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 Jennifer "Jenny" Eve, The Disaster Child [FINISHED]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Jennifer "Jenny" Eve, The Disaster Child [FINISHED]   Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:30 am


Artist: FrostFM - Song: A Welcoming Smile [Remix]

“You can't hide from your fears forever."
~ Betty's hidden dialogue at the end of Dust

Basic Information: Enter The Doorway To Her Life

» Name: Jennifer Eve [Often shortened to Jenny]
» Former Name: Project Awan
» Titles: The Disaster Child, Little Princess, Adorable Daughter #2, Princess of Fear
» Real Age: Unknown
» Age Appearance: 15 - 16
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank:

The Monsuta: Being created by a member of the Monsuta, born in the Monsuta's labs, a good majority of her knowledge being from the Monsuta and their experiences, and being made to serve the Monsuta, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Jenny feels rather attached to the organization. She views it as the place that she truly belongs, and often provides a deep sense of familiarity to her, as a good majority of everything from the Monsuta was literally injected into her. Therefore, she is incredibly loyal to the place that she came from, and will -- without a doubt -- fight tooth and nail in order to keep it safe.

Adam: Her father and creator, Jenny always views this man in high regard, listening and obeying him as a daughter should. She sees him as the role model for her, and can often times base her actions and decisions over what she thinks her father would do. While she does obey her father, she is well aware and able to make her own decisions, exploring on her own, and simply just being her own person. Therefore, while Adam may be her biggest role model (in more ways than one), she does have that aspect of freedom that makes her different from the various Project Azuras.

Demonica Nightfang: A powerful destroyer. Jennifer sees Demonica as a rather fearsome force that she truly does not feel comfortable being around for long periods of time. She finds herself feeling an immense sense of dread whenever she is around her, along with a plethora of other emotions. She is aware of the woman’s timid nature -- having the wish and want to help her with that -- but the complexity of the rest of her mindset is what causes her to feel uncomfortable, along with being incredibly puzzled by her. So, while there is the desire to be away from her due to the uneasiness that Jennifer feels around her, there is also the strange desire to know more, to get the bottom of who she is and why she is so incredibly complex.

Balor: Entertaining. This Irishman is someone who can always manage to tickle little Jenny’s funny bone, always making her giggle like a schoolgirl whenever she interacts with him. He’s sporadic, confident, and really weird (a good kind of weird), and she loves him for it. She knows of what he’s been through and what he’s done...or does she? For all she knows, he could be lying to her -- and he’s really good at that. Either way, Jenny finds this man to be one of the most entertaining people in the Monsuta and one of the most entertaining people in her life. To that? She has no problems believing a lie if it makes her happy.

Project Azura: To her, there is a sense of love and attachment to what equates to her sisters. While this is mainly due to the fact that they stem from her father's mind, she still loves them all the same. For her, they often act as a symbol of humanity's evolution by her father's hand and can give her the drive to better herself and continue to act as an agent and byproduct of evolution herself.

Law: Annoying. Jenny has never met someone so full of themselves, rude, and manipulative in her entire life. This man is someone who she believes to be the embodiment of everything wrong with the world, and every time she sees him in any situation, she just rolls her eyes and keeps on walking. Granted, because of this, she hasn’t really got much of an extended opinion of him. But, from observation, she is glad that she doesn’t, and hopes that she never will.

Tora Lionus:

Hakai Chikara:

Ryoichi Kallen: A big weirdo. While she never met the guy in person (mainly due to the fact that he was an assassin, and rarely around), she was able to at least come to the conclusion that he was...a bit weird. She always found introversion and quiet people confusing, being the complete opposite of the spectrum. However, she does have some rather negative feelings towards him as per his departure from the Monsuta. Not much of any, mind you, but still some level of displeasure towards the white-haired assassin because of his choices that she simply didn't agree on. More than anything, Jenny would just shrug her shoulders and move on with her life.

» Physical Appearance:

Personality Traits: Gaze Into The Mind of The Bete Noire

Unyielding: One of the prime traits inherited from her father -- the true Adam -- is none other than his unyielding nature, and practically endless determination. For her, the term "quit" and all of its synonyms don't exist. It is the same rooted stubbornness that her creator draws from, and it would be only natural for her to inherit those same motivations and desires -- she simply wishes to overcome all of the challenges in this multiverse as the human that she is. Therefore, tying in with her adventurous trait, it will matter little what gets in her way when it comes to these goals. She will not give up, no matter what happens. Be it hell or high water, if her mind is set on something, there is nothing in this world that can change it.

Calculating: Another trait that she inherited from the True Adam, Jenny is always keeping track of all actions and reactions -- whether they be aggressive, passive, neutral, or anything in between, Jenny is keeping track of them, and forming ideas and plans in her head. Like father, like daughter -- she can create and plot out various grand schemes in her head, branch out paths and plans with mental thought alone. Like her father, she may not be able to cause cataclysmic effects on the world, but -- again, like her father -- she believes her will to be above others, and that, with this, she is able to use this as a representation and agent of evolution to exceed such things -- to tame the beast that her species has always been known for.

Sweet Tooth: One of the things that Jenny is the most grateful to have inherited from her father -- his sweet tooth. In line with the child that she is, these tasty treats are something that makes this part of her evermore apparent. She will often regress into a fit of giggles and smiles while she munches on these delectables. Thus, it can be rather easy to bribe Jenny into doing almost anything, as it is hard for her to resist. For her, it brings a sense of content and happiness, as it truly feels like its a reward, regardless of the task it was brought from. Furthermore, it is also something that Jenny can use and create from her spiritual energy as a way to relax and calm her own fears. Overall, because of the mental and physical comfort that it provides her, this is one of the traits that is the closest to her heart.

Necrophobic: As with a lot of people, Jenny falls into the majority with her extreme fear of death. This is something that she heavily finds unnerving, as she finds the concept of death hard to grasp for someone like her. Would she be recreated? Would Adam even care if she was to be killed? Would he just create or find a replacement for her? Thoughts like these are what causes Jenny to feel quite a lot of fear herself whenever she is met with possible doom, as she does not know what awaits her at the end of her journey, as she was brought into creation by rather unorthodox means. Thus, she is always worried about what will happen to her, as she truly doesn't know what to think or believe when it comes to the concept of death.

