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 Paris Terrorist Attack Updates From The Princess Of Demons

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Paris Terrorist Attack Updates From The Princess Of Demons    Thu 20 Sep - 17:28


News Update
  • Thread Link:

  • Thread Location: Paris, France

  • Information: The Princess Of Demon World has made a statement about the attacks in Paris. While many in the public are still confused as to who carried out the attack, they have presented audio evidence found at the crime scene to indicate that the Gotei have committed this act under the command of the stealth force.

    They have not identified the people who have committed the attack directly, but have enough evidence at this disposal to call this a war crime and have otherwise informed the public that the Gotei is incompetent, in the words of The Princess. As they are no different from Shadow Fall in the fact that they are savage and will do what it takes to claim what is there. This is because many Shadow Fall operatives are often not in public and many civilizations were instead caught in the crossfires since the Shadow Fall bases in these cities weren't directly targetted.

    More importantly, Shadow Fall has now authorized full defensive protocols in all the regions that they control. Since most transportation in and out of it will have to be approved by The Demi Network and they've gone all out with their barriers which guard the cities they protect.

    Note: There are many people now having a myriad of reactions. Some of the public still believes the hollow/arrancar of Nagato's faction have done it, while others deeply believe the Gotei is to the blame and a growing sense of hate is coming for the people they've lost and the threat to their way of life. Since, it should be stated that after Shadow Fall acquired their lands, they spend a vast amount of resources and investments to bring them up and inject new wealth and longevity to the countries they've amassed.

    Additionally, others think the Monsuta may have been a part of it or some other radical group given the fact that they all seemed to be humanoid. Either way, it's not a good look.


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Paris Terrorist Attack Updates From The Princess Of Demons
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