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 Hayuko Narumi [WIP]

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Hayuko Narumi [WIP] 6EdIfMt


- [ T H E - R E B I R T H ] -

Real Age: 425
Appears to be: 25
D.O.B: February 5th, 1994 02/05/1994
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Host Race: Human/Shinigami



Height: Hayuko is rather tall compared to some people around the world, although he is not much taller than the average height 5’10. Hayuko measures at 6 feet 1 inch, definitely tall for the Japanese male.



~The beginning~

Hayuko, the unfortunate bearer of hell itself... It all started when Hayuko was a mere child. Born young when his misfortunes began. Born happy, cursed young. Eternally suffering.

It all started when he was three, his parents had been killed in a car accident. It had been an incident where the driver had been speeding away from the cops and crashed into a pole. After their death he was forced to live in a foster home. Things weren't that bad. He had a lot of friends, with the same problem he had. Some of them had run away from home because their parents were so abusive. Hayuko considered his father abusive. He doubted that he was loved by that monstrosity. Given it some time, he would have run away by himself.

Little did he know his father had been sent to hell for being a criminal. He had raped four women. He got one of them pregnant. We now know this child bearer as Hayuko's mother. Who didn't love her child, she hated being with him because she never desired a child in the first place. He had killed others for money; you could say he was pretty big with the mafia as well. But Hayuko's father found a life as equally terrifying as his very existence. He couldn’t seem to adapt to any of hells environments. The harsh deserts, the icy planes, or the pits of retribution.

During the same time that Hayukos father had died, Satan had wanted to expand his kingdom further than just hell. He wanted to stretch his empire of misery to those in other places. He wanted more power, and more servants. The planet within his crosshairs was none other than earth. Hayuko's father overheard this rumor and made a proposition to Satan. Satan could not travel back to earth because of the fact that he had been weak. He needed to grow his power within a living soul. But if he used a human vessel he could. Being the bastard that he was Hayuko's father made a proposition to exchange his soul for a certain amount of time, until he found his son Hayuko. He would be able to use his very child as a vessel and grow, and bring his soul back to his body. Satan or Lucifer found the idea rather amusing and agreed with the puny human.

Little did Hayuko’s gullible father know, a dead soul from the demon world could not last long. In fact it was more than likely that Satan was going to consume his father’s soul after being transferred to his son’s body.

~The Possession~

Satan a few days later infused himself with Hayuko's father, and opened a portal to the human world. Although, to open the portal in such a weak human body took too much strength. He found himself weak; he realized that he would have to feed off of another living human. He remembered what the father had said and then allowed his father to take control of the body. Like the gullible tool that his father was, he had sought out his son’s life. Looking for him, trying to find him, to inevitably give him a curse that anyone would kill themselves over.

Eventually after hours of searching, Hayuko had finally been found. Hayuko’s father at this point had been losing his sanity, as Satan had been whispering in his mind for the past few hours him. Tainting him further, corrupting him. Hayukos father had tied Hayuko up, despite his child’s tears and his pleas. Screaming sorry every time he added a knot, all of it was to no avail. “There im finally done…” He said expecting Satan to release him, but what happened next was rather shocking. Hayukos father had begun to disorientate. Parts of his skin were literally searing off, and other parts of his body soon began to disappear. Soon his father was gone, and the remnant was a terrifying demon left. So terrifying he could not be described. A shroud of darkness overcame Hayuko and he had been knocked unconscious

What had happened was that Satan had used the remainder of his strength to seal himself into a dormant sleep. A sleep that would allow him to recover his former power. A sleep that would allow him to feed off of Hayuko’s life force for years to come. In other words, the demon was doing this in order to increase his own power.

~Growing up~

Hayuko has no idea of what had happened to him, he had no idea of what kind of terrible beast had been hidden in him. Two years later hayuko was finally five years old. And His miseries strangely began to occur. His friends began to turn on him, calling him a freak. Shunning him. Everything he knew was about to be changed. Everything around him began to fail. Every day something new unexplained event would occur.

