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 Daisuke Onigawa

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Daisuke Onigawa   Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:45 pm



Name: Daisuke (first) Onigawa (last)
Gender: Male
Age: Apparent: Very early 20s Actual: 777

Starting from the top down, Daisuke has rusty reddish brown hair that
falls perfectly over his over his eyes and gives off an impressive
sheen. With a simple flick of his hair, one may be able to see his
eyes, ones that are a deep earthy green and always have a glint
of forbidden mystery in them. Further down his face is a relatively
average nose, small and unobtrusive, and then finally his mouth which is
a treasure all it's own. For most, this single feature is all it takes
to get reeled in, his teeth are perfectly white and straight, while his
lips are just full enough without being too big as to look unrealistic.
Unless a true smile is given, which is something to behold in it's own
right, Daisuke maintains a mischievous smirk that gives most people

As for his body, Daisuke is of a slim build,
maintaining just enough lean muscle to look physically fit yet not
enough to warrant a body builder or "meathead" status. His skin is
unblemished and nearly flawless except for the single kanji tattoo on
his right pectoral signifying the word "love" as well as several cut
marks on his lightly calloused hands from his kendo training.

While in a gigai, Daisuke tends to wear a tight black muscle shirt, black fingerless gloves, tight acid washed blue jeans, and shoes ranging from varying colored skateboard shoes to usually white tennis shoes. While in Soul Society, Daisuke can be seen in his Captains uniform most of the time. His uniform consists of the standard Shinigami outfit with the sleeves being absent, much like the rest of Squad 9, black fingerless gloves, and a normal Captain's haori. When not wearing his shinigami clothes, Daisuke can be found in an elaborate kimono of varying colors, all of which are of superior make.


To sum up Daisuke as a sex driven pig wouldn't be accurate, he likes to
think of himself as a "harmless" pleasure seeker. Even when he was
still alive, Daisuke was chasing women left and right, always using his
superior looks and natural talent for smooth talking to get the women
out of their clothes before they know what hit them. Boundaries isn't a
familiar term to Daisuke, his shameless touchy feely tendencies have
gotten him into both great and bad situations countless times. Not only
is he a fantastically perverted, he is also the life of the party, any
party in fact. There's something about him that seems to draw people
to him like moths to a flame, a personable magnetism that keeps him on
the good side of both peers and superiors alike.

If one were to
examine Daisuke on the battlefield, they would notice that he behaves
in a manner that is very much unlike him yet similar. While he does try
to keep any hostile situation calm and controlled, sometimes his silver
tongue just isn't enough and force must be used. Because he detests
fighting, Daisuke will do what he must if the situation calls for
action. Due to his want for a quick end, Daisuke utilizes what the gods
gave him, and that is a mix of blurring speed, agile foot work, a
penchant for kido, and a tactical mind.

While not being
considered annoyingly happy, Daisuke borders very close to it, always a
smile on his face as he playfully pushes the buttons of those he
targets. It is this same positive streak that makes it so very
difficult to make him angry. It's a dark day indeed if someone manages
to wipe the smile from Daisuke's face. He never shouts or gets terribly
physical, instead, Daisuke's voice becomes something less than a
whisper and his eyes narrow significantly. It's at this point that he
starts using his voice to verbally destroy someone like a snake spitting

Underneath both the vivacious pleasure seeking and the
mischievous smirk, is the true Daisuke. When all walls have been
knocked down, one might see Daisuke for who he really is, a young man
that is insecure about who he is, one that truly would be nothing
without the company of others. It is this fear of being truly alone in
every sense of the word that keeps him constantly keeping the spotlight
on himself, not that it's particularly hard for him to do so.




Daisuke Onigawa was born into the world on a chilly February day to a single mother, the owner of a moderately successful Geisha house in Kyoto. While Daisuke's childhood couldn't be considered terribly "normal" he did grow up quite well, learning various things such as dancing, calligraphy, poetry,instrument playing, and sex education from the Geisha(s?) that lived in his home. As he went from a child to a teenager, Daisuke used his natural good looks and speaking abilities to woo the local women into his bed. With his mother now retiring, Daisuke decided to take over the family business, a decision that went very well for the young man. It wasn't until he had turned 20 did he run into trouble, one of his best women had been frequently harassed by one of the regular customers, a scruffy man only years older than Daisuke. This had been the man's third strike and so Daisuke was forced to toss the man out, banning him from the establishment but the man didn't like that one bit and so, later that night, came back with a small group of friends and burned the building down, Daisuke and his Geisha(s?) stuck inside.

