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 Kitarune Astillon, The Archmage [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kitarune Astillon, The Archmage [WIP]   Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:49 pm


I. The Host's Basic Information

Name: Kitarune Astillon
Former Name: Atsuko (敦, "honest" 子, "child")
Titles: Elemental Master, The Mage, Magic Girl, Archmage, Daughter of the Mountain
Host Race: Shinigami
Age: 851
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Affiliation/Rank: N/A

Direct Family

Astillon Family: Love and care. Kitarune has a very high regard for those in her family, as they are the people that are closer to her than anyone else. For her, they are the people that she can always look to with a smile on her face, grateful that she is related to them. Over the course of her very long life, this has only increased. Even with her death and rebirth, she still loves and cares for her family, worrying for them throughout her life as she searched for them. Ergo, there's a very strong connection to them, as something that caused her to feel absolutely crushed when she couldn't feel that "connection" when they died. Thus, it's rather obvious that there is something unique about the Astillon Family and the connection that the family members have, something that can't be replicated anywhere else.

Asahi Astillon: The ties that Kitarune has to her mother, Asahi -- the Rising Sun of Japan -- is one that a daughter would naturally have. She views her mother as the inspiration for what she should do in life and the person that she looks up to the most, outside of her siblings. Although she doesn't have as strong of a love as her brother does, Kitarune is still able to derive a semblance of comfort and safety when she is in her presence. Overall, her mother was quite a heavy figure in her life -- and when they lost her, it was just as devastating as it was for Henrex (Yuuto). Thus, this can often cause her to feel a sense of sadness whenever she thinks, as she isn't always sure if she was granted the same gift of reincarnation as she has. Is she gone forever? Or do they still have a chance of finding her? At this point...they still don't know.

Rei Astillon: Discomfort. Strangely enough, Kitarune no longer feels the safety that she once did with the topic of her father. As she thought more and more about the past, she remembered the distinct spoiling that she received from the man, and it never ceased to make her feel guilty. As opposed to her younger brother, she was born with talent, able to become a competent samurai without much difficulty. However, her brother had not been as fortunate. Born a disappointment to their father, he refused to pay as much attention to him as he did with Kitarune. Thus, as a result of this, Kitarune often feels guilty and uncomfortable about her father due to this treatment, causing her to nearly forgo conversation about it entirely.

Yuuto Astillon [Henrex]: Love, longing, and fear. More than anything, she loves her older brother and misses him greatly. As they wandered the world on their separate ways, entirely unaware that the other had been reborn, they both missed each other greatly. While they were treated differently by their father, they still loved each other as siblings and were incredibly close. Thus, the other dying was something that they both were absolutely horrified and grief-stricken by. Ergo, it was only natural that the two would be spending a great deal of time searching for each other, desperately looking to feel the connection that siblings share reignite, and so they could at least have one of their family members back. Ergo, Kitarune has often felt a great deal of comfort, safety, and happiness when she was in his presence, something that also caused her to tease him relentlessly -- but it's all out of love. As a result of this, the connection between these two should never be trifled with, as the bond siblings share is something that can simply be described as otherworldly.

Mieko Astillon: The feelings that Kitarune holds for her little cousin is that which could be considered a daughter-esque love. The fearful little girl is someone that Kitarune simply wishes to protect with everything she has. She has loved, she has lost. To Kitarune, Mieko does not deserve to suffer anymore. Thus, it has become a bit of a goal to protect the kind, affectionate girl that she knows and loves. She doesn't want to lose another family member, much less someone like Mieko to gods know what. Ergo, Kitarune will often be extremely protective with her, only loosening up and lowering her guard when it comes to those she can trust to get close to Mieko -- simply out of fear of her getting hurt again.


Miyuki Vael:

Yoriko Morri: This adorable little student of Yuuto (Henrex) is someone that Kitarune sees a great deal of potential in. Her energy and enthusiasm is something that always brings a smile to this mage's face. She is someone who Kitarune firmly believes to be able to bring smiles to even the gloomiest of moods when it comes to her cheer. Simply put, Kitarune always feels happier and motivated whenever she interacts with Yoriko. But, she does find a bit of personal guilt in the context of Kitarune's specialty. To put things simply, she doesn't really have a whole lot that she could attempt to pass down to Yoriko from her. Yuuto (Henrex) is incredibly versatile, having learned various skills, but Kitarune...simply has her magic. Regardless, she may not have a whole lot that she could teach her that would be useful, she will -- at the very least -- be there to support Yoriko, no matter what.

