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 Chifuyu Yuudeshi [Super Secret |WIP | Don't look]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Chifuyu Yuudeshi [Super Secret |WIP | Don't look]   Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:58 am

I. Basic Information

♦ Name: Chifuyu Yuudeshi.
♦ Alias': She is known as Gemstone 0, also occasionally referred to as Fuyu by her little sister Ichika. Her Gemstone is "Rose Quartz".
♦ Age: Seventeen.
♦ Gender: Female.
♦ Sexuality: Bisexual.
♦ Race: Human. [Soul Evolution].

♦ Affiliation: Currently unknown following the corrupting influence from the Micronesia incursion Chifuyu's body mutated, the negative energy warping her soul and affecting her in more than superficial ways as it did in the first use. She holds no current ties and has defected from the Vanguard, not becoming an enemy but breaking her servitude of the organisation.

♦ Appearance:

I. Personality

♦ [Strangers]

♦ [Subordinate, Leader, Comrades.]

♦ [Friends, Lovers]
- Intelligent, Seeks out Knowledge.
- Confident.

♦ [Enemies]
- Upholds her morals, except when angry.

Philosophical - Insightful
Determined - Focused - Clear-Minded
Dynamic - Flexible - Open-Minded
Honest - Kind
Futurist - Logical

~~~ Neutral ~~~

Casual - Doesn't hesitate to interrupt.
Bold - Daring - Adventurous

~~~ Negative ~~~

Works to Hard
Has trouble balancing social and work lives.
Recklessly Pursues Knowledge

I. History

♦ Chapter 1
The idea of Chifuyu's existence became a possibility shortly before the coming of the new millennium. The year being 2399 and the date being March 2. A leading scientist in the area of Biomedical Science who also had brought a focus towards crystals and metals for cybernetics and prosthetic for both combat and rehabilitation released a theory that the human fetus could be altered through the use of Aether Gems. This theory by Doctor Shimori Aoi, caught the attention of the Yuudeshi Family. With Zin in possession of the Hogyoku it was possible for the same principle to be applied no?

With a curiosity towards this idea the Yuudeshi approached her and offered her a rare opportunity. To use Shadin's and her DNA to create an artificial child which would be exposed to the radiating energies of the Hogyoku. Now Shimori wasn't going to reject this opportunity, or this request from the Beast of Karakura. She quickly agreed to this task that he offered her. The woman wasted no time, having the opportunity to study the Hogyoku that belonged to Zin to study the radiation, to be able to study the way it worked and interacted with things. The benefit was that with the Hogyoku's ability to manifest will into reality Shimori was basically given the answers to her questions.

By the end of 2399 the project was ready to begin, with the fetus being created and the operation known as Project GEMSTONE underway, nine months from her creation in November Chifuyu's developing body was exposed to the Hogyoku under strict conditions, which altered the way her body formed and developed. Effectively Chifuyu was being made into something new, something undefined which Shimori could not understand. Strangely when her body was finally finished developing Chifuyu's body had become that of a Soul Evolution Human, the doctor couldn't understand what prompted this race and could only guess it was due to her crystalline cells that acted like Anima Stones.

Nevertheless the newborn girl underwent numerous tests, which wouldn't be of any form of harm to her as Shimori did not want the girl to die or have too much interference in her natural development. Due to her birth in August she was given the name "Chifuyu", a name Shimori found quite humorous considering that Chifuyu was born in summer. She became quite attached to the girl, teaching her and dedicating herself to the little child that was her daughter with a man she'd never have thought she'd meet, let alone have a child with.

Chifuyu's growth rate was exception, a few months into her life and she was already speaking words that you'd expect to hear from a child at least after their first year on the planet. Curious as to just how different Chifuyu was to the rest of them Shimori began testing again, taking blood samples and doing scans although being careful about it since she didn't want to subject the girl to too many tests since it could affect her mentally. Chifuyu saw very little of her genetic father during her years as a baby but that would all change soon enough. After convincing Shadin to come and see Chifuyu she finally got to meet his daughter Chifuyu.

