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 Hope you Brought a Shirt

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Hope you Brought a Shirt    Tue 22 Jan - 19:57

The Madman of the Outlands

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

Tatsuya didn't dodge or move as the rubble came close to him it began to incinerate burning away. His eyes of amber remained rather focused on the pathway in front of him. Listening he heard the scream and it didn't cease so the attack hadn't killed whatever it was instantly. Human by the nature of it and female if he had to guess. Tatsuya raised his sword and a blast of heat flow through the room down the hallway. The walls began to burn through from the gas. This gas had turned people in ash statues with the very heat. He would let his power stretch as he turned away walking out of the building. He saw no reason to venture deeper from here. Whatever she'd tested had done so. But also the people below were most certainly dead from that. There was no chance for movement or pain for them. The speed and force of that heated gas killed them. It was a kindness he gave them and that was the very best he could do. Kindness though hard was the answer in this situation. Tatsuya didn't know if many others could have done it.

He sheathed his zanpakuto now with a click before turning around to see what was behind him. The Quincy and he had finished their task a somber one at that. The journey while it had been interesting. Did conclude in a rather sd way as he closed his eyes for a moment. Resolving that he would be going to the bar after this one. He'd killed before and it wasn't something he did often with his power. His mercy was to make it quick instead of dragged out. That was the best he could manage for them after all. Tatsuya didn't enjoy killing people slowly and there was no honor in killing the defenseless. These people were just unfortunate ones who fell upon the path. They were captured by the hollows and used to create these creatures. Tatsuya's eyes turned back towards the building and what remained of it. This was a place of death and didn't deserve to stand any further. His eyes watched as it tumbled now thinking about cutting it down for good. Though he suspected her attack did more than enough.

Tatsuya didn't claim to have perfect killing senses, but when it came to using that gas he was skilled. There were a few things he could accomplish outside of the Volcano powers Amateratsu had given him. This was merely one of them that lingered as he looked back to the door. What could be done to alter this situation from the current one that it had turned into? Had they been paying better attention it would have been different. What a horrible fate to befall any person to be used as eggs. Tatsuya stared at it waiting for something to pop out of the snow. Some hollow though he imagined that no such creature would come. He'd struck it with a superheated gas through the building. Air carries quickly and four hundred and fifty miles an hour is a rather effective movement tool. He sighed softly before simply relaxing his shoulders a bit. Kagami and Sachiko were going to be upset with him again. He often times avoided reports like this one. He certainly wouldn't be taking many more jobs like this one.

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Prideful Quincy

Yoko Kumori

The attack that yoko had performed, seemed like she just came up with it on a whim. No practice was necessarily done, when she did it. She did feel like she should decrease the size of the blast a little, so it would go through the hallway a lot smoother. She could see the burn marks on the walls, like a tank marking its path on the terrain. The blast had made the building shake a bit, but not enough for something that supported the building, to come undone. Yoko had dematerialize her weapon, once Tatsuya had finished what he was doing. It had felt like the job that they did was finally over, however she notice Tatsuya acting strange.

She would assume that Tatsuya was giving the people pity, even knowing that they would have been killed regardless of the matter. “Death is inevitable, surely you know that -- after all you have experienced death at first hand. Right?” Yoko said as she walks towards the exit of the building. She walked at a slow enough pace for the shinigami. But before she would walk, the attention of another hollow had struck her, as she watched the shinigami destroy it without any effort.

Yoko stretched as she felt like she just did a workout, and felt the need to relax, after doing a lot of hollow killing. “Welp, looks like a job well done. Wouldn't you agree?”Tatsuya would see only her back, as she spoke and her following black hair. Yoko placed both of her hands behind her neck.

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Hope you Brought a Shirt
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