Takeshi Masamoto: Longing. While she rarely interacted with the man, Kitarune would often see just how excited and motivated he was around this legendary swordsman. Teacher of the Two Heavens and student of the mythical Musashi, Kitarune always saw something special within that man, something that was able to reignite Yuuto's (Henrex) motivation to better himself. She always was able to smile whenever she saw Takeshi and Yuuto working together on their father and son. Thus, Kitarune longs for the day that the man returns, hoping that he received the same gift that they did and that he can return to her brother's life.

Arianda Vael: Forward is one word that Kitarune would use to describe this devil. The reason for this would be the first thing that Arianda did when she found Kitarune in the Wastelands was...try to kiss her. Not exactly the best first impression for her. Thus, she is a bit wary of this hyperactive demon, as she doesn't feel entirely safe and comfortable around her just yet. However, she does feel grateful for Arianda's part in reuniting the two siblings once again -- that is something that she will never forget.

Taichou Ryakketsu-Vael: Absolutely wonderful. While she has never met the woman herself, Kitarune has heard a lot about her from both Arianda and Yuuto -- and the only thing that she hse can say is that Taichou is absolutely wonderful. She is the one that has taken her brother's heart, as well as being the one who has been able to keep him sane. While she will always tease him for the notion of their love, it's all out of love herself. Ergo, she will often feel very happen and comfortable in the presence of Arianda's sister and Yuuto's (Henrex) love. She feels at home with her, as she often feels a similar sense of connection that she has with her brother. Thus, all that being said, Kitarune is someone that feels that she would have the same love that she has for her brother. So, it's not a surprise that she cares deeply for her (future) sister-in-law, something that leads her to have the desire to protect her as she would do for her brother.

Ritsuko Nicklovich: Kindness, familiarity, and comfort. Ritsuko, to her, is someone that she can often see a lot of herself in. A kind, loving woman that wants to care for her significant other. But, for the most part, Kitarune doesn't really know a whole lot about her -- outside of the small amount of information that her brother has given her. Thus, she'll need to seek out the Russian if she wishes to pursue this further.

Mitsuyo Nami:

Akane Nami:




Vizards/Hybrids/Ziamichi: This trio of cross-breeds are...a bit of an odd subject for her. For Vizards? She is rather indifferent to them, as she doesn't feel anger or extreme happiness as a result of someone such as them, as for most other characters that find themselves to be a merge of two races, specifically Shinigami and Demon, she would find a sense of comfort and familiarity. But, with Vizards? She simply acknowledges that they exist, but has no real extensive feelings towards them, as they're simply...there. However, for other types of Hybrids, she can often find a small sense of -- as said before -- comfort and familiarity, as she is also a type of Hybrid that is rather unnatural and odd -- for the most part, an outcast in the world. However, for Ziamichi, she finds a much larger deal of comfort and familiarity with them, as they are creatures classified and structured entirely different from other hybrids -- and, therefore, she often can find herself a lot more relaxed and unwound whenever she is in the presence of those similar to her.

Hollows: Pity and sadness. That is what she sees whenever it comes to Hollows. While she holds no resentment towards them, her job as a Shinigami is to purify their souls and send them to the Soul Society. However, beyond that surface, Kitarune sees a very sad creature, wandering endlessly, consuming everything in sight in order to attempt and fill in the void that these creatures are encompassed by. Beyond this, she views it as a gift for Hollows to be purified, as it gives them a chance to live happily without all of those negative emotions, and the constant drive to consume. She wishes to relieve them of this constant sorrow and sadness and give them a more prosperous life. Ergo, she can often time be rather sympathetic and kind towards these creatures, as she not only knows how it feels, but also because it is in her nature to have the drive and wish to purge these negative emotions. They are a plague, and nearly destroyed her brother -- and she would never wish that on anyone, nor wishes to have it happen again, to anyone.






Shifter Form: Overall, this appearance doesn't change a whole lot about Kitarune upon entering and using this form. Retaining her purple hair and eyes, one of the main things that change about her would be the length of her hair, now being extended to her waist, rather than the middle of her back, along with the top of her head being adorned in a set of horn-like protrusions that connect with the band that rests just at the top of her forehead, taking the shape of what appears to be a dragon's head. Furthermore, this shifter form gives her a certain type of appearance that doesn't seem to make a showing anywhere else, which would be the strange, armor-esque attire that she primarily dons whenever she is in this form. For the most part, this attire covers her entire body, outside of small openings at her thighs, as well as the top of her breasts and above.

