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 Imaginary Explorer [FINISHED] [NPC] [APPROVED 0-4]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Imaginary Explorer [FINISHED] [NPC] [APPROVED 0-4]    Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:54 pm


Enter The System Cancer


I. Basic Information

» Name: Imaginary Explorer
» Age: 3
» Alias: System Cancer, Imagy, IE
» Gender: Female
» Race: Avant Demon

» Association: Doctor Kabuto Hebi

» Appearance:

Default Browser Selections:

» Purpose:
Imagy was created with the sole purpose of taking down the Imaginary District. Imagy was created to infiltrate the Imaginary District of Karakura, to neutralize it and allow for an invasion force to attack Karakura City from that side, to take over its resources and use them to harm the city as a whole. Imagy was also created to serve as a kind of 'deterrent' to Shadin Yuudeshi, with the information that Doctor Kabuto Hebi occurred during their conflict in the Black World.

II. Personality

» Personality:

Simple Minded
Imagy does not concern herself with the more complex matters of the Universe. She depends on her feelings to guide most of her actions. For her, getting angry is not difficult, but is not hard to placate her, either. Sometimes, she will simply shut down and become unresponsive. If she had one major flaw in her character, it would be this tendency to just shut down. She is not extraordinarily observant, and would rather just feel out situations around her.

Purpose Driven
Imagy is possessed by a sense of purpose. She has been raised to believe that she exists to fulfill the purposes determined by the Doctor. Towards that goal, she does not try extraordinarily hard to question 'why' she is doing something. In fact, it is difficult to get her to question her purpose at any time. She simply tries to fulfill it the best that she can, without worrying too much. This also means that when she determines a purpose for herself and what she wants to do, she tends to be very difficult to dissuade. She can be quite stubborn, or difficult to make stay down.

Fear of Consciousness
Imagy does not like being unconscious. When she is unconscious, she has rather frequent nightmares. Repressed memories of a time before she was an Avant demon, before she was employed… they are quite scary to her. In fact, it's so bad that she refuses to sleep by herself. If she cannot sleep nearby to someone else, she will do everything she can not to fall asleep at all. This includes doing things like shouting to herself at the top of her lungs to try to scare herself into staying awake, or even latching onto other people to try to force them to stay in one place before she'll let herself fall asleep.

Misunderstanding of Self
Imagy does not think of herself so much as an independent person, one who could make her own decisions. She believes that the Doctor and his Laboratory are her home, and the way they run things are the only way that could exist. In that way, she is extremely ignorant. She does not try to go out and gain new information, or try to develop new things about herself. New things tend to make her feel uncomfortable, driving her to avoid them or approach them extraordinarily slowly.

Despite how simple minded she can be, and how little she questions what she is directed to do, Imagy honestly feels kindness towards the people around her. Even those identified as her enemies, or things she should oppose, she welcomes with mostly open arms. She just loves people, big or small, scary or friendly. It is easy to get a smile from her, and she is always willing to lend an ear to listen… even if she does not completely understand what's being told to her.

Due to the Doctor's effects on her Inner Reality, Imagy has developed a few… unstable ticks. She is able to use her Default Browser ability to change her persona, and that derives from the Doctor's influence. There are times when she is put under pressure, where she is not able to deal with a situation, where she becomes uncomfortable with a what is happening around her. When this happens, she will attempt to change her 'Default Browser' to the Safari. Essentially, this allows for Imagy to act as if she was replaced with someone else. However, all of the different changed forms of Safari retain Imagy's personality.

When in Safari state, Imagy is much more confident. She will act as if she goes along with what is being imposed upon her, and her desire to be eager to please will cause for her to lie if she thinks it will get the pressure off of her. This can result in her coming off as serpent-tongued, especially since she seems so innocuous most of the time.

Eager to Please
Imagy is most pleased from seeing other people smile. Either through her actions, or those of others. Despite her simple-mindedness, she is able to focus surprisingly well when it comes to making other people happy. When there is a conflict between making two people happy, she will always go with the one that she feels closer to. Usually this will be between someone working for Hebi Laboratories and whoever they are working against. However… if there is no member of the Labs around in direct conflict with someone else, she will be as kind to them as possible, asking them if they like the way she works and such.

Accident Prone
Imagy does not always pay attention quite as much as she should. If she is not out in the field, or doing something immediately that was requested of her, she can cause quite a number of problems from her inattentiveness. She often trips on her own feet, and it is hard for the people around her to trust her with complex tasks that do not involve technology. Going through her daily routine tends to involve multiple slip-ups. Maybe it has something to do with how she only has one eye most of the time.

Poor Self-Confidence
Imagy does not have an stellar amount of self-confidence. This tends to stem from the fact that she does not choose to do activities much by herself; the hobbies that she considers fun she does not see as competitive. As a result, she does not do much that boosts her own ego. This may stem from the fact that the person she has spent the most time with are members of Hebi Laboratories, whose patriarch never displays much of an ego to begin with. As a result, she does not know what having a lot of self-confidence is like. She simply sees herself as herself. She understands that people can be mean to her, but she does not know exactly how to respond. Overall, she tries to not think about it.

Imagy does not often allow for herself to get stressed out. Part of her simple nature ensures that she does not let stress get to her… most of the time. Sometimes she will throw a little fit, sometimes she will get pouty. But most of the time, she is relaxed, even though she takes what's happening around her seriously.

Technological Savant
Technology excites Imagy. She is extremely passionate about tech, about its applications. When it comes to physics and mathematics, she knows an amazing amount of information. She loves talking about it and discussing it with others. Structures and programs, implementations… these things get her blood pumping and grab her attention immediately. When she is focused on technology, her simple-mindedness seems to go out the window. She proves to be extraordinarily adept at interacting with technology, and has managed to toy with and break into all of Hebi Laboratories systems…

Or at least, she thinks she has.

Hatred of Power Misuse
Imagy's earliest memories are repeatedly watching the Doctor, who she considers basically a savior, being repeatedly damaged and abused by Shadin Yuudeshi. Overall, she hates the idea of watching someone misuse power that they have obtained. In some ways, this is why she likes being simple-minded as much as she does; she would rather not have to deal with the burden of power or worry about accidentally hurting someone. However, if she did see someone significantly stronger bullying a weaker person, that would gather her attention almost immediately, and she would feel very obligated to butt in and try her hand at giving them a telling-to.

Admiration of Science
Imagy greatly admires science and logic, and scientists in particular. She finds them very interesting, probably because of her interaction with the Doctor. While she does not always understand what things are being said by really smart people, she loves asking questions about what makes things work and learning new things about them.

Attention Issues
Imagy, though, does have some bad attention issues. She likes being given attention more than most things, and hates having her spotlight stolen by others. If her 'spotlight', or positive attention from others, gets taken away, it makes her nearly violently upset. She gets so mad because of this that she will often not speak to the one who took her attention or the one who 'let it get taken' for up to days at a time. The flip side of this, however, is that she is ultimately very forgiving; there are not many things that people she considers her friends can do to make her mad at them for longer than a day at a time.

