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Kokuto, The Former Sinner [2019 REVAMP] [WIP] I_vote_lcapKokuto, The Former Sinner [2019 REVAMP] [WIP] I_voting_barKokuto, The Former Sinner [2019 REVAMP] [WIP] I_vote_rcap 
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 Kokuto, The Former Sinner [2019 REVAMP] [WIP]

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Kokuto, The Former Sinner [2019 REVAMP] [WIP] 6EdIfMt


Name: Kokuto
Titles: Former Sinner, Reincarnation of Makhai, Demon of Power
Appearance Age: 20
Real Age: 431

Birthday: July 14th, 1988

Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Organization/Faction: The Eris Dynasty
Position: Apostle of Chaos - Red Horseman of War

Reiatsu Color: Orange/Red

Shifter Appearance Picture:

True Appearance Picture:


Calm: Overall, Kokuto isn't someone who lets his emotions get the better of him. While he did have a number of manic episodes upon his release from Hell, he has noticeably calmed down and has been able to, well, calm down, after those events. Therefore, it's rather hard for someone to get Kokuto to lose his temper, as it isn't easy for someone to get under his skin. Furthermore, it should be noted that he is incredibly level-headed, rarely losing his cool, even in the direst of situations, something that has allowed him to keep his composure in order to make quick decisions that could mean life or death. So, he often uses this in order to perform brief moments of analysis to give himself a guess of what is to come. Thus, while he has become much laxer since his earlier days, he is very capable of using this to his advantage.

Seeking: Likely one of the most important traits to Kokuto's persona. Ever since his release from Hell, Kokuto has searched for a purpose in this world, something that he still looks for to this day. There is always a sense of emptiness and feeling of untapped potential lying deep in his heart. With this in mind, Kokuto has constantly traveled the plains of every dimension he can, simply wandering in order to find something to give him drive, no matter what that drive might find itself being. At first, he believed this was something that he could sate by joining Shadow Fall and being among his own kind, regardless of it being an antagonist organization.

However, this only served to partially fill the emptiness within him. Thus, he found himself spectating various events throughout his current life, with one of these sessions being different from the rest in the form of being in the presence of the Demon Queen herself, Mana Asthavon, during the Tournament of Power in Greece. After having his physical limits broken, the devilish Queen was able to see this feeling of emptiness and bestowed him the Seal of Eris -- connecting him to a family and continuing to fill that hole within him.

But, even then, it wasn't enough. These were all minor things to him, something that not only started to fill his emptiness but fueled his drive to find something that he could support wholeheartedly and find a deeper sense of purpose in. Therefore, even to this very day, Kokuto wanders the world in order to find that. From the Living World and the many places that he has visited in order to try and find it, to the Outlands of the Demon World. But, through this journey, Kokuto has come to one conclusion -- every step he takes has brought him closer and closer to his goal.

Indifferent & Blunt: To sum up Kokuto's thoughts on most things, he doesn't really feel strongly or negatively towards a lot of things. He is someone that looks at things from a very neutral standpoint and will rarely make any form of biased statements. Rather, he would generally attempt to come to some form of compromise between people. However, while he is indifferent, he has no problems with voicing his opinions. As a result of this, Kokuto is rather direct and blunt when it comes to his thoughts and opinions on matters, and -- tying into his indifferent nature -- there isn't much that makes him feel guilty or feel bad as a result.

However, he has shown to be rather remorseful when it comes to negative reactions being displayed because of this trait. As, deep down, he still does have a semblance of humanity in him. While he doesn't show it in the best form, he does feel genuine guilt, should someone shed tears in front of him. He can't stand seeing someone cry, due to him feeling guilty in return as a result. Therefore, while he hasn't abandoned this trait, he does feel the repercussions of it, and will often exhibit feelings of remorse, whether it be deep in his heart, or voicing it.

Indomitable Will: Despite his almost passive levels of indifference, there is a deep sense of stubbornness and immense willpower. For reasons he doesn't fully understand, Kokuto has never had the ability to just stay down when he's knocked down. Instead, he gets back up and tries to kick the ass of whoever knocked him to the ground.

