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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Forsaken Past [Magnolia/Angel]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: The Forsaken Past [Magnolia/Angel]   Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:22 pm

Magnolia Everfrost

Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012

The force of their foreheads colliding, after angels masterful means of negotiating magnolia's counter was brilliant, it was jarring, and took a few moments to be shaken off by the shinigami as she blinked a few times in surprise, and a newfound respect blossomed in her mind. Magnolia had in a very rare instance let a hit get by because of the sheer illogicality of it, or rather the ingenuity of it. . Most beings naturally did not use their heads when it came to combat, in fact probably only a machine could come up with the idea of smashing their head into another being without fear of repercussion mentally. Thankfully magnolia’s head was hard so all she got out of the ordeal was a faint bruise as she rubbed her head and said in a slow, amused manner.

”Well, i’m glad to see you are using your head.”

Magnolia’s smile was genuine as her chuckle at her own pun was one that was probably only amusing to her. However she still was waiting, and discerning if, or when Angel would come attack. Because in all honesty if there was anything she had learned from there spar was, angel was not inept when it came to hand to hand combat. She had the tactical knowledge, and the intuition to be capable of fighting at a very fluent level, it was just a matter of honing those skills and giving angel the tools. Think of it like giving a tiger claws, that was essentially what she was doing here. Magnolia as Angel assented to attacking her spoke in a slow, measured tone as the girl bridged the gap.

”That intuition and battle ingenuity you have is almost frightening, it will benefit you to hone that because it will only make you a better fighter.

Praise aside, Magnolia didn’t stop the onslaught of the girls fist as it moved towards her for a very simple reason, there would be no point to this training if she dodged or evaded every blow that was thrown at her. Which was why as the attack neared her she did something different. Taking the point infinitely near when angel would strike her forehead with her palm she had leaned backwards and shifted her center of balance, shifting on a semi-circular axis to loop her elbow around the arm and pitch her body forward, borrowing all angels centrifugal force to flip her over her shoulder into the air. Granted she knew the girl might try something funny in return which was why the moment her arm hooked and she threw angel she was ready for a counter attack. Her lips parting as she continued to teach even as she fought.

”When you move, you need to consider your alternatives even as you fight. Because there’s a risk involved the closer you get to the point of impact. Since while your opponent has less time to react to it--the same applies to you as well. “

It was such a simple thing to say, and yet she had proven her point by throwing angel before magnolia herself got moving. She knew this girl wished to collect data so she would utilize the time that angel was in the air and moved forward upon a linear axis her palm moving at speeds exceeding mach one as she’d stop it just before it impacted with angel’s mechanical solar plexus. This all mind you would be timed near perfectly to make use of angels destability and then the followup would be timed near instantaneously after that point of reference. In short both attacks would have an extremely high likelihood to exceed given the sparse amount of time that was logically there to actually counter them.

However even though Magnolia’s fist stopped, Angel would still be able to feel the immense vibrations that had been thrown off from that strike. The force would blow past angel, ripping up the earth and shattering buildings upwards of an eighth of a mile behind her, even though magnolia was only using a fraction of her strength. The concept of this strike and it’s destructive vibratory force was one of her trademark combat techniques--Demon shattering Blows. Through showing her this technique she’d hopefully show angel what it meant to utilize her movements and timing effectively. After all the entire point of this particular sequence was to show angel one of those effective ways to utilize the fulcrum of the body in terms of redistributing force. Angels own power had been the very thing that had make it very unlikely that she dodged all this, but it also was the greatest learning example of this motion.

Magnolia moved forward at a brisk pace as her foot skimmed the confines of the ground. If angel didn’t roll, move or recover (if she didn’t manage to recover in the air, or very unlikely even more dodge the attack outright. This attack would serve to punt angel from the ground into the air. After though whatever angels state was her body moved at a brisk speed, her kicks were small, concise--full of power and yet easily defensible. Each blow channeled her well-toned leg muscles to explode with power, and yet the small amount of space they moved through would show angel a way to effectively utilize force. Her words echoing lightly.