True Form: Kitarune's true form is somewhat of an oddity when it comes to her appearance. As opposed to her shifter form, Kitarune's body in her true form is much smaller. She is much more slender, especially so around her midsection, with her bust being only around half the size of her true form. Moreover, Kitarune retains a great deal of the color choice from her shifter form, something that can be very clearly seen in, most prominently, her hair. While her hair is much shorter and less curly than her shifter form, it is still a very deep violet, as are her eyes -- irises and pupils alike. As for the rest of her body, Kitarune's skin tone has been noted to be extremely pale, without so much as a single hint of any bit of her body is tan.

However, that is not the only difference. In this form, Kitarune's clothing is much lighter, both in weight and color. Going from the outside, the first thing that someone would notice would be the long, white hoodie that she wears, the ends of which fall down to the end of her waist. This hoodie contains multiple patches and pockets in various places along the sleeves, shoulders, and pockets, all of which carry the same color and design with one another. Additionally, the insides of the sleeves and hem of her jacket contain small, feather-like protrusions that stick out from the sleeves.

Underneath this hoodie, she wears a purple, sleeveless sweater that is directly connected to her skirt, which is -- again -- purple. However, the rim of her skirt has a noticeably lighter shade of pink along it, completing it with two belts that are hooked to either side of the skirt. Further down her body, one will notice her dark purple, almost see-through thigh-high socks. Small silver and gold items decorate the uppers parts of her socks, although they are neither real silver and gold, nor are they any actual gems. Finally, her appearance is complemented by a pair of white shoes that she can easily slip in and out of.

I. The Host's Personality

A Will of Fire: As is the case with her brother, Kitarune possesses the very same will of fire that her brother does. No matter what happens, she will always have the immense will and drive to keep going. It doesn't matter if it's a fight that she's losing, or if it's the possibility of her family is in danger, her willpower shines like the sun. More often than not, this can often loop her in with her brother in the fact that such persistence and unwillingness to go down makes many others to view her as stubborn -- and, to that extent, she is. She has no desire to give up, even in the darkest of times -- as she believes that if she even has the slightest sparks of energy left, she will be able to do something, anything to make a difference, no matter how big or small.

Ergo, the potential to make a difference is one of the main driving forces behind this. She knows that she is skilled and that she has the power to make that difference, and if it means that she has to use every last bit of energy that she has in order to do so, she will do that without hesitation. Furthermore, one of the other main drives for her willpower is none other than her older brother. This is due to the incredibly powerful bond that the two share, as per how close they are to one another. She loves her brother and wants the best for him, and she will fight tooth and nail in order to do that.

Chipper: One of the main traits that Kitarune possesses that makes her very unlike her brother is her extreme carefree and happy nature. Rather than the very gloomy and placid nature of her brother, Kitarune is someone who sees the good and light in everything. To put things simply, she is a major optimist, often seeing the best and hoping for the best. She always has a grin on her face and always is trying to lighten a dreary mood. Incredibly hyper and always filled to the brim with energy, Kitarune’s cheer is something that always has a habit of brightening up at least someone’s day. Ergo, it should be obvious that it can be rather hard to take her to an extremely negative mood, as this level of energy and happiness is something that pretty widely defines her, leaving her, in general, a very, very happy person by default.

However, while she is cheerful and happy, Kitarune is not carefree. She is fully aware of the world around her, and is very capable of getting serious, should it be needed. When this happens, her normal personality is still there, but she is a lot more down-to-earth about it. For the most part, the overall tone that she has changed drastically, something that can cause anyone, regardless of whether or not they know her or not, to know when she gets serious. Ergo, Kitarune might be incredibly happy and chipper, but there is a more serious side to her that if by no means secretive.

A Motherly Kindness: While Kitarune’s happiness is a defining trait of hers, there is another that she adopted from her mother, and something that she openly shares with her brother in that regard. Kitarune, like her mother and brother, has the same kindness and tenderness. While her temper is something that doesn’t give this off at first, Kitarune is just as kind and loving as her brother can be. Ergo, those that she gets close to are people that she often will treat like family, showering them with affection and praise. This often leads to an empathic sense of love and affection, as she is someone that has a natural intuition to the emotions of others.

