankai while they use their flash step technique with just pure speed alone.

Unnatural Durability
In order to compensate for no way to protect himself through energy-based means, such as an Arrancar's Hierro, Mifune has had to build up his own body's durability and defense as much as he possibly could. When he first started durability training and was much weaker, Mifune did basic training to build up callous' in order to protect his fists and feet from impact damage from his own hits. Since then he has advanced to other extreme techniques in order to make his dermal defenses as strong as possible. Throughout his seven hundred and twenty seven long years of life, Mifune has worked to make himself be able to stand even extraordinary levels of punishment in order to survive higher levels of combat. Mifune's durability is enough to the point of him being able to stand direct hits from a shinigami's Bankai form Zanpakutō without a lot of trouble.

Fountain of Youth's Blessing
When Mifune was just a fraction of the warrior he is today, when he was extremely young compared to his modern self, Mifune made a great, yet terrifying, discovery. After traveling throughout the Middle East, as well as certain parts of North Africa by going through Egypt, he stumbled upon something truly amazing while on a job. Back then Mifune took whatever employment he could find, and this time it played off. You see, somewhere underneath the vast deserts of Egypt lies a body of water unlike any other seen on Earth, or, truly, anywhere else. This body of water, hidden from all creatures alive by perhaps some great and terrible creature of old, is that of legend. Many cultures know it simply as 'The Fountain of Youth". This Fountain of Youth, when Mifune drank from it and bathed in it, granted him immortality. While he can be killed, Mifune will never be bothered by the sands of time again. Another property it have him is known as the 'Physical Essence'. This essence essentially makes Mifune immune to reality-altering effects, making him impervious to direct and indirect reality-bending, as he is a completely, constant physical object that cannot be altered through those means. Finally, it also granted him a severe resistance to energy-based attacks, abilities, powers, techniques, etc. Now, if one were to make a solid object through energy it would hit normally, but straight energy attacks such as Cero or Kidō does less damage to Mifune than it might to most other fighters. However, this Fountain of Youth is also why Mifune possesses absolutely no spiritual energy or spiritual pressure as well, as it stripped him of the small amount he possessed at the time and altered his genetic code and physical body forever.

Danger Intuition
Throughout his entire life, most of what Mifune has done with himself and others is, essentially, training. He has continuously developed all parts of himself in order to be able to push himself past his own limits and awaken new levels of skill and power. Not only has he developed his swordsmanship capabilities, as well as his knowledge and power, but he has also sought to enhance his own senses and push them beyond their normal limits. Thanks to continuous training, Mifune has succeeded in this difficult endeavor and has trained his senses to detect things above a normal person's capabilities. Along with this came a specific advancement known simply as 'Danger Intuition'. Danger Intuition is interesting because although it is a result of his advanced senses, it is not just what his normal senses are capable of. No, it is more akin to a 6th sense. Even if his normal senses cannot detect incoming danger, his mind and body still 'do'. Essentially this means he can detect unwanted or negative events before they happen by about a second or perhaps slightly longer, but is not exactly being able to see the future as he doesn't know anything about the future, he just knows something bad is about to happen and can thus react to the event slightly quicker than someone normally could. This makes his already enhanced reflexes seem even better than they actually are, and makes him especially dangerous in close combat because he can 'detect' each of his opponent's hits and react accordingly.

Linear Dodging
An extra little perk that has resulted from Mifune's advanced senses and his special "Danger Intuition" is the token skill of Linear Dodging. Though this seems rather simple, and truth be told it is simple, it is extremely useful in numerous occasions, especially against long range combatants such as those who use guns or bows, such as Quincy. What this consists of is Mifune positioning his own body out of the path of linear attacks and projectiles such as bullets and arrows before they are fired, enabling him to dodge long range attacks that move faster than his body would normally be able to react to. This could be considered one of the many uses of Danger Intuition, though it should be noted it is much easier to dodge linear attacks with Danger Intuition than projectiles with chaotic or uncontrolled movement. Linear Dodging gives Mifune a well-needed advantage against people like Quincy who are essentially the exact opposite of his when it comes to combat, and it also provides protection against people like Arrancar who use Cero and/or Bala rather often during battle.