Makhai's Influence: As a result of the Seal of Eris binding to him and gradually causing further and further corruption to his body and mind, the influence of the Eris Child that he was chosen to become the reincarnation of has taken its toll on Kokuto's mind. Thus, being tied to Mana Asthavon and Eris herself has caused Kokuto's mind to descend into madness. With this, it isn't uncommon for Kokuto's calm demeanor to snap and break away, either during moments of intense emotion (primarily stress) or during combat. They can be short, or they could be long. It's a fickle, complicated state of mind that no one can really put their finger on.

In these moments, it's often easy for him to succumb to the nagging desire for chaos and mania that has come from being so tightly bound to the Demon Queen, causing this to affect his actions, seeking the thrill of combat, battle, and discord. During this, it's not all that uncommon for him to lose sight of what side he's on, and even attacking his allies as well as enemies. Everyone is fair game in these times of chaos and mindless madness. So, while the Seal has granted him incredible power, it has most certainly come at quite the cost, even if somewhat situational.

Soft Side:
-ties into his generally calm and chill nature
-especially partial to little sister-esque characters, since it reminds him of his own sister
-misses his sister

The Devil I Am: True to his core, Kokuto is fully aware of what he is and the transgressions that his adopted race has done, as well as the sins that he himself has committed as a demon and as a human, the very deeds that got him sent to Hell in the first place.
-accepted his own sins


-lived a pretty normal life

-went to school with his younger sister

-very protective of her, always helping her out with schoolwork and potential bullies

-acted kind of like an overprotective father to her, always making sure she was happy and wary of anything that could jeopardize it

-sister likely ends up getting assaulted, causing Kokuto to murder those responsible for it in a fit of blind rage

-went to jail, ended up getting released due to lack of evidence

-ended up dying in a car crash along with his sister

-sent to hell while it's unknown what happened to his sister, likely passed on and was consumed by a Hollow

-spend a lot of his time wondering and regretting because of the past, wondering if there was anything he should have done differently or what he could have done to avoid their fate

-lived for centuries, simply dealing with the fact that he was in hell

-eventually released because he was turned into a demon

-after released from Hell, wandered the world searching for a purpose

-after seeing the stigma demons have during this journey, he constantly questions who he is and wondering if this stigma is what he is and what he is supposed to be, but eventually, some event reminds him of who he was, and who he is now
-Kokuto has a soft side
-he's protective
-he still has emotional resonance
-He doesn't believe himself to be good or evil

-during this time, he was constantly practicing and getting adjusted to his new body, which allowed him to harness his powers and develop them over time
-'I tried to use my fire...and all I remember is the smell of my body burning.'
-'I remember screaming...and being in so much pain...'
-'It happened again when I tried to help someone...I heard so many people screaming, and the roar of the fire in my ears.'

-eventually joined up with Shadow Fall for a little while

-viewed the Tournament of Power (Greece), but never participated, and note his obtainment of the Seal of Eris from Mana, something that in turn would grant him Death Energy

-sent to Arianda who trained him with the Seal and helped him with the influence of Makhai

-eventually dropped his alignment with Shadow Fall and remained with the Eris Family, staying neutral


Natural Traits



Speed: Speed: Quite possibly the weakest physical skill that he possesses. As opposed to his immense durability and strength, this, in turn, takes quite the massive toll on his speed. While he is still able to gain an average amount of natural movement, the weight of his body due to the massive amount of durability and strength that he has is rather high, which can lead to the maximum speeds that he could attain squandered and lowered immensely. This is also due to his main method of defense being to simply stand there and take the hit, rather than dodge, as he simply doesn't always have enough speed in order to dodge the attack. So, these bursts of natural movement are often reserved for a more offensive form of attack, doing so in order to close the gap in between foes so that he can resume his attack without having to expend a large deal of physical energy to do so, as he can easily use Possessive Movement to make up for the lack of distance that he can't cover naturally.