Passion for Construction
This is an unexplored part of Imagy's personality. She really, really likes construction and buildings. If she were allowed to grow up naturally from birth, without the Doctor's interaction, then she would have become a civil engineer. If she were to get her hands on schematics for building things, she would become very passionate and attached to them, and nothing would hold her normally simple-minded attention better than an architect explaining the finer points of their schematics.

Fire Finder -> Aggression
When Imagy 'hides' behind her Fire Finder personality, she becomes much more aggressive towards what she wants. She is more likely to argue back, even if she knows she is wrong. She just does not like being talked back to, or being told she is not allowed to have something. She also is much more likely to focus on what's going on around her, and is much more likely to actively 'seek' positive attention.

Growing Shine-> Curiously Confident
Shine has a much more calm persona than Imaginary Explorer normally does. This persona is confident in what she wants, and requires validation much less than she normally does. She actively looks to try new things, and also has much more focus than she normally does. She likes trying new things, and also enjoys competition.

Hypnotic Triggers
Imagy has several hypnotic triggers that have been implanted into her mind by the Doctor. These triggers only respond to his Madness Wavelength, accompanied by his voice. These commands can take over her thoughts, no matter which Default Explorer she currently has set. This makes it fairly easy for the Doctor to dominate her will as he pleases, no matter how unstable or chaotic she has become.

III. History

» History:

Consuming, growing, growing. That sensation has always been at the back of Imagy's mind, though she does not know why. In all likelihood, it is because of her origins. During the battle for the Black World of Earth, the Doctor battled against Shadin Yuudeshi. While the outcome of the match was unclear, one thing was clear; the Doctor had made off with either the core of the world itself, or he had acquired a massive amount of information about how it functioned.

So it was that Project: Imaginary Explorer came into existence. The Doctor worked tirelessly to study the Black World, its effects, and what new things it brought into the world. Once he partnered with Demon World, he gained extensive access to research and materials pertaining to Avant Demons. It was when he discovered these creatures that his ultimate plan began to take shape.

For him, the hardest thing was not letting the specimen he had managed to develop die. He had to cut it down, destroying its consciousness and desires, fulfilling its needs and reducing its abilities until it was fundamentally a 'seed'. Then, it became a matter of exposing it to the Avant Demon conversion. However, the Doctor exposed this conversion in an extraordinarily specific way.

He exposed it to several concepts to try to forcibly influence its Inner Reality. He exposed clips and information about Shadin Yuudeshi that he had obtained during their conflict, recorded and saved with his ocular technique, and analyzed by his team. He also accessed the information gathered by Shadowfall and K-World in dealing with this man. From here, it was a simple matter of showing more… carnal images. The destructiveness he left in his wake, his more demonic side. The loss of life and pain he could inflict.

Then, images of the Imaginary District. The observations made about this part of Karakura, this massive place… this place where anything could happen, where the world could change at the whim of its controller.

Lastly, the Doctor introduced himself. The man who could solve these problems, an inspiring figure. One who she could trust and follow. One who would always forgive, even if the developing creature made a mistake. Mistakes were okay. Mistakes were normal. Mistakes were encouraged, mistakes could happen. She would be free to grow and develop with his system. His system was good, it was great.

Serpentine representations were good.

Then, beatings. The vision of the Doctor's body being repeatedly slammed into the ground by that man, the one battling him. Assault and pain. The Doctor's battle with the man.

So it was that at last, the creature that the Doctor had developed morphed and changed, finally becoming… something that translated to their world. The Avant Demon was born at last, separate from Za Koa, a Demon and yet not. A vast potential within its heart, and an Inner Reality that began to form and develop.

In many ways, the Doctor's biogenetic craft is more art than science. He had a general idea of what would happen from his machinations; but it was only once he brought the creature to fruition that he could witness the actual results. Mistakes were good, mistakes were okay; from these traits, Imaginary Explorer was born. She was fascinated by things having to do with technology, so the Doctor set her along a course.

Being raised under the Doctor's care was an interesting experience for the demon. He did his best not to overstimulate or drive her into too much pain, but at the same time, he had to work with her relatively quickly. Unlike most of his experiments, she spent a significant amount of time with the Doctor himself, assisting him on various tasks and improving upon her technological prowess. The Doctor's own technological expertise served as a mentor to her, but in time, she even surpassed his ability to manipulate technology.

Or so she thought.

Eventually, the growing girl's curiosity got the best of her. She wanted to know what the Doctor had been planning, what he ultimately wanted her around for. She loved having a sense of purpose, after all, but he had never told her exactly what she was meant to do out-right. So she hacked into the Doctor's systems. But she was not prepared for what would emerge to face her.

The Doctor's systems are unique in that they contain both biogenetic and technological parts. Despite getting past the technological systems, the biological components could determine her identity fairly easily… And more than that, they could physically interact with her. So, they did as they were designed to do… and overwhelmed the poor girl's brain with Mind Break Serum.

The Doctor's conditioning expanded over the course of several weeks, happening without the girl's knowledge. Every time, she could not remember what happened when she broke into the system completely. So she had to try again, because after all, she was very curious, and it was okay for her to make mistakes.

Over and over again, until finally the Doctor could bring out a compliant state from her at a moment's notice.

Now fully conditioned, and with her technological prowess in place, the Doctor began developing her other abilities. It took time for him to determine the nature of her powers; but generally, it seemed that what he had hoped for had worked. Initially, he only worked towards expanding on her Metria Symbols. This seemed to take up the majority of their one on one time they spent together. Over the course of the next few weeks, the Doctor's back-up systems had to be put on a multitude of times, and at one point his laboratory was only able to keep together due to the biological components of his system.

But, Imagy was only slightly interested in developing those abilities. After all, the girl thought that there was much more to her than being able to crash and interfere with symbols. She requested development time for her own interests, and the Doctor approved her request. Ultimately, this allowed for the girl to begin exploring the part of her heritage she had way more fun with than crashing systems; bringing her admiration of the Doctor out of her Inner Reality.

She managed to develop the Default Browser Metria Symbol through these efforts. The idea was to replicate the Doctor's own penchant for splitting his persona, and while Imagy could not change her own personality and mind, she could 'pretend' that she could. Out of this curiosity stemmed her 'Safari' spell, which allowed for her to take on a variety of different snake-like women. Perhaps the influence of the Mind Break serum caused for some of their more… voluminous forms. Maybe it was that she wanted more attention from the Doctor and towards her other efforts. Unfortunately, they never seemed to have much affect towards him; but others in the lab did give her more attention like this, at times. There was also the funny little skeleton man who explained to her that doing that was not fair, though, and would probably make the Doctor like her less if she got into a habit of it.

Well… after that failed, she began to develop Fire Finder. This was her immediate reaction to how her indirect advances with Safari had failed; this Default Browser actually allowed for her to interact with the world around her in new ways. For the first time, she could interact with the biological components of the Doctor's laboratory, getting information about them quickly and efficiently thanks to its abilities. However, by this point, it was too late for her to try and stop the hypnotic triggers that had already been imprinted within her mind.

Despite this transformation having a use she thought the Doctor would enjoy, he still did not show any interest towards her or Default Browser. At this point, she gave in to the more sensory abilities of Fire Finder, and actually exploded on the Doctor himself.