She conversed with Shadin like a toddler, despite being only ten months old at the time. Her brain was evidently more advanced than a normal humans which was what was causing her development at a much faster rate. By her first year alive, Chifuyu had learnt how to walk. She had learned how to speak quite well albeit basically, she was limited with vocabulary but could use her already existing words exceptionally well. The idea of cybernetics were considered for Chifuyu to keep track of her brain, being able to track it's development and understand her a bit better, this however was not approved since there was the risk to her health with her body growing and still maturing with the influence of technology at such a young age.

After her first birthday came along, she was given tutors more and more researchers were brought in onto the GEMSTONE project, this added staffing caused the project to become more known. With scientific reports being published on the science it left other organisations able to piece together the facts, espionage and attempts at more information towards the project lead to the Yuudeshi being put on Guard. K-World's attempts were particularly persistent and despite Shadin and the Yuudeshi Family's efforts to keep the project a secret it would only be a matter of time before Kin found out what he wanted to know.

♦ Chapter 2
On March 4. 2402 K-World infiltrated the facilitating where the project was taking place with the attempt at capturing the Head Scientist Shimori Aoi and Chifuyu Yuudeshi. The mission was a failure, the infiltrators being killed although not without Shimori Aoi as a casualty. With her mother now gone, Chifuyu was taken in by Shadin, being her only legal guardian, the project was officially disbanded a month later with Shimori dead and Shadin wanting his daughter to grow up as something more than a science project.

♦ Chapter 3
Under Shadin's care Chifuyu was brought into the Yuudeshi Family, spending time with her family from Shadin's branch but she didn't really fit in with people her age, she was too advanced for the other toddlers and children. Being almost three and having the mentality of a six year old made it awkward for her. She couldn't figure out how to dumb herself down for the other children her age. It frustrated her and she had trouble socialising, this cycle continued for three months before Shadin tried to give her something more substantial.

She started school much earlier than someone normally would, tutors and books to keep herself entertained and absorb knowledge. Her young mind wanted information more than people, she would be prone to spending excessive amounts of time learning and studying instead of socialising, an imbalance in her life was occurring for Chifuyu where she was being highly sophisticated but lacking the ability to understand people and socialise properly with them.

At the age of four Chifuyu might as well have been nine years old with her personality and mental development, she had a highly developed mind with the ability to do maths and science far beyond her. She began playing around with chemistry and biology, physics and cybernetics. She thirsted for as much as her mind could handle and pursued it without forethought for how it was affecting her.

She was at school already, although she found even the schools made for those who were gifted were below what she wanted. She didn't last very long either due to her age and the fact that it made other children unhappy that some four year old was apparently smarter than them. Chifuyu ultimately left the school system and sought out her own personal studies.

♦ Chapter 4
It was a month or so before she was about to turn five, 2405 was the year and Shadin began testing to see what kind of powers Chifuyu possessed. The initial summary revealed Crystallokinesis and a physiology constructed of organic flesh and crystal structures. Understanding the powers she had Chifuyu began to develop her spiritual powers, she was evolving to new levels. Her body itself was a weapon, completely malleable for her mind to use as she pleased.

It was easier for her to develop her internal powers and one's that were part of her physiology. Becoming able to form crystalline constructs on her body which got more and more progressive until her mind could develop manipulation on a much deeper level. After learning how to master her external applications of crystal manipulation she focused once more onto the physiology.

At the age of seven Chifuyu was given a babysitter, well a carer since Shadin was always so busy but a babysitter nonetheless, she was easily able to shape-shift and alter her body on levels unimaginable, this development to her powers had be attributed to the Hogyoku. But the highlights for Chifuyu's age was this woman that she was assigned with. Chifuyu didn't think she needed a tutor, she would be combative and a pain simply to try and get this woman to go away but there was willpower in the woman, that much was certain.