As a result of this, she understands what someone can feel and why, leading her to be able to properly respond and assess the situation the best she can. Ergo, this is something that allows her to truly tap into the motherly kindness that she adapted from -- well, her mother. She is someone who is easily able to act in a way similar to how her own mother did, the only example that she has to call from. This, again, leads her to shower others in affection, as she believes that the physical touch of another is the prime cure for the negative emotions that people feel, and she will do everything she can to make sure that she can make people feel better.

Furthermore, there are two traits that are also spawned as a result of this, one of which is a very deep level of empathy. While Kitarune is kind, this kindness goes a step further -- the ability to feel and understand the emotions of others. As someone who, like her brother, has experienced a lot of various emotions throughout their lives, she is able to tap into that and use this in combination with her kind heart in order to put herself in the shoes of someone else. Doing this, she is able to sympathize with them, as she very well knows just what it's like to deal with the complicated things that are our emotions.

Additionally, this often leads her to be rather affectionate towards those that she's close to, or even to those that go through these complicated emotions, as her kindness is the main drive for her to wish to do this. She wants others to know that they are loved and that she is one of those people who love them. For her, when it comes to those that she is close to, it allows her to be able to show the emotions that simply cannot be explained in words. Furthermore, this is amplified even more when it comes to her family, as it is one of the things that are most precious to her -- especially so after the sudden death of so many of her family.

For her, this desire is also out of fear. She wants to show that she loves her family and give them the love and affection that they need and deserve, as she is outright terrified that she will lose them again. The pain that she and her brother went through was overwhelming, and Kitarune knows that neither of them wants to feel that same pain again -- as it is the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to them. Thus, she can be extremely affectionate around them -- not only out of love but out of pure, unadulterated terror.

Fiery Temper: The one trait that separates her from her mother and brother, and is actually something that came more from her father. While she is kind-hearted, she has one of the shortest fuses to ever exist. It is astonishing how often she can get irritated, as well as how severe this can become. But, she isn’t someone to just scream and cry like a child when she gets mad. Rather, she is someone that tends to lash out at the nearest person -- which is likely the person who made her mad. It doesn’t matter if it’s family, friend, or an enemy in the middle of combat. If she’s mad, and she needs to vent, she will vent -- and it is never pretty.

However, her vicious outbursts are rarely without reason, and they’re not exactly uncontrolled. While she does get angry easily, she doesn’t start screaming and yelling at someone whenever they, for example, disturb a movie. Over the course of her life, Kitarune has slowly been working on ending that habit, and as a result, it has led her to be able to control it a bit better than she could as a child, allowing her to be able to sort of “choose” whenever she gets mad, by doing what most people would consider unhealthy -- bottling it in. She personally chooses to keep her anger in, as to keep herself from lashing out at the people close to her.

Furthermore, this is something that allows her to tap into her kindness through the people that she is around. In a way, they are the ones who can cool her off. People like her brother, or any variety of her siblings and family are the reasons that she can forgo her anger, be happier, and is able to be kind to them in return. In essence, the love of others is what alleviates her anger, as it is a trigger to her kindness and allows her to calm down, giving way back to what makes the core of her personality.

Tease: While this is a trait that usually shows around close friends or family, it is still something that is rather significant to Kitarune’s personality. In the presence of her family, she has a rather big habit of teasing them relentlessly. Whether it be about their actions, their choice of attire, or perhaps something a bit more personal about them, she will always find something to poke fun at, regardless of how embarrassing it is. While this seems like it would be malicious in nature, it is nothing of the sort. As a way to tie into her kindness and chipper nature, this is more of a way for her to show to the people that she loves that she does, in fact, love them. For her, it’s all in good fun, mostly as a way to try and cheer people up and make a bit of a lighthearted mood, as to keep things a bit more fun and cheery.

Creative: As per her nature as a mage, it is only natural that Kitarune would have a large deal of thoughtfulness when it came to life as a whole. For the most part, she is able to display a level of ingenuity with the usage of her magic, able to adapt and adjust herself in every way that she possibly can. However, this trait doesn’t just stem from a combat perspective. For her, this also encompasses the very same love for the arts as her brother does. Kitarune is a complete and total bookworm, something that very well shows, as she always has a book with her. Whether it be a tome, a sci-fi novel, a murder mystery, an ancient book filled with curses and evil spells, it doesn’t matter. She seeks the knowledge that books always grant her, which leads into the next part of this trait, another part that she mimics of her older brother.

Kitarune adores to write -- another part of her that can heavily be influenced through her magic. The ability to write is one of the things that truly make her feel less bored and generally more relaxed. It allows her to truly show how she feels, and often times can be used as a vent -- as she doesn’t need to hurt others by revealing what she says. This causes Kitarune's love for reading to be directly connected, as the intake of knowledge is something that she believes can always benefit her -- although it's not always just for the sake of gaining.