It was then that she got the biggest, and only, scolding the Doctor ever gave her.

He demanded to know what she thought she was doing, why she was trying to distract him. He reminded her once again how busy he could be, how important the work that he had to do elsewhere was. He reminded her of how he had personally mentored her for the time that he had, until she had improved beyond what he could offer. He told her that she needed to figure out how to stop depending on him and actually interact with the world around her. Use her fancy new 'Fire Finder' to explore his laboratory, finding games to play and other things. He used his son as an example; to look at how much fun the child had, constantly.

She felt ashamed. She had not cried out of frustration at herself before, and previously, the Doctor had always accepted her mistakes, trying to explain why she made them and what she could do to improve. After this conflict, she wanted nothing more than to get out, to run away, far far away.

So that is what she did. She ran all the way to the other end of the laboratory, inside of Victor II's pen. She wept against the massive snake's cool body, smashing her hands against it in anger. The creature did not seem to mind; it was sleeping the entire time. She wailed as loud as she possibly could, but… ultimately, nobody came. Nobody saved her from having to deal with her own emotions.

Finally, she had to deal with what the Doctor had told her.

Thinking more rationally, and having finally calmed down, she began to interact with her Inner Reality once again. She wanted to turn these emotions into another spell, another Default Browser. One that could represent her drive to explore, to take his words to heart. She made the tail extraordinarily thin, the smallest approximation of the Doctor's own.

She remembered how brutal he had been to her in that moment, and so she made the colors darker, shinier. The tail was white to the rest of her black clothing, plain and simple. The technological components of her garb were contained within its silver representations, and with her new Browser developing around her, she returned back to the Doctor.

She started with an apology, asking for his forgiveness. And… much to her surprise, he forgave her. He explained that she had finally realized what he wanted her to; he could understand her wanting to be eager to please and get attention, but she needed to have passions and interests more than that. He also apologized to her for losing his temper the way he had and raising his voice; for the Doctor, this was quite an uncommon event.

This new form was given a special title as well: Shine. She began to spend lots of time in her Shine form, as she saw it as the Browser that the Doctor was most proud of. It did slightly frustrate her that he required most of their development sessions to be in Imaginary Explorer, but he said that was because if he couldn't work with Imaginary Explorer, there was no way anything he wanted could work with Shine.

Time passed, and Imagy developed more her Metria Symbols further. During her training with the Doctor, she began to understand more and more what he meant. After all, once she had managed to activate her Dyo Break, she found she could not even transfer he abilities properly between her Browsers. The powers had only been developed for Imaginary Explorer, and the abilities that were not shared among her browsers meant that she would not have been able to use them with her other Defaults even if she wanted to.

The Doctor's program continued over the course of over a year. She willingly underwent treatments to artificially boost her spiritual presence, although she did not know the treatments were actually supplementing her with the power that had been extracted before the Kora Ain'a she had once been was reduced to a seed.

As a result, her body was able to accept the inserted power… but it could not fully assimilate it without consequences. Memories of savagery, of controlling, returned to her mind, and began to fragment it a bit. She became noticeably easier to stress out, and if it were not for the Doctor's training, she felt like she could easily have snapped and completely crashed his operation.

Not that she wanted to. She loved her home, after all. But sometimes, he really got on her nerves…

The day came when the Doctor told her that they were going to go on another trip. A special trip, one with just himself and her, and that he was going to need for her to remember how it felt when he was her direct mentor. It was finally time to get revenge on the man who had hurt the Doctor…

IV. Powers

» Powers:

I. Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities

Mediocre Strength
Imagy's strength is not much worth mentioning. She has enhanced strength, particularly when compared to a normal human, and could lift a car if she was really required to, but she is not a particularly forceful girl. She does not like using her strength for much, and therefore has not spent much time trying to develop it or making it greater than it has naturally become as her development has happened.

Default Browser: Growing Shine : Strength
Unlike Imaginary Explorer, Growing Shine does have a significant amount of strength at her disposal. She is willing to use that strength for things like punches and kicks, and is much more willing to get her hands dirty. However, she prefers to use her strength constructively, towards movement and things of that nature. It is more likely that she will try to use her Strength towards moves like grapples and throws, that allow for her to better control the situation with her opponent. As a result, while Shine is the Default Browser, her strength is increased considerably.

Proficient Speed
Imagy moves quickly, all things considered. She is proficient at getting herself from location to location, though her simple-mindedness can make it difficult for her to respond to what happens when she arrives at her location. Her light body makes it easy for her to attempt dodging, as well as getting from place to place.

Default Browser: {Fire Finder : Speed}
Compared to Imaginary Explorer, being in the Fire Finder Browser state makes her considerably faster. Her basic movements seem to transition to high-speed ones, and it can become difficult for those without adequate sensory abilities to keep up with her speed. Unlike Imagy, Fire Finder is also able to handle this level of speed, making her not only faster, but also better at reacting to changing scenarios with her speed.

Technological Master
Imagy is amazingly adept when it comes to technology. It's like a compulsion for her; once she gets tech under her hands, she does the best that she can to disassemble it, trying to figure out its inner workings, and what makes it tick. However, despite how good she is at interacting with and dealing with systems, she is not very good at understanding where certain systems 'connect' into other things. Her simple-mindedness means that she will often not fully comprehend exactly what she is doing when she interacts with computer systems.

Default Browser: Fire Finder: Systems Master
When Fire Finder is interacting with a system, she is able to deduce how this system interacts with other systems. This ultimately results in her being better at dealing with technology in combat situations than Imaginary Explorer is. This skill is proficient enough to be used offensively or defensively; during her training at the Doctor's lab, she made it a habit to crack his systems and try to use them to her advantage… much to his annoyance.

Imaginary Explorer's greatest defect is her lack of attentiveness. Perhaps this is a result of the Doctor interfering with her development and mind, or perhaps it is intentional. Regardless, her carelessness upon utilizing her abilities tends to lead to unintended consequences. Even when she is in the middle of using a particular spell or ability, if it is not Default Browser, there is a chance that she will get distracted and completely miss what she is trying to do. She does try to do things correctly, but she just… has troubles taking things seriously, a lot of the time. She does not understand consequences very well.

Default Browser: {Fire Finder / Growing Shine: Attentiveness}
Unlike the Default Browser for Imaginary Explorer, these two are much more attentive to their surroundings. This is a result of both of these Default Browsers stimulating Imagy's mind with more information than normal, causing for her to pay much more attention than she normally would. It also helps that these Browsers help Imagy understand the context in which she receives the information.

Extraordinary Durability
Imagy's strongest physical trait is her durability. While she can be damaged fairly easily, she has developed quite a durable layer of defenses, enhancing her Thirio Amnya well beyond what a normal Avant Demon would. She does not actively try to protect herself, due to her carelessness; it's more like her body has developed to try to prevent her from being debilitated out of her own carelessness. Her skin is quite smooth to the touch, but damaging it can prove to be rather challenging.

