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 The Anima Mundi

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Anima Mundi    Sat Feb 02, 2019 4:48 am

World Soul | Anima Mundi

» Summary: Otherwise known as "The World Soul", what is it? Anima Mundi is the spiritual energy and raw force that the World itself is. Think of the world as a giant Anima Stone that is a system connecting all things on the planet. This is utilised by Soul Evolution Humans and humans in general. By controlling the "soul" of the planet a user can begin to alter physical aspects of the world by subtle manipulation of the world around them. As an example by manipulating the soul of the water they stand on a user can begin to walk on water by pulling on the soul and manipulating its properties. Concrete that is otherwise rigid can temporarily become a liquid for a trap or even elastic to propel a person as if the concrete was a trampoline.

» Description: The existence of the planet known as Earth, the Anima Mundi functions as a being similar to a primordial earth deity found in various mythology. You could refer to it as an existence similar to Gaia or Cybele however there are many different names and faces that people have interpreted it. Nevertheless all those that are "human" possess a connection to the Anima Mundi, those that have departed and rejected their humanity such as Shinigami or Demons even people that were modified so far that they are no longer able to be recognised as a child of the planet.

However while underneath the protection and authority of "Gaia" humans can see a powerful connection to it, this is mostly seen through Soul Evolution Humans who have remained heavily connected to it but other humans can either strengthen their connection or create one. Someone who held a great deal of power on it could potentially materialise power directly from the Mundo Kentroi, the conceptual centre of the Earth.

» Applications and Effects:
Environmental Manipulation: The most basic form of use from the Anima Mundi is altering the environment by commanding it to occur, this is similar to rewriting the laws of nature on Earth specifically and on a level of material alteration and reconstruction. This can allow for them to give them an advantage with the environment of Earth even if it is just small ones like being able to stand on air or water or use solid material as a spring.

Foreign Material Rejection: A more complicated form is the ability to reject foreign influences from those that are not human in nature. This is like if a shinigami or demon were to try and create a field of energy then a human or a collective of humans can begin to reject this influence on their planet and reject the augmentation that they would normally get. This can potentially also be used for the inverse and give advantages to people that are humans if they make use of it correctly.

External Power Source: Self-Explanatory, some users can drain energy from the World around them. For the Soul Evolution Humans though this is pretty key to them, as they use their Anima Stones as a means to draw Prime Matter from the Earth and Universe around them. Other humans could do this as well however to lesser extents or unless they were specifically directed towards absorbing energy from the environment.

Potential for Power Development: Getting to higher levels of this a person can begin to reach levels such as connecting to the centre of the Earth, becoming a terminal in which the Anima Mundi can award incredible levels of power and potential for forms or abilities to develop however this is very rare and usually it involves becoming a level in which the person is an extension of the planet more than an individual person at this stage. Going in too deep can eventually turn someone in a piece of the planet and a personification of it. Usually requires a very high tier, or large amounts of energy to prevent one's sense of self from being lost.


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The Anima Mundi
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