Claustrophobic: For Jenny, this is both a fear that she has due to its risk to her physical safety, as well as just being generally uncomfortable with it. Tying in closely with her fear of death, Jenny absolutely despises small spaces. More accurately, in small spaces. If Jenny has been exposed to a small space, she has been known to have very normal and natural symptoms, such as hyperventilation and panic attacks, and, to a certain extent -- even going as far as to lash out in anger at this fact if exposed to it for long periods of time. Small spaces are something that Jenny fears even more so if the space that she is in has walls that are closing in -- be it fantasy created by her panic attack, or reality -- which is why this ties in with her fear of death. Jenny is very well aware that this can kill her, and will do anything that she can to keep this endbringer away from her.

To delve into more of a personal and historic reason of why she fears this, it generally comes from Jenny being an extreme extrovert -- someone who is very open -- and is very used to large areas where she has the freedom of movement and has the room for other people to be around her. Without that, this even ties into her monophobia, the fear of being alone, due to the fact that there isn’t any room for someone else, and therefore, she is left alone for that reason. As someone who believes that being alone means that she doesn’t have friends and that no one like hers, it’s something that Jenny always struggles to fight against once she’s put in that position -- as she finds it to be the most difficult thing to rise up from. She is someone who loves the attention, love, and care of others -- and without that? It is when she is in one of the worst mindsets, and when she’s the most vulnerable.

Monophobic: As someone who is an extreme social butterfly, as well as being someone who is a rather...strange human, per se, she is someone who is extremely afraid of having that factor define how people think of her, as well as being afraid of people abandoning her because of that. For her, knowing that people like her for who she is is one of the most important things that Jenny could ever ask for. Therefore, it is important for her to be able to feel that trust, love, and care that she enjoys and craves so much.

When that is stripped from her, there is one of the biggest semblances of fear that she has ever felt. While she hides this very well, she is extremely self-conscious about the fact that she is not technically human. It’s something that she fears will make other people hate her, and resent her. Hence, she has a habit of being extremely friendly and affectionate towards others to prevent this. In order to counter the immense sadness and fear that she has whenever she is isolated from someone, or is denied friendship, she has set up these mental defenses. After all...fear drives people to many extremes.

Childish: While her true age is unknown, there is one thing that can be said, and that is Jenny is rather childish. While she has the knowledge and capabilities of an adult, she is still a child. Therefore, it isn't uncommon for her to act like a child. Ergo, she can be known to be rather hyperactive, which causes her to have absurd amounts of imagination and energy, This can lead to many random trains of thoughts, crazy ideas, along with many other things. Furthermore, this can cause her to be extremely oblivious to a lot of things. Jenny’s attention span is laughably small, as something new and shiny that catches her interest can cause her to chase after it like a cat and a laser pointer. However, this can lead to her acting like a brat on occasion. Ergo, it isn’t uncommon for Jenny to pout and whine whenever she doesn’t get her way, when she doesn’t understand something, or even when she’s denied something.

Love & Care: As one of the things that a child needs more than anything else is none other than love, care, and affection. To Jenny, it’s the bread and butter of her personality and the best thing that she could ever ask for to start the day with. For her, she absolutely loves any kind of affection that someone could give her. Hugs, kisses, anything that she can get. It brings her a strange warmth to her heart when this happens, and it just makes her smile, and feel so undeniably giddy! The warmth that she gains from this kind of acceptance and love makes her feel as if she’s really being treated like a person, which is something that only serves to fuel her happiness and make her desire this kind of affection and safety even more.

Adventure!: To be a child is to have a large sense of adventure! That is the main premise behind Jenny’s actions, to explore, and discover new things! The world is her oyster, and she is the one that will open it and see what’s inside. Thus, it should be noted that Jenny is someone who is practically everywhere due to this small trait. She is someone who will always manage to find something new and interesting about the world, and will not hesitate in going to extreme lengths to find it. Even if it endangers her life, she will pursue it for the sake of adventure and knowledge. Furthermore, this is something that causes her to be a constant listener of various places where hidden objects would be, such as the legendary search for the Holy Grail -- the chalice of Christ -- the item that no one has ever found. These kinds of terms are what drives Jenny to look for such a thing. She believes that there is nothing in the world that is impossible to find. If it exists, it’s able to be found. It doesn’t matter how long it takes -- if she sets her mind to find something -- she’s going to find it.

Friendly: If there’s anything that describes Jennifer Eve more than anything else -- it’s this. As someone who is afraid of being alone, Jenny is someone who always is trying to make new friends, and is trying to make powerful connections with people -- usually being very touchy-feely or affectionate while doing so -- so that she doesn’t have to experience the dread and terror that the phobia she suffers from grants her. Therefore, Jenny is always making sure that she’s doing things that she believes would make people like her. This can be something along the lines of hugging people, rubbing her cheek against someone, or even outright kissing someone if she’s familiar enough with them. Jenny views affection as one of the most important parts of containing a friendship. After all, if you can’t show your friend that you care -- then are you really their friend?

Optimist: Happy, and always positive! That is who Jenny is. She is someone that, no matter the situation, is always happy and carefree. She sees the brightest of life and is by no means afraid of expressing as such. After all, life is all about living, and seeing, and doing! Thus, Jenny is someone who takes all three of those and makes it her goal to do each and every single one of them. She sees the cup as half full, makes lemonade out of lemons. In short, she is someone who willingly is one to choose the more “positive” outcome that would, at least a little bit, bring a bit of change to the world around her. She holds a lot of hope for the future, as it is something that would allow her to be able to further Adam’s, as well as the Monsuta’s goals.

Sadistic: Something that Jenny would not want anyone to find out about would be her natural sadism. Whenever she inflicts pain, there is a sense of warmth, relaxation, and excitement that comes when she hurts someone. Furthermore, her bodily reactions are another indicator to this -- i.e a sadistic grin and tensing up -- another trait that Jenny makes sure to keep hidden whenever this trait of hers “activates”. But, while she does enjoy inflicting pain on others, there is also that innate fear of herself and what could come as a result of it. If this trait were to ever be revealed to those she cares about, and they react negatively to it, it could cause her to lose that person, and, as a result, trigger her Monophobia -- her fear of being alone. Thus, the little Princess of Fear definitely has some skeletons in her closet.


