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 World War Four Background Information [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: World War Four Background Information [WIP]   Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:15 pm


In this thread I'll be summarising why World War 4 happened from an In Character perspective. This is essentially the biggest war that Platinum Hearts will have ever gone through, and uniquely a war almost entirely brought about by the community's individual plot-lines and previous events coming together to catalyse such a major event. Thus, for those who aren't aware, this will be where to read to get a better idea on the background information surrounding the war.

How It Started

Strictly speaking, the side which "started" the war in terms of making the first overt attack was Gotei United. Though many organisations were constantly making preparations in anticipation for an upcoming war, essentially making the entier world a powder keg in very much the same way as Europe during WW1, most sides more or less wanting the war to happen to push their relative agendas, the one who made the first set of moves were the shinigami. The Gotei conducted several operations attacking Shadow Fall bases covertly to set up for their full-on invasion, the first one being a staged terrorist attack on Paris, one of Shadow Fall's cities. However, the first full-on act of war started with Magnolia's attack on Kansas in the conclusion of "Operation: War Dogs". Shortly after, if not borderline simultaneously, many other parties started their own operations, including several other attacks all over the continental United States, Shadow Fall attacking Soul Society, the Lux Orior and Vandenreich attacking Malaysia, and even Nagato's New Espada Army attacking the Shadow Fall occupied Hueco Mundo. Other sides shortly came into play thereafter, and in the first 24 hours the entire world was embroiled with war.

Why It Happened

Each organisation and individual has their own motivations, but the strong running theme In-Character wise was revenge. Many other wars occurred between assorted organisations and factions prior to WW4, but the most notable one that really started the grudges was the Australian War of 2413-14. More organisations were involved with Australia than even WW4 so far, with a major difference being that the entire fight was constricted to the Australian continent. With several different powers vying for control, innumerable people were subject to innumerable casualties. In the end, the war divided the continent, and several different parties maintained segmented control and jurisdiction over it.

Thereafter, many wars occurred at smaller scales, again mostly over specific territories. Another notable event was the Demon Incursion of 2414. This is where

Impact on Positions

For the time being, this activity check will have no bearing on member with characters that hold positions in organisations, as this is the first one and it wouldn't be fair for us to out of nowhere expect some level of activity standard regarding the positions; however, do expect there to be requirements for next activity check.

Remember, though we'd like for all position holders to uphold that standard, there's an exception to everything. If you give staff an explanation or reason as to why you weren't able to maintain any sort of activity with your character (whether that be making missions for their org through them, creating threads and actively participating, etc.), of course we'll be understanding. It all just depends on the circumstance.

Template For the Activity Check

If you posted with multiple characters, or have content relevant to different or multiple characters, just reuse the template in a single post multiple times to represent all the characters you roleplayed.

[b]Character: [/b](State the name of your character. If you have a link, that will be GREATLY preferred. If not, we'll just search it.)
[b]Threads:[/b] (Please link us to the threads you've posted in character, applications, equipments, anything regarding providing content on site.)
[b]Activity:[/b] (How active do you think you are? Please tell us if anything is going on if you can. This is especially pertinent to characters with positions. Just give us a status update.)



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World War Four Background Information [WIP]
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