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 Ammon Iramasha

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ammon Iramasha   Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:51 am

Iramasha Dossier

Name:Ammon Iramasha
Age: 400
Age by Appearance: 25 years old
Titles: The Iramasha of Night
Affilation: Iramasha Union
Job:Strike Shaman
Image Taken:

Physical Description Day Time: Perhaps the one great detail about Ammon is his darker skin. Typical of a Middle Eastern Male taking a tan like coloring despite his title. As the Iramasha of Night, many remarks he seems remarkably tan for such a person. His body in the day form seems 's less built and muscled. Lacking much energy or things to talk about. His hair of black is another traditional object of the location his body seems to come from. His eyes are similar to a cat's almost in their color. Having this glowing gold like color to them. His skin is very nice and smooth to the touch despite lacking the muscles. He is a handsome and youthful looking Iramasha. It must be noted he wasn't selected for what he could accomplish in the day. His body and energy levels are pitiful even some powerless humans could overwhelm him during the day. He is a handsome man at the very least that much is going for him. In both forms, he stands at five feet and eight inches tall. Also weighing in at one hundred and forty-three pounds. Despite this rather small size and form his mental capabilities to make up for this. He does appear intelligent to those who look. Capable of relying on his mind when his body isn't up to the task. Though this day form will and does happen to him without any real boons to it. This is a part of his day to day life and something he accepted. One's life cannot simply end due to a curse no matter how great. He has not once considered his night form a boon or what happens to him. It is something that he was born with and will die with.

Physical Description Night Time: In his Night appearance Ammon is different. His body is muscled and gives off a large amount of power naturally. His body almost seems to exude the power of a strong man.

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Ammon Iramasha
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