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 I'm A What...?

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: I'm A What...?   Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:11 pm

Upon Saiya's eyes falling closed, the darkness of her mind was slowly filled with a faint crimson hue as she began to coast into the inner world where Tha'alyu'ua, her demonic symbiote, rested inside. The room did not appear immediately, however as if it were a dream, Saiya felt her innerself walking towards this red hue. The hue became deeper, but there seemed no signs to any light shining into this area.

Entering The Mind

As she continued to walk , the room began to fill itself with items that resembled one of Saiya's favorite spots of relaxation when she was within her home town. The floor under her began to generate soft throw sitting pillows that were arranged into a sitting circle, at this point she noted 11 pillows, but every time she entered this world, the amount of pillows seemed to increase by one, and there would always be a minimum of two. The pillows themselves were a deep wine red, a little darker than the room itself to be noticed, but still within the same realm of reds. They also had golden tassels that hung downward off of the corners of each pillow, as well as the sides being sealed by the same golden threads like a rope collapsing around it. As omnious as the room seemed to feel, the overall setting seemed very warm and welcoming, it was weird to Saiya how comfortable she felt, knowing that this was Tha'alyu'ua's home.

The rooms continued to fill with more objects at the walls seemed to generate more of these deep red memories of her hometown. The walls filled with red sheer curtains that seemed to match the color of the red pillows that were on the floor. The room than began to round itself out, making it feel almost like a dome surrounding her, but despite this room shift there was still a vast amount of space within the mind. A long the walls, a series of picture frames then began to generate, being golden as well and a very bright shining gold, as if these held significance to whom she was. The frames themselves however, were empty. There were 12 of these frames, and of the 12, 9 of them has a swirling texture within them that was a mixture of blacks, reds, and dark oranges, infinitely swirling inside of them. The other three were a pure white, but because of the shadows within the room, they looked like a muggy off-gray color, tinted with the crimson hue of the room.

Saiya looked to the frames and looked to the pillows, and sighed heavily. Then after the sigh, she began to cry again, falling with her knees slamming into a pillow underneath her. And upon the sense of her emotions, on queue, there was a large glass vile that appeared in the center of the circle of pillows. The glass itself was also stained a deep red, and within it one could see an omnious black smoke filling up within it. The vile itself looked like a large hookah stand, and had many bubbles and grooves within it to make it look more elegant than what it actually housed. The vile also had 8 curved hoses that stuck out of the base of it that where golden in color, but the shine was muted by the smoke that poured out of it constantly. As Saiya's tears began to fall, the smoke poured out heavily, filling the base of the room itself with a black fog, and from the fog, the center began to swirl upwards.

The upwards swirl shifted from black to the crimsonhue, and at the top of it all it was an eerie pale blue that seemed to over take the crimson portions of the smoke. The swirl continued, until all of the created fog was sucked up within it and transferred into the blue hue that Tha'alyu'ua herself was. And when it was all said and done, Tha'alyu'ua's true body began to form. Four streams of the mist jetted downward and began to solidify into pal arm like appendages. The crimson that was in the mix, was transformed into a sheer cloth that wrapped around her waist and draped downward like a skirt. However the sides of the "skirt" were pinched upwards, so the skirt began to look more like a sheer loin cloth. She did not have legs, and where they would be, was instead a large train of the swirling smoke that seemed to spiral down and emit from each of the seperate 8 hoses. As for her body, she was completely naked, and the only thing that "covered" her were two nipple piercings that were golden, and had a golden chain connecting to an armband that wrapped around each of her biceps. She also had a plethura of golden accessories to accent herself. She had multiple golden bands coiling around where her neck would be, There was a golden broch inbetween her breasts that had a golden chain the looped around to where her hips were. At each hip rested a golden ring, which was used to drape the sheer loincloth that was around her waist.

Her face soon formed out of it all, and despite her being "demonic" in nature she was fairly soft as far as her features were concerned. Her eyes looked cold, yet calm and collected as her pupils fixed onto Saiya. Her mouth formed, and through the smoke, a set of sharpened teeth emerged, and then the blue mist collapsed over top of it to reveal her lips, where the only thing of mention was that her bottom lip had a golden ring pierced through it. Her ears slowly rose out of the smoke and formed into pointed long ears, that had a wide variety of piercings a long it, followed by the lobe of the ear being pierced and having a chain that connected to the tip of her ear were a studded piercing was held; the stud having a crimson gem within it. The rest of the smoke, turned into the black smoke from earlier, and began to form long, flowing jet black hair that seemed to have no end, as it connected to the hoses from where she emerged from.

Warning, NSFW:

"As much as I would enjoy that, I do not think crying will release me..."Tha'alyu'ua spoke sternly to Saiya, as two of her arms folded over each other, while another arm reached forward and grabbed Saiya by her ponytail and raised her up to face level with her. "I expected you to be stronger than this. Why did you drop yourself in this village you putrid mistake..." Tha'alyu'ua's anger swelled as she used her other arms, shrinking it down to size so her hand could wrap around Saiya's neck and begin to choke her."Now I have to figure out a way for this... thing to let you go so I can continue to reshape you for my true self to be unleashed into this world!" Tha'alyu'ua's anger continued to grow stronger, as she released the hand around Saiya's neck to reach upwards and slap Saiya in rage, and then returned quickly back to wrapping its hand around her neck.

"I am... still hu--" before Saiya could finish her sentence, Tha'alyu'ua's other arms unfolded, and one of them instantly came forward to slap er around the face again, and then grab her jaw pinching to a point of hearing Saiya's jaw crack from the pressure placed onto her.

