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 Thorfinn (WIP)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Thorfinn (WIP)   Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:42 pm

Quincy Dossier: Basic Information

Name: Thorfinn
Alias:The Dirty Blood
Species: Quincy
Age: Twenty-Six
Affilation/Rank:Loyal to Vandenreich/Unjoined

Physical Description:Thorfinn took after his mother rather extensively when it came to his appearance. His facial features and skin color all come for her save one. His eyes are much like his father's yellow eyes that pierce a person's soul. His skin color is tan and darker then what most people would realize. This youthful and somewhat special looking appearance have made him an outcast among his family. As traditionally they are more fair skinned and pale. His dark hair also goes against the normal within his family. Thorfinn has a dark messy brown colored hair that comes to the back of his neck at it's longest. Strands dangle before his eyes and fall around them. Making his appearance a rather extensive insult thus earning him the name Dirty Blood. His right arm has a mark of the World Serpent upon it. Though some mistake it for a dragon, this reishi based tattoo was engraved into him. To prevent him from forgetting that he represented something evil. His families beliefs held this particular snake and the ones he controlled in contempt. His body despite appearances is extremely fit from training himself. Surviving alone left him little chance to do much else. This young man's appearance represents his age more than anything. He's an attractive looking fellow but seems to frighten people away with that tattoo. Those who understand the Markings of those lands will realize what it means. That he's marked by the World Serpent and in some ways represents the end. That is the picture that is painted for those who see it.

His clothing of choice often times is a white t-shirt with a jacket over top of it. The jacket has red sleeves at the end which he oftentimes keeps rolled up. This is simply something he decided to do for comfort more than anything. Black dress pants are worn with black dress shoes as well. A modified clothing armor crossed waist clothe around his stomach. Thus concluding his idea for fashion outside of one important thing. Thorfinn wear's his mother's necklace around his neck. This symbolizes his connection to the other side of his genetics. Not wanting to represent his father's side as he doesn't belong. But him being a man without a country has cost him sleep. His family while loyal to the Vandenreich haven't notified them of Thorfinn's existence. Making him a family secret kept away till needed. This is a fact that can not be escaped or ignored. Thorfinn's eyes aren't that special for a twenty-six-year-old. Though something about him seems to echo of a time long past.

[iPhysical Image:[/i]

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Thorfinn (WIP)
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