”Force is also not about how far you move. If done right, you can do nearly the same force with a blow that moves two inches, when comparing a blow that moved the full length of that it’d normally go. Regular length punches use more of your muscles, or kinetic energy. Your body is the force that generates that energy. However, these smaller blows, while slightly inferior offer much more defensibility and speed to your strikes, like so.”

Magnolia’s words were coupled with her showing through example, doing a long kick off to the side to show the power that boomed forward. Then a second kick that traveled a fraction of the distance that only seemed like a streak. The longer kick had more power naturally but the smaller kick had been no slouch either. After the small demonstration she lowered her foot and said in a slow manner.

”I know this is for your . . data? Yes data as you put it, however is there more you want to know other than how i do hand to hand combat?”



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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: The Forsaken Past [Magnolia/Angel]   Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:48 pm

The Shinigami Doll

Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

“My records seem to define that as a pun? Was that a pun?”

The Doll seemed serious, not because it wasn’t funny, but because she wasn’t sure. She knew just enough to define different words and phrases and align them with their general meaning, but the peculiarities of Human language were sometimes lost on her. If Magnolia passed it off as nothing, then that would be it, but if she agreed, it would have certainly received a hearty laughter from the droid. Still, she had to agree with the Shinigami, even if it didn’t make sense why she had said that. Of course, she was using her head; she hit her with it.

“Thank you for the compliment,” said the girl in a light bow. “I am constantly updating my systems to make sure my processing speed and power are always at their best.”

As their short talk came to a close, it was once again the time for action. Just like the first time, Magnolia had decided not to dodge or run away, and it made sense why. It wasn’t news that the Shinigami was faster. Simply out speeding the Doll and using that to best her would be like an adult beating a kid at some sport, cool, but not really unexpected; certainly nothing she could learn about. So, it was a nice touch to see her friend was at least acquainted with the proper means and methods to conduct an effective training session. This time though, Magnolia used a tactic that was far more in line with what Angel had used earlier.

The droid was perfectly acquainted with such a maneuver, but it didn’t mean it would be easy to counter. Her friend had simply allowed the tap on her forehead to carry her through and use the momentum to flip and toss the Doll away. It was a marvelous display. And though it was difficult to belief it was something the Shinigami had learned just there and then, there was no doubt that through Angel’s use of it earlier, she had certainly received the necessary incentive to try it herself. In short, despite Angel being the one learning the most in the spar, there was a chance she was doing her own bit of teaching as well.

Luckily for the droid, balancing herself was relatively simple. She didn’t need cranial nerves to send their signals. She didn’t need her ears to align their biological functions to attain balance, gain composure, and push on. Now, her sensors and shell functionalities all worked at once to allow her to be up and ready right away, just as it was intended. It all had happened fast enough to hear her partner speak, before she rushed off to initiate her own means of combat. Although the Doll could employ her great physical strength, or the skills she had already showcased earlier, none of those would do. In a effort to show she was learning, it only made sense she would try and use some of the things she had learned that day…but with a twist.

Standing still, it seemed as though the Doll was about to get hit on her solar plexus. But, at the last minute, her right hand would slap and hit the incoming limb, pushing it just slightly to the droid’s left side. It still managed to collide with her left arm, just below the shoulders. On an organic living being, the action would have certainly made the individual cry in pain, or hold their sides whimpering for a bit of time to catch their breath. It wasn’t overly serious, but it was noticeable. More noticeable however was the fact that rather than showing an expression of concern, there was nothing: only a goal.
The same hand would reach and grab a hold of the limb that had impacted her, right by the wrist. Given their proximity, pulling back was simply not an option, for she couldn’t have been hit yet not been able to reach something so close as to being essentially on her body. Her other hand would simply shoot out, as it looked to clamp by Magnolia’s throat who by then was merely inches from her. That would have certainly stopped most of the mumbo jumbo that could’ve continued later. But of more note was the light one-foot jump that would lead a powerful and destructive kick right towards the Shinigami’s midsection. The other foot was planted for extra strength, though ready to jump and dodge an attack, or swing and assist to stop a potential retaliation or attempt to escape.

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The Forsaken Past [Magnolia/Angel]
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