Strange things would happen, and his friends would get injured. Soon, all of them began to turn on him. Every time it happened more people began to hate him. He couldn't even walk around in his foster home without someone trying to attack him. One day on a certain night, he was being beat against a corner, no one wanted to help him. Soon as he yelled for help, the entire foster home was set aflame.

No explanation was ever found for the burning of the building. Nor was there an explanation for why hayuko was the only one alive.

And the start of his unsteady life continued. He was transferred to another foster home. And yet the same thing began to repeat. Except he didn’t have any friends this time, they all just seemed to hate him. It was like he was just emitting a negative, evil aura. An aura so powerful it just made everyone fear him. He hoped from foster home from foster home, and in each in everyone they were all burned down. People who never knew him began to hate him, he was rejected wherever he went. He was no longer allowed to go to any other foster homes. He was shunned for life.

It was only around this time, when he was found by a shinigami sensing high resiatsu levels emitting from him. Hayuko had no idea, what the strange shinigami was talking about. He didn’t understand any of it, he just did what he was told because the shinigami was the only one who didn’t fear him. He was soon brought to the gotei 13 for training, in order to become a shinigami.

~The Shinigami Arc~

After training for six years in the confined walls of seireitei, he had finally become an accomplished shinigami. Of course he had not done anything ridiculously incredible like achieve a shikai yet. But that didn’t stop anyone from praising him. He was only eleven years old and yet he was able to wield a zanpaktou with such caliber. No-one understood why, but he was also cold blooded against any hollow. People had simply figured that was his personality, in which he was born to be a leader. But that wasn’t true, for whatever reason Hayuko loved a battle. It boiled in his blood, it made him bloodthirsty. He didn’t understand it, it wasn’t human. It was a... Demonic trait, but nobody had known this true side of Hayuko.

What they had been wondering, is how such a small boy could muster such strength? Little did them, or Hayuko himself know that the immense power that Hayuko was drawing on. Was that of the notorious Satan, a friend, and devil in disguise. Hidden inside of Hayuko’s very body. Now that Hayuko was even stronger, this was more than Satan could have hoped for. The boy becoming a shinigami allowed him to feed off of more energy from the boy. Crippling his ultimate potential in the process.

It was a more peaceful life for Hayuko, for him life finally seemed to get better. He had friends, nobody disliked him for the aura he had. They mistook that aura for a strong spiritual strength that he had just been born with. He was well on his way to being a part of the eleventh division. Passing his classes with excellent marks. It seemed like nothing could go wrong for this young man.
It was a mere two years later. He was now thirteen and he had accomplished managed to achieve shikai, and almost his bankai. He had met friends that wouldn't leave him. Friends he could depend on. Times were finally starting to look up for him.

But it was during this time when he began to learn what he truly was. A true monster, an abomination.

~The Satanic Arc~

Hayuko is had just turned a few weeks ago, and he was advancing his shinigami ability at a rapid rate. (Please remember that the reason why he was advancing so quickly through all of this, was because of the demon spirit inside being a catalyst) Soon, he entered his shinigamis world once again. Once after had achieved his shikai, this time for a much bigger purpose. To achieve his bankai state.

Hayuko found himself in the mystical mountains of his spirit’s realm. Hayuko’s spirit Enkou had presented itself towards him in an outrage. It was a mythical bird called a phoenix, a bird that literally flies across the lit with flames. The only unique thing about this phoenix, was that it was a blue color and not red. Hayuko didn’t understand why the spirit came at him with such agression, Hayuko’s spirit had always been compassionate, old and wise. It always gave out advice, it thought Hayuko what he needed to know. In other words, the phoenix was completely out of character.
It fired a scorching blast of blue searing flames in a shape of a piercing spiraling laser out of its shining neon blue beak. The flame had been over nine-hundred degrees Celsius, the rapid movement of the heat blurring everything else around it. Hayuko had to make a quick move before that threatening blast hit him, so he dove backwards off of the peak of the mountain he had been standing on. He started to free fall, doing a backflip to land on an edge that jutted out of the mountain.