  • Fear
  • Milkshakes
  • Candy
  • Hugs
  • Adam


  • Sour Foods
  • Loneliness
  • Night
  • Protruding bones

Character History: The Destruction in Her Wake

Project Awan.

The name of the daughter of Adam of Eve -- the most fitting and appropriate name for such a conception. Member of the Cabinet of the Monsuta, Adam Eve had a single goal from this project -- creating a daughter from his own essence and no one else's. Therefore, isolating his genetic extract, the process began. With the technology of the modern day, Adam's creative and expansive ideas, it wasn't much of a surprise for him to have most of the control of this operation.

Thus, in the labs of the Monsuta, Adam devoted as much time as he could in this investment, as his attention had been firmly set on this project. He utilized as much of the Monsuta's resources as he had access to in order to further this, infusing more of his own genetic source within this creation as to ensure that this was something entirely of his own power, mind, and body. As the days and weeks went by, the eventual growth of this construct would reach the point of developing and forming from Adam's DNA...

Creating a human, just like him.

With his heart swelling with pride, Adam immediately went to work. He began to gradually inject knowledge of the world into his child -- the basics of life, information about the Monsuta and about himself. Over time, as his daughter continued to grow in the Monsuta's lab, he continued to give her more and more information about the world that they lived in. But, he made sure that he was doing so properly -- as he didn't want to have her follow him around like a slave. His child would be able to make her own decisions and act as her own person.

She would inherit traits from all sides of her father -- as Eve and Ada both had their own influence on her that would manifest in her personality. Overall, there was a piece of every part of Adam within her. Seth/Ada's warmth and sociability -- the trait that always made her have the desire to just go out and do something. Be with people, being warm and friendly. From Eve, her carefree nature, the loving nature that merged with the warm nature from Seth, and the feminity.

But, as she was a creation, it wasn't a surprise that there was a very heightened level of growth given to the child as Adam implanted memories within her, enabling her speech, knowledge of the world and beyond, yet leaving room for her to continually improve herself. Thus, though she had survived the initial "birthing" process, there were still things that the two had to work through as father and daughter.

And thus, Adam began the process of training her body and powers. At the beginning of it all, there were...difficulties. Her unorthodox birth had lead to her body being unstable, and therefore, there were multiple instances and cases where Jenny's energy had quite literally detonated in an attempt to utilize and control her powers. This happened over and over again across multiple days, and -- despite the small amount of progress -- was causing more harm to herself than improvement.

Seeing this, Adam decided to use a less physical method in order to refine her. So, he sat her down, going over meditation and having her simply concentrate and use this focus in order to try and control her energy, giving her the chance to stabilize herself. To this, she would devote hours in her day solely to these times of concentration to hone her focus and control. While this lessened the severity of the damage she was doing, it was by no means perfect.

Despite this, she knew that she had to keep going. A burning flame of resilience, resistance, and denial resided in her heart and soul, the same unyielding nature that her father possessed. Ergo, as she kept going through these exercises, she continued to refine herself, expelling unstable energy, meditating in order to seek out this level of control and utilize it.

It was draining and tiring, but that flame of resilence and that will to keep going that she drew from her dear father always made her keep standing up and refusing to give in. As, for her, it was this pain and suffering that she had to rise above in order to make herself mentally stronger than everyone else, so she could act as a pillar for humanity, supporting her father and filling his shoes when he eventually passed.

The thought of being without him scared her, but there was a spark of realism in the back of her mind that spoke the truth...

Nothing lasted forever.

After all, they were only human.

Thus, despite this fear of losing the one who had created her and guided her on this tremendously difficult path, Jenny was able to use this in order to steel her nerves and keep her emotions in check. It was scary, but she knew that she was working towards something even greater -- it was something that her father wanted, and she wanted to make him proud. She wanted to make humanity stronger than ever before -- and she was the key to that, alongside Adam.

And so, she continued this daily routine of expulsion, meditation, injection, over and over again. Every time, she constantly told herself that it was a necessary pain in order to grow. This thought, combined with Adam's tutelage and their mixed determination kept driving her forward, as no matter how often it felt like it was hopeless, or that she couldn't do it, those goals and motivations were there.

The days, weeks, and months passed, each minute feeling long, arduous and grueling. Each one left her more exhausted than the last. Every expulsion of energy felt like an internal fire that burst to life -- yet she remained stubborn and pressed on. It felt like it would never end, and that it would go on forever. But, with a smile, her father embraced his daughter and told her. It was over, there was no need for more.

At that point on, Jenny and her father were finally able to work together for the Monsuta, as well as the progression and evolution of mankind, and the faction that he had founded and -- of course -- welcomed his daughter in with open arms. There were still hiccups along the way, but that was to be expected. They had done so much work, and her body had been stabilized to the point where he felt that, for now, he could stop it and take her into the world that he lived.

For him? He could cope with these little mishaps and deal with them over time as his daughter grew beyond what he had taught and bred into her. For now, he was able to happily thrive with the adorable little daughter he had created for the sake of humanity and further, endless progress; just like what he had gone through in his own life before all of this. To Jenny, she had no problems with it. While she was his daughter and she loved him, she also knew that she had an objective beyond that in her life.

And she'll do it all with a welcoming smile.

Natural Abilities & Skills: That Which Spawns From Her

Durability: While she does possess a great deal of finesse within the realms of strength and speed, she is still human, and durability is the one aspect that she still falls short on. Jenny does possess a rather impressive level of "supernatural" durability, leaving her capable of taking several powerful hits before becoming noticeably fatigued -- but, she is still pretty squishy. Furthermore, it should be noted that Jenny's body can be drained much faster than others when it comes to taking hits, as it has a pretty big toll on her stamina, and can often leave her exhausted if she takes too much punishment. Therefore, she is reliant on her speed in order to keep moving and take as little damage as possible.