Her name was Amelia, and she was determined to try and help Chifuyu. A former Special Human's Task Force member Amelia would try to instil their values onto Chifuyu and despite the girl's analysis she didn't like people trying to force their views and beliefs down her throat which meant that she would rarely listen to Amelia's lectures. After a few months Chifuyu finally got sick of the woman and wanted Shadin gone, under the pretence of her getting in the way of Chifuyu's studies.

♦ Chapter 5
He declined this much to her surprise, having noticed her behaviour he wanted her to have a friend, for her to develop. This aggravated Chifuyu quite a lot but she was in no position to push her point. At the age of twelve Chifuyu was already a prodigal genius, with advanced powers which made her able to be a competent fighter. Chifuyu joined the newly formed Vanguard with her father's permission and worked a simple R&D job, she didn't care about recognition or power and merely wanted to use their resources but at the same time Chifuyu saw herself as a weapon.

After the creation of a biological piece of equipment which was very much like her. Artificial, Manufactured and it was simply programmed to follow orders Chifuyu felt a deep pain, if she could just be made was she even a person? or was she just what this thing she created was as an object? The philosophy struck her quite hard, and she receded into a shell. Viewing herself as a simple experiment that wasn't a person. Thoughts of being expendable came to mind and being able to be replaced.

Her teenage years were like this, she didn't speak or try to form friendships, she moved out of home at the age of fourteen due to being able to be completely independent and take after herself. She did love her father and family however found it hard always being around them and knowing that if her exterior was cracked then he'd possibly overreact to how she thought.

Alone Chifuyu began looking for things to help her cope with her problems. Resorting to sex and technology mainly, she began working on things to keep her mind focused and so it didn't wander while pointless sex kept the thoughts away for the most part. It wasn't healthy, she knew but simply didn't care. She was a freak, an outcast in this society, something that was made!

♦ Chapter 6[/color]
A recent piece of tech she created, after obtaining a modified Phantomtech brain that supported her brain to new heights Chifuyu began working on Artificial Intelligence. This focus on technology resulted in the formation of the AI Cy-01. After a few tweaks to the program it was reintroduced as Cyrus-01 Beta. The technology surrounding Cyrus was kept secret, the computing power alone was off the scale for an AI and could easily be used in very bad ways if it got into the hands of Shadow Fall or K-World. For this reason it was personally her's as she developed him further and further.

I. Equipment

♦ Ichor: A technorganic substance that was created by Chifuyu. It is created from an exotic metal that Chifuyu was able to create through alchemy. This metal is actually semi-sentient in the way that it can behave like its own independent being with the AI that she developed into its structure. While it can operate independent of her she usually controls it as though it were part of her. When it is outside of her body the ichor takes the appearance of a black puddle,

♦ Niflheim: Using her conceptual improvement ability and her own ingenuity Chifuyu has redesigned a piece of equipment from the Demon Queen Mana. While it is not changed much she altered it to change from an actual sword, being that she doesn't engage in physical combat where possible and it was relatively a pain to try and use. Instead she reformed their physical shape into two satellites that float around her when she activates him.

I. Natural Skills

♦ Enhanced Durability: Chifuyu's body is altered on the genetic level, the result being an extremely high durability in comparison to other people near her level. Her body can handle a variety of impact forces and resist damage, as well as that her body's unique composition gives her a dermal and sub-dermal armour, which makes it like trying to punch steel sometimes.

This durability is variable as well, if Chifuyu wanted she could lead someone onto believe she wasn't very durable which means it is a conscious change that is applied to her body, with this knowledge a skilled opponent could isolate this weakness and try to use it against her however not only is her durability quite high it affects her pain tolerance as well. When someone tries to inflict massive amounts of pain you'd be surprised how well she can take it and this necessarily cannot be attributed to a mental skill that has been honed by more of a physical trait that allows for certain electrical signals to not make it to the brain and incite a pain response or lessen it sufficiently however like the issue that is her dermal armour it is a conscious action that can be used against her for a switched-on enough person.