When he looked up the peak of the mountain had been hit by the flames, and its pieces began to fly away; blown apart by the powerful blast. While the debris began to fall, some of the rock had litteraly melted in thin air from the immense amount of heat that heat that had been used in the attack. Hayuko then had to begin masterfully avoiding the rocks, and molten rocks that were falling down in his direction. Shuffling his feet and using a series of quick flash steps, he looked as he had been dancing around the rocks. So perfectly you, you could have thought that all of this had been coordinated beforehand.

The phoenix continued to attack Hayuko in the same matter, and in the same matter Hayuko had to continue dodging his attacks. This repetitive and redundant way to battle had continued on for hours. Like a game of cat and mouse, and Hayuko was the mouse. He would continue to hide and avoid, because he could not do anything to do high-flying phoenix. But hayuko continued the game, patiently waiting for his moment to strike.

An hour later hayuko was starting to lose his stamina, his endurance was being put to the test. Then his opportunity came rather unexpectedly, as the phoenix had spotted him once again. But then the phoenix froze on a cliff edge, and started to look at the sky. Soon it began to wail, wail loudly. Like a little girl screaming in a horror movie, it began to cry. Its tears did not look anything like tears should, even if they are phoenix tears. It looked like it was oozing a black liquid from its eyes, that seemed a lot like it could have been petroleum.

Hayuko took no waste of time as the phoenix was not suspecting, and it took a blade through its heart, slaying his own spirit and gaining rights to his Bankai form. But he did not feel any success from this, or any much stronger. It almost seemed as if something had gone wrong, like he swallowed a drug that made him feel a sort of depression. It seemed to be a state of which something was choking his heart, but it was nothing like depression. It was like an overwhelming strength coming from inside his body, that wasn’t his own.

It was only a few months later that hayuko figured what was wrong with him. It was during a mission in which he was assigned to assassinate a certain arancer that had been cause chaos among the citizins of a small city in the human world. It was during this time when Hayuko had released his bankai to take on the menace terrorizing the people. But there was something different about everything. Instead of his electrifying bright blue flames, he had released a menacing dark and threatening thick black flames that resembled the feelings of despair.

After a grueling timely and heavy battle he eliminated the arrancar, leaving nothing but a charred crisp behind. He was weak and tired. Then suddenly his body began to feel heavy, and a sense of pain and fear began to set in. Soon he began to hear terrifying whispers in his head, like a snake speaking the English language. Trying to ruin his psychological state with sinister mind tricks. Soon enough, his field of vision soon began to cloud up in darkness. His eyesight slowly being covered up by dark-dots adding up until he blacked out.

He soon awoke, and the same village he had just saved was left in flames. Dead bodies could be seen everywhere, some half eaten others completely obliterated. It was a horrific scene from a horror movie, but brought to real life. He looked down at himself and he was covered in blood, but it wasn’t his. That’s when the realization began to set in. He was the monster.

~The Corruption Arc~

A few years later, Hayuko has learned to accept what he is. Satan had been awakened from his slumber, trying to escape from the seal that he himself had created. What he did not expect, was Hayuko to grow so much in strength. With this growth in strength, the seal he had created . He had been attempting to disrupt Hayuko’s natural form by ruining him psychologically. Whispering to him in his mind, plaguing his sleep with gruesome nightmares.

Soon enough, Satans powers began to ooze out of Hayuko. Hayuko used this to his advantage and began to harness it to for his own. Little did he know, how bad of an idea it could be. Leaving his shinigami power to be non-existent, Satan soon took over the weakened link and litteraly consumed Hayuko’s spirit partner Enkou. Raising his own powers once again, and weakening Hayuko’s. For he severed the link between him and his zanpaktou, it was now useless to him and he had to give it up.
Satan began to manifest himself even more onto Hayuko. Slowly pulling him into a deep dark pit of despair, his powers continued to control. Hayuko’s control on the beast was starting to slip. The next night in the window he could see his eyes turning from its usual red color to a complete and utter black. The strange thing about the black color was that in the middle, you could see something even darker in the shape of a sharp dragon’s pupil. Hayuko literally seemed demonic.

Satan’s roots only continued to grow deeper as soon, Satan began to manifest himself onto mirrors. He would be speaking to Hayuko from his own appearance. The mental stress was building up, at nights he couldn’t sleep, during the day he was too stressed to do anything. The only way he would be able to control some of the inner flames burning in him were to release his powers at night. He was losing control over his self will, and Satan continuously oppressed himself onto Hayuko. Revealing more and more every moment.