Unexpected Strength: Despite her small and rather slim figure, Jenny still can pack quite the punch. She is very capable of delivering powerful, body-shattering blows if she has the ability to do so. Although, for the most part, she prefers to infuse this strength into a self-made medium -- her weapons. By utilizing Akumu's immense level of shapeshifting, she can utilize her full strength without having to worry about breaking the weapons. Furthermore, tying in with her speed, Jenny can use these two traits together in order to deliver fast, yet also hard-hitting blows.

Speed: This is, more than likely, Jenny's strongest trait, as it is the trait that she has put the most time in above all the other skills, during her time with Adam, as well as the fact that she was made in similar likeness to her sisters: Project Azura. In most types of speed, Jenny has a very high level of proficiency and skill in them, the first of which coming down to movement and reaction speed. Jenny is capable of moving large distances with little effort or energy, as her body is almost always prepared to use this in order to move without much warning.

Furthermore, she is able to use her high level of movement speed alongside her reaction time, allowing her to be very aware of her surroundings, and to respond to most attacks with little issue. Moreover, this also has led her to develop her own "trait" as a result of this. With this immense reaction and movement speed, Jenny is able to be much more adaptable on the battlefield. So, it isn't hard for her to change her fighting style or weapon in order to adapt to the current situation, and to possibly gain an edge in the fight.

Handy with Weapons: With Akumu by her side, along with her origin, Jenny is rather handy when it comes to weaponry. With Kumu being able to make up for the lack of on-hand weapons that she has, it’s easy for her to handle most weapons. Bladed weapons, specifically, such as scythes, swords, or things of that nature -- they are her forte, her favorites, and what she is best at. However, other weapons are a bit more complex. While she isn’t immediately skilled at using them on the levels of the greats, she is able to gain a basic knowledge of the weapon simply by holding it, and allowing the shape to be processed through her systems, and causing this memory to be stored -- granting her a sense of muscle memory for said weapon.

Supernatural Abilities: Creations of Fear

Fear Manipulation: At the heart of her power, there is the core ability of Fear Manipulation, something that Jenny has a natural influence over. Should anyone possess a semblance of fear, she can fully manipulate the feeling in any way she desires. This is also something that can be influenced by the various techniques that she's developed through this core power. However, this is not just something that is influenced by her own will. Should she make a cut with any kind of weapon that possesses her energy within, she can use this in order to "inject" them with a small portion of it, allowing for her to increase this fear in a physical way.

Furthermore, as fear is generated from the chemicals and nerves in the brain, another side-effect from this application would be that this fear would take root much faster the closer these strikes are to the head -- and, by extension, the brain. However, as said before, this is a very small amount of energy that is creating this influence. Therefore, it should be noted that this is something that can require a very drawn out fight, should she wish to create a large sense of fear with just this physical application alone.

Another thing to note from this would be the level of susceptibility of the base manipulation power (i.e, not being affected by it physically). To begin things, someone of equal level Focus to her, higher, or at Master/Grand Master would be unaffected, as they either possess the equal or higher skill in order to cancel out her influence. Therefore, the susceptibility of this will increase, the lower that someone's Focus is. However, while this might lower the effectiveness of the base power, she still is very well capable of using her other powers as a substitute.

  • Illusions: The most common trait associated with fear is none other than visual and auditory hallucinations: illusions that trick the mind. As a girl who controls that every aspect, it isn't a surprise that Jenny is able to use this influence in order to directly affect the five senses. Through this, she can create a variety of hallucinations in order to damage an opponent mentally. On a base level, she can use smaller amounts of energy to tamper with one of the senses, be it sound, smell, sight, or touch. This allows her a very wide range of possibilities, as she does have the ability of quickly casting and dropping the illusions within seconds.

    An example of these possibilities would be to alter the senses of sound and sight by casting an illusion on herself and using this to disguise herself and impersonate someone else, allowing her to get past security levels undetected. However, it should be noted that one of the main weaknesses of this ability would be that the more senses she tampers with out of the regular five, the more energy it takes up and the less amount of time she can keep the illusion going. The longest that she is able to keep an illusion going would be around seven to eight posts, while only manipulating a single sense.

    However, something else that should be noted would be that the fewer senses, the weaker the overall quality of the illusion is, leaving someone at even Adept Mental Deduction to be able to break it, should they focus on it and use their level of deduction in order to do so, leaving Jenny with a two post cooldown. But, as this is a weakness, it is also a strength -- as the opposite is true as well. The more senses that she alters, the stronger it is, but the shorter the time, of which being around one to two posts at a time, with a four post cooldown and having an Advanced-level requirement or higher in order to destroy it.

    Furthermore, to capitalize on the stronger aspect of her hallucinations, Jenny is also capable of performing something called "Instantaneous Deception" [Event Only]. By manipulating all the senses at once, Jenny can create some of the most powerful illusions she can muster at the cost of a great deal of energy, as well as having an even shorter time than any other, last for only seconds at a time, as well as only being able to use this immense burst of power a single time per thread, along with there being very little possible to counter it, as it is literally an all-or-nothing type of "attack".

Fear Sensing: This is a rather simple ability and one that is always active throughout Jenny’s system as she lives her life. Jenny, through her Spiritual Energy and her powerset, has the innate ability to sense the fear of any sort up to a two and a half mile radius. While this is something that doesn’t have a direct effect on the rest of her kit, Jenny has been known to become a large deal more giddy whenever she can detect a sum amount of fear in the area, which is something that is only further increased as she is exposed to more and more fear in the area. Furthermore, Jenny has been known to be able to pinpoint the exact location where the fear that she senses is coming from. Therefore, she is able to locate this sense of fear rather easily, allowing her to quickly find another source of energy and power. However, when it comes to discovering exactly what someone is afraid of, she would need around three to four posts in order to focus her senses on that

Essence of Fear: Above everything else, this is what makes Jenny's powers. As she has power over the fears of others, the ability to sense and draw power from this fear would be a natural part of his powerset. However, she takes this one step further. While her primary energy source is her spiritual energy, she does possess a secondary source of power -- the essence of fear itself. By entwining the particles of spiritual energy with the chemicals in the brain that process and produce "emotions", Jenny is able to utilize this as a secondary energy source.