Default Browser: {Growing Shine: Hardened Durability}
Growing Shine's durability takes this trait even further, and unlike her normal state, uses it to her advantage for pleasure and combat. Using her hardened skin like a berserker, Growing Shine depends on her durability to protect her and enable her to get in close to use her considerable strength against her opponent. She also uses it to make sure she is not dashed on rocks or other things around her.

Mental Lock - Firewall
Due to the Doctor's machinations, interacting with Imaginary Explorer on a mental level can prove… difficult. Because of how his training worked, the Doctor had to essentially have her develop an extraordinarily thick layer of protection of her mind. This layer of protection, which the Doctor calls her 'firewall', uses similar constructs as her Thirio Amnya. This mental lock is so thick that even the Doctor cannot mentally communicate with her, or give her a Snake Seal. Such effects are extremely difficult to penetrate through this layer; however, if this layer managed to be broken, Imaginary Explorer would crumple due to how weak her own mental abilities are.

Combat Inexperience
Imaginary Explorer has some combat experience, but not much. Against opponents more skilled than her, it is quite easy to determine how little experience she has. She will often make mistakes, and not go for the optimal strategy. She rarely thinks about how what she does will influence her opponent, or what kind of strategies they will use to try to get past her defenses and harm her. When it comes to combat, all she thinks about is trying to get through it okay; and to try her best. This… does not often work out, and while the Doctor has trained her considerably, her inexperience is one of those things that she simply has not had enough time to fix.

Default Browser: {Fire Finder: Experience Crutch}
Rather than having experience, Fire Finder's reactions help her deal with differences in experience better than the others. She uses logic to try to determine how her opponents will react to certain attacks or moves, easily remembering their prior reactions and trying to use that as a basis by which to create a 'system' that she can then use to her advantage. Most unfortunately, if the Default Browser changes after this point, that plan will remain, but it is uncertain if the Browser that she changes to will be able to capitalize on that plan, and the new Browser will not be able to figure out why Fire Finder constructed her plan that way.

Imaginary Explorer is a quick learner, picking up on technical information and details rapidly. This trait was one of the greatest that the Doctor focused on; when it comes to development of technique, Imagy is more than proficient. She has a hard time figuring out how her developed techniques will interact with the world around her, but when it comes to outright developing them, she has plenty of skill. This proficiency can be seen the most within her Default Browser system, and how she has developed slight alterations of what she can do with each of them, what they use her energy towards and reshape her body.

Tail Manipulation
No matter what Browser she is using as her Default, Imaginary Explorer always has a tail. This tail is always as durable as she is, and as strong as she is. The tail is fairly sensitive, and in a way serves as Imaginary Explorer's 'spiritual sense'. The more powerful she becomes, the longer the tail grows, and the more potent her sensory becomes as a result. Her tail works with sensory on two primary levels: spiritual energy, and currents. It can pick up on things like electrical currents, and other technological abilities, very easily. It helps her to analyze them, and usually she can 'generally' understand what they are trying to do. Similarly, it helps her to understand the spiritual forces around her, and react if she needs to.

Considerable Spiritual Force
While not as powerful as when she was as Kora Ain'a, Imaginary Explorer has developed a substantial part of the spiritual presence she once had. When she is releasing her energy outwards from herself, it can crack the ground she's standing on, and even cause light tremors. This is more of a lack of control on her part; while she has developed the power, her carelessness often gets in the way of concealing it, or wielding it elegantly.

Default Browser: {Fire Finder : Focused Spiritual Force}
Fire Finder is the only Default Browser who is likely to utilize Imaginary Explorer's considerable spiritual force towards any kind of aggressive end. She is also the most likely to produce energy attacks and the like, or try to use her spiritual force to subdue an opponent.

I. Equipment Section

Cell Phone
Imagy carries a rather stylish cell phone on her person at all times. It is cherry-red, and rather small. It has a touch screen, and is wired directly into her body. However, most of the time, she keeps it in one of the pockets of whatever outfit she is wearing at the time. The cell-phone allows for her to call up one of the Doctor's Selves who has specifically been designated as the one she should communicate with in order to get back in contact with the Doctor. The greatest downside of this device is that it has to use actual physical means through which to contact him, and so the Doctor has created a unique system by which to ensure that the only communications she reaches come from him. In a way, it's the exact kind of system her brain loves to think about; she takes a function, and uses the output of that function with the number of times the Doctor has contact her to create a code. If the Doctor's words do not match that code, she does not regard the message as his words, plain and simple.

If the Doctor is aware that she will be entering into a zone where the use of this item is unlikely, he will typically give her extensive instructions on the Device itself to reference should she get confused.

I. Racial Abilities & Skills

[Avant Gauge] Draining Intelligence Constructs
Imaginary Explorer's primary source of nourishment is consuming 'intellectual constructs', or knowledge systems. She feeds on systems of information, consuming them towards her own uses. Typically, however, this is difficult for her to do with a fully constructed system. An example of this kind of system would be things like a computer mainframe, or an extremely complex spellcasting circle being used by an opponent. Or, a network of information with an external access port. As long as Imaginary Explorer can access it in some manner, it is possible for her to feed from it.

How does she do this? By using her tail. By pressing her tail up against whatever the system is, if a data leak has occurred, the former Kora Ain'a can drain it into herself. Typically, this will result only in her gaining spiritual power, but it also means that the more she consumes, the more likely she will know what happens within that system. Once a system has been compromised, over the course of several posts, depending on how complex it is, Imaginary Explorer can possibly learn the system's weaknesses, strengths, and information that it contains.

[Avant Gauge/Over Feeding] Gorged State
When Imagy consumes too much information from a knowledge system, she enters into a 'gorged state'. Due to her origins, she has the ability to deal with absolutely massive amounts of energy. Just like at that time, however, her consciousness was not well developed, and it becomes similarly reduced if she overconsumes on energy. The only thing which can penetrate into her mind when she reaches this state is the Doctor's training, allowing for him to at least direct her, if not communicate with her relatively properly. When in this state, Imaginary Explorer completely loses her perspective of her sense of self, becoming a creature that 'hungers'. She enters into her Neos Revival: Dyo Break as soon as she can, and then begins to plan what she will release her Threads upon to try to gather as much energy as possible. Her utilizable intelligence decreases dramatically, and she is not able to understand what taking over a particular system would do while in this state. However, none of the energy she gains like this can be kept with her after the current thread has finished, and it is unlikely that she will be able to mentally regain herself once the Gorged State has begun.

Metria Symbol Name:
The System of Nail Polish

Metria Symbol:
Imaginary Explorer's Metria Symbol is a special set of nail polish. She keeps this set on her person at all times within the center of her tail, where she can choose to let out any color of the polish she desires.

Metria Meaning:
This Metria Symbol was given to Imagy by the Doctor very soon after she was brought into the world. The earliest memory she possesses is him looking at how she picked at her nails, constantly jagging them and reshaping them in different ways. So he had given her young, barely-formed self a special vial of nail polish, and even worked a way for her to transport it with her on her tail. This is a precious gift to her from the Doctor, and one she takes very seriously. Perhaps this is why she is so fond of her tail.

