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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Week one: is it heaven or hell.

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Shenta mizarugi
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Week one: is it heaven or hell.    Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:30 pm

It was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon as Ryu laid on a tree branch as he casually watched the clouds over head slowly move about, it had now been a week since he had been accepted into squad 2 but so far it has been about as plain as any other week. When he was first accepted he was happy that a squad wanted him but then he was surprised to find out what squad he was going to, his time living in the rugonkai district he always thought that squad two was compromised of the steath force but to only find out that it was now the kido courps as well as the hospital. It seems that a while back the squads had changed there jobs and so now squad five was doing what squad two once did so he was still getting used to his new life as a Shinigami. So far he has made neither any new friends or enemy's which to him suited just fine since he was mostly a loner by nature, and so far he has not had to attend classes cause they gave him a week to get accustomed to the new building and grounds.

" Excuse me but you would happen to be Ryu Takanuchi."

Ryu looked down towards the ground to see a pretty girl, she was about 5:10 or 5:11 and weighed in probably at 150. She had long pink hair which she had put up into a pony tail with a hair pin sticking out from behind her head.

" What if I am who's asking." Ryu said to the girl, he did not to come off harsh but that was just how he spoke to people and there was also the matter of not knowing who this girl was that seemed to be looking for him.

" I'm Ino nakanachi and I was sent by zero hidan to come first d you, something about kido class that all first years to the squad has to be at. Also if I was you I would work on how I spoke to girls cause you might get a date if you did."

Ino said as she winked at Ryu befor she turned around and walked off out of view, so since he had been summoned he might as well attend so that he tried to not get in trouble his first week in the squad.
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Shenta mizarugi
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Week one: is it heaven or hell.    Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:10 pm

Ryu walked up onto the group that looked to be waiting for him and Ino to get back, in front of the class Ryu could see a man and from his stature and how every one was looking at him it must be the teacher. " Welcome Mr tacanachi and miss Ino, now that you have arrived we can start class. Today we are gonna test you on your individual skills, kido,zanjutsu,hakudo and shunpo. After that we shall calculate your score before you are paired off and we have a small exhibition to see how you fight, once done with that we shall decide where to place you in the squad and which seat you shall have. Now when I call your name you shall come forward and do a kido that we ask of you." One after another members was asked to step up and one by one the numbers drindled down to Ryu, so when his name was called he stepped up. " Ok Ryu I want you to use Hadō number four to hit that target over there." Luckily Ryu had practiced this kido a lot in his spare time so he thought that it would be easy, Ryu pointed his two index fingers at the target. He tried to concentrate as he gathered the reyoku into his fingers, but he had a hard time focusing with all the eyes looking at him. " Hadō number four Byakurai." Ryu managed to shoot a stream of lightning from the tips of his fingers as it managed to hit the target even if it was the closest one and the attack was a little unstable cause his focus was a messed up.

" Good job Mr tacanachi now we shall move on to the next lesson, with that we are gonna see how well you can hold your own with a sword."

Great unfortunately this was his worst skill and he was not very good at it, but the old saying gose that the more you use something the better they become at it. He just hopped that if he failed that it did not look bad on his score, Ryu looked down at his sword that was around his hip as he remembered what happened last time he did a sparing class back at the shinigami academy. It did not go well as he was put up against some one that far surpassed him in sword skills, he ended up with a fractured wrist and a concosion that lasted a whole week.

" Ok class we better get going to the next area cause we still have a long day ahead of us and not a lot of time to get it done in."

The teacher began to make his way to the next spot for the training so the whole squad began to move out, sense Ryu did not particularly wish to partake in this part of the class Ryu was the last one to start walking and stayed at the back of the class.
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Week one: is it heaven or hell.
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