Through this, she can use her phobic powers without having to directly draw from her prime energy reserves. Furthermore, because of this energy source is an aspect of the very thing that she has control and utilizes her powers through -- it can be noted that most, if not all of her attacks are much more powerful as a result of this, whenever she chooses to draw from this. However, it should be noted that this energy source is vastly smaller than her spiritual reserves. In terms of mechanics and technicality, the total amount of energy she would be equivalent to one tier below her.

  • Arachnophobia: One of the more common fears that people suffer from -- the fear of spiders. So, with Jenny’s main concept being based on fear, this ability grants Jenny the ability to create a large number of spiders within an area. Because of how small spiders usually are, there is very little, if any sort of loss in Spiritual Energy whenever she uses this to spawn them in small numbers. This means that Jenny could summon hundreds, potentially even millions of spiders in order to try and gain an advantage. However, this ability is not just limited to creating spiders -- but also the aspects that spiders have.

    For example, she could use her energy in order to make a large spider web that could trap enemies. The webbing is not, however, able to be used in a way that is similar to Linonophobia -- as they are separate kinds of string that can only be used through this ability. These spiders have been known to last for around five posts, depending on their size. The bigger spiders usually take up to around seven to eight posts to either be killed or just disappear normally, before going on a two post cooldown.

  • Ophidiophobia: The fear of snakes is a rather odd fear, as most people aren’t inherently afraid of snakes. However, due to this fear existing, Jenny is able to spawn them. Through again, a small amount of Spiritual Energy, Jenny is able to spawn a multitude of snakes at her leisure. Similarly to Arachnophobia, these take little to no effort to create in large droves, which can cause Jenny to gain an upper hand, especially if her target happens to have the fear of snakes. Furthermore, this ability is also something that can grant Jenny the aspects of snakes. While this does not grant her something such as fangs or scales, but rather, gives her a unique skill to use with the snake’s venom.

    By concentrating her energy into a single sphere, along with the addition of spawning snakes into the said sphere, with the energy acting as a sort of acid, dissolving the physical bodies of the snakes while leaving the venom in their bodies completely unharmed. Once this has been completed, Jenny could then throw this ball of venom and cause a number of adverse effects -- namely the ability to cause another’s energy source to slowly drain over time for a total of five posts, and draining about 5% - 10% of the enemy’s total energy. This has a two post cooldown, with a total of three hundred snakes being able to be created at a time.

  • Rhabdophobia: This is one of the fears that are quite different from the many others that she possesses. Rather than creating the object of the fear in question, this instead goes the opposite direction. By spreading the influence of her energy in a mile and a half long radius around her, Jenny is able to create a "field of denial" around her. In this zone, the use of anything "magical" in nature is unable to be used. Any attempt to use something of this nature would simply not manifest. This ranges from the Shinigami's Kido, Demon Magic, the Sugiura's various magics, Sueki's Blood Rites, or the Iramasha's Aether Magic.

    But, if someone were to be vastly greater in the skill of their respective magic, it would be possible for them to force their attacks through, as the attacking potency of their attacks would be able to break through the influence of her power, albeit the potency of their attack will be greatly weakened as a result. However, this does not remove the zone itself. It simply allows said character to cast their magic with additional energy cost, as well as a cost to their attack's damage. This zone will only disappear after around two to three posts, with a four post cooldown.

  • Ostiophobia: Something that Jenny can sympathize with immensely -- although she is more afraid of protruding bones, they’re outright disgusting -- the fear of bones. While this is something that is usually used in much larger variants, often expending a large amount of energy in the process of doing so, Jenny has the ability to create various things with bones. Layering them with Spiritual Energy and binding them together, Jenny is capable of creating massive skulls, giant hands, or even just creating bones itself.

    While there isn’t much of a special property to creating these, Jenny has been known to be very proficient in this, as it takes a small amount of Spiritual Energy to be able to create separate, individual bones. With the applications that this grants, it should be noted that this is primarily an offensive ability. When it comes to the large constructs that Jenny can make, she is restricted to creating only about three at a time, with her also being restricted to one hundred bones per post, leaving her with a two post cooldown if she overexerts this.

  • Nyctophobia: Every race in the world has an irrational fear of the dark -- and what's in the dark. Thus, as a result of this, Jenny is able to utilize this fear and use her energy in order to create "darkness" in concept. In reality, this is merely using her spiritual energy to create a thick shell around a set two-mile area, thick enough so that not even light can pierce it. As the light is taken away from the area, the opponent would find their sight being diminished and their spiritual senses being dampened, to the point where Jenny's energy signature would barely be able to be found.

    Light is able to shine from within, albeit the effects of any sort of light would be incredibly weak -- as well as not being able to be seen from the outside. Furthermore, any light would only able to shine within a foot or so from the source. When it comes to entry, anyone is able to enter -- but at the risk of losing their sight, and an immense dampening on their senses. When it comes to escaping? As with entering, anyone is able to escape at any time, if they are able to find the end of the dome. However, despite all of this, Jenny is unable to keep this up for longer than four posts. After the fact, she would be left with a five post cooldown.

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Artist: FrostFM - Song: A Welcoming Smile [Remix]

Powers Cont.

  • Algophobia: The fear of pain is a bit different from her other fear techniques. This has two different parts to it, each of which unique in their own aspect. The first side of this ability is purely mental. By mixing this with her Eyes of Trepidation, Jenny can create the illusion of pain and wounds being created on an enemy, seemingly from nowhere -- as if Jenny were simply willing it all to happen. However, it is still an illusion. Because of this, while Jenny is capable of causing immense mental damage, Mental Deduction levels at Advanced or above are able to see through and break this illusion.

    The second side of this ability is the polar opposite of the first -- entirely physical in concept and nature. By channeling some of her spiritual energy into her hand, Jenny can fire a barrage of small versions of her spears at an opponent, each one capable of delivering an immense amount of pain. Afterward, Jenny can reach out to the remnant spiritual energy from those spears and create instability, causing a massive explosion. While the explosion does not do much damage, it, like the spears, are able to release an immense amount of pain.

