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 Dead Divinity [Khala] [Open For Serious Plot/Interaction] [Reflection Mission]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Dead Divinity [Khala] [Open For Serious Plot/Interaction] [Reflection Mission]   Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:01 pm

Artist: N/A - Song: filament ~TV size~ - Word Count: N/A

[Tier is assumed to be around 4-5]

Divinity.....what was it anymore? The shell which was Khala's original heart had melted away from her grasp and she was thrust into this world once more as but a shadow of her former self. Memories were restored, stability was gathered, but yet her body felt so weak. Trying to recall her powers, abilities and grandiose capacity to outright obliterate the Soul Society itself with a wave of her hand were just distant memories. She had nothing anymore.

To return back to her temple of Khalaism in this form? Suicide. Either primal essence of Pharista would slaughter her where they crossed paths to ensure her love never again claims Devata's heart, or she would be met with utter disgrace with her pitiful her state of being had become since she allowed that thing to claim her power and being.

To go back to the other realm worlds to seek safety? Dangerous just as well. She could never live down what had occurred during the events of Demonic Incursion. The Living Realm and Soul Society alike would skewer her the instant she'd show her face there. And without her divine prowess to shield her? That was certain death or torture. Yet, even in Demon World, she wasn't safe; but this felt the most like home.

And so -- she wandered.

Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks and time soon began to run into a blur. Through deserts, mountains, sea, and forest; against rain, heat, cold, snow and ice did Khala wander. All the time, without that power to keep her safe, the fallen goddess had to wonder if this sense of defenseless is how her former followers felt. Is the type of powerlessness that those at the mercy of her power at its peak felt when opposed against her divine authority? To truly be nobody, be lost and without brought forth equal parts terror and freedom.

Without being the avatar of The Demon God's Heart, this version of Khala was forced to ponder who she was without that divinity, worship, and power at her side. Free from the insanity, depravity, and hunger for eradication that her former body wielded; all the woman had was the faint ember of affection which burned within her spirit as she thought of that single feeling of love she yielded for those who shared her organic extract.


But no answers came despite this.

How could they?

Khala was alone. All that was with her at this time were her own thoughts and the lingering feeling of debt to repay Iriko for the sacrifice he made to keep her insatiable lust and hunger in check. Add to the fact that she was exposed to the elements, and all that was on her mind was making it through another day to endure.

Thus, she continued to wander deeper into the abyss of The Vicara Nation until the woman eventually stumbled over in a pit of sand on a hot summers day. If one were to come across her in this state, it would be daunting to the see woman adorned in only a long black garment with her unkempt aqua hair and beaten face. She was exhausted, weak and lost; so the woman let out a gruff groan as she closed her eyes and began to let these feelings of lost overwhelm her spirit once more.

Who would she become with this new life? Could she regain new power? Or was this all just a farce before her karma caught up and ceased her existence once and for all? Khala wasn't a goddess at this time, so she lacked the knowledge and foresight to see that conclusion. All she could do was find comfort in the darkness of her closed slumber and wait for a signal from fate itself to possibly save her......


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Dead Divinity [Khala] [Open For Serious Plot/Interaction] [Reflection Mission]   Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:13 pm