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 Cute Scarfed Eldritch Abomination That Loves Everyone [Calypso App Tracker]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Cute Scarfed Eldritch Abomination That Loves Everyone [Calypso App Tracker]   Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:48 pm


Welp this is a long overdue thing, gonna be updating some of Calypso's application stuffs (personality, history, etc.) since I got a burn for her right now and Anyburst is hype.

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Angry Charmander
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Cute Scarfed Eldritch Abomination That Loves Everyone [Calypso App Tracker]   Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:50 pm



A trait so prominent and undeniable in Calypso that it's difficult to write out any sort of personality of her's without mentioning it at the forefront. Since birth, this young demon has suffered from an overpowering sense of fear, overwhelm, and generally crippling panic. This is due to having a rather... Problematic birth, even if she has no memory of the traumatic event such an occasion was. Before releasing and becoming acclimated to the power sealed deep within her being, Calypso couldn't even walk into a moderately populated area without feeling as if she was being torn apart. Not only was being privy to everyone's emotions regardless of her desires whether or not to sense them, even sounds and lights tipped off her terror, having caused terrible panic attacks and episodes. Though as of the present, she has been able to overcome such a problematic experience, however she still can't handle things like riled crowds or people who possess overpowering emotions, seen when she had sensed Ulv's fury and went into a temporary state of shock, momentarily ceasing proper function.

Such a trait has also made her a massive worrier, mostly in regards to how others view her. Majority of the time, anyway she gets nervous is mostly from being soaked in terror that others will not like her or take an interest. She wishes dearly to help others in need of such, though is always under the terribly false supposition that if nobody liked her, nobody would want her help, along with being in terror of living in loneliness. The very thought of loneliness terrifies her, instincts constantly calling her to find others to socialize with, no matter how much she feels drained by her fear. Though she hasn't been driven to any particularly extreme actions due to such feelings, she still finds forming friendships very, very important.


What is 'human' to our dear little Calypso? In her mind, anything with a consciousness and ability to reason, along with general sentience, is considered human to her. Most times when she labels something human, she doesn't intend to apply the label in the sense of personification (in fact she finds the sentiment rather disrespectful due to some implications that only things of familiarity can be considered humane, for example, a pet, rather than everything, regardless of one's emotional hooks to the creature), but rather as to recognize it as a thinking creature just as herself, worthy of respect and dialogue if it is capable of reciprocating dialogue. And due to such a sentiment, it's nearly impossible for Calypso to treat anything cruelly based off of appearances, the mere thought disgusts her that many are capable of it. Her opinions of others are based solely off one's character and behavior, as a beast could have a kind heart, though a pretty lass could have a cold, dead one.

She strongly believes that any creature can be given a chance, no matter how perceivably dangerous they could be. This has been exhibited, in example, her interest in hollows, more particularly, the bestial population. Her heart aches for them since she knows they were once a functional, thinking person, the idea of having one's mind robbed is a soul-rending thought to her. She wishes to aid them, and creatures like them, though is saddened she doesn't have the power to now and having no idea if she ever will.

Lover of All

Having the weight of being connected to every sentient being in the multiverse does not come without a sort of all encompassing empathy for them. Even if at a subconscious level, Calypso understands other beings on a primal level, and cannot help but wish to spread her love and care to them. The young demon, despite her family's atrocities against nations of peoples, wishes deeply to reduce the suffering of others as much as possible. Witnessing the suffering of others is horribly painful to the girl because not only can she feel their pain through her empathic abilities, such a circumstance shaped her morals to protect others, rather than destroy for the sake of destruction and one's own self-indulgence.

She tries to treat everyone with kindness upon meeting, even if things can sour or become frustrating, at the very least she tries to be a warm individual and keep any of her snippy moods on the lighter end. Most times she expresses upset towards a person is if they're behaving in an actually objectifiable way, or if her concern for them is high enough. Other times she could just be in a bad mood and frustrated with thinking of what to do or say.


A trait that has also stuck with Calypso since birth, the young demon always seems to be holding herself back. Well, the very first action in her life was, in fact, suppressing the majority of her potential and energy away in a deep dark pit in her being, it wouldn't be unnatural that she would repeat such behavior in the common day. Calypso is in constant fear that she's giving too much into things, like being overly imposing on people, or doing actually pretty normal actions that she believes are too cumbersome for others around her. Because of this fear, she normally tries to keep herself winded down and timid while around people, as not to upset them.

She also exhibits this in her abilities. Even if she has Asthavon blood and indeed already possesses some powerful abilities, she appears to be rather lackluster beyond the basics. She is so afraid of harming others, that she subconsciously pins her offensive abilities down. Even then, unless she feels threatened, she isn't keen on fighting right away to begin with. She does seem to have some sort of killer instinct inside of her, but even that is hidden under dense layers of wraps that she has no interest in touching.