Analysis of Body Language
Through rigorous training, Mifune has learned not only the basic fundamentals of the subtle art of body language analysis, but also also learned to understand the more intricate and advanced forms of body language. He has had centuries to study such an art, and so he has been able to master it and develop the study even farther. He specializes in a warrior's body language, being able to read, observe, and react to an opponent's body language during armed and unarmed combat. What is the use of such a thing, you may ask? Well, the major use is being able to tell what an opposing swordsman might do in a battle before they do it in order to prepare, act, and react for various actions they might choose to take. This can also apply to unarmed fighters, or really any type of fighter during battle. This means Mifune can react to attacks before they even happen, opening up a whole new level of reactionary combat to him. He can prepare the perfect counter for a specific attack before it even happens, he would have more time to react to attacks, etc, etc. Why on earth would he need this if he already has Danger Intuition? Well, Danger Intuition helps him by telling him something is going to happen he doesn't know about, while this skill helps him react to specific attacks from close quarters combatants, and helps him react faster than he normally could. In conjunction with Danger Intuition and Linear Dodging, Mifune is a force to be reckoned with as he can react extremely quickly in nearly all battle scenarios and can counter with extreme precision.

Combatant Perception
Mifune has long been studying combat, various forms of battle, various strategies, weapon techniques, battle styles, etc, etc, as well as having an extreme understanding of people's body language during battle and while they are fighting. He understands a major part of combat is not just which techniques people use and what styles can do what best, but what people think about and how they act during confrontations. He understands learning how people think during battle is just as important as learning what abilities can do what. With all of this in mind, Mifune has studied various levels and sects of psychology in order to gain a full and complete understanding of how people think during combat and why they think this way. You might say this wouldn't have much potential to help him out against his opponents, but it most certainly does. With this skill, Mifune is able to quickly and completely understand an opponent's method of thinking and fighting and can not only start anticipating what he or she is going to do, but also react much better than someone without this would be able to, as he would not just know what's going to come first, but also be able to predict what might come next. This isn't instant and it doesn't work if Mifune hasn't had the chance to observe his opponent for long, but it is extraordinarily useful in longer and more time consuming battles.

Unlike many other supernatural beings, Mifune still possessing adrenaline as he is a normal (as normal as someone like him could possibly be) human, and as such can still use it's positive and helpful effects in combat. Over time, Mifune has developed the skill to control his own production of adrenaline from his adrenal glands through sheer force of will, while also developing an immunity to overdosing on adrenaline. Merely by concentrating, Mifune can force his adrenal glands to produce copious quantities of the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline), which severely increases his own physical capabilities. Due to having an immunity to overdosing on the hormone, Mifune can produce much more adrenaline than a normal human without dying, but will still suffer from the increased consequences after he stops producing it. When producing it, Mifune experiences major boosts in all of his physical attributes, such as speed, strength, durability, etc, etc. He also becomes semi-immune to pain while his glands are producing the natural drug due to it's effects on one's nervous system. However, when he stops he will suffer from severe exhaustion, cumulative pain from combat, and while it's one he can even suffer from heart palpitations. This is not a super power such much as it is control over his own body, something that isn't so surprising when you consider how old he is and thus how much time he's had to master himself.

Efficient Chaos
In terms of battle style, Mifune is largely an outlier compared to his fellow swordsmen. Unlike typical swordsmen, Mifune does not adhere to any specific martial art(s) and instead relies on personal experience and refined skill to move across the battlefield in both the most methodical and effective ways, all the while remaining able to respond to any and all changes that occur. What this boils down to is a fusion of instincts and his incredible reaction speed with observational skills. On the surface this fighting style can seem, true to its name, chaotic and difficult to track with little sense to Mifune's actions. However, a more skillful eye may notice not a single movement is wasted and everything he does is done with purpose and coldblooded efficiency. This truth is what makes Mifune so dangerous in battle as no change of events or circumstance, no matter how sudden, can truly throw him off.

