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 Switch Drive [Angel OTY Item]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Switch Drive [Angel OTY Item]   Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:52 pm

» Item Name: Switch Drive
» Item Type: Angel only

» Used For: Offense/Defense

» Item Description:


Holy Judgement: As to make up for her lack of a direct, powerful offense, Holy Judgement is an ability that draws from the rather large amount of energy that Angel possesses. By channeling a rather hefty sum of her energy, Angel can use this to release a powerful blast of energy that utilizes near the utmost peak of her power. As a result of this, the attack will scale off her tier. Thus (at the time of writing this), at 1-5, she will be able to have the potential to level an entire city with the amount of power that she can release with this technique. This can scale and stop at 0-2, leaving her with the potential to destroy a planet, if she had the remaining energy to do so. However, as per the destructive prowess of this, Angel has only a single use of this technique before she is swiftly drained of energy, something that can leave her rather exhausted, if not handled properly.

Shielded Sin: As the polar opposite to Holy Judgement, Shielded Sin works as a direct defense. Upon activation, a large golden bubble will manifest around her, allowing her to create a rather powerful defense that has many different options. However, because of the immense energy drain that this pushes onto her, it is mostly only useful for one or two posts at maximum -- leaving it a rather situational technique. Regardless, this barrier is incredibly potent, capable of blocking a single attack up to a tier lower than Angel's own. However, a multitude of large-scale attacks will not be able to hold, causing the fortification to shatter. However, if Angel were to focus more of her energy into this, it would be possible for her to be able to, at the very least, weak the attack of someone higher than her. Not by an incredulous amount, or completely negate it, but enough so that the damage that she would take would be at the very least, be less drastic than what it could be. Furthermore, like Holy Judgement, this technique shares it's limitations of a single use in a thread, as well as what was said before -- the immense energy drain that can potentially leave Angel extremely exhausted if either attempting to use it again or just through the use of the ability alone.

» Obtained From: N/A

» Notes: A bit of a birthday present for Angel, even if she doesn't have a technical birthday.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Switch Drive [Angel OTY Item]   Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:47 am

[mod]The equipment is fine, but as it says it's something which drains her energy. So, if she actually reached 0-2, that planet-busting level of power running off her energy reserves, would require that "if she had the remaining energy to do so" equate all her energy, as a 0-2's final, ultimate strike would be at the planet-busting level. If she uses Holy Judgement to be a big bad finisher ability that puts all of her might into it, that's it. So presently, her 1-5 tier enabling her to destroy an entire city, that's fine, but that's also her massive big bad finale attack that would leave her extremely exhausted, such that pulling out anything of that level again would require some serious exterior justification. So basically, she can't really double-dip on attacks of this scale, and instead has to double-down when she uses Holy Judgement.

With this all kept in mind, the equipment is approved.[/mod]



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Switch Drive [Angel OTY Item]
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