Strong Primal Desires

Mind is everything to Calypso's being, her very physical existence is possible and functional due to possessing a mind, thus she has a sort of mind over matter relation with herself. And with every mind, there's some form of baseline instincts to them, however, Calypso has more than the standard creature's own. She has an innate desire to comfort and be close to others, which feeds strongly into her desires to help others and otherwise feel useless if she cannot do so. In some respects, it actually hurts to think about her own failings and inabilities, causing her to be far more laser-focused on becoming stronger, despite not even being alive a year yet.

Even if that type of trait exists within her, there is also another instinct within her mind, though it's one she buried far too deep to be immediately concerned about, or even aware of, or care. An instinct tightly tied to her Nightmare concept, something fearsome lies behind those young golden eyes, no matter how kind she can be. It hasn't had many chances to emerge, only able to take footing during high stakes moments, which Calypso purposefully avoids. Whether it's to keep this thing hidden, or merely accidental, is unknown.

Sense of Guilt

As pre-established, Calypso is very fearful of upsetting, offending, or otherwise driving people away. But it doesn't stop there, she feels guilt for many things, regardless of her fault in them. Sometimes, she sees those within the world crying suffering, and can't help but feel it's her fault it's like that. She always feels like she was born too late to save anyone, and tries to work to make up for her failure in existing "far too late". This is part of why she's so hellbent on helping others, saving others from the metaphorical darkness in one's soul.

She is also easy to feel remorse, no matter how small and inconsequential her mistakes could be. Even if she isn't outward about her guilt, wronging people indeed sticks with her, as she is only fueled by the guilt to do them better. No matter how long ago she had felt she wronged someone, she will remember it, and try to do better by them.

Unwillingness to Succumb to Madness

The Asthavons are a family of powerful, but corrupt demons. Calypso is very aware of this fact, too aware, cripplingly aware. Though she hasn't known the extent of the chaos inflicted to the world by them, she knows that her lineage has caused plentiful pain and suffering. Though she had noticed a trend in her family of succumbing to the darkness that seems to be present in their souls, just waiting to crawl out and infect them like a horrible disease. Cali is vaguely aware of her own, if at all, but at the same time is strong in resisting any sort of malicious attempts on her mind or body. She vehemently pushes herself to be a kind, good person, and actively avoid any pulls or lulls towards corruption, at least those she is aware of.

Such a desire has even been exhibited through her suppression. At times, she thinks to allow her more violent abilities to grow is dangerous, but at the same time this, in turn, hurts her chance in growth. Since heeding the words of Khala and accepting her light and love, although unsure of her own destiny, she has tried to break down this suppression, a little by little, though is fearful of what baggage she could unearth by mistake...

Fear of Corruption

Despite her conviction in being against the depravity, Calypso is still a fearful creature of what she could become. Not being able to look into the future and see what happens, essentially, makes the situation feel all the more terrifying. She has terrible nightmares at times, though are total 'what if' scenarios, she is fearful she will become like her mother or relatives, and such things are the only thing she dreams about on the rare occasion her mind creates one for herself. The more she hears or witnesses the effects particularly her mother has on the world, the more her fear grows, the more her will to resist wishes to grow.


Strong Conviction, Weak Action

Calypso actually is a very strongly convicted person with rather far-reaching goals. To aid demonkind (Though due to Khala, using Khalaism as a catalyst), to veer her mother and family away from the path of madness, and generally bring peace and comfort to many. The issues lie in her ability to do it, and her confidence to do such. Sometimes when she goes up for a task... She shrinks. Not literal shrinkage but, she's restrained. Though she possesses the strong desires to fix things, to make things better, to love everyone and everything... Desires are just the dreams in the winds of consciousness if you don't possess the strength of character to execute them.

As stated before, Cali's main problem is her level of restraint on herself. This restraint, this fear, is what prevents her from really going all out, in power and in mind. She certainly does have the power to aid others even if it is not at it's fullest, but she herself has fallen under the belief that she does not have the ability to do so. When she looks at a daunting task, she is hit with thoughts of "I can't do this", or "What if I mess it up?". Such thoughts make her retreat to try another day.

Though recently, she has been forcing herself to do more, to think more, to pull away from the doubt, but some fear within her still exists... She feels as if, she's afraid of herself at times.

Sea Of Voices, Yet Lonely

Calypso appears to have a sea of millions if not billions of additional consciousnesses living in her flesh. These consciousnesses take the form of the eyes that appear on her body and also compose some of her abilities as well. They appear as if they have minds of her own, except... This isn't quite true. They exist as a consequence of her birth, the horrible strain of being connected to many at once, just to be silenced, packed away, and diminished. They aren't actual people, rather constructs her mind created to deal with the effects of the strain, a plethora of empty personalities that behave as if human, but actually behave based off her own inner emotions, impulses, and mental prods. Since Cali freed some of her packed away power, they are able to plainly speak, but again, they merely are voices echoing her own emotions.

Calypso isn't very aware of this fact, in fact, she still treats them like they're individuals, even if they're simply husks created by her own mind at birth to cope with the stress it took to bring her into existence. A delusion, or simply lying to herself to keep her away from the truth, is unclear. Regardless, even if these exist within her flesh, even with all of these voices, she feels alone. When she is on her lonesome, when she is stuck with her own thoughts and mind, a gnawing feeling of empty exists. Whether this is the unconscious cries of her psyche to release the restraints she crashed onto herself upon birth or a lack of sensing others, is not aware to her.