This is a rather......peculiar technique used by Mifune Soan. Something like this has never been seen before by swordsmen and non-swordsmen alike as it seems completely ridiculous and insane on the surface, and actually might be below the surface as well. This technique was next to impossible to master, taking nearly a hundred years (ironic) for Mifune to actually learn how to use this style/technique, which, interestingly enough, is much longer than it takes a shinigami to learn and master their Bankai. As such, Mifune has elected to keep this secret technique to himself and not teach it to Stefan, his younger brother, or anyone else, even if they might seem capable. It's deadliness also plays a role in his decision not to shared the secrets of this skill. You see, Jiijjitoryu is the art of simultaneously wielding one hundred of his own Infinite Sword Style katana by meticulously placing each sword in a specific crevice on Mifune's body, each one placed specifically in the perfect spot to where it won't be dropped by the wielder. This required a lot of time, trial and error, and skill to initially formulate, but Mifune has become so skilled with this technique he can perfectly place each sword in just a few seconds total from start to finish. The use of this style is built to be temporary as Mifune will slowly utilize each sword by dropping them in specific areas, leaving them impaled in opponents, using them at long range, etc etc, until he only has a single katana left in his hands. However, when he is still wielding all one hundred of the katana, nearly all incoming attacks, energy or otherwise, can be completely ripped to shreds by using this technique. By spinning, Mifune can act like Sonic the Hedgehog, if Sonic the Hedgehog was made of or covered by swords. This technique requires an absolutely tremendous amount of sheer focus and willpower to keep active, both of which Mifune has plenty.

Infinite Sword Style (無限一刀流, Mugen Ittōryū)
The Infinite Sword Style is Mifune's main fighting style, and fights pretty much all of his opponents using said style, though weak enough opponents will never have to deal with it or even witness it as he would just either not fight them in the first place or cut them down with a single katana he owns from his stock. This style is a fairly unique way of fighting, as this exact form has never been used before, making Mifune a pretty original swordsman. This style is a very powerful system of fighting, though it takes a long time to master, and fits better for people if they have powers that make it easier to use throughout a fight. Mifune has mastered this style, and can support it with his other skills. Though he could potentially teach someone this style, it wouldn't work nearly as well as his own, especially since he has mastered it.

Mifune's Infinite Sword Style is based around one thing: multiple swords. Instead of using just one single sword, this style makes use of many katanas/swords scattered around the battle field. Any sword will do when it comes to this style, including damaged blades and, badly weighted swords, etc, as Mifune is willing to use any and all he comes across in a battle. With this style, Mifune is able to use just one katana or multiple katanas at one time. One of the most useful, and perhaps deadly, parts of this style is the ability to constantly have a sword, no matter what, as there are tens, if not more, swords scattered around the battlefield for Mifune to take advantage of and use. This means he is rarely without a katana or sword in his hands. It also means he can use the swords stuck in the ground or scattered wherever in certain circumstances, such as standing on one if there was water on the ground, or even getting away from lava.

The uses of random swords sticking out of the ground/lying on the ground with this style are many. If Mifune is moving quickly around the battlefield, or just doesn't want to touch the ground, he can use these swords as stepping stones and quickly hop from one to another, essentially running across them. He could also use them as projectiles, throwing a few at his opponents, not having to worry about not having more in case something happens to them, as there are many, many more he has access to. He could also use them to control his opponents movements by aiming them at areas he doesn't want them to go to, forcing them to turn to the opposite direction or throw them at an opponent knowing they can dodge, just to make them dodge. Another use for these swords is pinning the opponents to their surroundings in order to hinder said opponents' movements. This style is great for multiple attacks on the opponent at the same time, and even sometimes from multiple directions, which is what makes it so deadly.

Before a battle happens, Mifune announces the style, usually by just saying "Infinite Sword Style", and then throws all of the katanas he has in his containers up into the sky. The swords then fall rain down, impacting into the ground and sticking out for Mifunes use. This makes it so the swords are (usually) evenly spread throughout the entire battlefield so Mifune has constant, easy access to them. However, his swords actually multiply. As in, say he has ten swords in his stock. When he throws them all up and they scatter around the field, it'll seem as though suddenly a hundred of them are raining down upon the battlefield. This gives him access to many more swords than normal during combat, which helps him quite a bit. Essentially, Mifune is a master at switching between use of a single sword to simultaneously using multiple swords last the same time. It should also be noted Mifune's Infinite Sword Style and it's techniques involve mixing in kendo: all of his techniques involve certain kendo combined with his normal style.