Sometimes, it could simply just to enjoy the contents of a book, something that has improved her mood and added to her chipper tone and actions, as the various genres of the books that she reads has, most of the time, caused her to feel a great deal relaxed, as she feels comfortable and safe whenever she indulges in the literary immersion of a book, something that lets her break away from reality and abandon the troubles and stress of her life so that she can truly enjoy her book -- so much so that it can even lead to her becoming zoned out, and leaving little for anyone to be able to break her out of this trance. Ergo, it's rather obvious that this is another defining trait that, overall, keeps her from feeling as overly pressured as she very well could be.

Hidden Inner Darkness:

while she is really chipper and happy and is really motherly, she'll often wake up or not sleep at all, crying

she's still haunted by her past and the things she's witnessed

when she ends up meeting Henrex and finding her hope and happiness in her family again, she's going to want to preserve this feeling

she's tired because of said past

scared to lose her loved ones again -- maybe permanently, next time

while at the same time she misses the days where she was young and carefree, playing and spending time with her older brother

these bursts of sadness can be from those things I've mentioned, but also are sometimes just spontaneous and out of nowhere


  • Chocolate
  • Books
  • Sleep
  • Peace and Quiet


  • Egomaniacs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches


  • Death
  • Needles
  • Separation (Family)

I. The Host's History

Chapter One - The Prodigal Daughter

"Sekai e yōkoso, Atsuko Astillon."

The first words that she heard -- just like her older brother. And, just like her brother, she doesn't remember very much from her birth, outside of when and where. A child born of the lust of consummation born nowhere else than on the top of a mountain. In the midst of Toba, Japan, at the very peak of a mountain named in the likeness of the one in China, Wudang Mountain. The cries of the newborn filled the mountain, and many of the family who was available gathered in the mass to see them.

Like Yuuto, Atsuko Astillon was a perfectly healthy baby girl.

But, like Yuuto, she already was showing development. Like her brother, Atsuko has shown the very same wings and extreme lack of weight -- but she also had something completely unique to her. Rather than the expectedly black hair of both her parents, Atsuko's hair color was entirely purple. While they weren't worried about this small detail about their child, they did have a feeling that this wouldn't be the only thing that would develop from their new daughter: Atsuko Astillon.

As the child reached the tender age of seven, her father believed that it was time for her to begin the training that she would need throughout her life in order to become a samurai. Starting her off with a simple wooden sword -- a bokken -- her father, Rei, set her against her brother to see how well she would fare against someone that he saw as a disappointment. Thus, as the sparring match started, it wasn't a surprise that Atsuko's skill was rather clumsy at first. But, it didn't take long for her to gain a sense of adjustment to the mock weapon and immediately lash out.

While she didn't inflict any serious wounds, she did surprise the likes of her father, mother, and even brother in how effortless it all seemed to her. Pitting them against one another once more, the same thing happened. While Asahi, her mother, was a mixture of impressed and worried, her father was simply overjoyed -- albeit he never let it show. After the abysmal showcasing of this from her brother, Rei saw the natural talent and skill that Atsuko possessed -- something that her older brother simply didn't have.

It wasn't just in the art of the sword, nearly everything that Atsuko was able to get her hands on, she could use without much of a problem. However, this did not make her become arrogant or prideful like her father. She didn't let it go to her head. In fact, quite the opposite happened. As the days, weeks, and months went by, Atsuko was able to notice the attention that she was getting from her father, whereas her older brother -- was treated as if he didn't exist. As a result of this, she found herself being overwhelmed by...guilt.

This stinging guilt caused by the revelation that her brother had been completely ignored in favor of her natural talent. As a result of this, she felt more empathic towards her older brother. Yes, she was talented, but at her core -- she was kind and loving, just like her mother. Thus, she found it hard to truly feel proud of her accomplishments because of how menial they had become as a result of this. Thus, she went to her brother, soothing and comforting him. However, this was only the beginning for the two siblings. Most siblings would be constantly at war with one another...but, not these two.

Rather, they grew closer. Their equally kind natures essentially made them unable to be mad, or hate one another for it. Simply put, Yuuto could not bring himself to be mad at his sister -- he knew that it wasn't her fault. Thus, the two would often spend time with each other. With the comfort and solace that his sister and mother would give him, Yuuto would often be able to smile and feel happy, despite the rather unfortunate and damaging situation that he was forced into.