Bursts of High Energy

In the better of her moods, Calypso is rather energetic, or well capable of such. Her expression of excitement, when she actually is surrounded by those she feels comfortable towards, is actually very child-like and profound. The issue is that she often doesn't get to express such energy and instead buries it in her mind, swallowing it instead of constantly expressing and feeling it. Fear of judgment, fear of going too far, etc. are keys in why she doesn't often express this, at least not in the material world.

Within dreams, she feels far less restricted and is far more likely to be more spunky and curious, likely due to being in her element. Though these are more in little flourishes than a constant streaming of excitement and awe. She tries to keep herself contained because she is under the impression that if she got carried away, she'd commit questionable acts.


Easily Flustered



Bit of a Grump

Highly Sensitive

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Cute Scarfed Eldritch Abomination That Loves Everyone [Calypso App Tracker]   Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:11 pm


Day 1

Likely Calypso's most notable trait; The young demon views and interacts with the world with a child-like lense. She genuinely believes that somehow, some way, everything can come to be perfectly happy and cheerful, and works towards making such a thing reality. She does however realize how unrealistic the idea is, but she still pushes to it anyways. She also performs pretty kid-like behavior, such as being overly expressive with her body, easily becoming excited, having interests lying in watching children's television or playing with toys, and most notably, eating candy (Not desserts, just candy or chocolate.). Whenever you catch her happy, she has the brightest of looks in her golden eyes, and a great big smile, also probably doing something with her hands as she speaks. She is also very, very prone to goofing off or doing things she shouldn't be doing (To her ignorance, of course). Cali proves to also be very jokey or silly with those she derives comfort from.

Loving Of All:
Tied with her childish nature and some deeply rooted events, Calypso can't help but love... Everyone. No matter how hideous they are in body, mind, or soul, she wants nothing more than to give everyone a great big hug, pat of the head, and say everything will be fine. She'd be very saddened if people tried to kill her, or if she witnessed death before her, hell even seeing people hurt makes her cringe. She sees a person, and sees them as a person, she sees them as 'human'. Though she heavily dislikes amounting everything to humans (since it's kind of an eyeroller to her that any intelligent being amounts traits of other creatures to be much alike themselves, and that seeing them in their natural form is unacceptable) it's far shorter than, 'Capable of thought, mind, and feeling, and is worthy of respect, a voice, and love'.

Let's just say Calypso confronts a rather intimidating fellow. The common person would be afraid to approach this scary guy, probably a scary haircut, a gnarled face, tattoos? Whatever the common person would feel uncomfortable around. Calypso would just hop up to them casually, give them a great big smile, and say hello, probably strike a conversation with them. Calypso isn't afraid of people, Calypso is only afraid of what a person would do to her. She doesn't immediately see individuals as dangerous unless proven to be; just to make clear she can plenty recognize danger and react accordingly to such a thing. But she hates first impression judgement and tries to get to know someone before passing her thoughts, even then she wouldn't be cruel to someone and deny them the kindness she feels everyone has a chance to be given.

Day 2

Tying very closely to her childish nature, after finally being able to be free of her fearful nature (or at least how terribly bad it was) from when she was a spawnling, Calypso has felt far more free to express her emotions. Another form of this expression would be excitement. Calypso has quite a copious amount of mental energy, obviously translated into physical, and thus, if she has the right trigger, the cutie can range from mild excitement to one comparable of a fleet of 2010 Justin Beiber fans (alright probably not that crazy but you get the point). Normally she goes and goes til she burns out, then goes at it again, but that's only if something's got her really excited. She also gets very mannerism heavy in body, such as hopping around, overgesturing, overly happy facial expressions, etc.

Easily Entertained
Christ, jingling keys near her gets her interested in what the hell you're doing. Calypso is a very interest-sensitive person, always wanting to butt in and see what someone's doing, in order to keep her mind occupied. She is drawn to the smallest of things, hell, she would be entertained by insect turfwars if she were to catch sight of it. Due to her excitable nature, it would make sense that she could be entertained by damn near anything mentally stimulating. She's hardly ever bored since she likes to find an interesting element in even the most boring of things, sometimes bordering into things like the philosophy of paint drying for the sake of a wall looking pretty.

Highly Empathetic
Due to the circumstances of her birth, and the many implications of being the Danava of Dreams and Nightmares, Calypso had gained rather profound empathy, only further channeled with her ability to read other's emotions. It's rather difficult for her to even consider harming people in most circumstances, having rather the compel to talk out the issue rather than actually engage in violence, however as of recent, she was taught in a rather hard way that violence was indeed necessary in some situations, but Cali still holds fast to the idea of peace. Such a trait as this is likely a key and motivator in veering her away from the commonly rather violent and destructive nature most of her royal relatives appear to bear, viewing such a thing almost like a curse due to how common the phenomenon of corruption seems to run in her bloodline.


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Cute Scarfed Eldritch Abomination That Loves Everyone [Calypso App Tracker]
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