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 This Man Does Not Like Demons

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: This Man Does Not Like Demons   Tue Jul 03, 2018 6:11 pm

The Mission Template
Mission Specs

Operation Name: Operation Incomplete Bridge
Mission Type: Protag
Difficulty Of Mission: Elite
Who Can Join: Any member of a protag-aligned organization.


The purpose of this mission is simple: further destabilize the Demon World. After the political chaos that has occurred there, the Stealth Force of the Gotei has decided to launch a three-fold operation, culminating in one final action. These misinformation and sabotage attempts will be directed at the following individuals and groups, in an attempt to prevent any of them from being able to stabilize their positions in demon world successfully, further weakening their ability to interact with their holdings on Earth:

The Sirsa Lands: Inami Asthavon, Queen of Chaya

Shadowfall Technology: Rose Mischevang

Shadowfall Religion: Sunshine Asthavon

The Middle Throne: Mana Asthavon

Coordinated efforts against any of these individuals or the organizations in which they wield influence are applicable towards this mission. Each mission against the target or their associated spheres of influence will be started when that mission has at least two participants. These will be the side missions.

The primary mission will be against one thing, and one thing only: The Queen's Palace. Any influence or resources accumulated during the other missions will be utilized for the primary one.

The primary mission will have two threads, contingent upon the success of the first. The primary mission in which Kuro Okami will be leading will be the infiltration of the Kēndrīya Capital.

Primary Task:
Destroy the faith between the Demon World's technological center, religious center, and the nation of Chaya with the center of Shadow Fall's power in Kēndrīya.

Extra Task:

Sirsa Lands
The covert operative in the Sirsa Lands will have the task of breaking into the throne room of Inami Asthavon herself. The ultimate purpose will be to capture and incapacitate as many members of her staff and elite guard as possible.

Shadowfall Technology
A technical expert is being sought to break in (possibly with assistance from another) to gain access to Shadow Fall technology and attempt to incapacitate them completely in regards to the Demon Queen's Palace, or up to the entirety of Fall City, for as long as possible. That expert will likely team up with an infiltration specialist to pull the mission off.

Shadowfall Religion
This mission will be dominated by the spreading of propaganda - by disseminating the belief that Khala Asthavon is in fact a heretic, using knowledge gained about the state of her current body and the past devastation and havoc she has wrecked as argumentative points in the lands around Fall City, eventually causing for them to enter into the city themselves. Any protagonistic demon or anti-religion individual would work well for such a role. Additionally, the seizure and ransacking of at least one Khalaist Temple would provide plenty of evidence to use in the plant of the Queen's Palace destruction.

Queen's Palace
To be gone over once at least one of the afore-mentioned tasks have been completed.


Possible Rank Up: It is highly likely that those who participate in and aid in the completion of these missions will recieve a strong amount of respect within their own organizations, making it highly likely that the individual will rise up within their protag-aligned org if they are less than the equivalent of a captain.

Possible Territory Consideration: Those who help complete these missions will likely be considered trustworthy individuals and, depending on how much power they come to command, may be able to use the evidence of this mission as a bargaining chip for taking command of a protag-aligned territory.

Skill Increase: Those who complete the mission will most likely go through enough experience to raise the level of a speed stat or skill stat. They may even gain enough experience to qualify for a tier upgrade.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: This Man Does Not Like Demons   Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:44 pm

Sofia checking in. Any potentially successful stab at SF is a good on her books, and she's not going to let this chance pass without taking part in it. She may be assigned anywhere, but she would most likely prefer the area that's the most difficult/dangerous, so essentially the most fun.


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: This Man Does Not Like Demons   Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:42 am

Yoriko will be joining this mission. Despite not knowing much about demons or how they operate this will be a great opportunity to test out her stealth skills.

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This Man Does Not Like Demons
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