Life In Soul Society(Pre Shinigami):

Daisuke soon awoke in unfamiliar territory, his memories tattered and random. It took awhile but Daisuke was finally able to grasp what this strange new land was, with the help of some of the locals, Daisuke learned that he was now in Soul Society. One local in particular was most helpful, a gorgeous young woman named Tsumugi, who, like Daisuke, had died well before her time. Soon the young man found out that he was in something called the Rukongai District number 3. It seemed like no time at all before Daisuke and Tsumugi became the best of friends, both of them doing everything together, metaphorically connected at the hip. It was on the day Tsumugi, now lovingly called "Mugi" had decided to celebrate as the day she and Daisuke had met that the adventure loving girl urged Daisuke to go on a picnic with her far from the District and away from anyone else. It took but the smallest of pouty looks from Mugi and Daisuke couldn't help but agree to go.

It seemed like forever before Mugi and Daisuke finally found their ideal picnic spot, the Rukon District barely visible to them. The day slowly faded into night, the stars shining brightly, all was well until a booming roar was heard. Through the nearby trees came a large ape-like Hollow, it was as big as a house and had four arms. With a terrifying roar, the Hollow charged at the terrified couple, managing to grab Mugi as the two of them began running. The woman screamed and begged for Daisuke to help her but the young man could only look at her in paralyzing fear. Try as he might, Daisuke couldn't move his feet and watched with horrified eyes as the woman he cared most about was eaten. There was no time to cry, no time to mourn the death of his beloved, all emotion was shut out, only terror remained. The Hollow stomped closer and closer, ready to devour the speechless man. A giant hand began reaching for Daisuke, who, still stuck in place, could only close his eyes, the sound of the Hollow screaming in pain being the only thing to snap him out of his fear induced state. To his great fortune, Daisuke had been saved by a patrolling Shinigami. The older man slew the horrid creature in a second with a single fluid motion, making the Hollow evaporate into nothing before it even hit the ground.

Daisuke could do nothing but stand in awe of the black and white clad man. The shinigami wasted no time in approaching him, a concerned look on his face as he asked who Daisuke was and informed him as to why the Hollow had attacked. It turned out that Daisuke and Tsumugi both had significantly high levels of spiritual pressure. It had astounded both Daisuke and the shinigami that nobody had noticed and informed them sooner. The shinigami soon started to depart, but not before Daisuke told him he was coming with.

Life as a shinigami(pre bankai):

The days that followed the attack seemed to blur together, Daisuke seemingly unaffected by what had happened. The shinigami who had saved him had done him the courtesy of enrolling him in the Academy, informing his higher ups of Daisuke's potential power. It took time but Daisuke finally managed to supress his pain deep within his subconscious, resuming his hedonistic attitude. Through the initial testings, Daisuke was placed in the advanced class, something that surprised him and his peers greatly. School life was rather interesting for the happy go lucky Daisuke, chasing women, flirting with the female staff, and smooth talking his way through classes all while keeping up with his schoolwork.

Daisuke miraculously passed all of his classes by the time he had hit his second year in the Academy, finding that he had a natural affinity for kidou. During a test of skill, Daisuke blew away his peers when he flawlessly performed a level 73 hado spell without the incantation. It was during then that his instructors petitioned for early placing and graduation. Despite the honor Daisuke felt for being able to graduate early, he declined, instead opting to stick out the rest of his time at the Academy, having the life of a schoolboy for the remaining years. When graduation day finally came, Daisuke had already started hearing the voice of his zanpakutou, a being as flirtatious and dirty minded as he was. This only made placement that much easier and he was sent to the 5th division, where he spent the majority of his time chasing tail and pestering his fellow squad members, only spending a small amount of time doing anything productive. Because of his undisciplined attitude and general lack of enthusiasm for his work, Daisuke was transferred to Squad 9, but not before mastering his shikai in a 20 year period. Over the next century, Daisuke periodically did serious training to attain his bankai and rising through the ranks of the squad.

While on a particularly dangerous mission, Daisuke and his group of squadmates ran into a large group of gillian class Hollows. Out of the 6 shinigami present, only Daisuke survived, barely. There were so many hollows left and Daisuke had exhausted all of his spirit energy, the hollows had now surrounded him and he was about to throw in the towel, Shirigaruonna spoke. The feisty spirit verbally bitchslapped him until he finally found himself in his inner realm. It seemed to take forever, weaving in and out of the maze like world until he finally found the luscious form of Shirigaruonna. It was then that, through much sweet talking, that Daisuke persuaded the lusting spirit to teach him her last form, he had finally attained bankai. 150 years later and Daisuke has finally decided to try for captainship, hopefully he does well.


Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Shirigaruonna (promiscuous woman)

Appearance: Shirigaruonna is Daisuke's feisty zanpakutou
spirit, one that is every bit as hedonistic as the shinigami himself.
If one were to lay eyes on her, they would be blinded by her shear
beauty, he r silky waist length black hair, her soft navy blue eyes, and
her perfectly curvaceous form all combined to make the perfect woman.
When talking, Shirigaruonna uses subtle body language to help seduce
whoever has the great fortune/misfortune of talking to her. Clothed in
nothing more than a short, tight satin dress, thigh high leather boots,
and matching gloves that reach to her biceps, all in black of course.
There is always a mischievous smirk on her full, glossy lips and a look
of sinful intrigue in her eyes.

Inner World: Shirigaruonna resides in Daisuke's inner realm, which is quite the sight
indeed. The entirety of the realm is that of a dimly lit stone
dungeon, not one from times long past, but one that takes the shape of
that found in slews of kink films. The dungeon isn't a single room, it
is labyrinthine in design and all leads to a large room in the center.
In the center of the main room sits a single devious looking restraint
chair which Shirigaruonna sits, amidst the many suggestive noises that
seem to echo in the backround slightly from no set location.

Sealed Zanpakutô :
While sealed, Shirigaruonna takes the form of an elegant black and crimson wakizashi. The blade is slightly shorter than a normal wakizashi and is straight with a razorblade-like tip instead of a tapering one. The tsuba is flat but has the shape of a fully bloomed rose.


(Does your character have a PhatomTech brain installed? If so, you'll
be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic
parts to your character to make them stronger)

Release: Yasei ni iku (Go wild)

Shikai Description:
Shirigaruonna, like all zanpakutou, is unique and quite different from
other. Upon saying the incantation, Shirigaruonna turns into a jet
black whip. The entirety of the whip maintains a peculiar pattern, much
like scales on a reptile but is smooth to the touch.

Shikai Abilities: Immediately after striking a target once, Shirigaruonna begins seeping with a clear, oily substance that smells faintly of whatever is most pleasant to the victim. After the first strike, the oil on Shirigaruonna causes each and every strike after to dramatically increase the victim's sensitivity to certain physical touches, effectively multiplying it by two with each strike. The oil only effects the sensation of pain. In addition to this, Shirigaruonna increases Daisuke's proficiency with kido two fold.

Bankai Name:
Sadisichikku Shirigaruonna (Sadistic Promiscuous Woman)

Bankai Description: Shirigaruonna's bankai form is only slightly different from it's shikai form. Instead of the usual single tailed whip, Shirigaruonna splits into seven lash-like whip tails, all ending with cruel looking barbs. Each tail is also segmented with one inch pieces of highly polished metal while the core is made of super flexible copper looking cord.

Bankai Abilities: Ask any pleasure seeker and the answer will be the same. If on can't control themself, than they are no better than a rapist. That is the first of three powers that Shirigaruonna has in her arsenal. Upon striking a target, Shirigaruonna emits a pleasant smelling gas that, when inhaled, temporarily shuts down the victim's inhibitions, thereby allowing their base desires to surface.

The second of Shirigaruonna's abilities is the ability to multiply it's shikai ability tenfold. In addition to the increased power, each tail can be perfectly manipulated independently. This ability is very helpful when fighting multiple enemies at once.

The third and final power of Shirigaruonna is the ability to temporarily shut down the signals from the brain to a victim's extremities. This ability only lasts for roughly a minute but it paralyzes the struck extremity(arms/legs) and allows said extremity to retain it's sense of touch. This particular ability can only be used twice per victim.



This is from a Supernatural site i'm a part of, the character presented is a warrior caste werewolf. Enjoy

"This city....-sigh-"

Wes had already been here for over two weeks and he still
couldn't find his way around. It was fast becoming apparent that he
might never become accustomed to this concrete jungle, and that wouldn't
be good seeing as he intended to stay a very long while. With a
slightly irritated look around, the Get of Fenris realized that he was
lost...again. Frustrated German poured from his mouth as he kicked a
nearby parking meter, the entirety of it's length wobbling dangerously
as an unknown amount of coin rattled around.

Those around the
Fenrir jumped in shock before quickly scurrying past him, his minuscule
spike of Rage supposedly sufficient to scare the humans. Wes gave a
small bark of irritation filled laughter, his eyes meeting those of a
middle aged woman who, with a small unconcealed gasp, locked her eyes
forward and away from him before shuffling fast up the crowded street.
Today was a bad day, he was lost, alone, it was getting dark out, and
worst of all, he was hungry.