    Furthermore, this physical trait of the fear of pain carries one more addition to it -- any and all wounds that were made from her spears take a great deal more energy to regenerate from, and the process of doing so is -- to no surprise -- incredibly painful. While this does not prevent regeneration by any means, it does cause one to have to make a risky decision. Finally, while this is a rather elaborate and potent ability, it is limited to only a single use in a post and has a four post cooldown.

  • Linonophobia: This is more of a mental power that Jenny possesses. With Linonophobia being the fear of strings, this is something that, like fear itself, sets itself and roots into the mind of others. As this ability activates, Jenny begins to unravel strings at the tips of her fingers, which extend towards a single opponent. This has a pretty short range, totaling around twenty feet, and is something that must reel itself back in after the strings have been extended, which can take a post. However, the real effects of the ability lie whenever this has been able to fully wrap around and bind the mind of the person has selected.

    This usually takes around four full posts to perform, but can be done at around three posts, if the opponent has a Mental Deduction skill that is lower than hers by at least two levels. Once the strings have connected, Jenny is able to possess a large amount of control over what she can do with the mind of her chosen enemy. She can induce fear, extract it, input thoughts into the enemy’s mind, even heal or destroy someone’s mind, or even go as far as to cause this to be influenced on the entire body.

    While this is not able to fully kill a victim, it is something that can heavily wound them if they are not able to cut off the strings. But, this can not be used to manually control others automatically, unless the owner gives permission. Jenny’s main prowess with this comes heavily with her ability to control up to ten corpses with this power. These corpses can be used as extensions of Jenny’s will, allowing her to control them in their entirety.

    In addition, this also allows Jenny to extend portions of her energy to the corpses, which allows her access to the energy vents within the bodies, allowing her to extend her attacks through these corpses, although she is not able to extend her reach with Linonophobia through the corpses. Those are only able to stem from her hands alone, and cannot be extended through an outside source. When it comes to drawbacks for the strings, there are quite a number of them. Firstly, there are the aforementioned twenty feet, making this something that Jenny cannot just use sparingly, as it leaves her open for attack since she cannot move during this period.

    Secondly, it should be known that this can only be used once per thread, leaving this, again, to be something that Jenny must think carefully about before using. Furthermore, this is something that she has, over time, been able to expand and formulate two new separate powers that are completely separate from the original Linonophobia -- fear of strings. These two powers focus entirely on extraction, and induction -- placement, and removal. These two abilities can be used regularly, without the restrictions of the former.

    • Extractive Threads - Soothing Silk: While the base of this ability can't be used regularly, this sub-technique is something that, albeit slightly weaker, is able to be used without the restriction of single use. This is a more support-based version of Linonophobia, as it focuses on a single concept: Extraction. With a little bit of spiritual energy, Jenny can create these strings form the tips of her fingers, attach them to someone else, and extract whatever she feels necessary.

      This could be something such as their fear, extracting the power that she can draw from such emotions -- or extract poison from someone and isolate it to something else. However, this is something that she can only manage for around two to three posts before the strings would disconnect and fade, leaving her on a three post cooldown. So, while this has little to no offensive potential, it can be just as important as any of her other abilities.

    • Inductive Threads - Flowing Fear: In essence, this is the inverted -- and often the much more malicious end of threads. Like it's a counterpart, this is also able to be used without the restriction of a single post -- as well as the cooldowns and post limit of the Extraction Threads. However, rather obviously, these threads differ -- as they focus on the sole concept of inducement. Through the influence of her spiritual energy, Jenny is able to induce things such as healing, her own energy, but most importantly: fear.

      These threads are able to directly pump the essence of fear into another person's body, allowing her to utilize the benefits of her base powers, along with another useful trait, lowering the Focus trait by one. Through this, it allows her powers to become much more volatile and dangerous, as it allows her to cause more disastrous effects on the mental, emotional, and potentially physical parts of her target. Therefore, any and all forms of Jenny's Linonophobia is something that one must be very cautious about in any situation.

  • Hypnophobia: This is likely the most simple technique that Jenny has within her arsenal. The fear of sleep, like the rest of her powers, entail, create the exact opposite. By exuding a sightless aura in a small distance around herself -- roughly ten feet -- Jenny can use this in order to create a sense of drowsiness and sluggishness within opponents, slowing down the attack, movement, and reaction speed within this area by a quarter of what they normally would be. It should be noted that this area of effect can be fully manipulated by Jenny.

    Should she decide to, she could very well alter the influence of Hypnophobia to focus in front of her, rather than every direction at once. This would allow her to increase the field of effect to around forty or fifty feet in front of her, or even compress the field into an orb of energy that she can freely control and use at even greater distances, at the cost of not being able to use this in the immediate vicinity around her. Eventually, if someone were to remain in this field for around three to five posts, this effect would then double, halving speed again and leading to a drop in their speed skill.

    [A/N: Any NPC that enters the range of this will be instantly put into a "sleep status"]

    Furthermore, it should be noted that this effect will have seeped further into the body of her opponent, creating this sense of sluggishness within their energy. This would make it a great deal harder to summon their energy for a very large number of tasks, whether it be regeneration, casting Kido or Demon Magic, utilizing energy in order to use Hoho/Shunpo, or even attempting to use a specialized technique from one's Zanpakuto.

    However, this is not without its weaknesses. Firstly, it should be noted that if someone were to enter a release form, this would cause the effects of Hypnophobia would be "reset", in a way. This means that when someone would enter a release form, the aura would have to set in and redo the effect on someone all over again. Additionally, Jenny is limited to a single use of this, before having to wait for two to three posts for it to be usable again.

  • Aeriophobia: This is another more mental-based ability that Jenny has at her disposal. By gathering and kneading energy into her mouth, she can expel a thick pink gas that covers a two-mile radius around her, with most sight being obscured. Should someone end up inhaling this gas, the first effects that would take place would be that Focus would immediately drop a level, and those at Advanced Mental Deduction or below would begin to develop vivid hallucinations over the course of a post.

    Those with a higher skill level would have an increased time for the hallucinations to manifest, up to Master -- as Grand Master would be able to see through the illusion and continue fighting without a problem. However, for those who find themselves trapped in the gas' effects, their Focus would slowly drop another level over the course of two to three posts, as the main purpose of this ability is to influence and increase a level of paranoia within someone, creating mental and emotional unrest and allow Jenny to have an easier time to gain a hold of her opponent, damaging them in more ways than one.