~The Supposed Salvation~

One day Hayuko’s miserable life had seemingly started to get brighter. It was a Tuesday, Hayuko was trying to relieve some of his stress by going out into the city. Enjoying himself doing something, instead of moping around at home exactly how Satan wanted him too. He got hungry and fancied some pizza. It was there when he met a wonderful girl named Ikarumi. Meeting her by a waitress coincidentally mixing up their orders, Hayuko ended up staying for a chat with the new girl he had just met. Sitting there in conversation for an hour or two. He was actually enjoying himself.

After they finished the pizza Hayuko opted to pay the bill, and he began to leave until Ikarumi told him something interesting. “So your part demon too huh?” Hayuko stared at her with a mortified face, and slowly turned his head and walked out the door. Did it show on his face? Was it his aura giving him away? He didn’t know what it was, he didn’t want to find out. He was sure that Satan had not manifested himself onto him. Strangely he hadn’t felt Satan’s presence in the past two to three hours. It was all too strange, and Hayuko scurried home.

The next day, Hayuko went back into the city once again. He had just had a night free of Satan’s terrible grasp, and it felt good. Not having to live in the constant harassment of that fiend was a blessing, and he thought it was all because of how he went into the city yesterday. He looked to enjoy himself a little bit today too. What better opportunity than at the a karakura festival?

Little did he know, he was about to have another fateful encounter. With who? Well you guessed it, he had somehow managed to find himself together with ikarumi once again. This time they sat down and had a very lengthy talk about what she meant, when she was talking about being part demon. It had appeared to be, that she had an inner demon about as powerful as his very own. She had told Hayuko of the struggles she had to keep it under control, and although they didn’t sound exactly like his. They were defiantly frightening.

Instead of spending their entire time dwelling on what they are, how their lives a miserable because of it. They ended up enjoying their day at the festival. Going on all the rides together, they ended up becoming great friends by the end of the day. They exchanged numbers by night-time, about to go home. And then the fireworks from the festival flew into the sky, creating a crackling exploding sound. Creating a masterpiece of art in the air before them. Hayuko only took one glance at the extravaganza before turning and pulling Ikarumi to her, and giving her a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever.

And so this thing began between the two of them, going out like the most happy of people. During this time, Hayuko now had a rejuvenated will in his life. He had the strength to fight against Satan’s oppression. In fact he even began to harness Satan’s powers and make it his own. No longer fearing the beast within him, he was making the beast a part of him. Making it his own, so that he could be able to gain his own power.

~The Devastation Arc~

A fearsome monster had just appeared to the scene of Karakura, its name? Ender. A horrifying monster far more powerful than anything Hayuko could possibly imagine. Or so he thought, during this time everyone was in a panic. Forces were organizing to battle this fiend, and Hayuko was lining up on the front lines to go battle this monster. With his new-found powers, he thought he should do something for the people of Karakura. With great power comes great responsibilities.
Or so he thought. During this time, all sorts of hell were beginning to break free in his life. Literally.

During this event, the resurrection of ender had somehow lead to some of the dead being brought back from the grave. Who was one of them? Ikarumi’s dead husband. This brand new obstacle that had been put in Hayuko’s freeflying highway, was much too big for him to overcome.

Ikarumi had soon left Hayuko for his husband. In a series of re-occurring events, Ikarumis inner beast was soon let out. The chaotic dragon had taken more than just Hayuko to seal back in. In an epic battle, Hayuko had literally lost his cool. He went into a demonic outrage, and Satan had been released for the first time. In an epic clash between Satan, and Ikarumi’s demon. With help from the supporters, after they began to tire each other out they were sealed back into their perspective owners.

~The Dissapearance~

With the conflict between ikarumi and the appearance of Satan, Hayuko no longer felt as if he could stay in the Karakura area any longer. But from this entire encounter, he had created a new found will within himself. The will to control the beast that holds him tight. Hayuko no longer wanted to be afraid of the hazardous demon inching closer and closer to his heart every day.