-expand on this, covering reaction speed and how that is his main focus, look at the speed guide

Martial Skill:
-particular skill with chain weapons: kusarigama, his chains, the chains attached to his sword, etc
-skilled with a sword

Immense Pain Tolerance:

Immense Stamina:

Fast Energy Summoning:


Za Koa Core:

Demon Energy:

Demonic Magic [Possessive Magic]:
-most prominent skill is in augmentation-type spells that augment his strength, durability, or ones that produce some form of defense

Sacrifice & Worship:


External Augmentation:


Possessive Theme: Power & Physical Force

Possessive Powers

Passive Strength Boost:

Passive Durability Boost:

Fire Manipulation: element of power
-impossible to be hurt or killed by fire, as it automatically lowers the temperature when it gets close to his body,
-three stages of fire: red/orange (low level), blue (mid-level), and white (extreme/high level)
-this power is what caused the burns on his body, as he couldn't control the temperature when using it and ended up severely burning himself
-water is an only weakness to the first stage of power of his flames, the rest can be adjusted for at the cost of more energy
-passive: higher than average body heat
-capable of coming out of any part of his body
-the second level of heat can cause regeneration to slow, while third level can cause regeneration to stop due to incinerating cells and inhibiting regeneration


Strength of the World:
-influence the world around him, allowing to inject "power" into objects or the world
-add the amount of physical force it can produce in a hit?
-by equaling the amount of energy put out by an opponent, can allow him to match and negate the force of a single attack in a post, with a two-post cooldown
-100% muscle usage for brief moments?
-absorb the power from other things

Propulsion: place kinetic force into the air and allow him to, in essence, fire off highly condensed air blasts equivalent to a punch

Earth-Shattering Limbs: isolate "power" to his limbs and increase the power of his body or use as a single burst of movement and momentum

Explosion Inducement: ignites the air to create an explosion

Flare Fist: covers his hands/sword in a fire, before rapidly spiking the temperature to create a blast of fire or an explosion

Devilsteel Armor:

  • Layered Armor:

Banyu Goka (蛮幽業禍, Karmic Ill of Savage Ghosts):


Possessive Theme: Imprisonment & Liberation

Possessive Powers

Passively Unrestricted Power:


Rengoku Renge (焔獄蓮華, Blazing Prison Lotus Flower)

Enra Gomestu (閻羅拷滅, Torturous Ruin of Yama)

Yuugokujin (幽獄刃, Spectral Prison Blade)

Moeru Hanran (燃える反乱, Blazing Rebellion):
-fire attack that allows him to rebel against negative effects
-a fire that acts as an augmentation to his base fire manipulation?




Possessive Influence:

Possessive Augment:

  • Possessive Shifting [Major]:
    -can't use the regeneration aspect of Possessive Shfiting

  • Possessive Movement [Minor]:


Eris Child: Makhai / Machai

Eris Child Theme: Daemon of War & Battle

Base Eris Powers

Connection to Mana:

Corrupted Abilities:

Madness Inducement (Self):

Oorja: Oorja is the name of the energy which resonates within the Black World. It was officially dubbed this name by Mana Asthavon after she discovered the nature of it. The name is coined from the Hindu language and simply means "energy". Most people within the Black World refer to this source of power found within it and within themselves like that. It's quite natural to do them and most people who are able to awaken it are seen as blessed. However, this energy was originally why the initial discovery of The Black World was reacted to with great hostility.

Oorja is a type of negative energy that is generated within The Black World. When it is generated from the dimension itself, it is capable of sending quantities of its essence into the PH verse which can distort reality in a multitude of ways depending on how one uses it. For example, Oorja is presently being used by an unseen force to spread the infection of the Black World across different realms. And, judging by its usage, this can result in the minds of those influenced by this energy to change their persona, or it can inverse the laws of physics. It's classified as chaotic energy as a result of these two functions of it.

