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 Dazed and Confused (Private|Shunsui)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Dazed and Confused (Private|Shunsui)   Sat Jul 21, 2018 5:04 pm

Saori had spent a long time thinking about where she'd try to apply. With a grim heart, she knew she wasn't suited for the Kidou Corps, she just couldn't use any of it. The mystical arts of Soul Reapers might as well be all foreign gibberish and alien languages to her. She could barely prevent her own Reiatsu from going wild and ripping herself apart, hoping to use it as some type of power source for intricate spell casting was a fool's dream.

Likewise, she knew that Research and Development was likely not going to be a part of her future either. As it stood, she had been ousted from there from the start. Not qualified to be a good research subject, she lost the qualifications for being a weapon of mass destruction the moment they discovered her volatile and intense spiritual energy couldn't be harnessed or controlled. Since then she'd had to try and sign back up for the Gotei 13's recruitment as a normal person would have. Again, finding some sort of useful thing she could commit to the squad would be an unfortunate and unlikely dream.

While the others weren't as tragic for her, being an ambassador for earth relations was as unlikely as joining the commander groups and front line warriors. Saori might be capable of fighting and sympathizing well with others and their plights, but she lacked control, lacked the ability to be flexible and deal with different threats tactically and surgically. As much as it pained her to understand and accept, she was a dog on a chain, not suited for the outside in a lot of ways. Instead, she felt that the disciplinary division would be the best place for her. Purely because she could at least act in an unrestrained manner. If anything bad did happen and she lost herself in the chaos of the conflict she wouldn't have to sprint after her foes to deal with them. She could remain the unmoving leashed dog and roar at them from behind the fence until they left.

Thinking that such a role was best for her, knowing it was likely the best service she could provide made her groan unwillingly, her expression was as haggard as always, her eyes were tired and exhausted. Despite it being early afternoon, she still seemed as if she'd just woken up despite having been up for a few hours already. She seemed fatigued and out of it even while she was paying attention and filled with anxiety internally. It was always the natural result of forcing everything inside down to try and stay as mellow and calm as possible. It still did have it's limits though as she approached the 4th division barracks awkwardly pacing in front of the building filled with uncertainty. The adorable girl building her own confidence and trying to psyche herself up internally unaware of just how many eyes her suspicious behavior might draw.
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Shunsui peered out of the window in his office, momentarily taking a break from the tediousness that was Gotei paperwork. What he saw intrigued him. A young woman paced the walkway in front of his division barracks. This itself would have been enough to entice him into action, but there was something peculiar about this particular woman. She had an air of mystery about her, something that had always intrigued him. Pushing his chair out from his desk, Shunsui stood, placed his paperwork inside of a locked drawer, in case anyone happened to be snooping around, and began to make his way to the entrance.

As he opened the door a gust of wind rudely attempted to blow his hat right off of his head. Unaffected by this, he simply placed his hand on top of it, securing it squarely in place. He then casually made his way to where the young woman was pacing, and decided to introduce himself.

"Kyōraku Shunsui, at your service. Would there happen to be a reason for your suspicious activity outside of my division?"

The way Shunsui said this was obviously flirtatious. He adopted a slight smile, and gave the woman a small wink. He hoped that his comment had gone over as intended, and that she wouldn't mistake his question for a genuine scolding. That had happened occasionally, and in those scenarios the encounter inevitably turned either uneventful, or much more interesting. But more often than not, uneventful.

Still, he was somewhat curious. Why had this woman been strolling through his division for the past few minutes? Perhaps she was in search of a position in his division, or, also quite likely, she'd been interested in meeting the ever popular captain of Realm Enforcement. Whatever happened to be the case, he was eager to see where this encounter would lead.


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Dazed and Confused (Private|Shunsui)
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