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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Purple Parcel for the Purple Captain [Private/Murasaki]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Purple Parcel for the Purple Captain [Private/Murasaki]   Mon Sep 03, 2018 5:08 am


The inauguration of the newest Captain and implementation of her division wasn't an event Micah was around for. At the time, the 3rd seat was deployed on a mission and only returned after the talks and gossip around it died out. So up until this point, though he was made aware of the new division and dealt with members from it, Micah had never seen--let alone interacted with--their captain. This would be their first meeting.

Information concerning the events on Earth, as there had assuredly been a lot more going on in recent times, needed to be reported to the relevant individuals. Micah, having received word from his subordinates stationed on Earth for that express purpose, passed up word to the highers regarding classified information on the Karakura-based organisations. Of course Micah wasn't actually directly informed. The contents were given to Vice Captain Suika, and the responsibility to pass it onto Captain Kagayaku was hers. Due to her inaction, in her stead Micah was given the task.

The shinigami made way towards the Seventh Division grounds, arriving at the headquarters. At first he looked for some sort of secretary, a receptionist--anything really to pass word onto the captain that he was here with important matters on behalf of his superiors, but there was a stark vacancy in the entire grounds. Micah recalled that the division was newly established, but considering its purpose he figured they'd be significantly more populated by now.

The polite thing to do would probably be to find a member walking by and alert them of his presence so that they could pass on the word. Micah wasn't the most receptive to politeness, however. He was here because the job needed to get done; going out of his way to be especially polite wasn't his concern. So after concluding that no-one was around, he figured to take matters into his own hands and walk up to the doors of her office and knock three time. If there was no response, he'd likely either open the doors himself or leave and come back some other time. Waiting around was frankly a waste of time, and more importantly, Micah didn't care to wait.




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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Purple Parcel for the Purple Captain [Private/Murasaki]   Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:48 am



Another day, another duty, and Murasaki certainly had plenty of duties that needed attending to. She was getting members, finally, but saying she had a full division would just be untrue. It didn't quite bother her, at least not yet, but she would definitely need a few more people she could rely on. There were a few candidates she had in mind, a couple names she had at the front of her mind, but for now it was mostly just paperwork. And tea, of course. Some plum mochi, too. A girl needed to enjoy herself, didn't she?

As a sharp knocking came to her office doors, however, Murasaki nearly jumped out of her seat. She had mostly been focusing on her work, and everyone in her division was off doing the handful of patrols she'd assigned. Not to mention, she'd always kept an open door policy with all of her members. Whoever that was, they were definitely not one of her people, so with a smile and a readiness to be a good hostess, Murasaki opened her office doors with all her usual energy.

“Well, hi-hi there. Don't imagine you came here by accident, especially since this is a little out of the way. Captain Kagayaku, at your service. You are..?”

Murasaki was already sizing up her new guest, and she had to admit a faint interest in him. He seemed the orderly type, some good taste in fashion too, and if she had to guess, he wasn't half bad with a sword. Oh, he was pretty handsome too, but that wasn't something she really thought about any longer than the rest of it. Really, this sort of study was just what she did during any pause in conversation.
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Purple Parcel for the Purple Captain [Private/Murasaki]
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