But, this did not stop the two's determination, nor did it halt their training. Rather, it motivated them. The two would practice and refine their skills for hours on end, repeating the same steps over and over again until it was so deeply engraved into their minds that they need not think about it when they executed their techniques. However, no matter how much they trained and practiced -- they could never be prepared for the actual event of war.

As the year 1592 came around, over twenty years since the end of the Muromachi era of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi brought together an army, launching an invasion in order to conquer the Korean Penninsula. Atsuko, her brother, and her father all were called out to aid in this invasion. However, it wasn't long before the trio came back home, six years later -- defeated. While her father and brother were simply disappointed and a bit ashamed at their defeat, Atsuko had felt something entirely different: terror.

Nightmares ensued -- ones so vivid and real that she felt like she was in that hell all over again. All of the screaming, the sounds of the weapons -- and so, so much blood...all of it was just too much for her. As a result of this, she often would find herself confiding to her older brother, telling him about her nightmares and that she never wanted to go back and do something like that -- ever again. Thus, through this, Atsuko was able to draw a sense of safety, comfort, and relief when she vented to her brother, as he also went through that emotional train, the trauma, and terror that had encompassed his sister.

Ergo, the siblings were able to use this as a means to grow closer to one another, to better understand the other as they grew older. Thus, as the world went into a constant shifting between peace and war, Atsuko opted to stay away from all of the fighting, instead choosing to remain home with her mother -- as most women did. Now equipped with a naginata, rather than a blade, she felt...relaxed. Now, she would be able to aid her family -- even if she wasn't directly out on the front lines. Because of this, Atsuko would often spend a great deal of her time around her mother, caring for the house and maintaining it.

Through this, the two women were able to see this as a bit of a bonding experience, and they grew closer and closer with each passing day -- akin to that of what the stereotypical father and daughter relationship would be. But, despite this, Atsuko -- using the bond and connection that she and her brother shared -- was able to keep in touch with him, and -- again, despite the physical distance between them, they were still able to become even closer with one another.

Finally, as Japan entered the Edo era, the siblings, along with the rest of the family could rest easily. Not very long after the wars that encompassed Japan had ended, the country was entering a time of peace. For them, it was a massive sigh of relief -- no more bloodshed, no more death. It was a time of evolution, prosperity, and progression.

However, while there was no war, that did not mean that Atsuko and the family would be sitting idly by.

Part Two - Life's Final Breath

Part Three - Eternal Search

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I. Host's Natural/Racial Abilities

Natural Talent:

Excelled Swordsmanship:

Incredible Energy Control:




Martial/Weapon Skill: When it comes to the use of weapons, Kitarune isn't the best. While she has had experience with different weapons in the past and has been able to grow experienced and accustomed to them, there are certain ones that shine above the rest. Firstly, it should be noted that staff-type weapons are Kitarune's bread and butter. Polearms and other melee weapons with long-range are the ones that Kitarune have noted to have exceptional proficiency, as it is the closest resemblance to her Zanpakuto, and so, it is something that could be considered muscle memory, as the similarity between the two is something that allowed her to pick up the weapon and wield it with ease. But, at its base, Kitarune's skill in most weapons can be boiled down to average.

Kido: The magic of the Shinigami is likely Kitarune's strongest and most refined skill. Upon entering into Shin'o Academy, it was evident that this was her strongest suit. To put things simply, it comes as second nature to control her energy and exert it in the form of Kido. As a result of this, it became something that she was able to refine and progress and allow her to reach new heights. This has allowed her to cast spells without incantations, infuse more energy into her Kido in order to boost the power, as well as being able to cast multiple Bakudo and Hadō spells in quick succession. As a result of this, the concept of magic was something that became rather heavily emphasized on for her Zanpakuto -- adding even more for her to learn, and more limits to break through.




I. Host's Unique Abilities

Avian Physiology: Exerpt from Henrex's App: As a man who has wings, it should not come as a surprise that the rest of his body would be that of an avian. However, this has noted to provide a bit more of a downside, rather than having positives. To begin things, this is something that heavily affects Henrex's skeletal system. For one, it makes his bones fairly hollow. This basically means that Henrex's skeleton is a lot weaker than normal, which causes his bones to be injured a lot easier. This is something that does not affect his skill sheets, but rather, just makes him a bit more susceptible to damage. While he makes up for this with the Cybermind plating that his skeletal system is surrounded with -- along with other protections -- this also has a slight upside. This also allows Henrex to move a lot faster, as his weight is slightly decreased from this.