"Did I say you hand to right to speak with me?! Last time I checked, I never wanted you to exist in the first place. If your 'Oh-so special' village did not try to suppress me for centuries I would not need you in the first place... Once all of my plans are in place with you as my vessel. You will be killed, and the words that you are trying to force upon me now, will not matter. Do you understand...vessel?"

Saiya began to cry from the pain again, the pain from the now two smacks across the face, and the grip from Tha'alyu'ua around her neck and on her jaw, that almost made her feel like it would be broken even if she were to wake up at the moment. As much as she squirmed and tried to wake herself, she couldn't. Tha'alyu'ua had all too much control over her at this point, and it made her feel useless... more useless than she already felt she was. The energy of this entity was locked away for centuries before her, and because of Saiya's mistake for being newer to the job, it cost her town, and if nothing is done soon, quite possibly her life. She could not stop the entity from exiting their seals in the town, and now the issue is reversed where now that its out, she can't put it back in, and she is the reason for it leaving in the first place.

Tha'alyu'ua constantly feeds on Saiya's negative emotions and simply grows in strength because of it, and with the negativity of her worthlessness, the pain, her sadness, feeling abandoned, confusion, and many other emtions swirling inside her, Tha'alyu'ua is fairly close to her peak strength.

". . . A--Ar--Ari!" Saiya squealed at the top of her lungs in her mental prison, and as she shouted the world seemed to fade rapidly, along with Tha'alyu'uas abusive vice onto Saiya temporarily. The squeal penetrated through her mind well enough, that she screamed the name while she was asleep without realizing it, but started to wake up in reality.

Exiting The Mind

As she woke up, she popped instantaneously, gasping for air as the last thing she remembered was being choked. She then slowly felt the pain from when she was within her dreams begin to form, but without leaving any marking as to how they occurred. She then slowly began to realize her setting... how did she get into a bed? She sat up right as she began pondering as she looked around the grandiose bedroom that she was in. Although the room was all black with hues of red thrown in as accents to the bedding and the room's color scheme, it felt cozy. She took a moment to shift around softly on the bed and really feel how soft the bedding was underneath her, but then felt ashamed feeling that the place where she laid felt slightly damp due to nervous sweating from her mental world. She curled her knees up to her body while still being underneath the blankets, and her face still had the face of exhaustion, only getting about 2 to 3 hours worth of rest before being disturbed by Tha'alyu'ua. She pulled the blanket up to her face just enough so that her nose and below was covered up, and she began shuttering, from both pain and fear of her nap.

To try to calm her nerves, her magic took over, shifting her clothes into her white silk pajamas, that has a soft pink lace around the edges of the waistband, and at her pant's leg openings, the shirt was a halter top that was mid-rift and white silk as well, with the same pink lace extending as a fringe on the top and bottom of the shirt. The space between where her knees were pulled up to and rest of her body was filled with a conjured stuffed animal that she had fond memory of that would calm her down as a child. It was a bright tomato red ball, with 8 tentacles coming out from underneath it. It was purple spotted and had large yellow stitched on eyes, and underneath the eyes was a stitched on smile.

Despite all of this that was conjured as a mental response to "Calm down" None of it seemed to help as she sat in fetal position underneath the pulled up blankets squeezing the plush toy and shaking.
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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: I'm A What...?   Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:55 am

Song: Funkyard - By: Arrowhead & Zentra - Word Count: N/A

It probably took a few minutes before Arianda came rushing into the room. She had just barely heard Saiya scream, shriek even, her name while the demon was a good few rooms away. So, Arianda walked into the room quite briskly, having already done her best not to fling the door open despite the worry that was brought to her being when she heard Saiya scream her name. Soon, the demon moved up to where the girl was, cuddling an octopus-like doll. She was curled up in a ball, and seemed to be trying to find some comfort in her situation. The demon frowned a tiny bit, feeling bad for the poor girl, so she slowly sidled up next to Saiya and pulled the girl into her arms; at least after she announced her presence so Saiya wouldn't freak out.

"Hey Saiya... it's Ari. I'm here... is everything okay, little one?"

Of course, while she was present, the bindings and limiters she put on Tha'aluya were much stronger than when she was not; also strengthened by the conflicting feelings that Tha'aluya and Saiya held for the other. Of course, they were not absolute, but, they were strong enough to keep Tha'aluya from harming Saiya. At least, that's what Arianda hoped. But, for now the demon held Saiya close, tapping the damp area of her bed and slowly drying it; since she kinda had some heated elements of her bed. Only some for whenever it got rather cold. Regardless, she was holding Saiya close and having the girl use her bosom, Ari's bosom, as a makeshift pillow.

"I have a feeling you had a rather bad dream, Saiya... but it's okay, I'm here now. If my presence gives you any comfort, then I shall try to give it to you as much as possible, little one. And, of course, I always will have hugs, cuddles, and the like as comfort as well~"

The demon smiled softly at Saiya before she simply held the girl close, lying there next to her for a time. That time, of course, would be decided by Saiya and possibly Arianda. Sure, the demon could possibly lay there with Saiya for the whole day if she wanted. But there was food downstairs; which she was sure Aki already took her share of before returning to, well, Aki things. However, the demon known as Arianda was taking care of Saiya in the way she knew best; physical comfort. Hopefully, Saiya responded well to the cuddle that took place. After all, Arianda may be the Angel of Conflict, and possibly a rather evil being, albeit she don't give a fuck about alignment, she still had a good heart.

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I'm A What...?
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