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 As Fleeting Clouds pass by. [Ulv, Magnolia]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: As Fleeting Clouds pass by. [Ulv, Magnolia]   Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:20 pm

Minatumi Harbor was supposed to be one of the bustling regions of the earth. Even where magnolia stood with a hand raised to block the suns glare, she could easily see why. There was an overabundance of life that was rarely seen, even here on the outskirts. One might think it was due to it having prime real estate. Magnolia, however, knew better and could sense the energy that radiated in the air. There was a sense of ease with the aura that permeated the surrounding regions of this lively city, it was that feeling that piqued her interest.

Magnolia was a girl who was always very sensitive towards different types of energy, due to her perception of the world being different than most. Energy is the key ingredient in all of creation, ranging from the skies above to the tiniest of grains of dirt below. Due to this outlook, the golden-haired shinigami always has felt that she was in tune with the environment around her. When Magnolia closed her eyes she could sense far more than most. The world suddenly would be a myriad of sensations, of details, of life. It was for this reason that she found this unidentifiable energy so fascinating since within it was a different will superimposed over the typical natural order.

To the passerby, Magnolia looked like the stereotypical "pixie" with her thin dragon-patterned Qipao and her plain wooden geta. Currently, Magnolia's hair was also short done up in a pixie-like cut which was being ruffled by a faint breeze. Although her face was mostly hidden beneath her takuhatsugasa: a cone-shaped straw hat that she chose to wear.

"Raijin, what do you think?"Magnolia mentally asked her zanpakuto spirit.

"Hmm... I've never encountered a source of energy similar to this, it's very different from Qi, or Spiritual Energy. I'm admittedly impressed that this can reach as far as it does though, it makes me wonder who thought of such an intriguing practical application of energy. " Raijin was often full of either sarcasm or praise, thus magnolia arched a brow faintly at this rare form of praise that mentally sent to her via their communication.

It should be mentioned as Magnolia stood there on the periphery, amongst the weeds and rolling grassy marshes that preceded the city proper, that she actually released no spiritual energy. Instead, what she released was a very faint feeling of nature. Magnolia's aura was like a faint electric charge in the air, a byproduct of her unique Qi.

This "aura" made it so that she exuded a very faint sense of tranquility. She seemed as if she was a part of nature as if she belonged there on this dusty ruined pathway that went into the city. For practitioners, it would require someone well-versed in the sensing, and manipulation of Qi to identify her. Only those people could partially gauge the enormity of her strength. To anyone else Magnolia would seem mundane and a tad bit ethereal, like a passing cloud.

Admittedly, the takuhatsugasa's framing of her face would make the faint cherry-colored smile on her face all that more alluring as she glanced into the city. Magnolia wouldn't enter just yet though, instead of enjoying the scenery. After all, a scene as picturesque as this wasn't an everyday occurrence.


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As Fleeting Clouds pass by. [Ulv, Magnolia]
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