He began to travel the world, training and honing his skills. He began to literally control Satan. Achieving complete transformations across the globe! It was one large leap in Hayuko, for he was now controlling Satan. Instead of letting Satan eat at him, he was now using Satan for his own purposes. Traveling from Beijing to Moscow and then to Spain, he learned many different ways to focus. Some of these manners included Yoga, Tiquando (Yes strangely) and Meditation.

Over hundreds of years, Hayuko had been able to master fearsome new techniques and gained more control from his inner ziamachi. But that hasn’t been the only thing Hayuko has been doing. Centuries is a lot of time to do a lot of things, Hayuko had been learning multiple kinds of martial arts. Along with conditioning his body in the strongest of weathers, he has toned his body in many different ways.

During this time, Hayuko had also been studying many different topics. Attending high school once or twice due to boredom, and then attending colleges and universities. During this time, Hayuko had also gotten in on the professional soccer stage. Changing his look and appearance with numerous of futuristic technologies, he was able to participate in the world biggest stage. Playing for a fantastic team by the name of Real Madrid, he played two seasons. He began winning the league in his first year, and then the treble in his second year. With these accolades, you also have to add on his two “Fifa World Best Player Of the Year” Awards. Being the first person in history to win it in his first year, and then the “youngest” to win it. Then being the youngest to win it in two subsequent years.

He enjoyed his career as a professional soccer player, but faked a “Severe injury” that took him off sports greatest stage. Right before the world cup too. Hayuko then returned to his original appearance after the college and soccer to go back to his original goal. Training to contain Satan. His continuous work over years has allowed him to take major control over this beast.

During this time, he has taken time to create an enterprise of his own throughout the years. Creating a company of computer technological advancements over the years from the shadows, Hayuko has been able to create his own capital. He did this for whatever may happen in the future, for money was always a valuable resource. Leaving the company after a decade, and keeping ties to it from the shadows. Hayuko could be called a rich man, although you would never guess it.

If there had been one thing that had bothered Hayuko though, it would have been the fact that he had stayed seventeen for the rest of his life. Because of Satan’s powers, aging had been quite a troublesome part of Hayuko’s life. Though he should look to this constant youth as a gift, he had always wanted to grow old at some point. But soon enough, due to technological advancements; even humans were living longer. “But at least they aged” That was the one idea that had always stuck to Hayuko’s mind.

~Complications ~

It was the year two-thousand ninety-six (2396) and it had seemed as only just yesterday that it was two thousand eleven (2011). Everything around the globe had changed, the habitats, the technology, and the people themselves. Humans were now developing power of their own which they called “Chi”. The whole world had been revolutionized, new power sources, new forms of travel (Flying cars, hoverboards) It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. But on the outside of every city, was now a barren wasteland filled with hollows. It wasn’t exactly the best kind of life, but they were safe inside their domes. That’s what matters.

Hayuko had finally returned to civilization, although no-one knew of his arrival. He had gone missing for almost four-hundred years, anyone who knew him must have thought he had died. Simple as that. Even when he did actually return, no one knew of his return. He looked different, like a completely new person. With his red and black hair, his eyes had permanently stayed red. His style of clothes hadn’t changed much over the years. Always that young and rebellious look, and rebellion was a nice look on him.

~January 19th 2396~

Hayuko had rented a hoverboard as he had entered the city. He could probably easily get around the city using his own speed, but he did not want to seem abnormal to anyone around him. The last thing he wanted to do was arouse suspicion. He was looking around for something to do, he had been separated from humanity for so much time, and yet it seemed as it was all still the same in a different time period. Humans would only be humans hayuko figured.

Hayuko decided to go to a club. To see what kind of new entertainment you could find in a club. Apparently it was still the same, not much has changed much 300 years in the future. There was one thing that Hayuko would always enjoy, and that was the ability to order drinks. He had ordered a soda, yes a soda. Oddly enough, they still had this caffeine filled drink in the future. Hayuko always preferred not to drink any alcohol, for satan might have been able to take over if he ever got drunk. Although just from being drunk, Satan would not be able to do much with Hayuko’s body.