Though the style, when used properly, itself is rather dangerous to those who oppose Mifune, the individual techniques that comprise the style are perhaps a major factor when considering just how effective and useful such a style is. While Mifune can fight extremely well without using any of his specific techniques, having them there most certainly makes things easier for him during combat, especially the ranged techniques he has at his disposal as he is a sword fighter and as such doesn't usually have the capability to fight opponents from far away, severely limiting his combative capabilities. With techniques like Vertical Line, however, he doesn't have to worry about such issues when he is ankle deep in life or death situations. Though being able to fight at range is a great tool, and other such tool would be the capability to fight while in the air, which happens to be a crippling factor when considering this style. However, the style makes up for it by producing such techniques as Disorderly Line which allows him to become extremely dangerous when fighting off the ground. However, Mifune only uses the Infinite Sword Style against powerful adversaries, electing to defeat weaker opponents without using it. Usually Mifune will just use a single sword against weaker opponents, though if there is a sufficient gap in power, hes been shown to engage in hand to hand combat instead.

In regards to the swords used, he uses basic, standard-looking samurai katana for this style and when he only fights with one or two instead of the whole containers worth. Though the katana are relatively average in appearance, they seem to have a strange bond with their user, Mifune, which has a few useful side effects. One, they seem to have adopted Mifune's physical attributes, being much stronger, sharper, and more durable than any other man-made weapon. Though normal steel might be destroyed by stronger foes, his katana would not be able to be chipped by some of the strongest fighters around. Also, similar to shinigami and their Zanpakutō, Mifune's swords are essentially weightless and are more like extensions of his arms then actual pieces of metal. Finally, no matter who they are, nobody else using one of his katana's can cut him. Even if Zaraki Kenpachi attempted to use one of his own katana against him, he would be able to cut Mifune or really damage him much at all, and he would thus be safer using his own weapons. Someone that strong would even have trouble trying to cut or damage someone besides Mifune, making it appear as though not only do the swords 'not want to' cut Mifune, but they also 'don't want to' be used by anyone else.

Addition (加法, Kahō)
This is one of Mifune's more noteworthy offensive techniques used as part of his Infinite Sword Style. It is a close range offensive technique that took him years to master, but now that it is, it is extraordinarily powerful and deadly. This technique is begun by making a single, powerful, robust swing at the intended victim. Immediately after the swing connects, whether it breaks ski in or not, Mifune let's go of the blade's hilt and, while the opponent is stunned momentarily by the blow, he attacks once again using another sword in his vicinity. It doesn't matter what sword he picks each time he does this, all that matters is that he hits the opponent each time he swings at him/her, let's go of the blade, and grabs another sword. After the initial hit, this process is repeated eleven more times, each time hitting the victim from a different angle or position, making sure to not leave a sword in the same place so they can each hit the person's body. This technique ultimately leaves a total of twelve swords attached to the intended target's body. The resulting injuries on the opponent from using this technique can very greatly, from minor to fatal, and depends entirely and solely on whether Mifune wants to cause a lot of damage or not. However, this made much deadlier by the use of the Multiplication technique which doubles the amount of damage one might take from such an attack. It should be noted that as Mifune's held sword makes contact with the enemy, he announces aloud the number of the strike, as follows: "One Sword" (一本, ippon), "Two Swords" (二本, Nihon)......."Twelve Swords" (十二本, Jūnihon). As the technique's name suggests, Mifune uses addition to count up the blows as he uses this technique.

