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 Claudia Duvalier [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Claudia Duvalier [WIP]   Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:10 pm

Enter the Mongrel


I. Basic Information

» Name: Claudia Duvalier
» Alias: “Cleopatra,” The Many-Blooded Witch
» Age: 30
» Gender: Female

» Association: The Court of Miracles.

» Appearance Written: A woman that might best be described as looking like the villain of a spy film, Claudia's entire appearance conveys a stark sense of order and care. Her attire is overwhelmingly black and white, with only the occasional striking bit of color, typically some shade of blue, and tends toward casual business sort of attire, buttoned shirts and straight skirts with a tie and heels. She often wears a white, fur-collared coat, both for the sake of keeping warm and simply for the sake of conveying a greater size. Considering she stands only 5'8” tall, this is not entirely without its merit as a goal.

Her hair seems only to further match the sense of cleanness that everything about her exudes. A pristine white in color, there is not a single trace of any other color, suggesting it is completely natural despite her relatively young age. Worn completely unadorned and undone, there is an almost ethereal quality to Claudia's hair, perhaps not helped by the color of her eyes. They are blue, yes, but not a normal shade that might provide some form of comfort.

» Appearance Image:

I. Personality

» Bitter: Claudia hates the world. There is no beating around the bush on this matter, no sugar-coating the scale of her feelings. If she had her way, everything would be burned to the ground and allowed to begin anew. Maybe such a thing is hyperbolic, but something about the whole world of the modern day strikes her as being very hyperbolic itself.

» Manipulative:

» Proud:

» Controlling:

I. History

» An Unholy Union: Claudia was not born of a consensual union, something certainly implied by her ancestry. Born to a vizard mother after a horrible encounter with a demon/human hybrid, she was abandoned in rather short order. She was, after all, not a wanted child, especially not with the truth of her parentage. As such, Claudia has never met her parents, and even if she did, she would feel nothing for them, other than perhaps a dull disgust only marginally greater than what she feels toward nearly everyone.

I. Equipment

» C.R.E.A.M.: This is not a single piece of equipment, or even a particular set of items. This, instead, represents the contacts Claudia has, both legitimate and otherwise, alongside her extensive personal wealth and business influence. Put simply, Claudia is able to purchase almost any item she wishes on the Earth without significant impact on her wealth. Even things which are most certainly not on the market are well within her grasp, as her wide web of contacts allows her to find herself in possession of those items which seem to have been...misplaced.

Such a web has its own flaws, of course. Any items which would leave a significant absence by being purchased are not within Claudia's grasp, as contacts are not willing to risk their lives even for the exorbitant prices Claudia might offer. This includes items which are either entirely unique and currently in the possession of another, or to items that are exceedingly limited in number. There is no hard and fast rule to what Claudia can and cannot purchase, but common sense must be applied, and in the case of questionable items, OoC discussion should be applied.

I. Special Traits

» Muddled Soul: Claudia's mixed ancestry has left her in a rather unique situation, where she has access to none of the racial abilities of any particular race, as any one bloodline is overwhelmed by the others. As such, despite her ancestry, she is incapable of learning any racial abilities. However, there is something of a small upside to this. While racial abilities are forever outside her grasp, racial equipment, which would function based upon the user's race, is still entirely usable by Claudia, as if she were a fully blooded demon, hollow, human, or shinigami.

» Protean: There is, however, something of an upside to the mixed nature of Claudia's parentage. The only true ability that Claudia has is the ability to act as something of a chameleon in order to better suit her needs. For all intents and purposes, Claudia's spiritual energy and soul may act as if she was a demon, a human, a hollow, or a shinigami, allowing her to potentially operate in many different climates and disguise herself rather well, at least if one is not actively examining her. Should an ability or effect target Claudia which would operate based on race, her body will instinctively react to it by changing her signature to whichever would be most beneficial to her, refracting her soul in just the right manner to exude the necessary energies.

I. Skill Sheet

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: TBD
  • General Speed: TBD
  • Strength: TBD
  • Weapon Skill: TBD

Will Skills
  • Willpower: TBD
  • Mental Deduction: TBD
  • Pain Endurance: TBD
  • Focus: Beginner

Coding in Template By:
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Claudia Duvalier [WIP]
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