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 Operation War Dogs: Defiance. [One and done summative thread for operation war-dogs]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Operation War Dogs: Defiance. [One and done summative thread for operation war-dogs]   Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:09 pm

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Ten days had passed since the cornerstone operation known as "Sierra Dark" since then most of the western shadow fall installments were reduced to shambles, bases fell under the assault of the members that had to devote themselves to giving earth back to its rightful owners. It was a time of complete information blackout.

However, the most important thing that had happened during this ten-day reprieve was not the bases that fell. It was instead the ingenuity shown by the men and woman who worked against the clock tirelessly to reinforce strategic locations throughout the west. Through the approval of supplies from the gotei, a massive amount of material had been secretly shipped in via seikaimon throughout the past ten days tirelessly.

Bases that had broken walls now had been repaired and outfitted with new defenses. In the Rockies, a chain of supply depots was dispersed through endless cavern systems. Miniature versions of the Gotei's grid sat on key bases: Temple Texas, Boulder Colorado, Seattle Washington, and Antelope Oregon.

Although the finishing touches to all these changes had been done over the past 10 days after the final comms center in the west went dark, there had been a large amount of work that had gone on the month prior to that. Each region had been occupied and work had started the instant that communications to shadow fall went dark.

It had been an arduous 40 days, however, in the end, the result was the numerous fortifications that had sprung up through the territories occupied. All remaining shadow-fall tech in the west during this time had also been completely destroyed by the men and women who tirelessly scoured the land.

Now they were ready.

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Operation War Dogs: Defiance. [One and done summative thread for operation war-dogs]
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