♦ Electrical and Heat Resistance: Due to the crystalline component of her anatomy Chifuyu is resistant to electrical and fire abilities due to her body not attracting electricity and being a bad conductor of heat and electricity. While not impossible to hurt her with abilities of those natures their effectiveness is cut by 1/2 of its potency, meaning that while if someone tried to paralyse her she'd instead have some limited mobility where most others would be paralysed. This doesn't count towards focused blasts of electricity since they would be based on piercing instead of shocking her.

♦ Exotic Energy Iliaster: Unlike her peers Chifuyu uses a very pure and exotic form of energy which is essentially Prima Materia in its purest form. Correlating with the Hogyoku body of her's and the influence of her own evolution drive she does not boast the highest amount of energy but that energy that she has is incredibly potent. She has incredibly efficient use of it meaning that she will be able to use the minimum amount of energy for the maximum effect when she uses it. Iliaster being so rare and only found in Chifuyu's body makes it much more valuable than other energies. Equivalent Exchange can make her very small quantity of energy easily rival more common and vast sources. While she still has access to Prima Materia it is much more effective for her to translate a small amount of her Iliaster into a much larger quantity of Prima Materia on a case by case basis.

♦ High Aptitude: Known for her high-aptitude, Chifuyu can quickly pick up skills with her prodigal nature. An example is being able to pick up a piece of technology and figure out how to use it rather quickly where most people couldn't comprehend the mechanisms. She is quick to figure things out, being able to deduce abilities and how they operate which gives her an edge in combat when dealing with opponents. Her aptitude exists in many forms, possibly her most potent trait of her entire being.

She is described as having excellent instincts, anticipation and deduction skills. If essence Chifuyu has the ability to "simply know" something, not to be confused as meta-gaming and some form of omniscience, what Chifuyu is able to know and pick up quickly are skills and knowledge. Take mathematics for example, by the age of six Chifuyu could complete quantum calculations as though she'd been doing it for decades, she barely studied the information as well. Her knowledge has been picked up extremely quickly, another example being a computer. She didn't have to research what piece went where or did what, she can look at a computers inner-workings deduce what is what and what everything does in a very short time.

She is very intuitive in this regard since her skills as a scientist and inventor are quite developed as a result, although this has a bleed through effect in combat too. Analysing a fight Chifuyu is able to quickly learn the general idea of a person's powers and persona, she becomes instinctively able to predict moves done by people with sufficient knowledge of their fighting style making the best way to combat her is to play unpredictable and erratic so there is nothing for her to take as a reference.

I. Racial Skills

♦ 1 | Prime Matter
Her strongest skill is her manipulation of prima materia, Chifuyu is able to manipulate it considerably. Not having an actual theme or focus of her application in an element she instead uses it towards the concept of evolution and improvement. This allows her to take something like an element such as fire and evolving it into lava or something more potent. Her use is versatile but because she lacks a strong elemental focus her attacks won't be as powerful as a Soul Evolution human that focused solely on a particular element.

Conceptual Improvement: Chifuyu is an inventor and a scientist, she is a person that is able to alter and modify something to improve it. By using her prima materia Chifuyu is able to take an object such as a sword and improve it on the spot such as sharpening it, improving the sword to make it have the maximum efficacy between hardness and flexibility. Small changes are instantaneous but given more time she can begin to improve something even further such as turning a computer into a super computer or drastically improving the capabilities of an equipment's ability temporarily or permanently.

Timeline Elucidation: By using her prima materia skill Chifuyu is able to trace back along the length of something's lifetime like an object or person, once she has done this she can return it to a different stage in its life. An example of this is if a sword broke she could repair it by returning it to its most optimal status in its life. The same can be done to a person by tracing their lifetime and then altering them to also return to their prime which can take away the strains of age. For her degradation through time and external factors can be taken away like amputation. Death however is unable to be reversed due to all these changes being physical only.