Multiplication (乗法, Jōhō)
Just like Addition, Multiplication is close range offensive melee combat technique. Multiplication is actually a branch off of Addition, and as such is a very powerful, and perhaps one of his more well-known, techniques used in combat. It, like Addition, is part of Mifune's Infinite Sword Style. Directly after using his Addition technique, whilst all twelve swords are still momentarily and temporarily attached to the intended target, Mifune will then proceed to use a thirteenth sword to strike all twelve swords attached to the opponent extremely quickly. When he strikes the twelfth sword, the final devastating blow causes all of the swords attached to the target to dislodge, launching them off of him/her. After being dislodged, the blades form a ring around Mifune's opponent, landing in a circular formation when they hit the ground. This technique serves to double the amount of damage taken by the victim, 'multiplying' it by two, by doubling the total amount of hits on them and causes the blades to strike/cut their flesh yet again. As the total twenty-four strikes are received within such an incredibly short period, little to no opportunity exists for the enemy to mount a counter attack. At the conclusion of the technique, Mifune announces aloud the number of the accumulated strikes, as follows: "Twenty-Four Swords" (二十四本, Nijūyonhon).


Disorderly Line (乱立の並, Ranritsu no Narabi)
Disorderly Line is a supplementary technique used by Mifune as part of his Infinite Sword Style in order to increase his overall capabilities in combat. This technique was developed in response to Mifune's need to be able to fight on a high level within the air instead of constantly being stuck to the earth, not being able to combat flying opponents very well or not being able to fight opponents that don't stay on the ground constantly. This complimentary technique is initiated by Mifune revolving around a singular point in a circular fashion, striking various swords he, with the Infinite Sword Style, had placed down in the ground earlier in battle. When hit, all of the swords in his immediate vicinity are propelled upwards, launching out from their previous positions. utilising the collisions between the swords to keep them aloft, he is able to ensure that he is continually surrounded by a large quantity of blades regardless of his subsequent movements, whilst integrating even more into the technique as and when necessary. Thanks to the proximity and amount of swords used with this technique, Mifune can truly unleash his masterful swordsmanship, demonstrable by bombarding his enemy with an unrelenting, unquitting stream of attacks and techniques from all directions. This supplementary technique is used to give Mifune a fighting chance in the air, where his normal style may not fare so well under normal conditions. Because of this reason, Disorderly Line is easily one of, if not the, single most useful techniques in Mifune's vast arsenal. The versatility of this technique is unsurpassed, as it combines both a powerful defence and a comprehensive offense, yet still retains the capability to effortlessly switch between the two. This occurs due to Mifune being able to execute his other attacks more easily, without the prior need to gather and/or position the swords, whilst making it increasingly difficult for an opponent to engage him directly because of the presence of the adjacent blades. As a testament to this, Disorderly Line was even capable of overwhelming Stefan Soan's extremely fast bankai-enhanced Oto no Ungoki technique, as well as his Rō Shukuhaku style, with relative ease.


Sword Fang (刀牙, Tōga)
Sword Fang is another one of Mifune's offensive Infinite Sword Style techniques, though this one isn't limited to close range like the others are. After previously positioning three swords so that they stand parallel to one other in the ground, Mifune strikes all of their blades simultaneously with a powerful swing directed near their sunken tips, causing the entirety to slash upwards in a single violent movement that is reminiscent of a fang. As a result of Mifune's considerable skill and precise accuracy, despite appearing to indiscriminately fling multiple swords into the air, he can ensure that the blades not only land positioned in preparation for this technique, but so that they also drop inside the opponent's guard. This then makes it almost impossible for the enemy to avoid the attack, without firstly releasing their weapon as they would need some form of extreme speed boost. This move is especially deadly because it can do triple the amount of damage as a normal attack might do, as three blades are involved. The speed and power involved in this technique is rather frightening, the swords can be sent at such high velocities they can rip and tear through even the toughest of substances. Sword Fang is even more dangerous when used in conjunction with Disorderly Line as he can hit them off rapidly, Fang after Fang, without tiring or really running out of weapons to use.