Metria Abilities:

Polish Symbols
Using this nail polish, Imaginary Explorer is able to use her energy to cause the systematic placement of the ink on her fingers to 'run', creating a mark out of her energy. These marks persist on the target they are formed upon, and allow for Imaginary Explorer to bring aspects of her Ideal Reality to bear against the systems they are placed upon. As a side note, Imaginary Explorer tends to favor blue polish, Fire Finder prefers red, and Growing Shine prefers green. If she is the Safari Browser, then it becomes a matter of what color she is currently utilizing. Each of the Polish Symbols are created with a certain kind of small knowledge system. The easiest way to dispel them is to utilize an energy attack upon them; but due to the fact that they are often placed on important systems, this is not always the best way to handle them. An individual finite enough energy control and mental deduction would be able to figure out how they work, and break them fairly easily. This typically requires a Mental Deduction of Advanced or higher, and it is possible for Imagy to put an immense amount of work into a particular symbol, which can make it take much longer, up to three posts, for such a person to solve correctly. Most of the symbols will wear out within four posts, however, and that amount lasts for an even shorter amount of time if Imagy is not focusing on them explicitly.

Downloading Imaginary Explorer.exe
The first, and most basic mark that Imaginary Explorer can create, is a symbol that can be used on a knowledge system, as explained above. By pressing her hand onto the access port of the system, a circle appears, based on the primary color of whichever Default Browser she is using at the time. From here, Imaginary Explorer attempts to gain access to the knowledge system. The attack that this performs onto the system is quite complex in nature; to the point where the Doctor's systems were entirely compromised by the time she became more intelligent of technology than he was. Each post that the symbol is allowed to remain on the system, the more powerful it grows, and the more aggressively it attacks the system. The ultimate goal is to give control of the system to Imaginary Explorer, although this is rarely what happens when she uses it on incredibly complex systems.

Rather, what tends to happen, and how this symbol can be used in combat, is the introduction of 'bugs'. Against a knowledge system such as a computer, this will mess with the disc, rewriting certain portions, allowing for data leaks, all while trying to prevent crashing the entire system. After all, if the entire system is crashed, it is unlikely that Imaginary Explorer will be able to utilize it. She may gain information about its inner workings if she compromises it, but ultimately the idea is for her to create enough bugs that a data leak that she can exploit with her Avant Gauge emerges.

Against attacks, her Download Mark can also cause for 'bugs' to appear. Due to the intense nature of combat, she can only create up to two of these symbols per post, if she is really trying, and they have a cooldown of one post afterwards. However, once they begin working against an attack, they work much faster than usual, due to the basic nature of most attacks. While it is incredibly unlikely that she is able to fully 'hijack' an attack, unless the attacker has a Mental Deduction of Novice, or their attack is incredibly simplistic, even then she is typically unable to actually do anything with the attack other than throw it out of her way.

Typically, what this does is reduce the 'potency' of the attack. Any extra effects the attack has will be reduced considerably in their effectiveness. The energy behind the attack will 'leak', causing for it to lose an amount of 'oomph' relative to how powerful the initial attack was, and how much energy Imaginary Explorer puts into her download.

Also typically, Imaginary Explorer cannot feed off of attacks that she has used the download on. Unless the 'attack' is a system that, for example, affects the entire battlefield and she can try to feed on it that way over the course of several posts.

Towards virtual systems, Imagy has developed a special Polish Mark. When this Disconnection Mark is laid upon a person or area, it 'disconnects' virtual items in that space. Electrical impulses are greatly hindered, and connection speeds drop dramatically, if they are not outright disabled. This symbol actively uses the energy that is constantly being put into it to try to reestablish the connection to fuel its effectiveness, until it is wiped away. Therefore, while it is possible to overwhelm the symbol and render it ineffective, as long as Imagy keeps focusing on it the symbol will not go away, and will continue to grow. It is possible to wipe it away completely from the inside, but that requires a rather substantial amount of Mental Deduction to unravel the knowledge system that makes up the symbol's construction.

This is a special type of 'bug' that Imagy is able to induce upon a knowledge system. Essentially, it causes for the system to 'expand' in a chaotic manner. For example, if there were a field effect boosting speed for a certain number of individuals, Imagy could draw this symbol upon it, causing for the system to become 'overloaded'. The effect would then conflict with Imagy's energy, and depending on how much control or resistance the Overload Mark receives, it will then cause for the system to erratically grow. If the mark has a moderate to negligible effect, it will simply increase the potency of the effect to some degree, within reason. For virtual systems, this will cause for any processing components to begin working at an unsafe level, which can cause overheating or system shutdown. The more complex the overall effect of the knowledge system, if it is a field effect, the less effective the mark's expansion is. Additionally, the effect cannot have anything to do with the mortality of the things around it; those effects that could deal with life and death cannot be overloaded by Imagy whatsoever.

If the symbol has a significant effect on the knowledge system, it will cause that system to expand considerably. For a virtual system, this will involve copying the contents of its disk, or disks, back into itself; taking up much more space and causing for the system to have to work harder overall to maintain itself. For field effects helping a group, the effect expands out of control of the owner if they fail to rein it in, going out to everyone within an area. This can include harming one's own comrades with a field effect, or helping ones enemies.

Important to note: whatever results from the use of this Symbol will happen to Imagy exactly the same as it happens to everyone else affected in that area.

[Environmental Advantage] Knowledge System Presence
If a knowledge system is affecting the world around Imaginary Explorer, such as a field-altering effect, Imaginary Explorer will receive a similar boost to how a normal Demon would if they were plunged within their aspect of Hell. The more complex and thought out the effect is, and the more mental strength it required to create, the greater the boost. This also applies to knowledge systems created in the environment by Imaginary Explorer. As a result, her general abilities receive between a moderate to significant boost when she does things to create knowledge systems around her, or when an opponent does so.

I. Ideal Powers

Ideal Powers

Ideal Power:

Knowledge Systems
Imagy's Ideal Reality is based off of a world where a group has managed to rewire the various systems of the earth towards their own ends. These systems have no centralizing station, nor does the group know exactly where any system goes; they simply allow all of the systems to exist, to grow, to fail as they naturally should. Nothing ever becomes too orderly, due to the fact that they can also introduce bugs and chaos into the various knowledge systems on a regular basis.

How this reflects back to Imagy is her ability to interact with and create 'knowledge systems'. Knowledge systems are defined as objects within the world that are created by other intelligent beings, creatures which use their Mental Deduction to produce effects in the world around them. The most basic kind of knowledge system she can interact with would be a computer system. A knowledge system she would not be able to interact with would be something like a flour mill; while there is intelligence there, it is a one-two-three kind of intelligence, nowhere near as complex as a computer system or a database.

Therefore, the more complex the database, the more potent it is for Imagy to interact with it. This does not give her free reign or control over these systems, not in the slightest. But it does allow for her to use her abilities to interact with such systems, and she is much better at identifying them and various traits about them.

