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 Hey, You, Whatcha Gonna Do? (Murasaki, Stefan)

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Hey, You, Whatcha Gonna Do? (Murasaki, Stefan)   Thu Feb 21, 2019 12:18 am



“I don't see a lotta reason to wait on a release. It's not a big deal, ya know? I don't try to make a secret of 'em, no reason to hold out. 'Specially when I'm not doin' too hot.”

Indeed, “not doing too hot” was exactly how Murasaki felt about this bout. Was this how behind she was? It seemed like he was barely even trying, but she knew that she was already well past what she normally needed to pull off in a fight. Big problem... Taking another deep breath, she studied Stefan carefully, her eyes looking over his every action. There weren't many of them. In fact, she wasn't sure if there were any. That was an even bigger problem. Geez...

“I'm not gonna hold onto it if it's in the way. That'd just get me killed.”

That was obvious to her, and while she felt a faint panic setting in, she pushed that out of her mind for the moment. She'd be alright if she kept it together, she just had to keep studying. He was playing with her here, and Murasaki knew that if he wanted to he could just cut her in half. That was part of why she'd come after all, but still. She'd have to be able to handle that.

Oh no.

She knew this was gonna be painful if she took the hit. Heck, it'd probably be lethal. She didn't have time to think about what to do here, and she knew she was overthinking it. As Stefan swung at her, she noted that it was gonna be coming straight for her side. She could have just jumped away, but staying on the defensive the whole time would put her in a terrible position. So instead, she lowered herself and moved toward Stefan's right, directly under the path of the blade, and rather tragically noted to herself that at least some of her ponytail probably wasn't gonna make it through that unscathed. In the same motion, she brought Keifu downward for a slash of her own, a low strike that moved with her rather than requiring much extra action. If it was genuinely effective, all the better. But she simply wanted to hit him for now.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Hey, You, Whatcha Gonna Do? (Murasaki, Stefan)   Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:47 pm

Artist: Final Fantasy 13-2 OST - Song: The Last Hunters (Battle Theme) - Word Count: N/A

Stefan's deductions about his challenger rang true: Murasaki's in-the-moment intuition and confidence to act on it was impressive. Possessing both would allow her to continuously evade and overwhelm her enemies for years to come, assuming no serious changes during that time. However, there was a clear issue with relying on skill and decision making: Without speed and power to back it up, at the end of the day she was still a small fish in a very, very large pond. Instead of responding to Murasaki's reaction with continued meek attacks frivolous compared to his true strength, Stefan sought to make the gap between them all the more obvious. As such, Stefan's left arm shot out as his thumb pressed against Keifu's left side and his other four fingers on it's right, his grip strong enough to crush steel as if it was papier-mâché.

Acting quickly enough to hopefully reduce his foe's response window to nil, Stefan launched his left knee like he was firing a cannon, aiming to strike her square in the abdomen while leaned down. As this attack would connect, or if she managed to avoid it somehow as it came closest to her body, Stefan would release his grip on Keifu and potentially allow both the Captain and her blade to be sent reeling backwards. While his intent may not have been to end the fight in a single instant, Stefan did use a considerable amount of power in his hit to test Murasaki's limits and durability. Whether she impressed him in that regard as well was mostly irrelevant as Stefan rarely cared much about purely physical feats, focusing more on skill and overall ability instead.

"I'm starting to think all your Shikai does is make your sword a little prettier."

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Hey, You, Whatcha Gonna Do? (Murasaki, Stefan)
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