Vertical Line (垂直の並, Suichoku no Narabi)
Vertical line is Mifune's primary and most-used medium to long range offensive technique used in combat. Due to the nature of Mifune's fighting style and the weapons he uses, it should come as no surprise to you that the Infinite Sword Style is not exactly overflowing with techniques that can be used for anything else besides at short ranges. Even though he lacks a large amount of ranged techniques and attacks, he has, at the very least, Vertical Line to make up for such. Immediately following the use of Sword Fang, whilst all three swords remain momentarily suspended in the air, Mifune proceeds to hit the entirety in quick succession with the blade of the sword he is currently holding, usually hitting the butt of each katana's hilt. Each sword is struck separately and in such a manner that they are launched directly towards the target along a linear trajectory, with a tremendous amount of force, meaning they act instead like long projectiles. In sheer piercing power, they match high caliber bullets being shot by equally high caliber weapons, while also being much larger and thus possess more potential to do more damage. As a result of Mifune's considerable skill and precise accuracy, the attack itself is extremely difficult to avoid without incurring some damage, due to the tightly grouped blades leaving hardly any room for the opponent to conduct a successful parry, as well as the speed of the moving swords being a large factor alone thanks to Mifune's launching power. As the fly through the air, rings appear around them because they travel at super sonic speeds, a testament to this technique's killing power. As Mifune's held sword makes contact with each individual blade, he announces aloud the number of the strike, as follows: "One Sword" (一本, ippon), "Two Swords" (二本, Nihon), "Three Swords" (三本, Sanhon).

Three Paths Shot (三道射, Sandōuchi)
This is another supplemental technique, though this time it is primarily used at a longer range. As a supplemental technique, Three Shots Path does not necessarily function as an offensive technique, though that's only if the swords miss their intended target. Like Vertical Line, this technique is one of only a few long range capable techniques at Mifune's disposal, though instead this one can also be used for self support instead of just combat. After taking hold of three swords and leaping into the air, Mifune throws them simultaneously with tremendous force, using both of his hands. Even if the blades miss their intended target, as each stands perpendicular to the ground along a single line, they can then be used as an improvised path that he can traverse to approach the enemy, whilst retrieving another sword in the process. However, as a result of Mifune's considerable skill and precise accuracy, he can hit even the smallest of targets with uncanny aim. Mifune has the capability to lodge a sword in an individual chain link without damaging it from over thirty meters away, and can even lock up and pin chains to solid surfaces by doing something like this. If his target is in fact not missed, this technique can function in a similar way as Vertical Line, acting as a long range attack that involves launching three swords at a target with tremendous force and speed, causing the projectile swords to pierce nearly anything they run into.

Dual Rotation (デュアル Deyu Kai ten)
This technique is rather interesting compared to his previously listed skills. This technique is a long-range offensive technique used as part of Mifune's Infinite Sword Style combat style. This requires the use of two of his swords, which can be obtained rather easily as they cover the entire battlefield. By holding a katana in each hand, Mifune can launch them at his opponent(s) by chucking them at the victims. However, instead of just throwing them at his opponents, Mifune throws them in such a way that they spin extremely quickly and powerfully, in counter clockwise rotation. The swords rotate so quickly they can rather easily shred nearly everything they encounter, causing tremendous damage to his foes. Mifune can use this technique so precisely and skillfully that when the swords can hit essentially anything he wants them to. Using the same analogy as before, Mifune could throw them so precisely that when they stop moving from hitting something, the tips of the blades could be straight through individual chain links, pinning said chain to objects or the environment.


Background History

- Background:

Mifune was born to a poor ex-royalty mother and a wandering mercenary father in the more ancient parts of Egypt. The father left shortly after he was born, with the only thing Mifune remembering of him was his bright green eyes. These eyes would haunt him for the rest of his life and lead to him doing whatever he could do yo find the main who had those eyes, searching far and wide for him. When he was just a few years old, Mina, his mother, abandoned Mifune off in an age-old prison simply called 'The Pit'. His mother left him with the sword his father had left behind and nothing else, leaving without a word. The Pit, his new home, was a dreaded hell on Earth that was essentially a giant underground prison with only one entrance and exit: a massive stone-carven hole in the ground.

Left to anguish in his own hatred for the world, Mifunr carved a bloody path through the inmates in the prison he was now forced to call home until one day he met a man who seemed to transcend the usual filthy scum that inhabited the Pit. This man, sensing there was great potential in the boy Mifune, decided to take him under his wing and teach him not only swordsmanship, but what it was to be a true warrior. Mifune, finally finding a kindred soul, happily became who he began to call 'The Master' in order to get stronger, though his purpose would soon change because of his teachings. This teaching continued for years, a total of six to be precise. Mifune had already been thirteen when he was abandoned at this new place, and so was old enough to understand what the Master taught him.