♦ 2 | Anima Stone Information

Clairvoyance: Instead of pursuing the manipulation of the Anima Mundi Chifuyu instead uses her anima stone skill to gain access to clairvoyance. Chifuyu's clairvoyance allows her to gather information from the world around her to bypass her physical restraint of having to use her eyes. Gaining the ability to perceive

♦ 3 | High-Speed Movement
Decent but not her strongest suit. She has aptitude for the use of the skill but as far as other soul evolution humans go she is able to be outclassed by someone else pretty easily. She didn't focus on her speed or high-speed movement technique like her father did and honed to such a high-level. Chifuyu has some talent for it but that inherited talent only takes her so far until she needs to put more work into the field.


♦ 4 | Regeneration Factor
Her regeneration factor is quite high but not because of the racial trait, if she were to lose her unique ability then Chifuyu would find her regeneration factor to be incredibly sub-par compared to other soul evolution humans and cannot use it anything more than a basic level. It's simply out-dated to her.


I. Yuudeshi Drive

0 | Summary
Chifuyu possesses the typical trait of the Yuudeshi Family, the Yuudeshi Drive. It is somethings she didn't really touch into much until recent times after she lost control of her drive and went berserk in her fight against Adam Eve. After that event she instead sought to hone it and gain more self-control over it and its effects. Due to the machinations of Adam she possesses a unique facet of the Yuudeshi Drive that relates to her cause and goals.

1 | Yuudeshi Drive: Evolution Burst

Evolution Burst: To become smarter, to become stronger and to evolve is a strong core trait within the essence of Chifuyu's being. She understands the depths of humanity's nature, has a hunger to strive for more and seeks to comprehend the depths of Eve's blessing to this wonderful race. Therefore, Adam's Progressive Overwrite blessed her with two things. The first was the unlocking of her Yuudeshi Drive. The second was Evolution Burst: the power that comes with her Yuudeshi Drive.

In essence, Evolution Burst allows for the body of Chifuyu to tap into the highly potent gene of The Yuudeshi. They are known for rapidly progressing their combative abilities as they are an infamous warrior type of clan. Therefore, as she is thrust into each battle, Evolution Burst seeks to have her gain a better insight into herself, to gain control of her worried mind and to further refine her powers.

Abilities Of Evolution Burst

Evolution Aura: Evolution Aura allows for Chifuyu to utilize her energy as a medium to progress the world around her. It typically has an area of effect that extends for a few city blocks, but what it can do within that limited range is immense. With this Yuudeshi's vast knowledge, she could infuse her aura into objects, earthly materials and immaterial substances in order to have a whole lab of equipment to play within battle. For example: she could combine the elements of fire and rock in order to fuse them together and create the progressed element of lava to be used against an opponent on a basic level.

However, with Chifuyu's grand mind, far greater applications can be made. As Adam fully expects this ability to be used with her brilliance to create equipment. Since he wanted this Evolution Aura to be connected to her mind. This is because it takes the knowledge of her brain, infuses it into the particles of chi which emits from her body and then she is able to calculate and guide her vision into the world based on the limitations which are associated with her intelligence and volumes of energy she has to make a task happen.

So, in another application, Chifuyu could easily make new equipment and devices on the fly since she is a key figure in developing the technology for the Vanguard itself. If she were within a ruined setting that was filled with broken gadgets, she could quickly bring it to life by applying the high amount of computational power that her mind possess as being a star child of The Yuudeshi.

Limitations Of Evolution Aura

Logical Infusions: This world that they live in is one where logic is more easily skewed due to the supernatural nature of the PH Verse. However, that does not mean that this ability can be used with abuse. As there are certain logical patterns that the application of this ability must follow. For example: this ability would end up backfiring and hurting Chifuyu's body if she were to try and rewrite the logic of the universe to say that fire freezes and electricity makes things wet. That is illogical, goes against her evolution of mind and will create mental and physical pains that zap away her energy.