Another trait gathered from this power is Imagy's own 'development'. A knowledge system only comes to be out of a thinking person using logic to construct something towards a purpose. Similarly, Imagy's ability to develop is central to who she is as a person. This is what has enabled for her to create the Default Browser system, and the Metria symbols that she wields. This is not to say she can develop anything she would like, willy nilly. Rather, she sets off towards a certain goal, and over time can begin developing something to help her reach it. For example, her Safari mode is only an appearance change; it has no power or personality related alterations that have been developed, because it fulfilled the purpose that Imagy set out for it. What it did develop was the various colors, or Imagy's various attempts at getting attention.

Ideal Abilities:

[Thirio Amnya] Resistance to Environmental Effects
When a spell or otherwise 'field-effecting' spiritual ability is used in the general vicinity around Imagy's body, the spell will be weakened in its effectiveness towards her. This includes those effects that seek to help her. Her body cannot be afflicted as potently with such effects; the stronger the person using the effects, the more strength they will retain. However, a weaker person using such abilities on Imagy will notice that it has much less effect than it should, and if they are significantly weaker than she is, they may not affect her at all. This is an innate part of her Thirio Amnya, and while it can be overcome by simply putting more power into the field effect, usually Imagy can get away with her opponent not noticing her within the field being affected.

This would not be able to help against something like a localized fire blast. However, if a demon spell were cast on an area to decrease the speed of everyone there, they would notice the spell is significantly less effective against her.

This resistance does take a small amount of energy for Imagy to maintain, and while she is mostly used to it, she cannot 'over-output' this trait to try to protect herself any more than the passive resistance it grants.

Advantage on Imaginary Systems
While Imagy does not have access to Imaginary Computation or anything nearing its power, she does have an amazing aptitude for interacting with objects created by it. This is due to the information that the Doctor gathered during his conflict with Shadin, and his own research into the Imaginary District. Therefore, against knowledge constructs created using Imaginary Computation, Imagy receives a much higher buff towards interacting with such things. It is much easier for her to break these things down by introducing bugs into them, and then feeding out of them herself.

Therefore, while within the Imaginary District, Imagy receives a massive increase in her overall power and abilities, and it is possible for her to attempt to hijack the entire District, introducing bugs into it at will.

Maze Creation
Imagy is able to use her energy to create constructs, like any other demon; however, her constructs have one major flaw. They have to be complex in nature. This tends to restrict the kinds of constructs she can create substantially, as she has to work out an actual knowledge system to base the constructs off of. This usually does not take her very long, thanks to her affinity towards systems in general. However, one of the most effective ways she's found to use her constructs are to create 'mazes'.

The biggest bonus that Imagy receives with creating her mazes is how quickly they can be created. Over the course of a post, she can create a maze which could span a city block. The individual walls of the maze would not be extraordinarily durable, and the ceiling could simply be broken through, but with that much energy forming around Imagy's body, it can be difficult to figure out where she is.

Unfortunately, Imagy herself is not typically witty enough to realize what her opponent is going to do once they get into the maze. Fire Finder has a much better chance of making predictions on what her enemies will do, and is about the only time when Imagy will use this for any reason other than to buy time.

Development: Default Browser
One of the strongest traits of Imagy's Ideal Reality is the idea of development. Development causes bugs, causes mistakes. This erratic nature of creation is reflected within this ability. Fundamentally, Default Browser allows for Imagy to change 'herself'. This changes how she deals with the world around her. Therefore, if she is the Imaginary Explorer, then she is just one Browser; and while she is set as that default Browser, she has the traits of that Browser. Once she shifts her Default Browser to another, the developments that she made specifically for Imaginary Explorer become inaccessible, and the features of the new Browser come into effect.

Usually, changing to a new Default Browser only causes cosmetic and physical changes to Imagy's body. The techniques that were developed within each browser are not shared amongst one another. Each has access to her Metria Symbols and Abilities, but the way they utilize them can vary wildly. To create a new Default Browser requires a rather severe mental change within Imagy. Currently, she only has Imaginary Explorer, Fire Finder, Growing Shine, and Safari. Fire Finder stemmed from her desire to finally achieve recognition. Growing Shine emerged from her realization that there is more to life than the Doctor's laboratory. Safari came from her desire for general attention.

Imagy switches often between her Default Browsers, even in casual situations. This is due to her hobby of developing their techniques in her day to day life, and it should be considered one of her greatest hobbies. The majority of her serpentine traits stem from this development trait; she desires for each of her Browsers to try to emulate that part of the Doctor, of her home. These switches are relatively effortless for her, requiring a minimal amount of energy. However, during combat situations, it is extremely rare for her to change more than once a post, and she will typically pick one form and stick to that.



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Ideal Techniques:

Default Browser: Imaginary Explorer
Imaginary Explorer is the girl's default browser. This is the most common form for her to appear in, and she also regards it as the most boring/most mundane. It has the most abilities that have been developed with the help of others. Overall, there are only two significant traits that the Imaginary Explorer Browser has that the others do not.

Symbol Use
Imaginary Explorer is much more effective at using her Polish Marks. While in this Browser, Imagy receives a significant boost to her various marks and their effectiveness. They take less energy for her to create and maintain than in her other Browsers, and their overall strength increases considerably.

Access to Forms
Imaginary Explorer is the only Browser with access to her Neos Revival. She is the only one who can achieve these forms, as she is the 'original' Avant Demon who developed them. What this means is that while she can technically still use the 'development' part of the Default Browser system for her Breaks, she cannot switch Browsers once she has gone into them.

Browser: Safari
Safari is a very simple browser. It is essentially the same as Imaginary Explorer, minus the bonus to Polish Marks and access to her forms. This form was created from Imagy trying to explore what she could do with her power to develop. She has never tried developing any powers or additional effects for Safari to use, and that appears to be because of her own mental blocks towards the Browser itself. Safari is the one she will most often switch to if she feels like she is under pressure from someone aligned to Hebi Laboratories, or she considers her 'friend'.

Haphazardly Tested Multifaced Ladies
The name given to the principal ability for this form was granted by the Doctor himself. This is the most basic 'ability' that Imagy was able to develop. It allows for her to essentially 'change colors' or other physical features on her body. This effect is derived from how she uses Default Browser overall, but it does not change her abilities in any way. It simply allows for her to shape-shift to a predefined 'Lighter', as the Doctor calls them. Each of the templates that she has created for this form are based off of what Imagy thought the Doctor and other members of his lab would most like to see, and therefore their appearances tend to be quite lavish. Each of the forms shares the common traits that they have no blemishes, access to both of their eyes, and a serpentine tail.

While Imagy might behave differently after turning into one of the Lighters, she does not have preset psychological 'profiles' for how to act as them like she does for Fire Finder and Growing Shine.

Whenever she mentions developing this technique further, the Doctor tells her that HTML isn't a real development ability.

[Images tend to be various degrees of NSFW.]

Red Serpentess:

Blue Serpentess:

Yellow Serpentess:

Green Serpentess:

Black Serpentess:

Purple Serpentess:

White Serpentess:

Orange Serpentess:

Pink Serpentess:

Brown Serpentess:

Browser: Fire Finder
This Browser was created from Imagy's desire to achieve recognition. As a result, it tends to make Imagy much more aggressive when she uses this Browser. She still will make mistakes at time due to her heightened sense of ambition, but overall her focus is much better, receiving a significant increase. Her overall use of her abilities in an offensive or defensive manner also improves significantly, and she is much more likely to make thought-out plans of how to deal with situations.

