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 Khvaab, A Wish Upon a Stone [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Khvaab, A Wish Upon a Stone [WIP]   Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:37 am


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A

I. Basic Information

» Name: Khvaab (ख्वाब, Dream)
» Titles: Vishuddh Bachche (विशुद्ध बच्चे, Wish-Granted Child), Sapane Dekhane Vaala (सपने देखने वाला, The Dreamer)
» Age: Roughly around 100, yet appears to be around 16 - 17
» Height: 5’
» Weight: 103 lbs
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue | Luna (Companion/Guardian)

» Physical Appearance Image:

I. Personality

Tired: As per the lack of sleep that Khvaab had to deal with through his life, it’s only natural that he would feel extremely tired, having a large lack of sleep that accompanied him, even to the present day. Ergo, it can be very obvious that the boy is tired due to the fact that he is nearly always yawning and sleeping. Because of this, he can often doze off rather easily as well as wake up easily. Ergo, it becomes rather common for him to exit his Amar Vesal in order to just have the suit of armor move sentiently while Khvaab himself rests in its arms.

Now, while this may seem to leave him vulnerable, Khvaab is well able to snap back awake and re-enter the armor at a moment's notice, if need be. Therefore, while it's easy for him to fall asleep, the constant awakening that he faced during his time as a slave caused him to be able to adjust for this. While it is by no means healthy, it has aided him in throughout his life, and will continue to do so -- even with the detriments it causes.

Innocent: Overall, Khvaab has lived a very sheltered life. He spent nearly all of it as a slave, isolated from the world and knowing only what he found out on his own -- or learned from others. Ergo, it's a rather obvious thing for Khvaab to be rather impressionable and generally unknowledgeable, as -- even with his moderate age --


-easily scared





Technological Wonder:

Doubtful/Insecure: Without much social interaction, as well as being isolated for a good majority of his life, Khvaab has very little self-confidence. While he loves his Amar Vesal and is grateful for the protection that they grant him -- but there are times when he has...doubts. Because of this, he often will begin thinking harshly of himself, thinking himself to be weak and over-reliant on his armor. As a result of this, he can often self-proclaim himself as a coward, saying that he hides behind the shells of his Vessels and that they are the reason for his physical frailty. As a result, he often finds himself despising who he is and what he’s done, along with what he’s created.

He feels as if he is the biggest coward -- a child who hides behind the safety of his Vessels. Furthermore, it leads him to have the want to just wish it all away, for him to go back to where he was before, so he can live as he believes a coward should. However, he has a somewhat coping mechanism for this, through one of his Immortal Vessels, Saraswat. In these times of stress, self-bitterness and conflict, his companion is usually if not always there to provide him with music to help him. For him, this is something that can and always will put his mind at ease, as he always finds himself inclined to listen to her.



-never removed his armor in front of others

-wants to constantly feel safe, as per his history

-afraid of anyone trying to take his armor or vessels from him

-can lead to Khvaab lashing out at an attempt

-The armor gave him a feeling of safety, and he wanted to always feel that. Living in that hell caused him to just want to be shut away from it all, under the mindset of "if they can't see me, I can't see them"

I. History

-born in traumatic conditions

-constantly tired

-aforementioned caused by shouts and screaming

-sleep being the first wish he made on his anima stone

-no family

-barely any friends

-slave to build a massive temple and tower to concentrate the demon Kali's power and bring her back to life, as they believed it possible

-eventually made a friend who was executed

I. Equipment

Pahala Kavach (पहला कवच, First Armor):

-Suit he wears

-wished for protection

-ends up with larger scale pieces of protection as he grew more powerful and skilled with his Anima Stone (“Warframes”)


-Helmet: able to show a “HUD”, which displays basic information about the target

Upayogita (उपयोगिता, Utility): Amp, can be used for various other things by channeling

Shaashvat Dhaaga (शाश्वत धागा, Eternal Thread):

Bahata Hua Bhaala (बहता हुआभाला, Flowing Spear):

Amar Vesal (अमर वेसल, Immortal Vessel):

  • Indra, Violent Discharge: Volt

  • Saraswat, Soothing Melody:
    -Based on Octavia
    -has a passive skill called “Strumming Slide”, movements are like while on roller blades, each time the foot slides on the ground, it creates a gentle acoustic guitar riff
    -Created as a result of the trauma that he went through during his time as a slave

  • Yama, Damned King: Nekros

  • Brahmin, Divine Protection: Harrow

  • Kali, Blood-Covered Guardian: Valkyr

  • Dyaus Pita, Sky King: Zephyr

  • Aatma (आत्मा, Spirit) - The Shaman:

  • Pratibimb (प्रतिबिंब, Reflection) - The Shadow of Self: Umbra, sword boy to reflect his Astra

  • Bhor (भोर, Dawn): Arcane, the Purging Light

I. Natural/Racial Abilities


Racial Skills

Vima Skill:

Aionios Skill:

Anima Stone Control:

Prima Materia Control:

Natural Traits


Frail Body:

Masterful Energy Control:

I. Unique Abilities

Tan Sampark (तनसंपर्क, Body Link):

Kumbakarna: Sleep

Astra (Sanskrit: अस्त्र):

  • Nankada: sacred sword of Vishnu, Nikana Prime

  • Chandrahas: sword of Shiva, the Destroyer, Dakra Prime

  • Vijaya: bow of Indra, Cernos Prime

  • Sudarshana Chakra: discus of Vishnu Cerata

  • Narayanastra: Personal Astra of Vishnu, turns into a massive tirade of arrows, Paris Prime

  • Brahmashirsha Astra: Said to be the destroyer of all Astra, Dax Nikana

  • Vel: Spear of Murugan, Guandao

  • Svarn (स्वर्ण, Golden): Akbolto Prime

Tan Vibhaajit Karen (विभाजित करें, Body Split): allows him to control multiple vessels at once, using his prima material to project holographic, astral versions of himself into them to take control. Extremely mentally taxing

I. Anima Stone

» Anima Stone Name: Cintāmaṇi (Sanskrit; Devanagari: चिन्तामणि): 'Wish-Fulfilling Gem')

» Anima Stone Appearance:

Anima Stone Abilities

Wish Upon A Stone [Story-Based Power]:

Sambandh (संबंध, Connection): passive? idfk

Prakat (प्रकट, Manifest): fires a thin beam, akin to a Cero

Prakat - Visphot (प्रकट - विस्फोट, Manifest - Blast): compressed Prima Materia that acts like a shotgun blast, extremely powerful at close range

Chhalaang (छलांग, Leap): custom Vima

Hilaana (हिलाना, Concuss): blast of energy

Suraksha (सुरक्षा, Protection): shield

Prerit Karana (प्रेरित करना, Propel): uses prima materia to force something forward like a hyper-powered shove

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Focus:

Racial Skills
  • Anima Stone:
  • Prima Materia:
  • Aiónios:
  • Víma:

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Khvaab, A Wish Upon a Stone [WIP]
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