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 Devastation is a Natural part of War [WW4 Start Event]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Devastation is a Natural part of War [WW4 Start Event]   Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:24 pm

Upon the arrival of Rose Mischevang into Las Viejo, a mission was put into action that would take advantage of her presence there. With the big bad boss away from home there was little standing in the way between Nagato's forces and the destruction of Shadow Fall's main operations in Hueco Mundo. Why risk an extended war of attrition where the side with more resources wins by default when Blitzkrieg is an option? Such an opportunity could not be passed up by Nagato Tengan. While he remained otherwise preoccupied, his number one right hand man would undertake such an important task of devastation: None other than Kimimaro Kaguya, Nagato's most trusted lieutenant. Only he could guarantee success in such a high stakes mission.

Clad in a discreet and indistinct light brown cloak, hood drawn over his rather infamous face, Kimimaro made his way into the largest city in Hueco Mundo history: Las Rejilla, a megalopolis consisting of four gigantic fortresses and everything imaginable in between. Against the backdrop of white and tan buildings it could hardly be said Kimimaro now stood out, especially given his almost-entirely repressed Spiritual Pressure. To those plodding about around him his identity remained entirely hidden and so they had no reason to worry or panic. For now. Regardless, Kimimaro stayed on mission and continued making his way deeper into Las Rejilla. His aim was simple: Reach the center of the four fortresses, and from there it would begin.

Knowing the details of his mission goal didn't dissuade Kimimaro, a man known for robotically following orders regardless of their specifics, from continuing on. Not in the slightest. Whether these Hollows or Demons lived or died was irrelevant to him, for their mere existence in Shadow Fall's Hueco Mundo capital made them his enemies. Maybe they would survive and live on in Nagato's benevolent empire; then again, maybe they wouldn't. Either way, upon arrival at Las Rejilla's central city square, located perfectly in the middle of the Bloodstorm, Metalstorm, Sandstorm, and Shadowstorm Fortresses, Kimimaro knew it was time to for the party to begin.

With face still covered in the shade of his hood, Kimimaro began loudly addressing the hundreds and thousands of Hollows, Arrancar, and Demons surrounding him "Today is an auspicious day. All of you have been granted the honor of being the first sacrifices on which the stones of Hueco Mundo's future shall be paved. Fear not for today is not an ending, it's the start of a new beginning; one where all of Hollow kind may join together and rain death upon the enemies of Hueco Mundo. As for the Demons...suffer." And thus war was declared far behind enemy lines.

Shedding his cloak, Kimimaro revealed his true identity to onlookers and enemies alike as Nagato's foremost soldier; an identity which would strike fear into the hearts of anyone who knew of Ashlei Clixx's lab experiment and his power. Wasting no time, the white haired Arrancar raised both his hands in opposite directions and began firing dozens of small but potent bone projectiles into the surrounding crowd, piercing and shredding Kimimaro's victims with almost no warning. After sufficient chaos had been sewn, which would continuously spread outward from Las Rejilla's epicenter like a terrible sickness of distress, Kimimaro raised his hands so that his palms faced out and fired two powerful energy blasts known as Cero, destroying everything in their path.

The devastating Cero could be seen all the way from Las Reijilla's outermost edges, drawing the attention of all who lived there. Unbeknownst to the Hollows and Demons now staring at the city's center, Kimimaro's declaration had been a signal to Nagato's forces as well. Hundreds of Garganta began opening all around the Shadow Fall city's outskirts from which thousands upon thousands of Hollows and Arrancar culled from the best of what Hueco Mundo had to offer began spilling. These warriors were those whom initially answered Nagato's call last year, along with those Kimimaro had personally conscripted into the army and as such were strong enough to bulldoze their way through their much more average brethren populating Las Rejilla. Corpses littered the streets as these soldiers forced their way past any who opposed them, leaving naught but destruction and slaughter in their wake.

And so it began.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Devastation is a Natural part of War [WW4 Start Event]   Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:11 am

With the initial disperse of meeting with Nagato, Kimimaro, and the other hollows and arrancar that met at their time of reclamation, Naya receded to her original home, contemplating her actions of whether or not she should continue this fight forward. As the days, months and even years went by, her common abode slowly decreased in size. To her own fault, she was often very passive, and did not like starting conflict with others. She enjoyed being left alone, and if giving territory away caused said person to stop talking and bothering her, she wouldn't hesitate to shut them up and keep moving.

However, on this day, her mindset began to shift. The area that she existed within now was a small sliver of land when she first arrived on the surface of Hueco Mundo. Originally residing in the seas of Hueco Mundo, the flashbacks of her first steps flooded her mind. The amount of help she needed, and how much of her power she needed to disperse to make a version of herself that was able to assist her, her hatred of outside help being the only personality trait that seemed to stay throughout the years. As she continued to walk the shore line, more memories plagued her thoughts, to a point where she became overwhelmed with whom she once was, and began to kneel on the ground and hold her head, trying to shake away all of what she did to assert herself.

"What is this...?"

She pondered to herself, remembering the hollows she devoured without remorse and unintentionally from when she was her Leviathan of a hollow. Her massive size at the time, forced her own isolation as often time she was so large, that by eating, it would no longer feel like anything, as the things she would devour were too small for her to feel, or even know existed. Her presence in the oceans was widely renowned, however as soon as she came onto land, she attempted to repeat that same personality in the oceans on land, and it has taken her no where.