System Takeover
Fire Finder developed this technique by overloading Imagy's ability to drain intellectual constructs. Essentially, Fire Finder first drains the system, overloading it with bugs in the usual manner. However, she then proceeds to stay near it, for up to four posts. If the System Takeover is successful, Fire Finder takes control of the system, redirecting its effects or otherwise taking control of its information. From here, she can then begin attempting to manipulate and reorganize the system, in a much more effective manner than the other Browsers.

The other technique that Imagy developed for this Browser was a convoluted utilization of her Maze Constructs. Essentially, the primary weapon of Fire Finder is… well, walls and boxes. The walls that Fire Finder creates have a multitude of holes and other bizarre patterns and strokes along them. Occasionally, an opponent may find one of these walls is then thrown at them, with whirring buzz-saw like objects and rapidly spinning wires and other physical hazards. It is also possible for Fire Finder to produce a 'network' of falling walls on her opponent, creating several simultaneous walls of a predetermined width, before crashing them onto an opponent. These walls are more durable than the ones used in Maze Creation, and they tend to take much more out of Imagy to produce than normal.

It is very unlikely that Imagy will be able to produce a wall more than 50 by 50 feet for this ability, and to do that much would take quite a bit out of her if she made it at full strength. It's also possible for her to use them one at a time, or without any kind of complications. This is due to Fire Finder's mindset being significantly different than Imaginary Explorer's and the other Browser's. Because she thinks of systems outside of isolation, Fire Finder is able to 'justify' her sparing use of the wall-like constructs, as they are part of an overall knowledge system that makes up her action plan.

Browser: Growing Shine
This Browser was created out of Imagy's desire to explore more of the world around her. It was developed after Fire Finder, and therefore has not had much development work done on it. What has been developed for it are enhanced physical traits that Imagy hopes to utilize in order to explore more of the world around her. However, it seems most likely that she will continue to develop technological advancements that stem from her own body for this form.

Denial of Service
These are special micro-mazes that Imagy creates using her Maze Creation. Each one is stored within her belt, shaped as silver squares. These function as powerful bombs. They are specifically denied to cease the function of their target by attacking a specific point. When one is used, an amazing wave of force is delivered outwards from the center of the square, destroying it in the process.

These bombs function by redirecting force throughout the bomb, delivering micro-condensed waves of energy to a single focal point. These tiny systems use Imagy's skill of dealing with systems to charge up the energy without letting the energy run into itself and erupt before delivering its load. These bombs have a sticky substance made out of Imagy's energy on the other side that attaches them to their targets. The bombs detonate when Imagy directs them to; but if they are destroyed prior to their detonation, they have no effect whatsoever. They simply disintegrate, and it does not take much force for them to shatter. Hitting them with the force of a baseball bat would be enough to disable one completely.

Like Fire Finder, Shine has a way to create constructs that are part of a greater system. However, the system that Shine creates is made up of wires. These tethers are created with Imagy's energy, latching as hard as possible onto their target. From here, Imagy will often tether something else onto them, causing for all the objects to smash onto where the original tether was laid.

The tethers are incredibly durable, as durable as a spiritual weapon if Imagy could make one. These tethers also have the ability to exude a tremendous amount of force, using Imagy's spiritual force to pull. They can be snapped and broken by overwhelming the amount of power Imagy is using on them. Imagy is able to create up to five tethers at a time and focus upon them. If three or more get broken in a single round, however, Imagy needs to take two posts to recover from overexerting herself.

Once the tethers are done being used, they unlatch from their targets. To insert them, Imagy shoots them from her body with the force of a rifle. They then either embed themselves inside of what they're supposed to grip, or latch on with extraordinarily small pincers.

I. Neos Revival

Your system is bad and wrong!

Neos Títlos: Shattered Knowledge: Failed System Administrator

Neos Fasi: Logic is perfect. Souls are full of error. No logic is immune to error. I am become error…!

Neos Revival Powers/Abilities

Browser Lock
As discussed earlier, Imagy does not have the ability to use her Default Browser system once she has entered into her Neos Revival. This is not to say that she cannot enter into her Neos Revival while in other forms. She has the ability to, but her body will instinctively transform her back into her Imaginary Explorer before allowing for the first break to take place. If she were to attempt to perform a Default Browser change, it would cause a fair bit of pain to her and fail to work.

Error Administrator
The more Break's that Imagy goes into, the stronger and more potent her ability to dominate systems becomes. Once she has entered into her first Break, she gains the ability to 'dominate' small portions of systems that have been affected by one of her bugs. This turns that part of the system into something Imagy can directly control. She can manipulate its outputs and its inputs, as well as the physical components that make up that system. Against a virtual system, this would be like taking over part of a drive and corrupting it, causing bugs to be reproduced rapidly within the system. Against an attack, this would be reflected by the attack simply failing for a rather important section of it; either it would lose one or more of its typical 'effects', or its size would decrease dramatically.

This domination takes a fair amount of energy from the girl, however, and the larger the system, the more power it takes to successfully utilize. Due to its difficulty, she can only use this ability once per post, and it has a cooldown of two posts. This may allow for Imagy to accelerate the complete take-over of a system, but it only speeds up the process; it does not make it certain.

System Analysis
Once entering into her Neos Break, Imagy's ability to observe the world changes. It becomes incredibly difficult for her to ignore her surroundings. Even if she does not want to deal with them, her mind becomes constantly updated with events around herself. The vast majority of her training and development has been towards making this ability useful for her, as it extends her hobby of analyzing systems to a supernatural level. Starting out, however, her System Analysis only allows for her to keep track of human-sized objects and larger, tracking them within her mind like a computer system tracks the movements of machine code.

If she cannot observe what is changing, however, she is not able to keep track of it. Most high-speed movements are too fast for her to be able to follow, but her observance will attempt to find where they have gone once they have finished. The primary benefit to this ability is that it allows for Imagy to become much, much better at planning ahead. She may not take advantage of planning ahead very often, but it does help her react to incoming attacks, or find safe ways out of particular situations. This tends to be how she uses this ability.

Explorer Propagation - Multithreading
Perhaps the most dangerous ability that Imaginary Explorer possesses within her breaks, she is able to create 'knowledge system' clones of herself. These physical manifestations are just that; clones of her relatively simple mind and her basic abilities. The clones all have access to the same abilities that she does outside of her Neos Revival, and at roughly the same level of effectiveness. What they cannot do is create energy constructs. Their bodies are made up of Imaginary Explorer's energy, and they function as 'subroutines'. They cannot by themselves choose to do anything; they are brought into the world for a predefined purpose, and they attempt to use Imagy's abilities in a very specific way in order to reach that purpose.

