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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Tai Chi Human Roster

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tai Chi Human Roster   Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:07 am

While Wulin has a very loose hierarchy, there are still big names and famous heroes who wander the world, and so to avoid confusion and to entice people with character ideas, I made a basic roster here. Anyone who makes a special character will also be added here for clarity.

Queen Of Wulin: The most influential and beloved (not necessarily most powerful) Cultivator in Wulin.

Ci Lan Tsu (Restricted NPC, DM Wan for details)

Nine Mountain Thrones (Due to The Great Collapse, only four have survived): Great Sovereigns of the Age Of Might.

First Mountain Throne:
Fifth Mountain Throne:
Eighth Mountain Throne:
Ninth Mountain Throne: Chao Yuexian (SE)

The Wan Kuei: Cursed Betrayers, ever-starved.

Wan Kuei:
Wan Kuei:
Wan Kuei:
Wan Kuei:
Wan Kuei:
Wan Kuei:

Five Spiritual Lords: Peacekeepers of the ancient world, holder of fantastical abilities.
Matron Of The Dead, Unofficial Spiritual Lord, Izanami (NPC, DM Wan for details)
The Man Who Shakes Heaven, Fifth Spiritual Lord Izanagi. (NPC, DM Wan for details)
The Shadow Across The Moon, Fourth Spiritual Lord Luna. (NPC, DM Wan for details)
The Crying Deity, Third Spiritual Lord Futsunushi. (NPC, DM Wan for details)
The Mountian That Moves, Second Spiritual Lord, Bjorn Ironside (NPC, DM Wan for details)
The Lord Of Wulin, First Spiritual Lord, Aang Feng/Shaka Nyorai (heavily restricted NPC, DM Wan for details)

Three Buddaa: Three great and enlightened Cultivators of the Ancient World, though humble in mind they are great in body, and such presence demands respect from all.

The Victorious Fighting Buddaa, Sun Wukong (NPC, DM Wan for details. Currently sealed inside Yuel Duulhiem)
Buddaa Of The Sandlewood Merit Xuanzang Sanzang (NPC, DM Wan for Details)
The Enlightened Buddaa, Shaka Nyorai (heavily restricted NPC, DM Wan for details)

Ryokō Xian: Wandering Hero. Cultivators of merit and worth in the modern age. Despite the name, they do not need to wander or even be heroes to be known as Wandering Heroes.

Sky-Touching Giant, Alavazi Naku (Head of the Naku Clan, masters of Shinmeiryuu) (Restricted NPC, DM Wan for Details)
Lord Of Snakes, Noctis Gandr (Head of the Gandr Clan, masters and creators of Taiju Snake Style. Blood Descendants of Jormun Gandr) (Restricted NPC, DM Wan for Details)
Hazu Diener (Daiyojimbo, currently attending Noctis Gandr) (NPC, DM Wan for Details)
Leoric Mains (Creator of the [yet unfinished] subset of Shinmeiryuu, Schuss der Länge) (NPC, DM Wan for Details)
King Uma [Moo] (The Ox King) (NPC, DM Wan for Details)
Xian Naku (Prodigy of the Naku Clan. Shameless Deviant) (NPC, DM Wan for Details)
The Raging Flame, Ulv Auber (Mayor of Minatumi Harbor) (Played by Wan)
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Tai Chi Human Roster
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