Most Saca Dila that are registered can use it if they wish. It is often generated at birth for most Saca Dila, although some are more passive or dormant than others. So, somewhere in their history, it will often take some type of training or increase in power to awaken it. Once they are attuned to this force, they'll more than likely be able to use it in a variety of ways. One of the primary usages that it possesses is that it can serve as an extra source of energy. This can help to increase the characters stamina in battle by creating a new supply point of energy to draw from.

Makhai's Powers/Abilities

Combat & War Empowerment:

Battle Sense:

Projectile Enhancement:

Weapons of War:

-causes chaos, focus skills affect how long it lasts/how intense the feeling is

-boosts will and focus for himself/those around him

War Cry:
-boosts strength and speed


Red Horseman of War:



"The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him ascribe all sin."
— Book of Enoch 10:8

Chasm Revival Name: The name of Kokuto's Chasm Revival is Azazel, named after a fallen angel in the Book of Enoch. Azazel taught men the art of warfare and battle during the times that preceded The Flood, as well as teaching them to make weapons and armor. Eventually, he was chained to the foot of the archangel -- Raphael -- for all eternity until Judgement Day, further tying his connection and symbolism in with the formerly chained sinner in Hell.

Edict Oath: “Shatter the chains of Raphael, Chasm of Azazel!”

Chasm Mark: Chest


Psychological Alterations


Endlessly Violent:






War's Hand:


Emerald Blaze:

The One-Man Army:

The Devil's Arsenal:

Spartan's Scream:

Chaos Call:


For reference

DE Class: ???

DE Powers

DE Field:

DE Barrier:

DE Breakdown:




Kokutō (黒刀, Black Blade): Coincidentally named after himself, Kokutō is a rather simple weapon, with a curved blade around three to four feet long, a broken tsuba and a broken chain at the pommel.

Shackles & Chains:



The Eris Family & Dynasty:

Asthavon Family:

Chasm Point - Land of the End:

  • Sub-Board: You will be able to potentially have your own sub-board in Chasm's Domain. It will be based around the description you have written for your characters Chasm Point. So this can be considered your characters home.

  • Storage: These realms can be used to store high volumes of Oorja Aura, different types of NPC's, equipment and other similar things. So that can be a primary function of these Chasm Points depending on how the character wants to use them.

  • EXP Training Boost: Chasm Points are the perfect place to refine ones Oorja and increase their strength if they have The Seal Of Eris. If one were to perform extensive training within a Chasm Point, they could see accelerated gains in strength because this realm is one that is enriched and empowered by Eris's power. Of course, this would have to be in the thread.

  • Summoning: Chasm Points can also be partially summoned within a thread. Usually, the amount of their chaotic realms that can be summoned varies. 0-2's would be able to summon potentially a thousand meters or more of their realm if pushed, while 4 tiers would be restricted to around a city block level. They can also summon different types of familiars, equipment, energy and other types of elements from their realms in the thread as well.

  • Creation: Generally, most people who have the Seal Of Eris can generate their own pocket realm. This size can be varied on the amount of Madness which brews within them. There are exceptions to the rule, but generally, this is more so in a tier. So, the bigger the tier, the bigger the realm unless there are external circumstances which help increase the potency of their madness/chaos or Eris/Mana allows them more space.

    With that said, a 0-2 could potentially create a realm that is roughly the size of a small country; while a 4 tier may potentially be able to create something that is roughly multi-City Block level. So keep this in mind when describing their NPC's, what is stored within the realm, it effects and so on. And also keep in mind Mana can enhance your realm potentially and make expansions depending on how the thread goes if you RP with her.

  • Mass NPC's: There should be other NPC's ranging in the hundreds of thousands to choose from for him to control.

    4 Tier: 200,000
    3 Tier: 1,000
    2 Tier: 100
    1 Tier: 10


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Core: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Posessive Magic: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Possessive Augment: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Possessive Influence: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Death Energy Skills
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Breakdown Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Necromancy Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • DE Barrier: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

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Kokuto, The Former Sinner [2019 REVAMP] [WIP]
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