    However, if someone were to fall under the effects of the gas, the design and craft of these illusions would be entirely up to Jenny, leaving her with a great deal of potential when it comes to the intricacies of this ability. This has its downsides, however. The first thing would be that it is still a gas, and it is susceptible to being blown away by air-based users, dispersing the energy and causing it to vanish. Furthermore, the gas has a relatively short life-span, lasting two or three posts before dissipating and going on a three post cooldown.

  • Anatidaephobia: Likely one of the silliest abilities and fear that Jenny possesses, is the fear that somehow, somewhere, a duck is always watching you. It is a genuine fear -- albeit rather uncommon. Nevertheless, through this, Jenny is able to use a rather hefty portion of her energy in order to create a gigantic rubber duck, roughly around sixty feet tall. To add to the silliness, Jenny has even created a name for the creature.

    Tying in with her childish nature, she's given the summon a lengthy name of "Sir Ducksworth of Bathington", with the title of "Lord of the Quackers Family". Digressing, this duck is firmly rooted in place after summoned, the first thing that should be noted is that this creature passively emits an aura of fear in a thirty-foot radius around itself.

    This aura of fear gradually causes the Focus level of anyone in the area to drop by a single level over the course of three to four posts, tying into her fear powers and allowing her a larger level of influence over someone. However, this massive duck is rather weak, any attack could pop him -- a punch, a kick, even a wafer-thin mint. But, should someone end up popping the duck, this causes a giant explosion across a two-mile radius of purple gas, acting as an instant form of Aerophobia.

    Anyone caught within this blast of gas would find their Focus and Mental Deduction dropping by a level before the gas would settle in the area. However, while this does act as Aerophobia, it should be noted that once this gas spreads and settles over the course of a post, it takes twice as long for the effects of Aerophobia to affect her opponent -- meaning, rather than taking two to three posts, it takes around four to five posts. Additionally, Jenny is only able to activate this one in a thread, and should the duck go "un-popped", it would usually last around six posts.

  • Acrophobia: This is one of the most utility-driven abilities that Jenny possesses. Named after the phobia of heights, this ability does one simple thing, allow her to fly at high or as fast as she wants, with the limits of only being able to fly at the rate of her own speed, as this does not grant her a speed boost. Furthermore, it should be noted that this only lasts for around three to four posts before she must return to the ground, and she must wait for a post before she can take to the skies again.

Equipment/Other Resources: Artificial Aid

Spears: This is Jenny’s personal favorite weapon and is the one that she uses whenever she enters combat. While she is proficient with a scythe -- a form that Akumu can transform into -- Jenny prefer a spear above anything else. It’s a simple, long weapon that can be used for multiple things. Ranged volleys, small pokes, or even full-out attacks. To her, a spear is something that can be used for just about anything, even more so with the spears that she creates from her own energy. These are able to modify in length, width, or even weight with some basic manipulation of the Spiritual Energy in the spear -- though these usually take a long, slender appearance.

Furthermore, these spears have been noted to have a large amount of piercing power, rather than slashing. This means that attacks such as jabs, thrusts, or even throwing the weapon from the range will have a much larger effect than what it would if Jenny were to use the sides of the weapon. This should make clear notice that the main power of the spears is focused at the tip. Furthermore, Jenny has been noted to use these as not just energy spears, but also as tendrils, or other types of “piercing” weapons that she could use to her advantage, showing the extreme malleability that these spears have. These can be summoned in mass droves, leaving Jenny with quite the arsenal to choose from.

Crown: This little item is something that Jenny has a habit of making, even in casual situations. This little object is something that is important to Jenny, not just because of her mindset and wishes, but also because of what she can do with this if she is given the right circumstances. When this little crown is placed on her head, Jenny has been noted to have a much larger presence than before, if she focused some of her Spiritual Energy into it. While this is something that usually just makes her much more apparent, as well as her voice even being laced with energy so that her voice is more enticing and luring.

For her, her little crown is one of her favorite objects, especially when she laces the item with her energy. Outside of the external influence that this item brings, there is some personal enjoyment that Jenny has whenever she wears her crown. It makes her feel more powerful and more regal. As someone who always pretends and dresses up as a princess or queen, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she enjoys using this item. However, there has been a notable limit to how long this boost to presence enhancement. Whenever Jenny keeps this enhancement active, it has been noted to start weakening around the three postmarks.

Queen’s Cape: The third of Jenny’s little regalia, the cape that she wears on her back. A simple pink cloth that extends in a cone-like shape to halfway down to her ankles. This is the least spectacular of Jenny’s regalia, as this doesn’t do much if Jenny has no Spiritual Energy flowing in the cape. When she does, this cape will have three separate lines on the left, middle, and right of the cape. As this happens, Jenny will receive a small number of boosts. The first being that the cloak now gives Jenny a boost in her charisma in a ten-foot area around her.

In casual situations, one would simply have to have an Advanced level of Focus in order to shrug this off, as this doesn’t really do much to others aside from the enticement to interact with her. However, in combat, this is very different. The Focus requirement is still the same, but it is much more powerful. If Jenny were to activate this in combat, one would notice that they’re driven more to attack Jenny, an enticing aura around her, inviting people to fight. However, this is something that does not last long. After around five posts, the effects will start to wane, both in and out of combat, which follows into a five post cooldown.

Akumu, The Deceptive Nightmare: This is the small blob that acts as a companion to Jenny. Only about half a foot in height. Akumu does not make any sort of audible speech. Instead, he makes strange purr-like sounds of which only Jenny can derive any sort of sense from. While it seems like this little blob is harmless, this little thing actually is another weapon that Jenny uses whenever in combat. The main ability of Akumu is it’s immense ability to shapeshift to extreme levels, which is something that Jenny is able to use both offensively and defensively. For example, Jenny could utilize this in order to form a scythe or a defensive wall. However, it should be noted that the potential of these scales to one level below her durability.