Hayuko took a sip from his drink, soon enough he gulped down the entire thing. Then he began to feel woozy, he felt strange, light. Someone had slipped something into his drink. “Shit” was the only thing the run through his mind as he tried to get a grip. He had completely and utterly forgotten about how common such a thing as slipping something into a drink was. It must have been something extremely powerful to get Hayuko so limp so quickly. Soon enough, black spots began to blue his vision. “This can’t be happening” He muttered to himself as he was soon washed away by the darkness.

To recap what happened while Hayuko had been out cold, Satan had now taken over Hayuko’s body. Not being able to do anything to satisfy his power-hungry self with a weakened body and an irritating child (I.e Hayuko) nagging at his back to retain possession; he decided to satisfy something else. One of Satan’s many personalities consisted of something non-other than lust. And you can imagine what he did with that. On this night he, took a woman named yuri to a hotel. And from there you can imagine what insued. Satan had been taking on the appearance of Hayuko, with white hair and black eyes instead of Hayuko’s usual red eyes and red/black hair.

You can imagine what insued afterwards. Only a few hours later, Hayuko had finally battled his way into consciousness. When he awoke, he found himself outside of the city. In the barren wasteland of hollows. All he could see around him though, were not predators trying to eat a man who was weak and branded on the floor. But a bunch of predators dead on the floor, limbs cut. Hunted by another monster in the area. It only took Hayuko a few seconds to realize that he was the predator that had hunted those monsters.

Hayuko had no memory of what had happened during that night, for he was battling against Satan’s shroud of control over him. He had no idea that satan had done those things with yuri. With his own body none-the-less. He had only gotten up and assumed that Satan had been feasting on hollows to try and accumulate more power to himself. Then he headed back into the city, hiding in a small apartment that he had bought himself.

Little did he know that months later, the woman that satan satisfied his lust with had a son named Rin. Satan had just given birth to a son that Hayuko had no idea of. Little did he know that years later that son would most likely be hunting Hayuko down for what Satan had created the poor child to be.

(Rin )

~The Platinum Age~

No longer afraid of what Satan could possibly do to him, Hayuko decided to re-appear in the world. This time as Hayuko Narumi, and nobody else. He was tired of being someone else, pretending to be people he wasn’t. Actually he regretted certain times where he wasn’t himself; Literally (When he played internationally soccer for Real Madrid and won his Fifpro Awards)

He had purchased himself a glorious apartment in Karakura, returning to his homeland. Where he was originally from. The first person that he had run into on his return, was non-other than Shadin Yuudeshi. Very much like Hayuko himself, Shadin had cleaned up his life. Now he is one of the strongest fighters on the face of the earth, and leading the organization of the yajyuu. The organization was one filled with ziamachi, people with an inner demon hidden within them.

They offered food and shelter to any ziamachi that needed them. That was stuff Hayuko had and was not actually interested in. Shadin was his friend, but Hayuko would not join in on any organization without an actual purpose. Then shadin filled him on how they help ziamachi tame their inner demons. This perked Hayuko’s interest as shadin had already defeated his own ziamachi. Hayuko ended up taking up Shadin’s offer.

~ The Rebirth ~



Ziamichi Spirit: he is an extremely intelligent creature that radiates pure evil and filth. He has no need of sleep and so never sleeps. He will frighten you when you see him. As this creature looks down on you with eyes that are crying, he is laughing at you. And out of a wet mouth that stinks, you will see the tongue of a snake hanging out over straight pointed teeth that are as strong as iron and steel, set in powerful jaws. His mouth is surrounded with black lips. And he has hands that have strong filthy fingers and his feet are dirty. He is an evil entity that strives to destroy all of life itself, for how he was punished for eternity.

This is how Satan is perceived to the world. And in reality, it isn’t very accurate. You see Satan, takes on many forms. He lurks in the darkness, and blends with the light. He could be the dog outside your door, or your human bestfriend. His ability to shapeshift is impeccable, allowing him to take on nearly any form. (Of course I wouldn’t let it be any of the characters on the site, assuming he ever escapes the prison of Hayuko’s body)

Depending on whether or not he is able to free himself from the prison that is named Hayuko Narumi, Satan takes on a different set of appearances depending on how he wants to be seen.