He had just noticed his stomach
grumbling noisily as his nose caught the scent of something spicy and
slightly smokey. With a very dog-like sniff to the air, Wes followed
his nose to the source of his stomach's excitement. In a matter of
minutes, the Fostern found himself standing in front of a small food
cart, an overweight and slightly unclean looking man shouting to the
crowd to eat his food. Wes' mouth began watering as the foreign and
very, very welcomed smell made his stomach rumble even more.

"..Vhat is ziss?" He inquired innocently. The taco had never been something he'd eaten...or even heard of for that matter.

Yer jokin right man?" The cart owner scoffed disbelievingly. "How
the hell have ya never heard of one o' these babies?" The man held up
an over stuffed taco, it's contents dripping slightly with grease.

I haven't..." Without thought, Wes grabbed the hard shelled wonder and
took a large bite, it's contents bursting with flavor. He was in
heaven! This thing was...well yes it was a bit greasy and filled with
human made preservatives but for Gaia's sake it tasted like a mixture of
ecstasy and magnificence given physical form...with a touch of an
angel's tears of happiness. The face Wes made could only be described
as horribly over exaggerated but he didn't care, he had his taco, and by
George he was gonna fucking enjoy it.

It seemed like only
seconds before the object of his current happiness was gone. This
wasn't the first time though, many food items had gone this same way,
eaten so fast that he seemed to not know where it went. It was only now
that his ears took in the outraged shouts from the sleezy cart owner.

mack! You better be payin fer that or else!" He waved a hairy face at
the much bigger man before receiving a long drawn out stare.
" can have it o-on the house hard feelings?" He
said nervously as the man just now noticed how very muscular this man
was...and his eyes! They had a look to them that suggested Wes had seen
his fair share of something...something bad.

Wes hadn't
intended to spook the man, he had not meant to give him a threatening
stare, he had really just wondered why the man was shouting and why his
beloved taco was gone. "It is okay, really." Wes eased the man's panic
as his stomach hungered for more. "I vould really like more though..."
He had begun reaching into his pocket for some cash when the man gave a
very girly shriek "You can have as many as you want!" The man waved
his hands about like an insane person, apparently he thought Wes was
going for a weapon.

".....Uh...okay." Wes was now utterly
confused. This man must surely be on something because he was acting
like the Fenrir had just threatened his family. This shouldn't have
been a surprise though, his rage was always causing those around him to
flee with subconscious fear. With a very confused shrug, Wes got his
hands on another taco and took a big bite once more, munching happily.
Another bite gone and the Fenrir's eyes focused on a rather tall woman
approaching and a girl appearing to his immediate right. "Zey haff
fish?" Wes gave a look of ecstatic shock as he quickly scarfed down the
rest of his second beef taco. As he pestered the cart man for a fish
taco, Wes put down a ten dollar bill for his food before he forgot and
sniffed the air once more. There was an air of familiarity with the
coming of one of these girls, maybe even both. It wasn't until the girl
to his right made visible a number of glyph covered necklaces, one of
which had garou glyphs on it. No, that was impossible...wasn't it? He
was just seeing things right? His curiousity now kicking in, Wes' eyes
began thoroughly investigating, scanning over this woman with the fish
tacos. He would keep his silence for now, not wanting to blurt out
anything in front of the human taco salesman.



{Please do not fill out the following until your character has a tier}

General Skills

  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills

  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidou: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Adept

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Daisuke Onigawa   Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:22 am

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Tier: 1-3 seems like a fair enough Tier for a new Captain.

That said, I'm leaving this app up for approval from another Staff Member. This player has expressed interest in becoming the Captain of Squad 9, so I won't sign off on this decision without proper approval. Apparently, he has permission from either Frost or Tsu... But hey. Lemme be careful, hmm?
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Quote :
That said, I'm leaving this app up for approval from another Staff Member. This player has expressed interest in becoming the Captain of Squad 9, so I won't sign off on this decision without proper approval. Apparently, he has permission from either Frost or Tsu... But hey. Lemme be careful, hmm?

I'll approve him for 1-3, Bankai and Gotei 13 due to his previous experience on our old site, Bleach Untold Stories. That and he reserved his Captain spot as well.

He needs to apply at the link below, though, for it to be valid. If he doesn't, someone else will probably take it. So please apply for your Captain spot and I or another staff member will most likely approve it.


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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Daisuke Onigawa   Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:10 am

Would like to request reactivation please! Also, now added upgrades from member of the month stuff...tier is now 1-2+

Daisuke Onigawa: 1-2+
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Reactivated. ^^

Tsubine's Character List
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A'ight! This is has been in here long enough!
Moving from Innactive to Archived! Post Here if you return or pick up this character again!

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Daisuke Onigawa
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