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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Took you long enough, aye?

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Took you long enough, aye?   Fri Jun 01, 2018 9:09 am

Advent Of Fury

Ulv Auber

Ulv took a deep breath, slowly cultivating in Ci's cave inside Zian-Zi. The damn array was still throwing off her perception of where she was exactly, and that was annoying, but she didn't need to know that. Ci was here and giving her a lesson on her next step of Tai Chily evolution. Something she had read about but never really sat down to experiment with.

"Personalized Techniques are manifestations of your own will. With every Realm above Bronze, you can create a single technique that is mostly unique to you. The application of it might change, as will the name and how it looks, but it is not unheard of to have Personalized Techniques with similar base roots. Most Cultivators have some manner of bodily perfection technique, allowing them to be stronger, more resilient, better endurance. My personal techniques are mostly handed down from my ancestors. Demon-Suppressing Palm and Arrogant Lustful Demon Palm are creation of my descendant, the Demon Lord Cho Ken Tsu. Mostly recently I have perfected my own Asura-Blooded War Form, for when people need beating up really hard" . Ulv giggled softly at the discription of why she needed that one, and then carried on listening.

"What you chose is up to you. You have never really done it before, so you have four slots to decide which you want to create and which you want to leave until you have thought on it some more. You are quite the strong being, so following the usual War Form at Yu-Shan probably won't be something you will do. Your, transforming sword should cover you on that point" Ci carried on, her tone part teacher, and part friend. But, then she was Ulv's Master in Wulin, after all.

"Yea, Beowulf has always been quite the destructive one when he gets his Bankai out. And I get the feeling that unfettered as he is now, it's going to make a mess. I've got good outlines for the first two, but the other two...need some more time to think" Ulv replied, pondering what those two could be, but then passing it off to Future Ulv. Right now she needed to focus.

"The actual creation of these Personalized Techniques is easy enough. Focus on your Dantian, and think of the concept of Personalized Techniques. Flashing in your mind, will be a disk, with four slots. To you, the slots will all be empty. For me, I can view and review what I made for them, and while Cultivation Masters can apply minor touchups to the concept, you can't change it fundamentally. If your Personalised Technique was to, spit fire, for example, you can not change that to controlling air. But you can change it to spitting magma, or changing the type of fire you spit. This ability to change is not reliant on your Dantian, but rather you experience and knowledge in the field of Cultivation. So you won't be doing it for a long time. Make sure that whatever you make, it is something you want to keep" Ci spoke a great deal, more than Ulv had ever heard her speak. But, she was a teacher after all. With that done, she let Ulv focus on what she was going to do.

For Ulv, the first, Silver Realm technique was easy. If a bit frivolous. She brought together her concept, moulded it into reality, and slot it into the disk. It shone silver, and a massive oceanic leviathan roiled in it's depths. Such a powerful being, it was perfect for her intentions. Ulv smiled, for strength of such a leviathan would go a great way to help her out. The second, was a much different technique. She looked to the third part of the disk, and filled it with her intent. It solidified into a black-gold colour, and a suit of armour with a great shield reflected a wave of darkness. As much as Inami wished to help, it did alert Ulv to a shocking hole in her defenses. She just needed one mind control power and she'd be under their control. People fought like cowards and vermin, unable to cross fists proper. And there was not protecting yourself from it, they just zapped you and you were theirs. Well, no longer.

The other two, she wasn't confident about making yet, so she just left it to it and retreated to the real world. The first one was a lovely one, flat, basic, and wonderful. Power was hers! The other, was strange. She seemed to need to commit a portion of her Dantian to it's upkeep. And with a portion filled in with this technique, the rest of her powers would not be as strong. But it was a worthy price to pay for the protection it offered. With that done, she offered thanks to Ci, who as usual refuted it. Ulv helped her out, so it was only fair to return the favour. Wandering around the market for a while to see if there was anything worth doing, Ulv found little more to distract herself, and so returned to the world at large. She'd have to think on the other techniques, but for now, the two she had were worth enough.

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Took you long enough, aye?
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