After the six years, the Master told Mifune he needed to follow his own path and make his own way in the world, and as such needed to leave the Pit. Taking this advice, Mifune used his new strength to climb out of the Pit and venture into the world above. Taking one final look at that last chapter in his life, Mifune glanced back when he finally reached the surface. The last things he saw of that dreaded place were the glowing green eyes of The Master. Eyes he recognized. This image would be carved into his skull for the rest of his life, no matter where he goes. Though he didn't at the time, Mifune would soon learn what had really happened deep down in that perilous prison, something that would bring him and his brothers and sisters together, eventually.

After traversing the unbidden-by-time sands of Egypt, Mifune found employment with various groups, leaders, and military. He worked for kings and queens, mob bosses, renegades, etc. Mifune's name became infamous for his work as a bodyguard as he had used what the Master had taught him in the Pit to protect those willing to pay a high enough employment fee. Despite working for even crime lords and brigands, Mifune never allowed his orders to impede or step on his own personal morals, morals he gained from living in the Pit for so long and from his apprenticeship under his old Master. He remained a true and pure warrior throughout his time as an employee for the less-than-civilized employers who sought him out for his particular set of skills.

Eventually, while on a job for one of his many employers, Mifune came upon something truly amazing and unnatural. He came upon what many cultures, religion, and lore called the 'Fountain of Youth' deep beneath the surface of the earth. However, it wasn't a fountain at all, it was a huge lake made from the purest of waters. It was so pure the water seemed almost to be glass, completely see through and transparent. Believing it to be exactly what it was, Mifune took a drink of the Lake of Youth and bestowed upon himself semi-immortality, for he would now never die from age, the ravages of time no longer having a say over his life. With newly granted immortality, decided he would no longer work for basic crime lords or mob bosses and decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things.

With his new longevity, Mifunr decided to dedicate his life to becoming as skilled in swordsmanship as possible, as well as wanting to make his body as strong as possible. He also decided to hunt down his father and find out exactly who or what he was. Throughout his travels and adventures searching for the man he knew only by his eyes, Mifune encountered his other siblings, half siblings fathered by his own sire. The first one he encountered was named Stefan Soan, and was a rather aggressive fellow. When they met, Stefan refused to acknowledge Mifune as his older brother. Annoyed, Mifune accepted the challenge Stefan had issued. They fought and fought for hours, their battle ravaging the area where it had taken place, however only one man could emerge from the fray as the victor and that man was Mifune. Now seeing how skilled and powerful Mifune was, Stefan accepted him as his older brother and became his pupil in order to become more skilled himself.

After teaching Stefan enough to truly get him started as a swordsman, Mifune left his younger brother to return to the pursuit of his father. Throughout the ages, throughout the centuries, Mifune met many of his other siblings throughout his travels and search, some he revealed himself to, others not so much. He noticed how every single member of the family, every single son or daughter born from the same man had an affinity for swordsmanship. Mifune has been getting closer and closer to his father's true identity, and continues his search even to this day.

Over the past 10 or so years, Mifune spent the majority of his time in the Demon World. Operating as a Shadow Fall Banshee, he would serve as an assassin meant to dispatch high profile targets without causing as much widespread damage as many other fighters are prone to do. After working closely with Katana Broadshield, the two ended up marrying and birthing a child named Shani Soan.


Major Battles
Mifune vs Human Stefan - Win
Mifune vs Shinigami Stefan - Win
Mifune vs Shikai Stefan - Win
Mifune vs Bankai Stefan - Win
Mifune vs Uncontrolled Stefan - Win
Mifune vs New Bankai Stefan - Win

(Not indicative of current power level)


Roleplay Sample

- Roleplay Sample: (Please create a sample of how you role play in this section by either creating a RP sample with this character OR pasting something you have written in the past. If you have already made an accepted character, you need not go through this)

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General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Elite
  • Weapon Skill: GrandMaster

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Elite
  • Focus: GrandMaster

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« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Elite
  • Focus: Grandmaster

  • Comments/Notes: After talking with Gin in DMs, Mifune should be ready to go! Will Skill will be left the same as before.
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