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 The Hazard System [Prone To Updates At Anytime]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: The Hazard System [Prone To Updates At Anytime]   Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:42 pm

Registration Template

Character Name: Sofia Montero
Character App: Link
- Held back the Goliath Shell
- Fought and defeated the former emperor of the Quincy
- Held her own twice in friendly sparring against Henrex
- Rose from member [Vandenreich] to Captain of the Jagdarmee to ultimately Sternritter Executive
- Held her own against Hayden during a friendly sparing match
- Held her own and occasionally pushed back the then 0-1 former Captain Commander [Tsubasa] in a very non-friendly/deadly encounter
- Created a number of techniques for her people, including but not limited to their version of realm travel, Ginto Sphere technology, among others
- Became the current strongest pure Quincy
- Discovered her Regalia and managed to enhance it lightly under her Vollstanding
- Led forces for Lux in Malaysia
- Obtained, used, and eventually got rid of the Eris seal [seal remnant plot in development as twisted changes approach]
- Led Vandenreich forces during the Chicago zombie events
- Plenty of equipment created for her and her people
- Vandenreich
- Fair number of assets due to connections/alliance with Vastime
- Affiliated with Lux and led a number of their forces
- Connections with numerous individuals of high power/esteem including but not limited to, Hayden/Radioactive/Ghislain/Henrex/Tsubasa/Niflheim/Ulv/
- Examples of equipment
- Custom selee: added several modules and modifications to her seele for a number of effects not found on others
- Ginto Sphere Series: Some create very powerful forms of defense or offense, while others, thanks to the temporary influence of the Eris Seal create monstrosities not typically employed by their kind. The Ginto Sphere was her breakthrough in taking the seemingly obsolete Ginto technology and developing it into something more potent and more usable in today's modern times. It was also the foundation on which several other Quincy would try and recreate their own arsenal
- Himmelstor - Heiligkeit: created for all quincy to serve as their version of an arrancar's garganta. allows free passage into other realms with certain limitations as seen on her app.
- Current maximum 0-3++ energy level
Other: N/A


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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: The Hazard System [Prone To Updates At Anytime]   Sun Mar 10, 2019 4:23 am

Registration Template

Character Name: Abalia Sesshouin
Character App:
-Personally travelled to London and met with Mana Asthavon, manipulating her into friendship despite significant differences between them.
-Shit-talked Baraggan so hard he had to stop and defend himself.
-Ordered a pack of Hollows more powerful than herself, led by a powerful Menos Grande, to cease attacking simply by a willful command.
-Actively serves as both Adjutant to King Hayden of Vastime and as Vice Captain of Gotei's 4th Division, with both the effort and the responsibility that both jobs entail.
-Fully able to command Vastime forces and equipment under the authority of the King.
-Commands the Vastime 1st Penal Legion, an elite force which answers directly to her and freely utilizes any equipment Vastime has access to.
-Has both legal and military jurisdiction over Soul Society’s defense under the authority of Shunsui Kyoraku.
-Has Ulv Auber, Desmond Hayden, Shunsui Kyoraku, Nelliel tu Odelschwanck, and Mana Asthavon as those who call her a friend and would protect her from harm, as well as Henrex Astillon as her personal bodyguard in Vastime matters.
Other: Her handcuffs are technically unbreakable if you willingly submit to arrest.

Character Name: Valentine Ransom Carter
Character App:
-Immune to supernatural energy; must be fought by physical means.
-Able to wholly outsource cognitive functions and mental attacks to Drone-caste members of the Collective.
-Parted the English Channel through petition to the Martian Elders.
-Forcibly inducted countless Shadow Fall citizens into the Collective and scrubbed their minds for information before using them as Drone-caste forces to incite open rioting.

-Chairman of the Lux Orior's Special Operations, granting him access to the highest echelon of Lux intelligence and command over its more unscrupulous forces.
-Access to the myriad different technologies of Mars, many of which are built upon their unique racial empathy.
-Maintains a wide network of birds across the globe, which have been forced into the Martian Collective and serve as natural spies undetectable by spiritual and technological means.
-Very close interaction with a certain crystal Yuudeshi.
Other: He's normal.
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Subject Post 23PostSubject: Re: The Hazard System [Prone To Updates At Anytime]   Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:33 pm

Registration Template

Character Name: Yaksha
Character App:
Feats: Bought Las Vegas from Ravan Vespara
Negotiated with Kisuke Urahara for resources
Beat Rukia Kuchiki in several games of poker
Met with Shunsui Kyoraku in the Seireitei
Aided in evacuating civilians during the attack on Jamaica
Assisted Vanguard in fighting off an incursion in Djibouti
Resources/Equipment: A small city in Las Vegas
An extremely extensive information network
A near-unlimited supply of Gikon
A small army of hollows
Other: Yaksha has, to date, remained almost wholly pacifistic: The times he's actually fought can be counted on one hand.
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The Hazard System [Prone To Updates At Anytime]
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