~ Personality ~

Ambitious: Satan is an ambitious entity that seeks nothing short of everything in its sight. Its biggest goal being to overcome the being that created it Touketsu. Satan is a demon that has created his own realm in order to create his own power. To raise it, no matter what the cost. Whether it be consuming millions upon millions of souls, it doesn’t care about the casualties. It only seeks to gain everything it wants. To create an enormous empire, and empire that will stretch throughout the universe, and the different realms. Nothing would be free of its grasp if such an evil were to be released.

Malicious: Its evil, completely and utterly malicious. It does not care about compassion, stupid things like those just hinder its cause. It is a monster looking to conquer everything. It will kill, torture, enslave as many beings as it needs to in order achieve its goals. Not only will it cause pain and suffering to achieve what it wants too, but it enjoys inflicting misery. There can be no other word than satanic in order to describe Satan.

Deceiving: This is a cunning being, that has a silver tongue. It can talk its way through any situation, lie and cheat its way to nearly anybody’s heart. Giving them something they want in order to enslave them, that is the name of Satan’s trade. With the ability to promise virtually anything to the person who does its bidding, it is hard to deny the monster. Although most of the times these are nothing but false promises.

The Seven Sins: If anything else can be used to characterize this monster, it should be the wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony
Ziamichi History: Satan was created by God thousands of years ago as a perfect angel. Satan was called Lucifer and he lived in heaven.

Lucifer was above every other angel in heaven. His appearance was beautiful and dazzling. He radiated light and glory. He was covered with gold and shimmering jewels. Lucifer was the Chief Covering angel and he worked in the throne room of God.

Lucifer spent a lot of time with God the father and Jesus Christ. They met together frequently to share ideas and make plans. They were very close to each other and were in perfect harmony.
Just over 6,000 years ago God and Jesus had a private meeting and Lucifer was not included. Lucifer became jealous. He set out on a campaign to prove that he was above Jesus. Lucifer began to be proud of his own glory and wisdom.

Over time one third of the angels in heaven chose to side with Lucifer and to worship him instead of Jesus. God made tireless efforts to persuade Lucifer to repent and return to God. Lucifer almost relented, but he would not give up his pride and humble himself. He refused to admit that he was wrong.

Eventually Lucifer became entrenched in his pride and God could no longer influence him. God reluctantly removed Lucifer from his position of Chief Covering angel. Lucifer was thrown out of heaven, along with the angels who had chosen to follow him.

Lucifer was now cast into the realm of hell, where god had condemned him too. Along with the angels who chose to follow him. Here he swore that he would extract his revenge on the heavens, and the mankind that the lord treasured so deeply.

Little did the world know, that this entire history was a load of bullshit. Nobody had known the truth; they had just invented things to make their lives seem better. That a greater good sealed away a terrible evil, when in fact this was not the case at all. You would have thought that a beast like the monster called Satan was the most powerful demon entity to exist. But this was naught true. For Satan was created by an even more fearsome existence. This existence was called none other than Touketsu.

Satan had been formed from Touketsu as an experiment, to try and create an army. Touketsu did not expect that creating an entity as powerful as Satan would try to rebel. Satan using its own powers, created its very own realm to escape from the clutches of its creator Touketsu. The realm that Satan had escaped too, was none other than the realm we know today as hell. It is not an area that god created to seal away evil, but an area created by Satan himself to grow and raise evil. A place to create his own minions, and increase his own power.

Why would Satan want to do such a thing? It was his instinct. To cause misery throughout the globe, to create his very own empire. These were the kind of traits that it had inherited from its creator Touketsu, and this is what it based its entire life on. One day, it found out that any souls that had too much negativity in their hearts, could be lured into the depths of his realm hell. He would use these souls to do his bidding, using them as slaves. Sometimes he would feast on these souls to suffice his own hunger. This was the kind of being that was created by Touketsu, a monster that had probably surpassed the expectations Touketsu had for it. Although it never quite reached the power of its creator, it has attempted to reach such strength and has come close.


