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 Beautiful Nightmares

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It has now past day 4 for Saiya, as she has been fending off her body's necessity for sleep. The days before now have been draining to her, physically, mentally and emotionally, as the entity within her began to consume more of her head space as the body began to weaken. Still within Arianda's home and under her care, Saiya tried her best to seem useful within the home. Doing as much as she could physically to keep herself awake for the entity to not take hold of her. Unfortunately however, upon taking her first step to get out of the bed and walk around, her body collapsed and buckled underneath of her, causing her to fall flat onto the floor.

Saiya rolled over so that she was facing the ceiling, and continued to stare upward, as her breathing became heavier. It was at this point she felt just how uneasy her body had become. Her arms could not move, her legs were beginning to numb and tingle as they began to fall asleep. Her heavy breathing, came from being a way of relaxation, to a way of panic as now he vision began to glaze over and darken. Her hands tried their best to grip on to the floor underneath, but she had no success as even then, her hands were too limp to make a proper fist, and simply gave up midway.

As her breathing slowed, and her frenized body movements came to a halt, her eyelids slowly began to shut, as she finally was nearing her time of giving up her control, for Tha'alyuua to have her fun with her.

"Am I.... dying?... Did I really push my self to this point?"

She asked in her mind as she slowly began to hear the cackling of Tha'alyuua become louder as she drifted into the darkness of her inner world, slowly forming with an eerie blue mist as their minds began to merge with one another. Within the smoke, it was not clear, but all that was seen as a figure, it began to look human, but as the laugher continued, the figure's arms began to diverge outward, and split into a 4 sets of arms as a shadow on top of the mists. And through the mists, a set of bright sky blue eyes pierced through. The figure began to speak.

"There is no longer an escape for you, vessel. Deal with me here... or I deal with you out there..."

It stayed stationary, and all Saiya did was glare into the shadow and hang her head down. She knew that it was right... but she really didn't have anything that could prevent this event from occurring.
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Beautiful Nightmares
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