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 Selee Faden Gauntlets (done)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Selee Faden Gauntlets (done)   Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:41 pm

» Item Name: Selee Faden Gauntlets
» Item Type: Ghislain Eberhart

» Used For: Reishi manipulation and Quincy Bow use

» Item Description: At first glance the item is rather simple looking and seems to be worn on the user's wrists. Having a leather wrap inside and containing a comfortable holding. The item is designed to fit around the user's hands having clawed digits similar to a gauntlet of metal. Upon the top of the objects is a spinner like a device which appears empty upon the first inspection. Upon feeding Reishi into it thread is created based on the user's reishi manipulation level that is the degree of toughness each thread has. The thread is a clear blue though can turn white and black based on Ghislain's odd reishi. This device allows the user to connect reishi like threads to things around him with reishi or reiryoku. Meaning even air can be connected to if the user so chooses. The amount of thread generated is based on Quincy and their skills. The fingers can tighten or loosen the threads depending on desired choices. These may be used to also execute Ginto Moves. These aren't indestructible threads though they can mimic the hardness of zanpakutos and beyond that. It depends on the reishi manipulator wielding them. Ghislain is rather fond of them and tends to find them useful in fighting.

The user can move or perform high-speed movement while wearing these. By attaching the thread to something and allowing themselves to yank to the original position. This, of course, will depend on the user and build they've gone. Ghislain himself is able to fire his Quincy arrows from these threads allowing for odd angles of attack. Even a few Ginto based moves on the Faden Gauntlets are possible. As he is able to execute them from anything really. Ghislain's power does lend itself well to these. The performance of the gauntlets can be considered as conducting an orchestra. There is no set limit to thread length though it must be noted that reishi is used when using these. Like most Quincy tools so it depends on the user who is wielding them. The common mistake would be that these are a simple tool. Ghislain's found them rather effective for what he does. The Soul Thread Gauntlets as they are known in English. These are capable of wielding Ghislain's dark matter powers without issue also.

He can use his Dark Matter Powers and such things through the threads. Another note is that the density and sharpness are entirely up to the user. They can make threads soft as spider's silk or hard enough to crush concrete and bones. This depends on the skill of the person's fingers. As the tension and how it's put out are depending on that. They can also be manipulated by the gravity powers that Ghislain wields rather effectively. Sofia told him to make the most out of his bow and so he did just that. Finding a multi-functional tool that could do a bit of everything. Though these aren't the only tools he made revolving around the strings. Ghislain came up with a few things to further his skills. Though seeing it as a chance to help Sofia and their people. This device was made for a Reishi manipulation specialist like him. So finally in closing, this item has been specialized for him and is one of a few tools Ghislain has gone into using for himself.

» Obtained From: Ghislain made it after getting advice from Sofia on his bow.

» Yen Price: 100 k I guess?

» Notes: [Any other information or personal notes you'd like to add]

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Selee Faden Gauntlets (done)
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