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 Jaeden Crow 2018 revamp

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Jaeden Crow 2018 revamp   Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:50 pm

The Windwalker

Jaeden Crow
おだ たつや

Basic Information

» Name: Born under the given name Jaeden Crow. Often called by his clan mates the title Kaze U~ōkā or in English known as the Wind Walker. He's known by such due to the talent of his to walk with the wind. Jaeden's always been able to comprehend and move with extremely fast speed. Some believe he's been running ever since Zefonse Kaizme happened to him. A situation not many Captain's runs into and come away from unscathed that Arrancar was a fierce beast capable of destroying an entire Division blindfolded. Even as a Captain he paled in comparison to the creature's strength. In his youth, he misunderstood so many things.

» Age: Jaeden is often seen as someone of five hundred years old. But the true fact is that he's a good deal older than that. His real age is around eight hundred to one thousand years old. The number he's given more honestly is one thousand. Claiming that he's been around for a bit too long to really care. Youth is something suspectable to anything and the clan that once was didn't see it. That the leader hid from them with relatively decent skill. Not replacing or forfeiting anything for what he believed in. Age is an irrelevant thing, you could be older than anyone and still be useless in situations. That is the pain that Jaeden's lived with since his defeat at the hands of Zefonse and failing. Then being part of a plot to destroy the Gotei entirely. That was something he accepted as par the course and build up of it all. He kept the Living world busy during an invasion and failed to even do that right.

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Jaeden Crow 2018 revamp
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