Furthermore, this is something Jenny can only do for a single post, while at the same time having to forgo using Akumu for that turn. Moreover, it has been shown that Akumu has a mind of his own, and usually can depend on himself without the need for Jenny to command him. Furthermore, it should be noted that Kumu is rather deeply connected with Jenny’s mental state, able to sense her emotions and usually ends up reacting to them through its own facial expressions. Thus, one would be able to tell Jenny’s emotional state simply by looking at Kumu. This little creature is something that always is present with Jenny, and can be dismissed and summoned at will, with a two post cooldown time in between these dismissals and summons.

Scythes: While she is mainly proficient and skilled when it comes to the use of her spears, Jenny is still very well capable of other weapons, although it's mostly a preference rather than actual skill difference. Thus, through her energy, she is able to create pink scythes that are roughly as tall, if not taller than she is. All of which with a long, curved blade all of which are capable of cutting through most physical material and matter with little issue. However, while they are separate from Kumu, and they cannot alter their shape on a whim, Jenny does have the potency in order to perform a different feat.

By altering the spiritual particles in these scythes, she is able to alter the size of these weapons, allowing them to reach up to fifty feet. Through this, she is capable of creating incredible destructive feats with the weight and size. However, simply wielding something of this magnitude is something that takes quite a lot out of her, and will usually tire her out after two to three posts, and the scythe will either revert back to its usual form or disappear entirely. Furthermore, she is able to use this manipulation in another way.

By either lining the spiritual particles in the blade of the scythe or by causing a very high-speed rotation with said particles, Jenny is able to briefly increase the sharpness of her weapon and the potency of her cuts. This is something that lowers gradually if she were to create and summon more scythes, but, should she keep her numbers to a single one, she would be able to have such cutting potency for a single post, that she would be able to easily cleave through nearly all physical defenses, and even making heavy markings in some of the strongest Hierro -- provided these attacks hit, of course. However, after this, these weapons would revert to normal power and would not be able to tap into this cutting potency for the rest of the thread.

Whips: While she does have a variety of long-range options within her abilities, these whips are most certainly something else. Again, by expelling energy and using it to create a retractable whip, which can reach out to almost ten feet in front of her, the uses of this as a weapon are vast. The first thing that should be said is that -- because this is made of energy -- is that she is capable of altering the properties of these particles of energy and allow the whip to act similarly to a sword or spear and allow it to cut and pierce an enemy, allowing her to deal more than just "impact" damage, in a sense.

Furthermore, with this, Jenny is capable of channeling the influence and nature of her abilities into the whip, allowing her to create small-scale effects of her abilities. For example, should she choose to create the influence of Hypnophobia, she would be able to create a sense of drowsiness and sluggishness in her opponent with each strike, slowing their mental and physical fortitude, and gradually slowing their energy flow, causing energy to be much slower to summon, as well as while in movement.

Outside of that, there is one more physical addition that Jenny can call upon at any time with these whips, and that creates trillions of small needles along her whips that can grow up to three to five inches in length. With this, it increases the damage her whips can cause, even if just by a small margin. And, adding to the versatility of her powerset and her arsenal of toys, this also comes with a secondary function of projectiles.

By willing it to happen and flicking her whip, Jenny can release a powerful volley of needles toward an opponent, leaving a one to two post cooldown in between. However, all of this comes down to how much energy she has. If she doesn't have the energy to keep this going, she won't be able to use it over and over. Therefore, it isn't advised that she spam this over and over, as it will gradually drain her of energy and keep her from using her other techniques or equipment.

Pink Creatures: These can be considered to be the siblings of Akumu. Through her energy, Jenny can create pink, sentient creatures without any facial features outside of mouths, of which she can create up to ten at a time. To add to the difference between them and Kumu, these creatures rely, for the most part, at least, on Jenny and her energy in order to function and adapt. By injecting energy into them, these creatures are capable of increase in size, up to fifty feet tall. However, getting them to this height would require a monstrous amount of energy, something that would likely take up all of her energy.

Should she try and max out the size of all ten, it would be something that would require around a 0-tier level of energy in order to pull off. Furthermore, these creatures also have the ability to create spears from themselves. By opening their mouths, they can extend a thin line of concentrated and refined spiritual particles that can acts similarly to Jenny's own spears, albeit with much less potency than herself. However, another difference between them and Kumu would be the durability between them.

These creatures have a decent amount of durability against spiritual attacks, being that they too are made of spiritual matter, allowing them to be much more resistant to energy-based attacks than physical. However, that also gives them a much higher weakness towards them, allowing them to be blasted away with Advanced level Strength with ease. As a final note, these creatures only last for around three to four posts before dissipating.

Heart-Shaped Energy Capsules: These small containers were initially created as ways to contain the excess energy that Jenny let off during the early days of her life, but soon became a rather useful tool, even during the present day. These containers, obviously, take the appearance of glass-like hearts, entirely seethrough when empty. However, as the name entails, these containers are usually filled with Jenny's energy, with her having around five to ten of them at a time on her person.

With this, Jenny can use these in a variety of ways, whether they be offensive, defensive, utility or support. As they are made of spiritual power, it is possible for her to use these during a pinch in a fight as a very small healing item by absorbing the energy from the containers and restoring up to 5% - 10% of her energy. On the contrary, she could channel the energy within these capsules into someone else, restoring their energy and vitality by around 10%, allowing her to use these for not only herself.

Furthermore, these capsules can also serve as potent weapons. Throwing them and breaking them can cause the energy to become unstable and create an explosion within a half-mile radius around her. However, with the energy in these capsules, they can also serve as small instances of her other abilities. By tapping into the influence of her fear powers, she can use this in order to create the effects of said ability within these bombs. For example, she could use this in order to create a small dome around half the size of Nyctophobia's usual range, sealing off the light and recreating its effects, just with around half the potency and range of the normal technique itself.

Another example could be using these as gas bombs, channeling aerophobia's influence into these and create a mass field of paranoia, or using them offensively with Algophobia and creating a burst of painful spears and needles to attack enemies. However, again, there are two main weaknesses: the first one being the range of the techniques used being cut in half. Additionally, Jenny only can carry around ten of these in a thread and can recharge them afterward.

Skill Sheet: The Statistic Records of Her Journey

General Skills
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control:
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration:
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance:
  • Physical Augmentation:

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Focus:

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