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 Steel [Stefan Soan vs Tsubasa Unabara]

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Artist: Final Fantasy 13-2 OST - Song: The Last Hunters (Battle Theme) - Word Count: N/A

The act of Tsubasa releasing his Zanpakuto was precisely what Stefan had been aiming to force out of the Shinigami. Continuing to fight without their real power, while still of a level most couldn't fathom, would have been horrendously boring for the man hailed as the world's most legendary swordsman. Such a title didn't really mean that much to him, though being considered more skilled than his brother could certainly flip his constant frown. As far as this particular fight was concerned, the moment Tsubasa spoke the words to unleash more power red alerts began ringing through the Vizard's head. He knew immediately not matching his opponent would likely lead to his sudden and premature death, and for this reason Stefan was already prepared to release his own Zanpakuto in response.

The sudden outburst of Tsubasa's Spiritual Pressure as a result of using Shikai was a sight to behold indeed. Stefan used his left hand to shield the side of his face from the torrential energy. Yet, there was no fear in his bright fiery eyes; only fierce confidence in the face of nightmarish power. While knowing he himself had to release as well or be killed, it wouldn't be so simple as instantly using his Shikai. Stefan wanted to see Tsubasa's new power before ascending to a similar state; perhaps in arrogance, or perhaps merely a result of genuine curiosity. Either way, he stood steadfast against Tsubasa's Zanpakuto release and braced for the coming storm.

Before his foe moved to attack, Stefan surrounded himself in a shroud of Void the likes of which was meant to guard against even the Shinigami's newfound power. Whether that would hold true would quickly be put to the test as the man seemingly teleported to Stefan's location, though the Vizard's eyes were just able to follow. Even against Tsubasa in Shikai he was able to, if just barely, shift stance and parry the man's near-instant attack. Thanks to both his still-superior physical strength and reaction speed, this battle would not end so quickly. Utilizing Sui-Muko, Stefan rapidly decreased the density of space throughout his entire body by inserting Void across his limbs. The practical effect of this unique technique was one of increased speed; the resulting decreased density of space would allow virtually all his physical movements to speed up quite drastically, matching Shunpo-levels without actually using the Shinigami step technique. At the very least it would decrease the difficulty in dealing with this newly-sped up Tsubasa, though by no means would Sui-Muko make it easy.

Though Tsubasa may have attempted hiding the steel objects he'd place near Stefan, the latter would still catch them thanks to his ability to focus all five senses to a degree bordering on omniscience when it came to observing his direct surroundings. This advantage gave Stefan enough time to further increase the shroud of Void he currently stood in the middle of, so as to further enhance his potential defense against Tsubasa's following attacks. When the metal objects launched at him, their velocity allowed them to pierce the vale of Void without being entirely warped and destroyed by it's crushing pressure. However, their relatively low durability couldn't completely prevent them from being reduced to little more than crumpled scrap metal as they tore through Stefan's protective shroud.

While within this zone of Void Tsubasa wouldn't be able to tell if his attacks had hit their mark at all, with the only information given to him being their weakened forms after exiting. From within this barrier no eyes or ability could see through Stefan remained, unwilling to reveal himself quite yet. Tsubasa's next attack would also be met with an unsatisfying result. The Roaku and Raitongiri combination could match the other fighter's Shunko in destructive force, and as equals both their power was rendered moot as they collided. Along with the initial strike, every following attack from Tsubasa enter and exit the Void around Stefan without him being able to visibly ascertain exactly what was going on. However, the Shinigami would likely be able to feel his Zanpakuto striking against Stefan's own and thus would know the Vizard was still, at the very least, clearly alive. Even against Tsubasa's incredibly high speed and momentum in Shikai, Stefan's potent physical strength would not falter. And while the Shinigami was relying on pure speed to land blows, it was honed skill that guided Stefan's blade in defending against the man.

Just before Tsubasa's next and final attack could go off, the Shinigami would probably be able to make out the words "Consume all Creation, Mugenkū" spoken by his foe, however no other action or change seemed to take place. The following release and assault of thousands of energy and electricity-infused blades would seem to go off without a hitch. They quickly approached Stefan's location, nearing closer and closer....until suddenly every blade that made it within ten feet of the Void shroud abruptly and instantly exploded into a massive atomic-like blast over four hundred yards wide. More and more of the blades exploded, until finally they all culminated in a truly colossal eruption of energy nearly the size of a city. If Tsubasa wasn't careful he too would be caught up in all this, and the consequences would not be so easily shrugged off. Sonic booms washed over the desert of Hueco Mundo, blowing away everything in their paths. The explosion would expand until eventually ceasing after almost a minute of continuous destruction, leaving nothing but ash and dust in it's wake. Well, and a man.

From under the cloud of dust Stefan tore away his tattered and sliced up shirt, discarding it to the ground nearby. After a moment or two more, Tsubasa would likely be able to make out the newly revealed appearance of Stefan Soan. Across his entire torso were cuts and gashes of various sizes, some of which seemed to be bleeding quite a bit. Along with the injuries from the chunks of metal were even more burn marks on top of those the Vizard had received previously. All in all, the legendary swordsman looked quite bloodied and battered. Yet on his face was a look as determined and confident as ever. While his body may be covered in flesh wounds, Stefan had avoided taking any serious damage despite Tsubasa's current ascended release state, a feat anyone could call inconceivable.

"I'm not bread to be buttered, enough with the flattery." As if to emphasize this statement, Stefan spit blood and wiped the remainder away from his mouth with his left arm. "Better? You think this is better? I'm still fucking standing! Am I supposed to be impressed by your little Shikai? Little more speed, little more lightning? Better? Don't make me laugh. We're just gettin' started, greenhorn." As he finished speaking Stefan brought his sword arm up and swung downwards, creating a gigantic tidal wave of what appeared at first glance to be more Void yet was tinted slightly purplish instead of being entirely pitch black. Unlike Void, any attempt at blocking or even touching this new material wouldn't result in possible negation. Nay, absolutely any attempt at clashing with this wave of an energy-like substance would result in a massive explosion larger than anything it meets, causing pure unadulterated destruction.

As the wave reached Tsubasa's location, Stefan too moved in that direction. While not quite as fast as the Shinigami, his Sui-Muko enhanced speed was capable of overtaking almost anyone else in the world without much trouble. In the same instant the wave would hit Tsubasa's location, Stefan moved to wherever the man was, including wherever he may have dodged to. The instant he reached his target Stefan swung his now-released Zanpakuto with enough force to completely eclipse whatever physical strength the Shinigami could muster, showing the difference between their power was perhaps even greater than their difference in speed, though not by an extreme degree. Still, the destructiveness of higher strength was clear compared to speed; the multiple sword swings from Stefan would be incredibly difficult to survive or stay near, much less block. Along with his strength, each attack sent out microscopic spheres of his Shikai's Heisoku's Antimatter, causing even more enveloping explosions as a result. If a single one of these struck Tsubasa directly he would likely get as injured as Stefan currently is, potentially an equalizer to put them back on matching ground.

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Steel [Stefan Soan vs Tsubasa Unabara]
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