Furthermore, Henrex's body receives a number of natural boosts as a result of this. The first thing that is boosted would be Henrex's senses. While this mainly excludes touch and taste, Henrex's hearing, sight, and sense of smell are increased to exponential levels, with him being able to hear and smell things from miles away, while his sight is only enhanced by being completely 20/20. So, while his senses are not extremely boosted, they most certainly are not normal. Another thing that would be his increased lung capacity. This is something that grants Henrex a much larger range of how long he can hold his breath, or even going as far as to keep his lungs constantly filled with air.

Ugoki no shizukesa (動きの静けさ, Stillness in Motion): As a way to make literal meaning of the Chinese proverb, this ability is, simply put, regaining energy. By drawing from the spiritual energy and particles in the area, she is able to fill her own energy capacity. Through this, Kitarune is able to rapidly increase the rate at which her energy is refilled, allowing her to have a seemingly “unlimited” pool of energy for her to tap into. However, this is simply not the case. Kitarune is able to regenerate energy from this, but this by no means makes it unlimited in any way. This does have its limits -- being that Kitarune cannot move at all while she is doing this. Even if so much as a single finger were to twitch, the concentration would be broken, and she would have to wait for a post before being able to perform this again.

The Sibling's Bond: This is a passive ability that Kitarune possesses, and directly connects to her brother, Henrex. This, in essence, is what binds the two together as siblings, and what truly defines their connection together. Upon activation (something that will need IC progression to occur, as it's currently inactive), Henrex and Kitarune will be able to connect to each other, mentally. As a result of this, they will be able to transmit thoughts to each other, and they can detect and read each other's emotions, no matter the distance. Even if they were entire dimensions apart, they would still be able to create this connection. Furthermore, this allows them to have the innate knowledge of where the other one is, and -- if the other permits -- they can use this to "picture" the environment around them, allowing them to gain a semblance of where they are, and what it looks like. This can also occur when it comes to sharing memories, as the events will be projected into the other's mindscape. As children, they often used this skill in order to pass secrets to one another, or just to tell the other what they were thinking. However, now that they have both matured immensely, this is capable of so, so much more.

The Will of Fire: similar to the sibling's bond in the fact that the two share it and it will need IC progression to activate, an active skill that negates mental-based abilities against her

Zanshin (残心, Remaining Mind):

I. Sealed Powers

Zanpakutô Name: Mahō (魔法, Magic)

Inner World:

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance: N/A

Sealed Zanpakutô Power


I. Shikai

Shikai Release Phrase: N/A

Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities

Zanpakuto Manipulation:

  • Will of the Magus:

Arm of the Magus:

-Elemental Magic
-Magic Barriers
-Shape Shifting
-General Creation
-Sealing Magic
-Dimensional Magic


Spell Link: Double spell casting

Conduit: uses Kido through her staff, or using Majin's energy -- can potentially increase the power of a spell

Memorize: creates her own forms of various "magic" abilities (i.e Cero and it's variants, for the Arrancar, Ginto for Quincy, etc)

Reflective Ward: passive barrier around her body that weakens the effects of other magic on her


Magic Circles: Above everything else, this is the main technique of Kitarune's Zanpakuto. By compressing her spiritual energy into a single area of focus, she can create a purple circle in any location within two miles of her, of which she can control all properties of it -- an example being the size. This allows her to focus her magic into this specific area and allowing it to be much more powerful than it would have been on its own. Furthermore, as stated before, these act as enhancements to her magic. While she is able to cast spells without the use of circles, the added refinement of her energy alongside the circles naturally make her magic slightly more powerful, as well as her Kido.

Additionally, it should be noted that these are very easy to create, as they require little to no energy to form, along with the fact that they can also be stacked on top of one another in order to create vastly more powerful spells. Another application of these would be summoning them around her hands to enhance her strength and serve as made-due weapons. During this, they would boost her strength at a single level, halting at Master. Any attempt above that would So, it should be obvious that these are a very common form of combat with Kitarune, as they are one of the most versatile techniques that she has.

Hundred-Layer Magic Circle:

Hundred-Layer Magic Circle - Eternal Fire:

Hundred-Layer Magic Circle - Divine Wind:

Hundred-Layer Magic Circle - Tempestial Rage:

I. Bankai

Bankai Name: Dai Majutsu (大魔術, Archmage)

Bankai Release Phrase: “Cast a spell unto the heavens, Dai Majutsu!”

Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities

The Archmage: adds reality manipulation and further enhanced magic, "magical resistance", adds spacial and time magic

Solar Magic: advanced form of fire magic that allows her to draw energy from the sun and access higher levels of heat. as well as a penultimate of her fire-based magic, Apocalyptic Blaze.

Thousand-Layer Magic Circles:

Thousand-Layer Magic Circle - Apocalyptic Blaze:

Thousand-Layer Magic Circle - Momentous Tornado:

Thousand-Layer Magic Circle - God Thrust:

Thousand-Layer Magic Circle - Arc Slash:

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Artist: N/A - Song: N/A

I. The Spirit's Basic Information

The Spirit's Name: Majin, The Void Princess
The Spirit's Race: Demon
The Spirit's Gender: Female
The Spirit's Age: 851

The Spirit's Pictured Appearance:

I. The Spirit's Personality




Fiery Temper:



I. The Spirit's History

The Spirit's History:

I. Natural/Racial Abilities & Skills

Masterful Energy Control:

Master Mage:

Immense Volumes of Energy:




Weapon/Martial Skill:

Racial Skills

Za Koa Core:

Demon Energy:

Demonic Magic [Possessive Magic]:

Sacrifice & Worship:


External Augmentation: all forms of magic, but gains a larger boost from dark magic, and related things

I. Possessive Powers

Possessive Powers:

Possessive Influence:

Possessive Augment:

Possessive Shifting:

Possessive Movement:

I. Unique Abilities

Mother's Gift - Heart of Kagutsuchi: Excerpt from Henrex’s App: As his mother was a demon, he has inherited something from her as a result. Something that soon became his own custom form of the Demon's Black Inferno Blast, this ability is something that gives two specific abilities to Henrex: Fire Manipulation, and Black Fire Manipulation. As his mother was a descendant, and the mortal reincarnation of the legendary goddess of the Sun and the Universe, Amaterasu, it should not come as a surprise that this has to deal with the woman's prime -- fire. This allows Henrex to delve into the very basic applications of Fire Manipulation -- creating it, shaping it, and extinguishing it. However, if Henrex were to apply his Demon half's energy to these fires, it would cause a much different outcome.

The first thing that one would notice is that the flames turn pitch black in color, and now have additional effects to them, namely an incredible boost to their total amount of heat. For example, this can lead to the fire having the ability to evaporate and survive underwater, and not have to survive on the limits and restrictions that the normal Fire Triangle requires, as the flames are running solely on energy itself. Therefore, this also grants them incredibly longevity, last up to days or weeks on end, as most of the time, the energy within them takes a very long time to burn out.

These fires are able to be summoned in any way possible -- whether it be from casting them from his eyes' energy vents, the energy vents in his hands, anywhere Henrex can produce his energy, this can be created. However, this has its fair share of downsides when used in combat. The first would be that the black flames need a sum amount of energy in order to create a large amount at once. This can drastically cause a difference in energy drain, and can sometimes cause Henrex to choose to spend this ability in a different way, rather than take the risk. Finally, these flames can only last up to seven posts.


Dark Magic:

Summoning Magic:

Shadow Magic:

Wing Manifestation:



Darkness Manipulation:

Blood Magic:





Cleaver Staff:

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Artist: N/A - Song: N/A

I. Ziamichi Powers

Unique Traits

Access to Majin's Powers:

Shifter Form:





Lack of Forms:

Her Own Power:



Control: 8

I. Host’s Equipment/Other Resources

Hagoromo (羽衣, lit. feather dress):

Magic Glasses:

Magic Contacts:

Magic Headphones:


Magic Staves: act as multiple catalysts for her magic, letting her layer the magic onto one another


  • A Book of Five Rings - Earth:

  • A Book of Five Rings - Water:

  • A Book of Five Rings - Fire:

  • A Book of Five Rings - Wind:

  • A Book of Five Rings - Void:

I. Host's PhantomTech

PhatomTech: Yes

Phantom Tech Powers


Phantom Tech Abilities

I. Skill Sheet

Ziamichi Host Class:

Ziamichi Spirit Class:

General Skills For Host
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Ziamichi Skills For Host
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Control Over Spirit: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Seal Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sync-Rate: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills For Host
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


General Skills For Spirit
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Core: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Posessive Magic: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Possessive Augment: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Possessive Influence: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills For Spirit
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Kitarune Astillon, The Archmage [WIP]
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