Once their purpose is finished, the 'threads' return to her, along with any remaining power or gained power they may have collected from the knowledge systems she has directed for them to interact with. It should be noted that the average durability of one of her Threads is only as powerful as a regular human, and once any part of their body becomes shattered, they break down completely, their 'knowledge system' penetrated and completely inoperable. When this happens, the rest of their body breaks into dust, the energy used to create them entering the environment. Imagy can create up to twenty of these Threads within a single thread, but to create more than one at a time requires her full focus for the duration of a post, and the process is slowed the more time she has to spend on trying to figure out what to use them for.

This does mean that her Threads can attack the same knowledge system with her Metria Symbols the same way she does. This will typically result in the system becoming more vulnerable faster. However, typically, her Threads will not be able to completely dominate the system themselves; after all, their job as knowledge systems is typically only to gain access. They cannot control and understand the system they are attacking once they gain access.

However, if Imagy was given significant amounts of time and planning, or the planning was dictated by someone else who understood the kind of knowledge systems required to assault a particular area, it is possible that the number of Threads she can produce would increase dramatically, able to produce up to sixty of these Threads for the use of one, erm… thread. This would take significant amounts of planning, however, and it would become much more difficult for Imagy to capitalize on their efforts after use.

Hostile Interference
A passive ability that Imagy has developed, this 'interference' is an aura that is constantly pouring out of her body. The more energy she has called forth at a given time, the more potent and far-reaching this interference becomes. Essentially, this interference violently attacks electrical impulses and electrical devices that Imagy is not paying particular attention to. Additionally, the more 'bugs' that have been inserted within the system that the electrical devices or impulses are on, the more powerful the interference becomes. At the highest level this interference can reach, it can even interfere with the thoughts of those with Cybermind technology, depending on how powerful they are. Additionally, the more complex the electrical components making up the system, the more delicate its inner workings, the more dramatic the effect of the interference can be felt. This ability does not take any energy out of Imagy passively, but the second it starts to work against a system, the energy begins to drain from her body towards its use. She cannot actively choose to increase the amount of interference; it just passively increases the longer she is around the system.

This ability also can affect field-radius effects made around Imagy's body. In this case, however, the field takes a passive choice; if it is deemed that the effect is not particularly harmful to Imagy or what she is trying to accomplish, it will not expend the energy to try to stop it. If, on the other hand, the knowledge system that makes up the field, based on criteria of typical negative effects towards her or what she wants, then the field-effect is assaulted and it attempts to break up the incoming ability. Combined with her natural resistance, this makes it rather difficult to harm Imagy significantly with high complexity field-based attacks or effects the higher stage of her Neos Revival she has entered. Typically, this field sits within a ten foot radius around her body; but this can grow or shrink depending on how much energy Imagy currently has access to.

Neos Breaks
Miden Break: System Boot
This is the first Break that Imagy has access to. On the whole, it does not grant her any new skills or abilities. It does augment her considerably, however. The range of her Hostile Interference increases dramatically, and the severity of the bugs that she is able to inflict increases slightly as well. Additionally, her System Analysis becomes more potent, able to keep up with high-speed movement short of those with a particular gift for speed, and even beginning to track smaller objects, like boxes or bikes. The range decreases, however, becoming a defined five hundred foot radius around what she can see.

Enas Break: Operating System Load
The second Break dramatically increases Imagy's bugs. They grow much faster, deal more damage to the systems they are laid into, and allow for her to begin drawing power from the knowledge system much faster than before. Additionally, her speed receives a rather significant boost, allowing for her to utilize her body and her constructs at a much faster rate than before. Her Hostile Interference grows much more potent, directly interfering with most computer systems, and making it difficult for non-specialized electrical equipment to not overheat and explode after two posts of exposure. Finally, her System Analysis begins to enter into a higher level than before, keeping track of all but small objects within a two hundred foot radius of herself, with enough power within her mind to accurately keep track of things within a 360 degree radius in that space. Unless a new variable enters in that she is not able to account for; in which case, all of her plans and understandings of the 'system' that makes up what is happening around her fails until she is able to observe it all once more. The use of small objects, or going out of her radius and attacking inside of it, are both effective countermeasures to this increase in intensity. However, due to the more intense nature of this form, it is uncommon for Imagy to be able to sustain it for longer than eight posts.

Dýo Break: Enter the BIOS

Dramatic Increase
This form is the peak that Imagy has been able to obtain with the help of the Doctor. While inside of it, her Hostile Interference is particularly potent, occasionally causing computer systems to begin shutting down just from her approaching, to the point where Imagy often is not able to keep track or follow what is happening to the system before it begins coming under attack from her aura. Her System Analysis reaches the highest level of potency currently available to her, decreasing to a fifty foot radius around her body. However, within that fifty foot radius, the speed at which she is able to process information and attempt to react to it makes it very difficult to catch her by surprise… unless, once again, the target enters that radius and she is not able to observe its entrance, screwing up her entire understanding of the system until she spots the offending addition to the system. This can make it rather stressful for Imagy if she is moving around a lot in this form; as all the additions or removals in that space that her mind tries to keep track of can take a lot out of her, even with the augmentations she receives in this form.

Imaginary Force Dominance
The result of the Doctor's research into Shadin Yuudeshi… this ability is purely theoretical, and as a result, Imagy has not had any experience in actually using it. Essentially, once she enters into this form, she gains a powerful awareness for objects created using Imaginary Force. More than this, she is able to assert dominance over that Imaginary Force, no matter how complicated or simple of an item it was used to create. The more energy or focus of the object's owner on that object, the more difficult it is for Imagy to properly assert control over it. Once she has acquired that dominance, however, she can choose to do what she wants with that construct, within the level that she understands the construct. If the construct becomes overwhelmingly complicated to try to control, then Imagy can attempt to disassemble it, disseminating the Imaginary Force that made it up.

This trait is a natural aptitude stemming from her Ideal Reality. She is therefore able to much easier introduce bugs into objects created using Imaginary Computation in this form, and if she is able to gain dominance or control over an object created with Imaginary Force, she can manipulate it herself into an appropriate form that would also require that much Imaginary Force. It should be noted, however, that once she gains control of it, she leaves the thing riddled with bugs; it is rare that even after she reshapes the item that it will do exactly what she wants for it to. It also would take a significant amount of energy to properly straighten the item back out into what it was originally intended and remove all of the bugs she has introduced.

Additionally, her Hostile Interference becomes particularly effective at making the construction of objects utilizing Imaginary Force very difficult. They take much more energy and concentration to bring into reality, having to constantly work out how to go around the passive barrier that continually acts against their inception. It would be possible, with enough energy, to knock Imagy out this way; because while her Interference is particularly effective against these constructs, it also prioritizes them over everything else, and gives much more energy than usual to attempt to stop their formation.

Avant Demon Skill Sheet
  • Metria Circuits: Elite
  • Thirio Amyna: Adept
  • Avant Gauge: Beginner
  • Chaodis Roi: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Novice
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:



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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Imaginary Explorer [FINISHED] [NPC] [APPROVED 0-4]    Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:13 pm


« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

  • Comments/Notes: Approving this as a 0-4 NPC for the war since i've already discussed some plot with this NPC. It's only suppose to be used for events/missions as a stipulation of it's usage.

  • Tier:0-4.


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Imaginary Explorer [FINISHED] [NPC] [APPROVED 0-4]
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