However, if she were to combine water and high air temperature, she could accelerate the temperature of the water in order to have fire water burn through different types of attacks, elements and objects through the metaphysical nature of her chi. So, while this ability has a high range of application, it still requires the user to be mindful of how to create believable parameters for the universe they are in to accept. Otherwise, it will not work.

Energy Constraints: Once again, as an obvious limitation, there is only so much a person can do within the level of tier they are in. So, for example, it would not be possible for Chifuyu to infinitely use this ability, try to create black holes and things of that nature. It is recommended that she only keep four applications of this active so it does not drain her energy and that they remain within a an area of effect equal to a few city blocks. (As of her current tier at 3-1) Though, that doesn't mean she can't use them to launch from long distances. (I.E. charging up an attack and then using her infamous speed as a Yuudeshi to throw it over a mile or so.)

Mental Constraints: It is recommended that Chifuyu try to keep four primary cores of activity going at the same time. While she can perform more, her body may not be up to speed to dealing with it at her current tier level. This may be changed if she were to use external equipment to offset the energy loads assoicated with extremely complex task. However, if abused too often, her brain will begin to suffer headaches of the sort that make it harder to focus and eventually use the ability.

Bonus Effect

Self-Control: More than anything else, the more time she spends in her Yuudeshi Drive State, the more her brain will bond with this power and begin to learn self-control. Since that is what Adam ultimately wants for Chifiyu. He wants her to learn to control her impulses, use them to her favor and think for herself. So, over time, the destructive hunger of her Yuudeshi blood will eventually become easier to control down the line.

I. Unique Abilities

0 | Summary

1 | Kuegyoku-nari [崩玉体, Break-Down Body]

Crystal Matrix: Crystal Matrix is the evolution of Chifuyu's crystal body that rapidly evolved past its previous state. This is primarily prompted through the exposure to Adam Eve's power of progression and evolution. Formerly Chifuyu's crystal body was only 10% naturally crystal, the amount minute and diluted throughout her body. Her body is now a strange homogeneous mass where her cells are not confined to the standard parameters of normal people.

Each and every cell of her's is an equal ratio of a strange organic-crystal substance. Each cell is the same, there isn't a difference between a cell in her leg or a cell in her heart. They may take the form of a human female but ultimately they are inter-changeable. She is able to alter her physiology much easier and to a higher level, for example if you were to try and damage her brain by striking the head, her mind is divided over her entire body, there is a brain there but it isn't what she requires to think and operate. If her lungs were compromised she could filter air through her skin, being able to filter out most contaminants in the process.

Abilities Of Crystal Matrix

Crystal Aegis: Crystal Aegis is her defence mechanism, it is natural for the human body to do whatever it can to survive. Her body is able to regenerate quite quickly this is due to the fact that in the past she could regenerate, but it was so much harder. Her cells were not homogeneous they were all computed to a certain function, if her arm was torn off she'd have to reconstruct the entire arm, with her cells all being the same she can shift and move around her mass to where it's needed. If she was to be on the verge of death from say blood loss, her body would begin destroying parts of itself to keep that functioning by replacing and repairing bits although if she has the alternate option of completely removing her requirement of blood by having all her cells absorb oxygen or recycle it.

She is very hard to kill, she may not be the strongest physically but her body is very impressive with its resilient nature being able to survive in a lot of instances so long as she has the required mass and/or energy available to harness in maintaining herself.

Reality Matrix: Formed from a hybrid power, she possesses the ability to interact and control the world around her to an extent through Yuudeshi Drive: Evolution Burst. Given that Chifuyu's own powers stem from Zin's Hogyoku. One of the most special things about the Hogyoku is it's power to alter the fabric of reality to achieve an effect, a desired effect, now this isn't full-out Reality Warping. It is a localised warping power given to her which she can only manifest in her hand. This is the result of her hand being the focus point for her essence, at this focus point the nature of causality can break down and for a moment reality is malleable. This isn't something combat worthy, it is pretty useless since she cannot will a person to die by just touching them but for a moment by touching someone she can alter them, usually in the form of some kind of evolution or progression.

