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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 A shinobi's will too learn[Yoriko/Stefan]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A shinobi's will too learn[Yoriko/Stefan]   Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:52 am

The Wandering Genin

Yoriko Morri

Song: Beautiful Chinese Music - Bamboo Flute | Artist: NA | Word Count: N/A

She entered through the portal and made it to the arid city known as Pakistan, current she has been sent on a rountine patrol to purify a hollow that's been killing people and leaving them without a trace. "I can finally utilize Henrex's teachings into this mission." She quietly said to herself, clenching her fist before glacing upward.

The young shinigami wandered around the place watching the general populous go about their business. "Man...small towns are my favorite." Yoriko felt a smile flicker across her face. 'Even after all these years you still get such wonderful communities" Yoriko once more

However all that changed when Yoriko connected his gaze with a child's before he realized what had happened. The child pulled at his mother's pants trying to get her attention, but she ignored him. It wouldn't take long before Yoriko would realize that the child wasn't actually staring at her, but past her. At that same moment Yoriko would realize the child would be mouthing the word monster.

Yoriko drew her shuriken and turned on a dime. Her eyes grew wide, slightly in terror, but more in awe. This hollow was...big and animal-like, it resembled that of lion with its broad head and prominent brownish-yellow mane that covered most of its head all the way down to its chest..

The girl's first concern was to lure the hollow away from this area, find a location where the risk of casualties are minimal. Yoriko stared at the creature, waiting for it to notice her, and when it didn't she took it into his own hands. Placing two index fingers into her mouth and a sharp inhale a pierce three-toned sound could be heard through the air; causing the Lion to turn its head toward the girl.

She placed her feet firmly on the ground eyeing the creature down before positioning her fingers cupping three stars and had one in her throwing hand. Once she threw a shuriken she passed another star to her throwing hand and fired another one in quick succession.

However the hollow wasn't dimwitted as it appeared as it moved from side to side running towards the girl and pounced, it bared its fangs and was ready to tear open the shinigami's windpipe hoping to end the battle quickly. However she managed to dodge it fairly well only for it to aim at the girls shoulders by swiping its paws instead it sliced through Yoriko's hair like butter to a hot knife. "Woah! Good kitty!

Yoriko then took out her and a kunai and crossed them together crossed his blades to form an X shape that way she could block and absorb more of the force behind the hit. The force behind the attack drove her back, her feet sliding across the ground.

The hollow attacked again this time managing to sink its claws deep inside the shinigami's shoulders causing her to grunt in pain and drop her zanpaktou before throwing herself towards a hard brick wall to loosen the lion's grip using a kunai to stab deep into the hollow's left side. It gushed blood the moment she removed her sword. "As much as i'm pleasant to look at i'm unfortunately not on the menu!." Yoriko said as she tried throwing her weight to the best of her ability.

The lion stumbled as it tried to stand up on its legs before Yoriko quickly grabbed her zanpaktou from off the ground and pressed the hilt against the hollows head sending its soul towards the soul society.

"Man...that was rough. Yoriko said to herself as took a second glance at her clothing noticing the deep claw markings on her shoulders and back.

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A shinobi's will too learn[Yoriko/Stefan]
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