Ziamichi powers:

Intense Reitsu: With its massive amount of energy, Satan can turn any regular attack into an immesnly powerful blow. With the ability to turn a simple swipe at the air into a violent whirlwind, or a roar into a 600 meter building shattering effect. Using all of this energy, Satan can fire energy blasts from anywhere in its body, from is legs to its arms or out of his mouth. These blasts are hundreds of meters long, possibly almost reaching up to 1000 meters. Although it can only fire four of these blasts at a time, before it needs a post to regenerate its power.

Immense strength: With the ability to litteraly swipe at a building with its claw and completely devastate it, Satan possesses one of the greatest strengths there is. With one single stomp of the ground, it could cause shattering earthquakes capable of sinking buildings around it. Even using its tail, it can easily smash skyscrapers like a human would squash a bug.

Massive Resilience: With so much resilience, Satan can easily take on several explosions at the same time while barely leaving a scratch. Its skin being insanely reinforced, it can easily swat away Gran ray ceros. Of course this does not mean invincibility, but being one of the most powerful demons to walk the universe. Battling is much better left to the stronger characters.

Regeneration: Satan is one of the most feared demons throughout the lands. Not only because of his massive strength, but because of his ability to regenerate his injuries. With this ability he Is able to re-generate major limbs, but it is not immediate. The giant weakness to this ability is that it is a delayed reaction, for its body does not recognize what it lost for a while. Which leaves the window of opportunity to be attacked.

Gigantic Resiatsu: Being one of the most powerful demon entities to ever exist, the amount of spiritual power it contains is terrifying. His simple presence would cause strong warriors to gasp for air, any weaker than them would literally be crushed by such a monster. His resiatsu being so powerful, it even increases the force of gravity in the area he’s around. With the ability to affect any weak persons mind from miles away, allowing it to impose its will on them.

Shattering Darkness: Using his ability to create negative energy, Satan creates six giants spikes near the area of his spinal cord; and fires them up into the sky. After they have been fired into the sky, the six spikes shatter in dozens of different human sized pieces. Using these pieces, Satan is able to defend or attack with these much smaller spikes. These very agile spikes, on impact will pierce a body and explode on contact. He can only use this once, before needing to recharge for an entire post.

Immortal Rain: In the same similar action as shattering Darkness, Satan creates a circle of pitch black flames on his back. Soon one giant flame rises up into the sky, big enough to cover someone’s vision of the sun. The flame would then separate into more than a hundred different arrows, and pierce down from the sky, searing its opponents. With flames had highly intense temperatures, any weak person who has not been hit would most likely die from dehydration caused by the intense heat.
~Unique Traits~

The Seal: A seal that Satan had once originally placed on Hayuko to seal himself, although it was purposely made weak. Another one was replaced the seal that Satan had originally made in order to be more secure. Although the seal is not all powerful, in fact the seal seems to resonate with hayuko’s state of mind. Being more powerful when hes calm, weaker when he is insecure. Although even when the seal is at its strongest, It could never completely seal away Satan’s powers for his is too strong a being to do so. Allowing Hayuko to take advantage of this and use Satan’s powers for himself.


Regeneration: Due to satan’s ability to heal himself from various attacks, this is an ability that Hayuko has picked up slowly over the past centuries of his life. By using up his energy supplies, Hayuko can take time to regenerate minor and moderate wounds(Cuts and slashes, small burning of skin etc.). Although this is an ability that takes up a lot of time, and would be much too worthless and time consuming to do for any wound bigger than a moderate one. I.e (Internal organs, broken bones, ripped muscles)

Partial Immortality:

Death’s Energy: Being made from touketsu, Satan has the ability to use death’s energy to his advantadge. If there is any one of the powers that Hayuko still has not mastered, it is the ability to use death’s energy.

To Do List:
  • Recreate Powers, due to Rebirth
  • Add the Rebirth Arc History Arc: Hayuko Consumes Satan
  • Reconstruct Personality: Satan can no longer influence Hayuko
  • Revamp Spirt's Powers, Remove Personality: Satan no longer a seperate entity, now another fragment of Hayuko's Soul
  • Miscellanious additions


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