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 The Reclamation War: Prelude

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: The Reclamation War: Prelude   Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:57 pm

As the roaring of the hollows that emerged from behind her became a dull whisper, Naya turned to either side of herself and noticed the other Arrancar and Hollow that made their presences known from around her. Their faces seemed calm and sullen similar to her own, and thus did not feel threatened greatly by them at the moment. This could have been due to the Hollow's energy seeming to seal off most of their energy to protect her, and surely enough... this thought was correct.

When her vision was cleared of the lesser hollows that surged from Las Gargantas wanting freedom, there were multiple bursts of spiritual pressure that slammed against her body. She could not pin point each one specifically, as far as who's pressure belonged to whom, however she felt the crushing pressures from in front of her first, as that was what the hollows seemed to flock towards. The pressure made her quiver, her eyes widening to gain focus, and then squinting closed as she took a closer look at the figure in front. A pale skinned male, with the reflection of the moon's gleam becoming a beacon to his skin, to a point where it almost blended in. If she hadn't have noticed the red hue's underneath it's eyes and on its forehead, Naya very well would have skimmed across it to access the others who had froze next to her. The teal of her eyes gleamed as it tried to exchange looks with the figure, only to fail at holding eye contact with it, as the gaze felt too powerful for her to gaze to the figure as if it was a challenge.

I... I don't like this... I need to find a way out...

She thought as her head slowly turned away to the right and downwards, feeling ashamed and trapped within her own thoughts. Before she fully locked her gaze downward however, she noticed the other figures that were standing to the right of her. The first being a taller male figure, who was as pale, if not paler than that of the figure before them. In comparison to the figure, this one utilized a long dark colored cloak to contrast itself from the moon's glow, and with an obvious hole within the center of it's chest. It's eyes seemed to be closed, as all she could make out was the dark pit's where it's eyes should be covered by long striking white strands that billowed upon it's arrival to the location. And within it's hand, a long sword, though not as long as her own, was gripped tightly within its hands as it peered slowly from left to right as if it was selecting someone to fight if needed. Following suit, another pale figure, this one being with black hair and a black cloak. She locked on to this figure noticing the white sash around it's body, and it's facial expression looked both of annoyance and of stoicism. She continued her gaze, but noticing it look back to her, she turned swiftly to the next analysis, which were of two hollows. One of a snake and one of... a dinosaur... Naya looked to the snake first, noticing it's slight hestitant gaze and wanted to access her more, but wound up seeing a large figure stampede behind it and distract her from her original analysis.

Seeing the beast trample through, she then turned to her left and noticed even more figures, all of this began to overwhelm her as she started to step backwards, taking the mask like structure that was on her shoulder and placing it over her face, as a way to calm herself and feel safe around the wave of entities. She was used to being alone and away from a large portion of her kin, that seeing a lump some of them arriving at once around her made her nervous and hesitant. She did not like this feeling, as she continued to move backwards. She still looked at the other figured, not feeling scared by them, but curious as to why so many have arrived. The first of which to her left, looked like a child... in fact probably was a child in her mind. This stopped a lot of her jitters, as it seemed to be the only one that spoke upon arrival to the location, to which she let out a soft yet uncomfortable looking smile to the child, however since it was behind the mask, all that was truly seen was the teal of her eyes, staring coldly at the figure. And as she finished the grin, another figure arrived, and also spoke. In Naya's mind, these two felt as they were the most promising of the bunch, and calmed her from her escape plan even farther. Another soft nod to the figure who entered, and she spoke generally to address them both.

"I am Naya." was all she spoke, very direct and yet that was just her way of speaking to others after being subjected to not needing to speak for decades, if not centuries at this point. She stopped her back steps as she spoke, and then peered to the final figure that appeared though Las Gargantas, another silent one. One of a pale face, and soft white hair. He wore a dark shaded cloak as well, yet for some reason, something was off putting about this one. It made Naya become uneasy again. She opened her hand, and the handle of a blade fell inside of it and began to glow a vibrant teal. The blade was propped upwards against her back, so not to be a distraction or a call to arms, but as a way of protection from the entities, and another way of safety in addition to her mask.

All of this preparation and safety did not seem to matter however, as she felt a new wave of pressure, easily shrouding over all of the aforementioned figures she had seen, and the figure did not even arrive fully. Naya's eyes shifted furiously from behind her mask as she tried to pinpoint the source of this discomfort, even so much as to try to look at specific people that have arrived. The pressure began to get closer and she snapped her eyes immediately towards the direction of the source, and tried to lock eyes with it. Her eyes widened seeing the figure as it moved forward. A taller male figure, with dark auburn hair to contrast with it's paleness, and those eyes. The eyes that felt like each iris was a drill whirling through her own gaze, and superseding it infinitely. For once, Naya felt beyond uncomfortable, it was to the point where she felt tensed, gripping her blade harder, to the point where her knuckles audibly cracked with the tensity of her grip. The deep black cloak that covered him whipped around furiously and then came to a stop upon standing to greet them all, and when it halted, she continued to step backwards.

The pressure began to weigh on her body, the farther she moved, making her look like she was hunched over trying to duck underneath her power, hoping it would save her, but surely enough there was no avail to it all. As the power then began to slowly pull her in as if there was no choice but to accept her discomfort. Her teal eyes squinted again, this time out of fiery hostility, knowing that she was no where near strong enough to have the figure let her go by force, knowing she had to accept whatever was placed in front of her as soon as she crossed over. She stood in silence as she listened to his speech, her thoughts swirling violently in her head, making her become even more antsy and uneasy.

Why can't I leave... Why Am I Ambitious... And why pair me with someone... Do you assume I am a lesser... actually... from feeling their pressures... I am very much the lesser here... I should not have crossed over... I do not deserve to be here... I need to leave... Release me... As her thoughts swirled her breathing became heavier, and her body seemed to undulate in response, as though the very presence of being around this horde of entities was exhausting.
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@Angry Charmander wrote:

Shi's back was pressured with an immeasurable force, onyx orbs became wide and an expression of shock and irritation washed over his soft facial features causing him to bend the knee. An act he wasn't fond of at all, Shi's constant resistance to the force was all too clear to those that were surrounding the 5'9ft arrancar in which he'd rather ferociously stand back to his feet, a gentle scoff escaping his soft lips as he'd begin to wipe down his attire.

Upon Nagato's gaze falling upon Shi he didn't bother to respond but simply held a look of contempt. It was odd to find Nagato calling him angry, Shi didn't consider himself that at all nor did he believe others would call him that at all..Yet he didn't bother to verbally speak up against this deduction, finding it a meaningless way of stroking his own ego. Shi for the time being remained silent.

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Coldblooded Hollow