Her kneeling, turned into a crawl as she slowly pursued forward, when seeing a small fragment of mask that washed up on the shoreline. She reached for it, grabbed and held, and eventually turned to examine. This was hers. This massive shard of bone, that was large enough to cover her entire face, was the only fragment of her that she had left to remember herself by.

She held it out in front of her, her face still motionless and void of any emotional draw, yet from her eyes alone there was clear confusion and anger.

"What have I become?"

She thought to herself as she continued to clinch onto her mask and hold on to the reminder of her past. And as she knelt motionless, she heard the disturbance of multiple explosions of cero out in the distance. Her hearing felt as though, it was always silent, and then the actual explosions weren't heard, but the settling of the explosion becoming exponentially louder, as if her head was underwater and she had finally risen up to gasp for air. As her hearing was slowly adjusting back to reality she looked up to the skies and noticed the demonic entities that were boxing off her home, flying towards the explosion to counteract the disturbance.

"What must I do...?

She asked herself as she looked back to her mask, and her confused glared slowly faded into a calming rage. She took her sword, and jabbed two holes into it for where her eyes would be in relation to this fragment, and then placed it over her face so that she wore it as her mask as a memory. As soon as it was placed on her face, she noticed the same Garganta calling that happened on the day of her reclamation appear behind her. And she thought once more

"What I have always done... isolate and devour..."

Her eyes squinted as she utilized her sonido to enter the portal, and upon exiting she kept her momentum, using it to slide through the air above Kimimaro and deal with the threats that she had noticed in the air prior to her entry. She took two large sweeping swings with her odachi, the first was of a vibrant teal aura that seemed to encompass the entirety of her wingspan within the swords range. The teal aura collected itself in front of her and sizzled as if it were steaming the air around her. Upon her second swing, her swing was a lot faster, collect that energy in addition to the newly formed energy as she created a cero that shaped itself into a crescent moon styled wave of energy and fired it forward, taking out a vast majority of the aerial threats and those that were left she squinted at again, before sonido-ing forward, with her odachi laying flat against her forearm and dealing with those threats at a hand-to-hand distance, sliding the first with the side of her blade, then jabbing the body before it dropped, and using her momentum to swing the blade forward to toss the body at the next target, following up with herself grabbing the threat, and utilizing the hinged portion of her mask fragment to bite down and tear out a chunk of the demons neck. She spit it to the ground, and then unhinged the halves again to charge and fire a point blank bala into the demon's face. Then tossing the body to the ground.

She then looked down at Kimimaro and looked to Nagato, giving a nod to notice that they were there. She then removed the fragment of her mask off from her face to pay respects to them both, and to confirm that she was willing to work with them, before placing the mask on and saying.

"Thank you for the invite."

As she continued to work the aerial threats down to a sizeable number.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Devastation is a Natural part of War [WW4 Start Event]   Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:42 pm

Coldblooded Hollow


Song: N/a STUFF - Artist: N/A STUFF - Words: N/A

Tch..I didn't expect him to do that much damage on me.The snake hollow said to herself as she emerged from a self-made garganta and into the white sands of Hueco Mundo, her body was still recuperating after that scuffle she got into with a shinigami in the human world. Her skin She gazed at her wound and rubbed her finger across her forearm and grimaced. There was no soft padding underneath, and the surface was no longer smooth but less elastic than a piece of swimwear and with each movement she made dry flakes would continue to break away into the sharp light of the moon to join the laden air.

She decided it would be best to hole up in a small cave to safely tend to her wounds, after all in her current condition she could be easily devoured by another hollow. Thus she did she went through a process called ecdysis or in this case molting which allowed her to heal her injuries with ease though it would take time. However as she was finished a loud explosion that could be heard for miles, and upon seeing the garganta in the sky and sensing the enormous spiritual pressure it had to be Nagato..and apparently there was someone with him. With great interest it appeared that a battle was taking place and she wanted to join the fray, not only but to prove her alligance towards him. looking back to the day she saw the one called Nagato and his talk about reclamation...while she doesn't know if her other hollows have thought about it it did give her insight on what he mentioned specifically to her. The Monstrous...

With that in mind Miia would quickly utilize sodino to head towards the area and upon arriving she saw the two of them including another hollow who was also doing her best to assist the two powerhouses. Miia would quickly see a few demons coming towards her vicinity and quickly reacted, first Miia would concentrate the energy within her cero and focus it into her tail causing it to glow green, the energy was so great it caused the sand itself to melt though it was limited to melee range but that's what she wanted to do in the first place. So with a use of sodino she would use the forward momentum she gained as swing her body around allowing her tail to gain speed and acceleration before hitting a demon in its side causing the acid to eat away at its body and coiled around him secreting acid all throughout her body before biting its head off with her powerful jaws leaving it a bubbled corpse of its former self. Then using the last bit of energy she would then swiped it vigorously into the air creating a horizontal cero slash which would cause it to rain acid which would most likely get rid of most aerial threats.

If there were any demons left she would quickly fire bala's of acidic energy at any ground forces coming towards either her or her fellow breathern. Noticing both Nagato and Kimimaro she gave the two a subtle nod. "It's an honor to serve you both.

She would continue to assist in ridding these wretched demons however she can.

Coding By: [THEFROST]

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Devastation is a Natural part of War [WW4 Start Event]
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