The best example is the Shinigami evolving into a Vizard, or a Hollow becoming an Arrancar. Chifuyu's Reality Matrix allows for her to progress a person in some manner, usually in the form of a power upgrade or for character development. That is the purpose of this power. She can take something and alter it, she could take a weak weapon and alter it, infusing it with strength to become something much more powerful. This power stems from her own intellectual nature and her trait as a tinker. Strangely she cannot use reality matrix on herself, stemming from the fact that she is the cause. It is like a battery cannot charge itself, it can power something else though that is Chifuyu's power.

[Note: The Reality Matrix is primarily a character development tool, in the rare instance it can be used once-per thread for altering something for combat. Say for example an attack or barrier, she could alter that to be exponentially more powerful but the ability would not be able to be used again in a thread.]

Limitations Of Crystal Matrix

Energy Constraints: Chifuyu is limited depending on her energy, without an external force powering her such as the Yuudeshi Network or another form of power. While she can siphon off energy via her crystals from sources like if someone willingly gave her energy through contact with her cells or she was able to convert external energies via crystals such as heat but that would still be limiting unless it was on a grand scale. Without sufficient energy Chifuyu can find it very hard to operate to her maximum potential.

Mentality: Chifuyu is not exactly bound to a brain, theoretically she could inhabit multiple bodies comprised of her cells. She can control crystals and all these cells but even given her super-human brain enhancements with her phantomtech to say that she can control upwards of a hundred specific actions would be ridiculous. Her power is mentally taxing the more she uses it, short of her body acting on its own to keep herself alive when she is trying to do so many things at once the power is much weaker. Direct and focused thoughts are much more powerful, such as hurling a group of crystal shards at someone is much better than trying to hurl these shards and controlling every single shard.

I. Phantomtech Information

YGGDRASIL: Her phantomtech brain is called Yggdrasil, based off the concept of World Tree which is a common theme in some of the Soul Evolution practices. Chifuyu's technology is integrated with her brain in a way that makes it no longer purely technological but have integrated and become organic as well. Her phantom tech allows for multiple trains of thought at once, allowing for up to twenty different processes to be occurring at once in Chifuyu's head while also accelerating it. This means that she can quickly solve high-level equations and and complex situations, the time it takes for a course of action to be made is reduced as well as making it more likely to be the most optimal way.

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)

Additional Note: The skill sheets, as of Saturday, February 10, 2018, have had small additions. There are new skills, and Master has been renamed to "Elite". Furthermore, Master is now the bridge in-between Elite and Grand Master.


General Skills
  • Durability: Higher than Average.
  • General Speed: Average.
  • Strength: Average.
  • Martial Skill: Fucking awful.

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Undetermined.
  • Mental Deduction: Undetermined.
  • Pain Endurance: Undetermined.
  • Focus: Undetermined.

Racial Skills
  • Anima Stone: Secondary.
  • Prima Materia: Primary.
  • Aiónios: Tertiary.
  • Víma: Secondary.


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First Captain of the Tenth Division

○ Current Name: Chifuyu Yuudeshi.
○ Actual Name: She is known as Gemstone 0, also occasionally referred to as Fuyu by her little sister Ichika.
○ Alias': Demon Sparrow of the Rukon.
○ Age: Chronologically: seventeen years old; Physically: Young Adult.
○ Gender: Female.
○ Sexuality: Bisexual.
○ Race: Human [Soul Evolution].

○ Affiliation: Currently unknown following the corrupting influence from the Micronesia incursion Chifuyu's body mutated, the negative energy warping her soul and affecting her in more than superficial ways as it did in the first use. She holds no current ties and has defected from the Vanguard, not becoming an enemy but breaking her servitude of the organisation.

○ Appearance:

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Chifuyu Yuudeshi [Super Secret |WIP | Don't look]
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